Top 5 Best Mattress for Elderly Reviews

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Once you get older, you'll notice that the harder it is for you to sleep straight. When my parents began reaching their 60s (they live with me), the more I noticed that they were waking up in the middle of the night, either with hot flashes or feeling somebody pain. That's why I decided to look into the best mattress for seniors, which has significantly improved their quality of sleep!

However, with the many different kinds of mattresses available, which one would be suitable for you or your older relative? Read on as I show you the ultimate purchasing guide on the best options.

Product Comparison Table

Runner Up
Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Twin XL, 2018 Edition*
Memory Foam
Our Rating
Pressure-Relieving and Comfortable
Snuggle-Pedic Queen Mattress - Ultra-Luxury Memory Foam Hybrid, 10 Inch, Bamboo Cover, Firm*
Memory Foam
Our Rating

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Elderly

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are my five recommendations on the best mattress for seniors:

Perfect Cloud Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress - Plush and Luxurious Feel

While I was doing my research on good mattresses, I stumbled upon the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress. I decided to purchase it for my parents, and I was impressed.

Though it wasn't me who would be sleeping on it, I was the one who assembled and set it up. It arrived promptly and with the quality packaging with no tears or damage, but still easy to get the mattress out.

Once I had it laid out, it began expanding immediately. It did have a bit of an odor, but it dissipated as soon as the mattress was ready to be used.

After a few nights, my parents were ecstatic! They were praising the mattress and how soft it was, lessening their back pain and keeping them sleep well the entire night.

When I tried it out, I was also amazed, as it felt just like a luxurious mattress form a hotel! It IS a bit too soft for me, but that's just my preference. My parents weren't kidding about its comfort, which is what makes it worth the investment.

  • Extremely soft and plush
  • Helps lessen back pain
  • Has a cooling layer for a fresh night of sleep
  • Might be too soft for some
  • Has a bit of a smell

Casper Sleep Unique Memory Foam Mattress - Breathable and Cooling

Next up is the Casper Sleep Mattress, which I would definitely recommend for anyone who suffers from hot flashes and night sweats. I was impressed with its cooling design, which focuses on breathability and regulating body temperature.

My parents, particularly my mom, loved the mattress, as it had the motion isolation and felt cool the entire night. So not only did she sleep soundly despite her husband's constant moving, but she also felt cool even if we lived in a warmer climate. 

Not only that, but the mattress also conforms well to the body, which helps relieve pressure and lessen pain regardless of the sleeping position. Because of this, my dad has reported of moving around less (to the relief of my mom!).

All in all, this cooling and pressure-relieving mattress if a sound investment for those who live in warm climates and have a partner who always moves around when they sleep.

  • Motion isolation, best for couples sleep together
  • Very cooling and regulates temperature well
  • Conforms to body regardless of sleeping position
  • The mattress relieves pain effectively
  • Smell takes time to disappear
  • Some complaints of back pain after a year

LUCID 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress - All-Natural and Scented

My dad has a sensitive nose and is always all up on getting a mattress that had little to no smell at all. This was going to be somewhat tricky because any bed would have a bit of a chemical odor during the first days of using it!

That's why I decided to give the LUCID hybrid mattress a try. Not only did it have the great support from the coils, but also quality foams infused with bamboo charcoal to help lessen the smells.

My dad was amused by the fact it was infused with natural scents and materials. It may have been placebo, but he claims that there are no more odors even during the moment we received the package! So that's a great thing, considering he's a picky person.

The mattress when used felt great, doing its job in keeping my parents cradled and sleeping soundly. It's lessened their pain considerably and feels lie a hotel bed.

  • Infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera for less odor
  • Premium softness and amazing feel
  • Better sleep and with fewer body aches
  • Very little edge support
  • The box arrived a bit broken

Leesa 10" Memory Foam Mattress in Box - Soft Yet Supportive

At first glance, you might think that the Leesa Mattress is quite expensive, priced more than other mattresses I've reviewed. Even I was a bit hesitant investing in the mattress because of its fee alone! But once I received it, I have no regrets and saw its quality from when it expanded up to using it.

The mattress arrived in strong packaging that was easy to open. Setup was hassle-free as well, with the mattress expanding immediately once it was laid out. It was ready to use within two days, and it looked as good as advertised!

I slept beside my mom during the first night, and I noticed that even if she did toss and turn during the first few minutes, I didn't feel any movement at all. We both slept soundly right after and woke up in the morning, fresh and free from pain.

While a bit firmer, it's what makes it help with overall body pain, which I love! From its assembly to comfort, I have no significant complaints.

  • Looks and feels like a luxurious hotel bed
  • Motion isolation perfect for couples
  • Improves sleep quality and back pain
  • A bit too firm for some
  • Expensive

Snuggle-Pedic Support Memory Foam Mattress - Pressure-Relieving and Comfortable

The Snuggle-Pedic Mattress is another pricey mattress, though for a reason! It's made of the quality materials that won't fail on you in the long run.

My parents and I have been using it for a few months now, and we have no complaints. It still feels and performs like I just got it.

For starters, it's pressure-relieving. When I laid down on my mattress (I got two!) for the first time, it felt so plush and soft, sinking into my body shape but with the optimum firmness that had me feeling like I was supported.

After a few nights, I experienced less pain, and so did my parents. My mom also praised its cooling properties that kept her body free from hot flashes throughout the night.

It's also beneficial for my sensitive dad, who needed a hypoallergenic mattress without much odor and helped lessen the allergies! All in all, an amazing investment for its extra support yet plush feeling.

  • Conforms to the body well and feels plush
  • Hypoallergenic and no odor
  • Breathable with airflow transfer system
  • Some issues of lower back pain
  • May start sagging with heavy side sleepers

How Does Aging Affect Sleep?

beds for seniors

You may have noticed that as you age, your sleep patterns begin to go haywire. We're talking about sensitive body parts when we get out of beds, hot flashes in the middle of the night, or heightened risks of various sleeping disorders.

The culprit isn't just poor diet and exercise or family history. A crucial factor is our age as well!

But that must have you wonder: How does age affect your sleep? Well, I did the number crunch and found out over half the population over 65 years old would suffer from at least one sleeping problem. (Via: Cleveland Clinic)

Why do many people start having erratic sleeping patterns as they age? The following will answer for it:

  • Medical illnesses that are more common in older people (like menopause, Alzheimer's disease, or heart conditions, to name a few) can cause difficulty in falling asleep
  • Medicines one takes for maintenance or sicknesses can cause insomnia or problem in staying asleep
  • Those who are older and now retired may not have any plans to do for the entire day, resorting to daytime napping from boredom. As a result, it leads to chronic sleep problems and an irregular sleeping schedule

Why Is It Important to Invest In The Best Mattress for Older Adults?

vibrating mattress pad for adults

Now that you're familiar with the factors why our sleeping patterns change as we grow older, you're probably wondering about how a quality mattress can help improve one's sleep.

Isn't it enough to have a healthy diet and exercise? Why do I have to spend oodles of money on a new brand mattress?

As I did my research, I learned that there are so many factors a mattress has that affects our quality of sleep as well, and not just for seniors! Here are a few benefits good mattresses have for us and our older relatives:


Better Concentration and Memory

Older people know the struggle of continually forgetting names, events, and other things. This may come from the lack of sleep they get throughout the night.

With better rest, they can have sharper minds and keep their brain functioning well even as they age. (Via: WebMD)


Fewer Body Aches and Pains

Another irritating part about aging is that you would tend to wake up with back or neck pain from lack of mattress support. Through a good mattress, one will be able to have the optimal comfort and firmness required to prevent body pain from worsening.


No More Night Sweats or Hot Flashes

Women undergoing menopause as they age will suffer one of the most obvious symptoms: HOT FLASHES.

It's no walk in the park, with how flashes and night sweats happening just about anytime. Through a mattress with a cooling layer, it lessens the chances of hot flashes and regulates your body temperature!


Accommodates Any Sleeping Position

Regardless of your sleeping position, a quality mattress will be able to support your entire body, keeping it breathing well and relieving pressure points that cause body pain. This helps stave away sleeping problems and disorders no matter how you sleep.

How to Choose the Best Mattress For Seniors?

adjustable beds for seniors

Yes, having a quality mattress is quite beneficial, but only if you choose the right one that's suitable for you or your older relative! With the many beds and companies available, it may have you stumped. That's why it's crucial to have basic knowledge on mattresses and how you can find the optimum feel suitable for the sleeper.

To help you out, here are some important factors to consider when selecting a mattress:


Softness and Comfort

When you look for a mattress, the first thing you're probably looking for is the softest one. While you want a plush and luxurious feel, you'll also want a right balance of firmness and softness. It's best to ensure that it's made of the multiple quality layers for amazing comfort.


Firmness Level

The firmness level is what can help keep your body free from too many aches and pains as you sleep. The universal comfort is a level 5 to 7 (with 10 being the highest).

While some seniors will require a firmer mattress to relieve pressure points, this is dependent on preference and what has the senior feel great during a night of sleep.


Mattress Type

There are different kinds of mattresses available, with innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and latex being some of the most popular and well-known all over the world.

While I would most recommend a memory foam mattress, you can also go for a hybrid mattress, which offers good support, a soft and plush layer, and a longer lifespan. Just make sure they have the GEL cooling foam for a fresh night's sleep.


Design and Durability

Last but not the least, you should find the mattress for seniors that comes with the strength and durability, made with premium materials known to last. That way, you know you get your money's worth and lessen the waste of money and effort having to replace your mattress every few months or years!

Wrapping It Up

With the best products, you or your older relative will be able to sleep soundly and without any major problems. It only takes research and the plush support for a better back, and less pain, all the while with the luxurious sleep one needs for optimum health.

Of all the best mattress for elderly reviews, I believe that the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect one to use.

Not only is it meant for seniors but can be a mattress for heavy people as well because of its fantastic support and cooling foam layer. My parents haven't complained about anything with this mattress, and they now experience less body pain and hot flashes from it.

I hope that this article gave you an idea of what to invest in for the long-term. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these mattresses today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the mattress for seniors reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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