Top 5 Best Adjustable Bed Sheets Reviews 2019

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Finding the best sheets for adjustable beds can be tricky since you need something flexible AND cozy. With the many types of sheets available, which is safest for the house?

Read on as I show you the top five brands to look into and more information about adjustable bed sheets.

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Top 5 Best Sheets For Adjustable Beds

After much research and testing, these are the best sheet sets to get now:

Southshore Fine Linens Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set - Luxuriously Soft and Long-Lasting

What I love most about the Southshore Fine Sheet Set is that it has fantastic quality! But what makes it amazing is that it feels even softer and smoother compared to other types of bedsheets.

I can consider these as luxury sheets that are comparable to that of a hotel's because they are just that soft!

These are made of quality microfiber yarns and can fit mattresses that are thick of up to 19 inches. Another great thing about it is it fits from twin to queen sizes, making it versatile.

For its quality and feel alone, you can definitely see it's worth the price. Plus, you get more than what you pay for with its four extra pillowcases!

  • Excellent luxurious feel, soft and like a hotel sheet
  • Comes with various designs and four free pillowcases
  • It’s versatile and can fit thicker mattresses of most sizes
  • Some complaints of the stitches being weak
  • It’s not as breathable as other sheets

Empyrean Bedding Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet Set - Snug Fit and Hypoallergenic

What I like about the Empyrean Bedding Sheets Set is that it's luxurious without worrying about it slipping. These come with the right corner straps, so it never comes off the mattress! But this doesn't lessen its quality feel, as it's still comparable to that of a hotel's.

While it isn't as soft (yet crisp) as the editor's choice, I commend it for being a secure option. It's made of hypoallergenic materials, which repels dust and the like to lessen the risk of allergies. Furthermore, the deep pocket style makes it a perfect fit for all types of mattresses!

  • The sheets stay tight and snug around the corner
  • Has the great feel, soft yet crisp without wringing
  • It’s compatible with most mattresses and fits well
  • Not the most durable sheet available
  • Sheet colors might be a bit off compared to photos

Nestl Bedding Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set - Affordable and Cooling

If you're on a tight budget but don't want to scrimp on your bedsheets, then you'll like the Nestl Bedding Sheet Set.

What I love about these sheets is that it's stretchable and flexible, best made for adjustable beds that bend. It uses the stretchy elastic as a fitted sheet, staying in place regardless of how you or your mattress move.

The sheet may not be the most relaxed feel, but it's simple and does the job in protecting the mattress. It's way softer than having NO bed sheet at all, and I like its adequate softness.

For its affordability, I can say you get more than what you pay for. Just make sure that you care for it well to avoid the quick yet inevitable wear and tear.

  • Comes at a very affordable price with a guarantee
  • Lightweight and easy to place in a mattress without it slipping
  • Adequate feel for comfy sleep
  • Not as soft as other more expensive bedsheets
  • More susceptible to wear and tear

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Sleek and Premium Quality

If you have the extra bucks to shop, then you're going to like the Mayfair Linen. While it's more expensive compared to the other products I've mentioned, you can already see why it's worth the investment.

When you receive the Egyptian cotton sheets, you can feel just how soft and silky it is. It's one of the most luxurious sheets I've ever slept on, but it DOESN'T wrinkles! The sheet is the perfect balance of crisp and buttery.

Besides this, it's also easy to maintain as it's machine washable and is less susceptible to stains. You really get more value from this sheet, from its vibrant colors to the elegant quality.

  • Genuinely and luxuriously soft without crinkles
  • Stays cool and keeps warm at the right temperatures
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Comes at a higher price
  • Has a strong odor for the first week

600-Thread-Count Best 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set Easy-to-Clean and Smooth Feel

And finally, my fifth choice on the list is the California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set. It has the 600 thread count, which is what makes it a very soft bed sheet feeling like ivory.

Despite it being made of cotton, it feels like a cloud, especially if you have the memory foam adjustable bed!

The sheets are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. It's made of the eco-friendly and premium cotton yarns, having the hotel-like feel. It's similar to silk without it slipping or wrinkling as easily. Furthermore, you get what you pay for as the sheet set comes with everything you need for any bed!

  • Comes with the flat, fitted, and elasticized sheets for versatility
  • Amazing feel with silk texture but doesn’t slip
  • Made of eco-friendly and breathable materials
  • Might feel too stiff for a lengthy time despite washing
  • Some complaints of it shrinking in wash

Benefits of Using Bed Sheets

adjustable bed sheets

There has been a ton of debate about whether or not a bed sheet is important. While some people say it's an unnecessary purchase, but owning one offers a lot of benefits, such as:


It Feels Comfortable 

Bedsheets are made of the soft and luxurious feel! Compared to the tough and scratchy surface on uncovered mattresses, you'll be able to have a better sleep without discomfort. In the end, your sleep improves, and you won't have much trouble as you rest.


Keeps Your Mattress Clean

how to keep fitted sheets on bed

One of the problems many people face is keeping their mattress clean. Did you know that even if you do clean your mattress regularly, your body excretes oils, shed skin, and other gross things?

As a result, it makes your mattress dirty and makes it even more difficult to clean.

With a proper bed sheet, you'll be able to protect your mattress from the different dirt and dust that accumulates. That way, it's less likely to wear down quicker.


Adds Design To Your Bedroom

We all want our bedrooms looking the best, matching our overall home's design. After all, the bedroom is our haven and one of the points of the house.

That's why making use of bedsheets with the beautiful colors and patterns creates a huge impact to your bedroom. Not only can you choose different materials, but colors according to what you want in the room.

Types of Adjustable Bed Sheets

sheets for adjustable bed

When selecting the adjustable bed sheets, the first thing you should consider is the type. There are various kinds of bed sheet, depending on what you need. Here are the three kinds:

Cool Sheets

For those who are hot sleepers and would usually sweat at night, then cooling sheets are the way to go. They are usually made of the materials which help regulate body temperature, similar to pillows.

One of the best examples of these kinds of sheets is bamboo sheets. These are made of all-natural materials and are lightweight, keeping your body fresh as you sleep.

Deep Socketed Sheets

extra deep fitting sheets

Deep socketed sheets are made for mattresses that are thicker than the traditional ones, which is 14 inches thick. So if you have a pillow top mattress or a topper, then this type of bed sheet is for you.

Like what the name suggests, it's deeper than average, so they're able to stretch over the thick mattresses. Typically, these sheets are around 15 to 22 inches deep, as opposed to regular sheets that ate 7 to 14 inches deep.

Good Elastic on Sheet

For fussy sleepers like children or people who move a lot throughout the night, full elastic sheets are best. The adjustable bed sheets are the most popular ones we see today for its practical use and convenience.

Elastic sheets are elasticized all around, which would ensure that it stays in place on the mattress as you sleep. They come at standard measurements, meant for mattresses that come in general sizes available in the market.

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets?

split king sheet sets

Now that you know the different types of fitted bed sheets and the benefits it has, how do you choose one? Here are several things to consider when doing so:


Here are some of the popular types of best sheets for adjustable beds to choose from:

  • Egyptian Cotton is one of the most popular types of luxury bedsheets, which are extremely soft and smooth. They are also easy to clean and long-lasting, so long as you get the high-quality ones.
  • Tencel or lyocell fabric are crafted from fibers that are breathable while reducing shrinkage!
  • Polyester sheets are more durable and the usual material used for bedsheets. They are also less likely to stain and are easy to care for.
  • Jersey Knit sheets are knitted and have the feel of wearing a soft shirt, having the cozy warmth.
  • Satin feel very smooth and are considered to be luxury sheets, which are produced by either natural or synthetic fibers.
  • ​​​​Linen is relaxed natural fabrics, which feels breathable and wicks away moisture easily.


Just like choosing a mattress, your best sheets for adjustable beds size is important so you won't have trouble fitting it.

 With that being said, get your bed's measurements, including its thickness, before purchasing. Fortunately, many sheets would have standard measurements according to classic sizes (twin, queen, king, etc.).

Ensure that if it's over 14 inches thick, then invest in deep socketed sheets. If not, then the traditional types of bedsheets work well. 

Thread Count

1800 thread count microfiber sheets

Thread count refers to how many threads there are per square inch. When the thread count is higher, the softer it feels.

I recommend that you get sheets with a thread count between 200 to 800. Take note that while you can see counts of over 1,000, it doesn't mean that it's better.

Improved Sleep

While soft pillows provide comfort, you need to find the right balance between soft and firm. This ensures that you're pleasant and sleep straight regardless of how you rest. Not only should the filling feel soft, but the cover should feel as luxurious!

Sheet Straps

If ever you select satin or fitted bed sheets, they wouldn't usually have elastic corners, making it difficult to set. That's why you might want to invest in sheet straps, which help in keeping those soft and slippery sheets in place.


Lastly, you'll want to have a bedsheet that looks as nice as it feels. When selecting a bed sheet design, look into your home and bedroom colors. Since the bed is your focal point, you'll want something bold and eye-catching.

I recommend that you either invest in top rated sheets which match your room's colors, or stand out with patterns.

If you want to learn more about how to select the right bed sheets, check out this video:

Wrapping it Up

Owning the best sheets for adjustable beds are important to protect your bed while adding comfort to your sleep. Even with adjustable beds, you'll need something soft and cooling, but versatile to move around without risk of breaking. When making the right investment in your sheets, even spending more, you can enjoy better sleep in the long run.

Of all the different sheets tried and tested, I choose the Southshore Fine Sheet Set. What I love most about it is how it's made with the deep pocket sheets to fit most mattresses. Furthermore, it's made of the softest material, adding comfort while still protecting your mattress.

I highly recommend these deep pocket sheets for luxury and durability, regardless of your bed type. It feels heavenly, and if it's well taken cared for, it will last for years without damage. You spend a bit more, but have the amazing feel compatible for all beds, for a LONG time.

Southshore Fine Living, Inc. Extra Deep Pocket Queen Sheets Set, 6-Piece Ultra-Soft Microfiber Bed...*
  • Premium Quality at Incredible Value: Luxurious, comfy Queen sheet set in ultra-soft brushed microfiber for the most cozy and restful sleep you've ever had; No-shrink, no-fade material that stays...
  • Extra Deep Pockets Stay Tucked on Queen Size Mattresses: The 21" deep queen fitted sheet has strong elastic around the entire hem to stay tucked on thick mattresses and toppers, including pillow-top,...
  • Softer with Every Wash: Revel in the softness that gets better with each wash. Comfy Queen size sheets that wrap you in silky smoothness for a luxurious sleep. Lightweight and breathable, perfect for...
  • Fade-Resistant & Durable: Machine washable and tumble dryable, our sheets stay vibrant and fresh as new, wash after wash. Choose from many colors to suit your bedding and home décor aesthetic.
  • 6-Piece Deep Pocket Sheets Queen Size Bed Set Includes: (1) Fitted Sheet 60" wide x 80" long x 21" Deep; (1) Oversize Flat Sheet 90" wide x 102" long; (4) Pillowcases 20" wide x 30" long

Hopefully, this article on the sheets for adjustable bed helped you out! So don't wait any longer and look into getting any of these sheets now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences and reviews with adjustable bed sheets, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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