Best Murphy Bed Mattresses

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Back when I first started living in my studio apartment, I was trying to figure out how to utilize the small space I had. That's why I began searching on space-saving tips and came across the wall bed. However, not only did I have to look into getting this, but also the best mattress for Murphy bed!

Whether you want to learn more about this space-saving bed or want to check out which mattresses are best for it, then read on for the ultimate purchasing guide!

Mattresses Comparison Table

Runner Up
Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress | CertiPUR-US Certified |...*
Gel Memory Foam
Our Rating
Prime Benefits
Budget Pick
Modway Aveline Memory Foam Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin,Firm, White*
Gel Memory Foam
Our Rating
Prime Benefits
Optimum Firmness
Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Non-Toxic, Made in California Mattress, Twin XL*
Gel Memory Foam
Our Rating
Prime Benefits

What Is a Murphy Bed?

best mattress for murphy bed

Before we look into the reviews for the best mattress for Murphy bed, what IS a Murphy bed in the first place?

Naturally, the name came from the man who invented it, who is William L. Murphy. It was created to save on space, being a useful invention in the early 1900s. While it has dwindled in popularity in the next few decades, it made its comeback these days to add double-functions to rooms.

A Murphy Bed is also called a pull-down bed, which would fold down from the wall. When it's closed, it will look like a cabinet, bookcase, or a common wall. They are either folded down vertically (standard) or horizontally. More comfortable than your fold-out sofa beds, these beds won't misalign your spine and have you sleep soundly!

Today, you can find many companies selling these wall beds, either with the company constructing it or as a DIY project for you to install it yourself.

Why Are Wall Beds (And a Good Mattress) So Beneficial?

murphy bed mattress

A Murphy bed is known to save space, but what else is it good for? I know that there are a ton of other different kinds of bed platforms that were adequate for my small studio. So what makes wall beds stand out?

I did the research and realized how beneficial it was not only in saving space but in functionality and sleep quality as well! However, this only worked if you had the quality mattress to pair it with. Here are just some of the benefits a good wall bed and mattress gave me:


Saves on Space and Money

The main reason why wall beds are a great option is that of how much space it saves. You have to pull it up if you won't be using the bed, creating a much more open area to enjoy and use for parties or to lessen the "clutter" feeling. It would also save you money in the long run, as a Murphy bed is considerably cheaper compared to other regular beds. And when you have a quality mattress made with durable, premium materials, it offers quality sleep for years!


Turn Your Rooms To An Instant Bedroom!

The wall bed doesn't need to be for your bedroom. You can also install a wall bed in your home office or extra room. That way, you have dual functions for your rooms in case you have a guest coming over. Your office can be converted into a bedroom!


Dual Purpose

When you pull the Murphy bed up, it doesn't need to be a blank space or wall decoration hanging. You can also convert the wall bed cover to a desk or bookshelf, which makes it multifunctional and offer more storage space for the room.


More Comfortable Compared To Other Platforms

Compared to other space-saving platforms and mattresses, using the wall beds are more comfortable and offer better support. Match this with a quality mattress, and you'll be able to sleep straight and soundly, waking up with less body pain. That's because you have a sturdy frame supporting the mattress, which will also help your body.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best mattress for wall beds you can get today:

Linenspa Mattress - The Affordable and Comfortable

What I love about the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is that it comes at an affordable price but with useful features. It makes me feel like I got something worth more than what I paid for!

Upon receiving the mattress, everything went smoothly. It came in great packaging, was easy to open, and expanded almost immediately. It took a day or two to expand and use, which was fine with me entirely. Also, it was an easy setup, as it was lightweight so I was able to place it on the wall bed without needing help.

Lying down felt nice. It had enough firmness to support my body while the memory foam layer had the ideal softness, which kept me comfortable. It conforms to my body well and removes the pressure off my neck and back.

All in all, I would definitely recommend it for those on a budget!

  • Affordable with great value
  • Has enough support and conforms well to body
  • Relieves pressure for back and side sleepers
  • Not much cooling features for hot sleepers
  • Might lose its support over a year or so

Classic Brands Mattress - The Cooling and Breathable

For those who need something hypoallergenic (if you're sleeping with kids, this is a good idea!), then I recommend that you invest in the Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress.

It seems thick for starters (12-inches). But don't worry, it isn't thick enough to overfill the Murphy bed, though I suggest you use a thinner quilt or cover for it to avoid the bed from overloading. But besides that, I have no major problem with it.

I appreciate that it's made of the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic materials. I haven't experienced any significant allergies or colds, and neither has anyone who slept on this mattress as well! It certainly does the job in keeping me comfortable as well, which is a huge plus (and must).

Even after a few years, it still retains its shape without sagging, making it well worth the investment.

  • The mattress is durable and can last for years
  • Made of hypoallergenic and microbial materials
  • Soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep
  • It might feel too firm for lighter people
  • The mattress would require a thinner cover for a Murphy bed

Modway Memory Foam - Pressure-Relieving and Supportive

If you want a twin mattress for the single sleeper (though this can fit one adult and a child (depending on how both of you sleep), then the Modway Aveline Mattress is for you! This is a memory foam mattress that does a fantastic job in supporting your body without it sagging.

The twin mattress expanded considerably quickly, taking only a day to develop fully. There was no funky smell and if there was, it most likely dissipated adoring expansion. When you lie down on it, it's pretty firm. For me, I like this feeling because it has the soft top that conforms well to my body. So even if it's firm (which is great for the Murphy bed because it doesn't have much support alone), it still provides comfort to have me sleep well!

I have no complaints and praise it for the balance of its firmness and comfort.

  • Has the right level of firmness
  • Eased my back and neck pain after a few days
  • Very quick setup and expansion
  • Packaging covering had no handles, difficult to move in
  • Conforms to your body too much if you’re a heavy person

Tuft & Needle Mattress - The Luxurious Feel and Versatile

If you want luxury at an affordable price (at least, cheaper affordable compared to the actual luxury mattresses), then the Tuft and Needle Queen Mattress is your best bet.

It feels just like I sunk into a hotel bed, as it conformed to my body perfectly and with the firmness, I needed to relieve any pressure from my neck and back. However, it may not be the best for side sleepers, as it can be a pain in the shoulders.

While it will take time getting used to its firmness, it does soften up over a few months while retaining its body conforming features. And since it has a cooling gel foam, I love that it keeps me fresh all night!

  • Relieves body pain very well
  • It feels like a hotel bed
  • Offers cool sleep all night
  • Optimum firmness for better pressure relief
  • Not good for heavy or side sleepers
  • It comes at a higher price

Brentwood Memory Foam - The Optimum Firmness Level

For those who want something odorless and temperature-regulating, then the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is your best bet.

The reason why it helps keep odor away is that of its zipper cover. It looks and feels great, wicking off moisture, and preventing odor from coming into the mattress. I love it and it's thin enough to fit the Murphy bed!

As for the mattress itself, it feels and sleeps great. I feel no heat whatsoever, and it keeps me cool the entire night. It has the optimum firmness to keep my body free from aches and pains, as well as the motion isolation feature, so I don't feel my child moving around with me as I sleep.

  • Comes with a quality bamboo cover that wicks moisture and odor
  • The right amount of firmness to prevent body pain
  • Cooling and extremely comfortable, has me sleep straight
  • It loses firmness quickly (usually after two years)
  • There are some complaints of delivery issues

How to Choose the Best Mattress For Murphy Bed?

best mattress for murphy bed

A Murphy bed and mattress offers a ton of advantages as long as you choose the quality one suitable for your home! I won't delve into selecting a wall bed, but more so on the mattress (as this is what can make or break your sleep quality!).

To give you an idea on how to select the best wall bed mattress, here are the critical factors to consider:


Size and Weight

Get the measurements of the bed and look into the measurements of your chosen mattress. It would usually depend on what you want, though Murphy beds can take twin, full, or queen-sized mattresses usually. Consider it's weight as well since you'll want a mattress that can be carried by the bed (which would support the mattress with mesh wirings rather than the typical box springs).


Firmness Level and Plushness

There are different kinds of mattresses you can choose from, with each having a different support level. Because a Murphy bed won't have a box spring, most (if not all) of the support comes from the mattress' top.

I would recommend that you get a mattress with universal comfort to start off with, though you may also want to consider something firmer if you need pressure relief, or plusher if you prioritize comfort.

Also, you should choose innerspring, hybrid, or memory foam mattresses, which have optimum support and a balance of softness, too.


How Often Will You Use It For?

This is another important thing to take note of. If you are using it for guest room purposes and won't use it every day, then you'll want to have an innerspring mattress. If you plan on using it every night for yourself, then a memory foam or hybrid mattress are great options. This is because a memory foam or gel mattress would squish and lose its support if not used enough.


Brand and Price

If you want to make sure that you have a durable and robust mattress to last, then you should also consider both brand and price. I recommend that you search for reputable brands to ensure a good warranty and the premium make.

Also, take note that you do pay more for quality when it comes to mattresses. While you don't need to overspend for a luxurious one, avoid scrimping on an option that will end up being easily worn out. Set aside a budget of at least $200 to $1,000!

Advice for Murphy Bed Owners

Now that you're familiar with how a Murphy bed works and in selecting the best mattress for wall beds, what are other things you should know about this bed? Based on my research and experience, here are some essential pieces of advice to ensure that you sleep soundly and keep the Murphy bed lasting for a long time:

  • If you live in a studio apartment, you don't need to always pull up the bed. However, I recommend that you do so if you will be cooking something, such as bacon or meats. This will prevent the smell from seeping into the mattress, having it smell off.
  • A bulky cover might make it difficult for you to fit the mattress into the frame. Instead of using a thick comforter, opt for a quilt. Other pillows and blankets should be placed in a cool, dry area (like inside drawers or chests). Avoid overstuffing it to prevent it from folding down.
  • Just like locking your door, make sure that you close the wall beds into place whether you're lying down on it or about to pull it back up. This prevents any accidents, especially if you have children or pets around!
  • If you have a new Murphy bed to install, I recommend that if you have no prior experience in setting it up, you let the professionals do it for you.

Are you planning on making your own DIY Murphy bed? Then check this helpful video out on how to do so:

BONUS: Types of Mattresses For Different Bed Platforms

But what if you're planning on getting another kind of bed platform? Many other types of platforms and frames still save on space. But what are they?

I list down the different kinds of space-saving bed platforms and the recommended mattress for it:


Platform Beds Mattress

Platform beds look amazing and give off a modern, contemporary vibe at an affordable price. They are also great space savers as you can store additional items underneath the frame. However, it's a bit difficult to move around and has a low height, which may be hard for those with knee problems.

If you're looking for the best mattress for a platform bed, then I suggest investing in the Signature Sleep Mattress, which is a full-sized hybrid mattress offering a host of features that make it comfy and supportive.

Want to learn more about getting the best mattress for platform beds? This article can help you out >>>


Mattress For Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are best for roommates or children who sleep together in one room. It saves a lot of space in the bedroom and gives them the privacy compared to sleeping together. Plus, solo sleepers can design the bunk to be a desk or storage space!

Of all mattresses for bunk beds tested, I would best recommend the Signature Sleep Mattress, with twin-sized, because of its excellent foam quality which makes it feel like I'm being cradled. It's also cooling and breathable, which I appreciate.

Want to know more about the best mattress for bunk beds? Click here >>>


Sofa Bed

Another space saver got to the sofa bed mattress, which is easy to set up and can turn your typical sofa into a whole bed for you or your guest! the downside to this is that it doesn't offer as much support compared to a platform or Murphy bed.

Of all mattresses for sofa beds, the Zinus Memory Foam Sleeper Sofa Mattress takes the cake. It's not only affordable, but it also provides the conforming features that can relieve pressure from your body adequately. It's no miracle worker, but it's more comfortable compared to sleeping squished on a sofa.

Check out this article for more information on sofa bed mattresses! >>>


Futon Mattress

A futon mattress is similar to a sofa bed mattress. However, a futon sofa sleeper would convert from a bed to couch and vice versa. What's great about a futon mattress is that it saves on space, is affordable, and very easy to move. However, the cushions are thin, and it isn't as durable compared to the sofa bed mattress!

If you plan on investing in a futon mattress though, I would recommend the DHP Independently-Encased Premium Futon Mattress, which offers to good support compared to other futon mattresses tried and tested.

Wrapping It Up

You don't need to sacrifice your favorite furniture just to save on space. Whether you want to turn an office space to a guest bedroom in minutes or need a space-saver for a small apartment, then a Muphy bed can do just that! With its impressive features, this space-saving pull-down bed can keep the room looking open while you stay comfortable (that is, if you have the best mattress for Murphy bed to match it with!).

buying mattresses

Of all the mattresses for Murphy beds tried and tested, I believe that the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress takes the cake. Not only did it have the optimum thickness and size for my sleeping positions, but it also came with the comfort I needed for better sleep. Sure, it doesn't feel as luxurious as more expensive mattresses, but it did the job and helped minimize pressure points, lessening my back pain.

At an affordable price and adequate setup, I believe that this mattress is a sound investment. I recommend it to anyone on a budget or for a guest bedroom.

LINENSPA 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Queen Mattress – Bed in a Box –...*
  • General Note: Please allow 24 - 72 hours for your mattress to regain its full shape; memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the...
  • RESPONSIVE HYBRID DESIGN: The contouring comfort of memory foam and the durable, bouncy feel of steel springs come together in one hybrid mattress to create our most popular mattress ever
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE: Comfort meets value when it comes to this affordable Queen size mattress, it’s made with durable materials to give you and your family good sleep for many years to come
  • MEDIUM-FIRM FEEL: With multiple supportive layers, this 8 inch medium-firm feel Queen mattress provides just the right amount of support, not too soft and not too firm for universal comfort
  • SHIPS TO YOU: With direct shipping to your door, this innerspring and memory foam mattress is so much more than just a bed in box—it’s the complete package

Hopefully, this article on the best Murphy bed mattress reviews gave you an idea of what to invest in. So don't wait any longer and look into getting any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on these mattresses, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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