Top 5 Best Bed for Snoring Reviews 2019

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There was one embarrassing problem I had while sleeping, and that was snoring. It was quite difficult for me to sleep soundly without making noise. Because of all this, I began looking into what I could do to stop snoring so loud. That's when I learned that the best mattress for snoring could alleviate the symptoms! So if you're in the same predicament as I was before, then read everything about selecting a mattress for your comfort and snores.

Mattresses Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Brand Mattress Reviews

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best mattresses for snoring you can invest in to help ease your snoring:

GhostBed Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Pressure-Relieving and Supportive

What makes the GhostBed Mattress the top in my book is its excellent quality! From the moment I received it up to the nights that followed, I was impressed.

I received the mattress in perfect shape, sealed in a package and easy to remove. It took a few days before it fully expanded, and another few more to break into the foam. This may not be the softest you've laid on, but it does help ease my back pain with its optimum support.

The firmness level was actually beneficial, as it helped keep my back and spine in natural alignment. As a result, the comfort helped with my airways, which then resulted in easing the snore. It didn't happen overnight, but I am glad to say that I don't snore as loud as I used to, and my partner stopped moving to the couch!

From its pressure-relieving properties down to the luxury feel, I can say it's worth the price.

  • Relieves back pain and pressure
  • Good support to encourage less snoring
  • Quick and quality shipment
  • Conforms to shape well and feels comfortable
  • Takes a few days to get used to the firmness
  • It isn’t as cooling as advertised

Live & Sleep Ultra Gel Memory Foam Mattress - The Cooling and Breathable

If you usually have night sweats or sleep hot (while snoring!), then the Live and Sleep Mattress is your best bet. It hasn't only helped lessen my snoring, but it also kept me cool and fresh throughout the night!

It's got the memory foam layer to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, as well as the soft flex cover which is as soft and well-ventilated as the materials the mattress is made of.

When I laid on it, I was surprised. It isn't the most expensive mattress, but it does feel almost as luxurious as one! It was very soft and contours perfectly to my body, which encouraged me to sleep on my side without it feeling stiff. I noticed that my snoring eased up right after I began sleeping on my side. While it was a difficult transition, this mattress really helped me turn to my side rather than my back when I doze off.

  • Cooling properties and cover for better temperature regulation
  • Soft and comfortable, contours well to any sleeping position
  • Encourages side sleepers and less snoring without the stiffness
  • Some complaints of back pain for the first three days
  • Not the best for overweight people sinks too easily

Dreamfoam Bedding Dreams Gel Mattress - The Easy Setup and Comfortable

For those who are on a budget, then the Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Mattress is a great choice! It comes at such an affordable price but with more value than I expected.

The mattress is nicely made, on the firmer side for better back support. It does take a few days before you get used to its firmness levels, but it's all worth it in the long run. It contours to your body shape quickly and makes it comfortable for sleeping on your back. Moreover, because of its extra support, it helps ease my snoring!

However, there are some complaints, though not significant issues coming from a mattress under this price range. It has a bit of smell for the first few days and doesn't have the proper edge support.

However, as long as you care for it well, it can last for the long run, and you can prevent poor edge support from happening through removing much weight from the sides.

  • Comes at an affordable price with good value
  • Firm and supportive for back sleepers, eases snoring
  • It’s well-made and expands quickly
  • Has a chemical odour for the first few days
  • Poor edge support

Purple Queen Memory Foam Mattress - The Ultimate Upgrade

The Purple Mattress is indeed a splurge! However, it's all worth it in the long run if you want a mattress with a luxurious feel and eases snoring with the help of so many factors.

I was a bit hesitant purchasing this because it came at such a high price. Once I broke into it though, it surpassed my expectations, and I have no regrets.

It's got the softness that feels like it cradles my body, which is great for someone who's trying to sleep on their side to prevent snoring (like me!). Furthermore, it has the breathable material for a cool and undisturbed night's sleep with your partner.

However, the one thing that really helps ease snoring is its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, which keeps away dust mites and allergens. The mattress has helped reduce the allergies which obstruct my airways, with me sleeping soundly and quietly!

I believe that this mattress is in it for the long haul. If you have extra to spend on mattresses from Purple, then I recommend it!

  • Motion isolation for equalized pressure and silent movement
  • Breathable and doesn’t trap heat
  • Hypoallergenic and helps clear airways for less snoring
  • Very comfortable and soft feel
  • High price
  • Might not reduce back or neck pain

Zotto Sleep Memory Foam Mattress (Queen) - The Strong and Reliable

Last but not the least, we have the Zotto Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. It's a bit of a splurge as well, but it's a hybrid mattress that offers a mix of all benefits!

When you try it out, you'll see that you get more value than what you pay for. It's a very strong and durable mattress; I can see it'll last for years of everyday use, making it well worth the investment.

It isn't just its durability I applaud, but the comfortable feel as well! During the first few days, I thought it was TOO soft, but it ended up with it being the perfect firmness to relieve pain while lessening the snore. After a few weeks, my partner reported that I sleep quieter than before, and he also sleeps better on the mattress. It's just that it sleeps hot!

However, without that disadvantage, I can say that everything's almost perfect and worth it.

  • Made of durable materials to last for years
  • Perfect firmness levels to relieve pain and snoring
  • Doctor endorsed and come with a great warranty
  • May sleep hot
  • Comes at a higher price

What Causes Snoring?

best mattress for snoring

You're probably wondering: What causes snoring in the first place? I used to think that it was just something embarrassing, similar to drooling or moving a lot while in bed. However, I did the research and saw that it meant a whole lot more!

Don't be worried though, because you aren't alone in this. You'll be surprised to know that it's more common in men, with 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women (Via: Sleep Educationbeing habitual snorers. However, why does this happen in the first place?

Snoring happens when the flow of air through your mouth and nose are physical obstructed. Several factors come into play:

  • Your nasal airways may be hampered because of allergies or sinus infections, so it causes some people to snore only temporarily.
  • If you drink alcohol or use sleeping pills, then it can cause your muscle tones in your tongue and throat to be too relaxed, which cause you to snore.
  • Snoring usually happens when one is overweight, as it produces a bulky throat tissue.
  • Angle Double Right
    Children with enlarged ad​​enoids would also snore because of obstruction.
  • Angle Double Right
    You'll also be surprised to know that sleeping on your back can cause snoring, as it narrows your airway, causing airflow turbulence and tissue vibration. This is why it's crucial to have the mattress for snoring, which helps you have a supported sleeping position to prevent snoring.

How Does the Mattress Work to Stop Snoring?

best mattress for snoring

You're probably wondering: How can a mattress stop you from snoring when the causes come from inside your body?


Supports Side Sleepers

For starters, the best mattress can help support you to sleep on your side, which is the optimal position to help prevent snoring. This is why I use a memory foam mattress when sleeping, as these types of beds would provide the optimal support to maintain my spine's natural curve, which relieves snoring. While it doesn't help all snorers, side and back sleepers (like me!) are less likely to make noise when dozing off.


Raises Your Neck to Free Airways

However, if you're not comfortable with sleeping on your side, then there are different types of beds to help lessen snores while on your back. There are adjustable beds, which have an elevated headrest that keeps both your head and neck raised while resting. This will keep your airways open to breathe normally. We'll be looking into making the choices about adjustable bases and other mattresses in the next section!


Is It The Main Solution?

Please take note that a mattress is NOT a direct method or miracle cure to reduce your snores, but it will affect the factors which help stop it. I can say that this is an indirect solution to encourage the real remedies to quit snoring. So while there isn't a unique bed for sleep apnea or snoring, but trusted beds out there which can encourage better sleep to help lessen it.

How to Select the Best Mattress For Snoring?

Now that you're familiar with how beds that help with snoring, how can you choose the best suitable one? Here are the essential tips and factors to consider when doing so:

buying mattresses


Firmness Scale and Support

Mattresses have different firmness Scales to choose from, depending on what you need and prefer. I recommend that you start with a level between 5 to 7 (with ten being the highest), which offers universal comfort.


Type of Mattress

There are different types of mattresses to choose from, depending on your specific needs. With snoring, I recommend that you either get a memory foam mattress or adjustable bases, with both being known to give you the support your body needs to relieve pressure while helping to open your airways. Besides, you can use either of these as a mattress for acid reflux, which is a huge bonus!


Cooling Properties

Do you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes? Then it's best to find a mattress that has the cooling material, like memory foam. Mattresses would also come with soft and breathable covers, which promote comfort to help keep you at the optimum temperature for better sleep.


Material and Hypoallergenic Properties

Look for mattresses that are CERTIPUR-US certified, so you know they aren't made of harmful toxins and chemicals. You'll know it's made of strong and durable materials if ever.

Also, make sure what you choose is hypoallergenic, which can keep off allergens that cause sinus infections that cause obstructed airways. 


Brand and Warranty

Last but not the least, choose a mattress made by reputable and trusted brands. I've selected only the best brands known to produce best sleeping products, also coming with warranties and sleep trials that ensure you get your money's worth. It would help if you started with good brands hailed by many customers, so you get a gist of what you're investing in.

Bonus Tips to Stop Snoring

best mattress for snoring

We all know how annoying snoring can be. While a mattress isn't the miracle worker, it helps support the direct solutions to stop the snore! So, if you want more tips on how to stop snoring with the help of your mattress, try following any of these:

  • For starters, you may want to consider switching your sleeping position. If you're accustomed to sleeping on your back, try sleeping on your side. Using a body pillow can help you maintain your side sleeping position.
  • If you really can't sleep on the side, then reclining your bed or using a firm pillow to keep your head up and extended helps. However, it can cause neck pain!
  • Avoid taking in alcohol right before you sleep, as this reduces your muscle tone. Instead, stay hydrated and consume plenty of fluids, especially water.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Weight loss, if necessary, is also something to consider, especially if you are obese.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Practice better sleep hygiene when resting, creating a good schedule where you can get enough rest for the night, rather than sleeping the bare minimum only when you're overworked and exhausted.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    If allergies and clogged nasal airways are the main cause of your snoring, then it's time to clean your bedroom, changing out your pillows (or even your mattress!), taking hot showers before bedtime, or even using nasal strips to help open your nose. 

You can also check out this video to learn more about snoring and how to stop it:

Wrapping It Up

While a mattress won't directly stop you from snoring immediately, it does support the direct solutions to reduce it. As long as you follow the right tips to sleep well, then you won't have a problem with it in no time. Plus, the mattresses for snoring will offer the optimum support you need to rest even better!

Of all the brands we tried and tested, I believe that the best mattress for snoring has to go to the GhostBed Mattress. It did take time to ease the snoring when I got this, but I've got to say… Laying down on the mattress feels like a dream! After a few weeks, I realized it got rid of the pressure on my back, which kept me comfortable as a back sleeper.

Once I got used to its firmness and support, the mattress has truly helped keep my snoring in check. My partner now chooses to sleep beside me not only because I stopped snoring, but because he loves the firmness scales as well! Definitely worth the investment.

Hopefully, this purchasing guide to the mattress reviews gave you an idea of what you should be getting to ease the snore and discomfort. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these brands today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on selecting the anti snoring mattress, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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