Top 5 Best Mattresses Under 300 for 2019

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When I was looking into replacing my mattress, I had to consider my budget. While I know that I needed to pay for my quality, I also had to find the best mattress under 300 that still gave me excellent sleep despite the lower price.

If you're in the same situation, then not to worries. I did the research and present to you top rated 5 options!

Product Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Rated Brands Under 300

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best mattresses under 300 reviews:

Olee Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress - The Supportive and Cooling

What I love most about the Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is that it comes with all the fantastic features at such an affordable price.

Mind you, I wasn't expecting the most out of it but comes with a 10-year warranty and a host of much-needed specs for good sleep; I was surprised.

The mattress took about three to four days to expand fully and to get rid of the smell. Once I laid down on it, I immediately felt the quality of it. It didn't exactly conform to my body quickly, but it's a job well done for its price.

Plus, it's Certi-PUR, and Oeko-Tex certified, so there are no harmful substances in it, and it's durable!

From its cooling abilities to its supportive comfort, you get your money's worth with this mattress.

  • Has a 10-year warranty
  • Feels cool and no more night sweats
  • Conforms to body shape efficiently
  • Takes long to expand and remove smell
  • A bit firm for some sleepers

Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Natural and Universal Comfort

If you're looking for a softer option, then the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is the one for you!

What I appreciate most with this mattress is that there is no motion transfer or the bounce that makes it feel noisy when moving around. As someone who always shifts positions, I don't wake up to discomfort and noise.

The foam is Certi-PUR certified, so there are no worries about the toxicity or lack of durability in it. For its price, it lasts long and even comes with a limited warranty!

Another thing I have to point out is its mattress cover, which is made with natural New Zealand Wool. This wicks moisture and helps keep the mattress breathable and free from molds or odor.

  • Comes with a quality bed cover for breathability
  • No motion transfer and noise
  • Pressure-relieving and helps with back pain
  • It gets too soft in the middle after a year or more
  • There is still a bit of odour without the cover

Signature Sleep 10" Innerspring Mattress - Reversible and Breathable

What makes the Signature Sleep Mattress stand out is its reversible feature! You can choose between TWO firmness levels, depending on what you prefer and what your body needs.

It's not only versatile, but you lengthen its lifespan as well, making sure that both sides wear out evenly to last.

As for the quality of the foam, it's CertiPUR-US certified, so there are no harmful chemicals and is low in VOC emissions to improve the indoor air quality.

I commend its support, as it does a job well done for a mattress at its price. It might be too firm for some, but suitable for heavy people to avoid it from sagging.

With these values, and I can say it's totally worth the price.

  • It’s reversible for versatility and two types of firmness levels
  • Offers the optimum support to relieve pressure
  • The mattress itself is breathable and feels cool all night long
  • Has a weird odour lasts for a few weeks
  • Some complaints of receiving thinner mattresses than advertised

Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress - Environment-Friendly

Another soft and environment-friendly option is the Live and Sleep Classic Memory Foam Mattress.

What makes this stand out from the rest is its quality foam and environmental-friendly materials, which are both CERTIPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified. So not only is it nontoxic but hypoallergenic as well, safe for children and allergy-sensitive adults.

When lying down on it, you won't believe how affordable it is! It's very soft, and with the cool fabric cover, so it almost feels like a cloud. Sure, it's no luxury mattress, but for its price, I feel like I got more than what I paid for.

I appreciate the medium-firm firmness level, which has me sleep well without sinking down too much. Moreover, with its soft cover, I believe it's worth the price!

  • Perfect firmness level for universal comfort
  • Cool and keeps body well-ventilated the entire night
  • Hypoallergenic and made of environment-friendly materials
  • Contours to body well and supports any sleeping position
  • Complaints of some mattresses not inflating completely
  • Some shipping complaints

Zinus Ultima Comfort Pillow Top Spring Mattress - Firm and High-Quality Foam

Last but not the least, we have the Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress, another amazing product with the high-quality that has me feeling better once I began using it!

The mattress has helped with my overall body pain. While it's no miracle worker and I do have aches and pains now and then, its firmness and support have definitely helped alleviate the stiffness.

As for its safety and durability, I believe it to last for a few months to a year of heavy usage, as it's CERTIPUR-US certified and with a 10-year limited warranty to lessen the worries.

The foam quality is excellent. It contours to my body efficiently but doesn't sink down too much. While it's not as cool as other mattresses, it does a job well done in having me sleep with less pain and discomfort.

  • Excellent foam quality to contour to the body well
  • Enough firmness and support to relieve pain
  • Quick shipment and smart packaging
  • Not as cooling as other mattresses
  • There isn’t enough edge support

Frequently Asked Questions

When I was looking at what mattresses to invest in, I first had to look into a few factors, mainly since I was under budget. These were the three questions I focused on:

  • How much does my budget have to be to invest in shopping?
  • What is the purpose of buying a new mattress?
  • What are my OWN criteria when selecting a quality mattress?
asleepywolf tired

Why spend your time with these questions? Because it will help get you the mattress based on your individual needs and specific budget! It wasn't just about getting the first cheap mattress I saw.

You need something that suits not only what you can afford, but what will indeed achieve the primary purpose: Getting a good night's rest!

Now that I've got covered and that you answered these three main questions, let's look into what to expect with a mattress under this budget.

What to Expect From The Mattress Under 300?

amazon twin mattress

There are a ton of advantages quality mattresses have to offer. However, there are some things to expect from a product of a specific budget. Remember, since you're getting it at a lower price, it won't exactly feel like you're lying down on a bed of rose petals!



Who Should Buy This, Then?

Considering its lack of durability for the long-term but still providing comfortable sleep, I believe that this is best suited for those who aren't able to afford a more expensive mattress yet. It's also best suited for guest rooms, as it won't be used regularly, so there's no worry about it wearing out quickly.

Quality and a good brand are your top priorities, but it won't be as amazing as options that are pricier and made to last longer. If you can increase your budget, you can find better long-term investments from the best mattress under 500.

What Kind of Mattress Will 300 Provide?

Fortunately, there are different kinds of mattresses you can choose from despite having a limited budget. Knowing about the types of mattresses to choose from can help you decide what to buy based on your needs and what to expect from it.

buying mattresses


Coil (Innerspring)

Coil or innerspring are your traditional mattresses, using an interconnected of spring coils as the support. These coils are usually made with steel wire, with different thicknesses and gauges to adjust to your body weight to distribute it evenly.

It provides consistent comfort but not as adaptive to your spinal curve. Also, expect a mattress of this budget to have a shorter lifespan and feel lumpy within a few months to a year.


Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are now beginning to get a ton of attention and for a reason! This type of foam can help relieve pain as it provides support through conforming its shape based on your sleeping position and weight. However, it does sleep hot and has the lack of bounce, which won't improve one's sex life.

You can find excellent choices within your budget, following reputable and trusted brands.


Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is bouncier compared to memory foam, though with the similar conforming feel to it that relieves pressure well.

Polyurethane is a more affordable foam compared to memory foam, and it's also lightweight. However, it isn't the most supportive for your spine, and the bounciness means that you can feel movement around the whole mattress.


Convoluted Foam

Convoluted foam is made from chemical-treated polyurethane. This is best suited for those who suffer from pain around sensitive areas, from your neck, shoulders, hips, or lower back.

 What's great about this kind of foam is that you can find quality foams at more affordable prices, and it's also easy to move around in and adjust, with motion isolation and no noise.

However, it isn't as durable as you would want it to be. Also, it sleeps hot and does not alleviate pain as amazingly as the memory foam.

Selecting the Best Mattress Under 300

If you're still confused about how to choose the best mattress for the money, here are the critical factors to consider when doing so:


Firmness Level

The firmness level is one of the crucial things to look into, as this can make or break your comfortable sleep! 

There are different firmness levels to choose from, depending on what you need and prefer. A level 5 to 7 is considered to be the universal comfort, with level 10 being the firmness. I only recommend something firmer than a level 7 to those who are overweight or require more support for their body type.

Something softer than a level 5 provides a luxurious feel (personally) and best for side sleepers. Don't get something too soft though, as it won't be as supportive!


Foam Density or Coil Count

53 x 75 mattress

Expect the foam density to be lower with lower prices, though as much as possible, you should look for something of at least 1.5 to 1.8 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) for durability and a more comfortable time sleeping as it conforms to your body well.

california king mattress amazon

If you plan on getting an innerspring mattress, consider its coil count, or the number of coils in a product. Most innerspring mattresses have a count of between 450 to 900. Find one around 700, which is the average count.



Make sure that you only select the trusted brands, so you are assured of what you're getting. Trusted and reputable brands will usually have a sleep trial and excellent customer support. You can also check the legitimate customer reviews like these to help you make your decision!

Furthermore, it would help if you also looked into the brand certifications, like CertiPUR-US to ensure that you only have the safe, nontoxic materials made into your bed.

You can look into back-end products in the segment recommended by ASleepyWolf for more input. >>>

best price quality mattress



Purpose and Sleeping Position

Last but not the least, you also have to look into what you need the mattress for and where you'll be placing it on. Find the suitable mattress for your bed platform to lessen the hassle of setup and assembly.

It should also be best for your body type and to help with your sleeping condition, if any. Also, consider your sleeping position, which keeps you free from pain and discomfort.

Check this video for more in-depth details

Wrapping It Up

While there are some things to take note of when choosing the under $300 mattress, you'll still be able to appreciate its quality and find something suitable for a good sleep in the long run. As long as you do your research well and focus on getting what works for you and your body, then you truly get your money's worth!

Of all the different products tried and tested, I believe that the best product goes to the Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress, which offers everything one would expect and need for better sleep.

I love how it focuses on cooling and breathability. There were no more issues with hot flashes and night sweats because of the gel-infused foam. And with a long warranty and the supportive foam, I wake up with less pain and feeling fresher.

Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Blue Queen*
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it decompress. Jumping, walking, and sleeping on your mattress can speed up the process.

Hopefully, this article on best mattress under 300 gave you an idea on what you should invest in for a full night's rest today. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tip and review on mattress under 300, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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