Top 15 Best Mattress Reviews of 2019

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have suffered from at least one sleepless night. I know I have! It sucks having to toss and turn the entire night, only to wake up every few hours and groggily ready yourself for work right after. I got tired of it, which is why I began researching why I'm not sleeping the way I should. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it might have been time to invest in the best mattress!

While your mattress has a long lifespan (depending on the manufacturer), its comfort and support begin to wear off over time and use. That's why it isn't only recommended to replace your mattress every few years, but to ensure that you get the quality one for better sleep. But there are so many mattresses to choose from, which one is right for you?

Read on as I show you the 15 best mattresses to choose from!

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The Benefits of Investing In the Best Mattress

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You're probably wondering: How does the quality mattress make you sleep better? You'll be surprised that taking the time to invest in the best mattress gives you a ton of benefits, such as:


Less Pain, More Support

Because the quality mattress offers the balance of softness and firmness, you are assured less body pain. It would provide the optimum support you need without it being too hard, which is what you need to minimize the neck pain many suffer from when they get up!


Improved Sleep

Since you will be experiencing less pain and more comfort, you are more inclined to sleep better. You have the support mixed with ease from its softness, which equates to many sleeping quicker and with more quality. Furthermore, a new mattress would also have the hypoallergenic properties that reduce the risk of allergies from sweat and dust around you.


Better Lifespan

Compared to a cheap mattress, choosing the best one ensures that you have something built to last for many nights of use! A quality mattress isn't only made of the strong properties but can withstand any body type and weight, which has it last longer than cheaper versions.

What's the Right Sleeping Position?

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Of course, it isn't just about purchasing the best mattress that has you sleeping well. It also depends on other factors as well, such as your sleeping position! Certain positions can trigger body pain, as well as different types of position that helps minimize it.

There are three central sleeping positions, which is the stomach, back, and side.

Of all sleeping positions, I would still recommend sleeping on your back. As long as you accompany it with the best mattress for back sleepers, you will have the support your neck and head needs to minimize pain.

While sleeping on your stomach isn't recommended (it obstructs your airways and causes neck pain), there is a way to reduce the discomfort if you are accustomed to sleeping that way. With the right mattress and pillows, you can sleep soundly and ensure you breathe well and wake up without any pain.

So whether you're purchasing the best mattress for you or your loved one, you also have to take account how you sleep. To learn more about how to sleep properly, you can click here for in-depth instructions!

How to Choose the Best Mattress For Me?

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Now that you're familiar with why investing in the best mattress is beneficial, how can you select the right one for you? Here are some tips to follow:

  • For starters, who is the mattress for? If you are purchasing a mattress for someone older or with body pain problems, then it's best to look for a mattress suitable for their comfort and support levels. For children, you might want a smaller sized mattress with a softer texture for the comfortable sleep.
  • Where do you plan on using it? Some families use floor mattresses or sofa beds for guests, while others want a folding mattress or for specific bed frames (like Murphy bed!). So look into the bed frame you have or where you plan to place the mattress for a hassle-free assembly.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the most suitable mattress, here is a more in-depth article about doing so!

What to Look For When Buying a Mattress?

Besides the other factors mentioned above, there are a few things that you have to take note of when looking for a new mattress. Here are the critical areas to be on a lookout for:


best mattress

There are different types of mattresses to choose from, with each of them having their pros and cons.

  • Innerspring mattresses have a steel coil support, which are the traditional and classic types many people purchase.
  • Memory foam mattresses are growing more popular these days, as they are made of high-density polyurethane foam, contouring to the sleeper's body for more support and comfort.
  • Hybrid mattresses are a mix of both innerspring and memory foam, which has cooling effects while still supporting your body well.
  • Angle Double Right
    Latex mattresses use latex foam, which is best for superior firmness without it being too hot.
  • Angle Double Right
    Airbeds have adjustable air chambers so that you can adjust its firmness within minutes.

To learn more details, you can click here for in-depth instructions!


best mattress

The firmness should also be taken accounted for. You wouldn't want to have a very hard mattress, nor will you want something too soft that it isn't supportive. It may be tricky finding the ideal firmness suitable for you, which is why your safest bet is the medium feel.

Take note that the firmness of your mattress is subjective and the specific comfort needs vary on your age, body type, weight, and if you have particular muscle disorders that have you in pain on specific areas.

Universal comfort mattresses are best as it suits the needs of many sleepers. Most sleepers would want a medium feel between the 5-7 range, while others may require something between 8-10 (10 being the firmest) if they are heavy and put more pressure on the mattress.

This will all depend on your preference, which is why it's best to test it out yourself when purchasing a mattress.

To learn more details, you can click here for in-depth instructions!


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The price tag is one of the critical factors when you shop for just about anything. Think about how much you are willing to spend when purchasing a new mattress, but also look into the essential features you need. Usually, quality mattresses are between $300 to $1,000, but there are good ones that are under $200, depending on the size and manufacturer.

While you don't need to purchase the most expensive mattress, avoid scrimping as well! That's why it's crucial to do your research while staying within your price range to avoid overspending or risk buying a low-quality mattress that worsens your sleep quality. Click here for a list of products in different price ranges.

Top 15 Best Mattress Reviews

Based on my research and tests, these are the 15 best mattresses you can invest in this 2018:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Medium support for both comfort and firmness
  • Doesn't sag and contours to your body perfectly
  • Easy to set up and puffs up quickly
  • Affordable price with great value
  • Needs to be broken into
  • Some complaints of it being too firm

What I love about the Tuft and Needle is that it's the best mattress for side sleepers! It's got the adaptive foam that offers both a supportive and bouncy feel to it. When I tried it out, it really contoured to my body shape and wasn't too soft or too hard. It was just right, which is precisely what I needed for optimum support.

I now wake up with less back pain and stopped waking up in the middle of the night from night sweats. Plus, they have excellent customer service, with a warranty that ensures a longer lifespan or your money back. All in all, it's a great investment.

  • Breathable materials and without any heat issues
  • Soft fabric cover for comfortable night's sleep
  • Relieves pressure points with balanced firmness
  • Hypoallergenic and non-bacterial
  • Affordable price
  • Takes too long to inflate to its size
  • Its corners are a bit too soft

Another fantastic mattress comes from the Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic Mattress. I appreciate its soft fabric cover and that it feels almost just like a cloud!

When I tried to sleep on it (after a few days of breaking into it), I experienced no discomfort, and everything was fresh, without any issues as it contoured to my body. It felt almost as if I was in a luxury hotel!

I also want to point out that it's environmental-friendly and made of the hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial materials to ensure no allergies. Great for anyone looking for the best firm mattress!

  • Cooling properties for no night sweats
  • Feels like a cloud when slept on
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Easy to set up and inflates within the hour
  • Relieves back and neck pain
  • Washing the cover is a hassle
  • Some complaints of the mattress being too hard

If you want the best cooling mattress and to stop suffering from night sweats while you sleep, then I recommend the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress. While memory foam mattresses have a bad rap for being too hot, this mattress is made of a cooling gel design, which makes it cooling AND breathable without it feeling too firm or uncomfortable.

I was surprised when I first started sleeping on it because it's so soft yet with the correct amount of firmness that had me sleep like a baby WITHOUT the body pain. Definitely, a must buy for those who want memory foam without the heat.

  • Very firm for support but soft top for comfort
  • Speedy delivery and set up
  • Breathable material for a cool night's sleep
  • Helps with sleep and relieving body pain
  • Sinks to your body shape instantly
  • Needs at least two people to deflate
  • Issues with warranty

I know some of you prefer something made of latex, which is why I made sure to add the best latex mattress - a product from the LUCID company. It's not only made of latex but has bamboo charcoal memory foam layers, which provides natural and breathable comfort. It also comes with the cooling TENCEL blend cover, which keeps you fresh and sleeping comfortably every night.

The mattress itself uses open cell technology so it contours to your body shape immediately. It doesn't sink in too much but ensures that you have good support that relieves all pressure points. It's comfortable and sturdy, making it well worth the price!

  • No issues with smell
  • Retards odor and bacteria well
  • Conforms to body shape quickly
  • Holds up well for an extended period
  • Has a beautiful design and feels great
  • Takes long to expand
  • Needs time to get used to hardness

The win in our top 5 most memory foam mattresses goes to the Zinus Green Tea Mattress. For starters, I love its cute design that comes in a floral pattern. But that's not why it's the best! You will also appreciate that it is made of a green tea memory foam, which conforms to your body shape almost instantly. It's made of pure and quality foam certified by CertiPUR-US, so you are assured that it's safe to use.

Also, compared to other hypoallergenic mattresses, it uses a more natural material to retard odor and bacteria. It's infused with castor seed natural oil and green tea extract! And at such an affordable price, you can't go wrong with this mattress.

  • Reversible features to lengthen lifespan
  • Versatile and works excellently on both sides
  • High-density foam for embracing feel with support
  • Excellent balance between soft and firm
  • Arrives well-packaged and without any issues
  • Some complaints of it being a bit lumpy over time
  • Takes too long to inflate

What I love about hybrid mattresses is that you get the support and comfort without it being too hot (as some memory foam mattresses have heat retention, which I hate!). That's why the best hybrid mattress as per my recommendation goes to Signature Sleep, which is made of the 1.6-inch high-density foam at both top and bottom of the innerspring mattresses. That way, you have the embracing feel while the coils offer the optimum support to prevent body pain.

I also appreciate that it has the reversible properties, so you have more versatility and even out its wear and tear. That way, you lengthen its lifespan!

  • Comes with two gel memory foam pillows
  • Excellent warranty and guarantee
  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • No more soreness or pain
  • Might be too firm for lightweight people
  • Some people won't like the pillows

If you want something made of the GEL memory foam for cooling and perfect contouring of your shape, then I recommend the Dynasty Mattress. It features GEL memory foam, focusing on cooling properties that keep you fresh throughout the night. I also like the fact that it comes with two free gel memory foam pillows, making it worth the price you pay for.

It feels like the complete package as I now sleep better with increased airflow and an excellent support base. No more pain and even better sleep over time! Plus, it comes with a 30-year warranty AND a four-month trial, so you get your money's worth. A great purchase with the cover and pillows included!

  • Affordable price at a great value
  • Good starter bed and stays firm for a long time
  • Perfect balance of firmness and softness
  • Big size and comfortable to sleep on
  • Heavy with some issues with inflation
  • Not too bouncy

I would say that the Classic Brands is one of the best innerspring mattresses thanks to its quality construction! It has the quality steel coils that offer comfort in just the right places, as well as the foam layer the won't have you feel any of the coils as you sleep. It has the medium-firm feel for universal comfort, which everyone will appreciate.

Another feature I appreciate is its package. It has the detailed quilted knit pillow-top cover so your entire body, including your head and neck, are supported and feeling cool the whole night. And it comes at such an affordable price, and it's great for guest rooms for extra beds!

  • Firm enough but still soft to remove pressure
  • Very easy setup and can be done by one person
  • Best for those who don't want a full memory foam
  • The universal comfort that relieves body pain
  • Complaints of it being a bit too soft
  • Loses its support in just a year or so

The Linenspa is another excellent hybrid mattress, as it comes with both the comfortable memory foam and the traditional support from coils, offering a medium-firm feel most sleepers (like me) will appreciate.

The mattress comes with a quality mattress cover and a functional layer of memory foam to ensure proper contouring while preventing any pain thanks to the coil support. You don't feel the innerspring at all because of the memory foam. I noticed that it minimizes pressure points excellently, having me wake up feeling great and refreshed. Definitely, a bargain with features that make it worth more than what you pay for.

  • Versatile and has two different support evils
  • Doesn't get hot when sleeping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Flippable mattress and compatible with any foundation
  • check
    Comfortable and helps with sleep
  • It needs to be broken in
  • The sides are too soft

If you're looking for mattresses for heavy people, then I would recommend the Layla Sleep Memory Foam King Mattress. For those who weigh more or have massive bodies, this mattress will not sink down too much regardless of your weight. It will also keep you cool the entire night because of the thermogel infused cover!

And if you're afraid of it losing its firmness in such a short period, then not to worry. It has the flippable mattress for versatility and to chose the support level of how you want it. Plus, it can be used for ANY foundation, making it a great purchase for whatever bed frame or support you prefer.

  • Excellent foam with ultimate support
  • Helps with back and stomach sleepers
  • Conforms effectively and has the universal support
  • Too firm during the first few days
  • High price

For those who want something simple but with everything you want and need from a mattress, then you will be surprised with the Novosbed! Though you might think it's quite a dip in the price, I can say that it's definitely worth what you pay for.

The mattress has the ultra-dense memory foam and adjusts to whatever firmness level YOU need, making it versatile. It softens and conforms to your body, feeling luxurious and as if you were in a luxury resort. I wake up without anybody pain and sleep straight now as I use this. While you need to break into it at first, you'll see how worth it the mattress is in just a matter of days.

  • Keeps you fresh and comfortable every night
  • Has four types of foam and improves muscle recovery
  • Universal comfort with optimum firmness
  • check
    No more back or neck pain
  • Might be too firm at first
  • It takes time to inflate fully

The Bear Mattress Queen offers the support you need best for those who have pressure points they need to let go of. I was surprised that this mattress was one of the most effective regarding relieving my body pain. It comes with the Celliant Technology that's known to help with muscle recovery and overall pain.

It did take some time to get used to its firmness, though it did contour well. But after those few days, I realized that I now sleep straight and wake up with less back and neck pain. It's best for those who are athletic or who have muscle disorders!

  • Eco-friendly materials for odor and bacteria retardation
  • Breathable and keeps you cool
  • Great support and has you sleep straight
  • Some back pain, not for back sleepers
  • A bit high price

The first thing I appreciated about the Saatva mattress is its beautiful design. It looks to be made of high-quality construction, with the luxurious look to it. The mattress is firm and made with coil-on-coil construction with the soft topper that supports you just as well as it cradles you every night.

However, the Saatva mattress does have some of its downfalls. While it does support you, I still feel a bit of back pain when I get up. But despite that, I believe it's still a great mattress to consider investing in, especially for those who focus on comfort and eco-friendliness.

  • One of the most comfortable mattresses
  • High-quality construction built to last
  • Has a free trial and good warranty
  • check
    Support from strong coils and comfort from soft plush memory foam
  • High price
  • Some complaints of it being too firm

If you want something of the premium quality and construction, I would recommend WinkBeds. While it does come at a higher price compared to other mattresses, you'll see its condition and fantastic feel immediately! This is a hybrid mattress with features you'll only find in the best types of bedding, made of high-quality spring could and plush foam.

I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud even on the first night! So if you have the extra budget and want to splurge for your comfort and better sleep, I would definitely recommend this brand.

  • Moderately priced with good features
  • Relieves muscle and body pain
  • Contours to your body excellently
  • check
    Fast shipping with warranty
  • Some complaints of extreme firmness
  • Not much edge support

Last but not the least, we have the Lull Memory Foam Mattress, which has no significant issues from the moment you purchase up to using it! I love the quality memory foam, because of it contouring well to my body while providing the right amount of support. Over time, I noticed that it helps with my insomnia and I now wake up better.

It's breathable, keeps my body pain-free, and I sleep better. There's nothing more I can ask for! And at a moderate price, you really get more than what you paid for. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a memory foam mattress without the expensive price tag.

Wrapping It Up

Through investing in the best mattress suitable for you, you won't have to worry about your comfort and sleep quality again. As long as you also follow other tips on sleeping well, you'll be able to rest easy and wake up with more energy than ever! And to begin that journey to better sleep, you may need to check up with your bed.

​Editor's Pick

Out of all the mattresses tried and tested, I believe that the Tufts and Needles Mattress takes the cake. What makes it the best mattress for me is that it comes with everything one needs and wants: The comfort for good sleep AND the support to avoid anybody pain when you wake up! While the other mattresses did surpass my expectations as well, the Tufts and Needles mattress had me sleep easier and was no hassle to set up. Everything went smoothly, and I have minimal complaints!

Hopefully, this article on the best mattress reviews gave you an idea of what you need for quality sleep. So don't wait any longer and look into investing in a new mattress now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your reviews or experiences on the best mattress? Then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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