Top 5 Best Bed for Sleep Apnea Reviews

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If you have sleep apnea or have an older relative who does, then you should know that one of the ways to treat it is through proper sleep support. That's why you need to invest in the best mattress for sleep apnea, which lessens the symptoms (particularly snoring!).

Don't know where to start searching? Read on as I show you the five top mattresses for you!

Product Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Rated Mattress for Sleep Apnea

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best mattress for sleep apnea reviews:

Live & Sleep Ultra Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Supportive and Great Contour

What makes the Live and Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress the top of my list is the ultimate support it provides! When I first received it, I decided to test it out myself before having my parents use it.

It was the perfect balance of firmness and softness, giving the support one needs not just in breathing well, but in pressure relaxation, too! My father, the one with sleep apnea, reported that he sleeps even better now, and my mother says that he stopped snoring as much, so SHE sleeps soundly, too!

Another thing I appreciate is that it's made of durable materials, so I'm assured that this is made to last. It comes at a moderate price range but with the excellent features, making it worth more than what you invested in. A must-buy, if you're focused on a memory foam mattress, that contours well and has the medium-firmness to it.

My parents commend it, and so do I. And with its bonus pillow and soft flex cover, you do get a complete package!

  • Made of quality and eco-friendly materials to last long
  • Supports well with right firmness
  • Has a luxurious feel to it for better comfort
  • Makes no noise when moving
  • Some complaints about receiving split seams
  • It may take a few days to adjust for some sleepers

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress - The Soft and Comfortable

If you're looking for something more affordable but almost just as good as the editor's choice, then I recommend the Sleep Innovations.

This is a great option to use once the odor wears out and you break into it. My father hasn't had many complaints about it and says that it does a great job in keeping him asleep.

When I check up on my parents in their rooms, they seem to be sleeping soundly, and I hear only minimal snoring. Plus, they wake up feeling more refreshed and without much neck and back pain, compared to using their previous mattress.

However, it does have its drawbacks. It isn't as durable as other more expensive mattresses (may last for up to two to three years with proper care), though it does the job in providing the much-needed support for sleep apnea.

With its firmness and good conforming, I believe that this is recommended for those who have sleep apnea and can only sleep on their stomachs or backs.

  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Great for stomach sleepers for its firmness level
  • Has reduced snoring and back pain in the long run
  • Conforms to body shape well, great for more prominent body types too
  • Not as durable as other mattresses
  • It has a strong odor when you receive it

Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress - The Cooling and Affordable

For those who are sleeping alone (or for small areas) and need something affordable, then the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is your best bet!

I was surprised when I felt this mattress myself. I expected a product of this price range not to feel as comfortable or supportive, but it did the trick for me!

As someone who has an older partner, I needed a mattress that helped with both snoring and pressure relief. Moreover, because I used to live in a small area, I decided to get a Twin XL, which still fit and supported both of us.

It's not the most luxurious of mattresses, but it does a great job in keeping us supported without the hefty price tag! I don't have night sweats anymore, and my partner doesn't snore as loudly as he did. In fact, it started to die down after a few weeks of using it, which helped me sleep better.

The mattress is not a miracle worker, but it's a great addition while you're treating sleep apnea. 

  • Has a low price but good value
  • Relieves pain and pressure after a few weeks of using
  • Provides good support and breathable features
  • Can’t provide support for those with heavyweight
  • Doesn’t have enough edge support

GhostBed Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress - The Luxurious, Ultimate Upgrade

While the GhostBed Mattress may seem like quite the investment because of its high price, you'll definitely see and feel the quality of it once received.

This was the new mattress my partner, and I upgraded to after we moved to a bigger home with my parents. Because my partner suffers from sleep apnea, I went for a memory foam mattress that provided the ultimate support at medium-firmness.

The plus side for me was that it has cooling gel and motion isolation, so no more waking up from my moving partner or night sweats.

Once we began using it, my partner wasn't waking up erratically, nor did he have morning headaches. As for me, I benefited a ton from this because it was very comfortable and helped lessen my back pain! Both of us are now able to sleep soundly and get more energy without pain or daytime fatigue.

All in all, worth the investment especially if you're looking for something made to last for years.

  • A fantastic support that reduced snoring and pain
  • Leaves you are feeling refreshed and reduced daytime sleepiness
  • Has cooling features to prevent hot flashes
  • High price and misleading warranty
  • You wake up sore the first few days before you get used to the feel

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress - The Universal and Durable

Last but not least, I recommend the Layla Sleep Mattress. While it may come at a slightly high price, it definitely provides everything one needs to help reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea!

It has the soft and plush feel to it, conforming well to my body shape. However, it remains supportive, making it the proper feel for side sleepers which can keep your airways open and breathing well. Both my partner and I have stopped snoring and wake up feeling even better!

Another thing I commend is that it has the flippable mattress, so you get two types of firmness levels, depending on what you need and prefer. It also lengthens its lifespan that way, so you have a mattress that can last for years before replacement.

Made for any foundation and the comfortable memory foam, I believe it's worth the long-term investment.

  • The mattress is soft but doesn’t sink in too much
  • Very comfortable and still supportive
  • Flippable with two types of firmness levels
  • Great for any sleeping position
  • Not as cooling as advertised
  • Returns and exchanges may be a bit tedious to work with

Does Sleep Apnea Affect How You Sleep?

sleep apnea beds

Before we look into the products, I first want to talk about what sleep apnea is.

This is actually a severe sleep disorder which happens when one's breathing is interrupted while in slumber. Meaning, there are times when one stops breathing during random times while sleeping, which results in the brain not getting enough oxygen it needs.

Sleep apnea is more common in older adults or overweight people, as well as those with a family history of the disorder. (Via: WebMD)

Moreover, it DOES affect your sleep quality in more ways than one! My father suffers from sleep apnea, and I've noticed that while he sleeps, he tends to snore very loudly.

Those with sleep apnea, just like my father, suffer from daytime sleepiness and morning headaches. This is because they don't have the proper amount of deep sleep needed, as sleep apnea often jolts them awake from lack of oxygen while in bed.

That's why it's crucial to treat this sleeping disorder right away to prevent further complications. 

To learn more, please check out this video.

Importance of Getting a Quality Mattress

inclined bed therapy sleep apnea

There are many ways one can reduce the symptoms and risks from sleep apnea. One of them is through investing in the right products, such as a quality mattress.

However, how does this specific product help in treating the disorder? Here are some of the advantages a good mattress can do for those who have sleep apnea:


Great Support For Better Breathing

Those with sleep apnea are often sleeping on a mattress that doesn't provide enough support, which results in your airways being blocked.

With the right mattress with optimum firmness, your body is cradled and stays in the recommended sleep position, which has you breathe regularly.


Plush Comfort to Sleep Straight

The mattress for sleep apnea offers the perfect balance of soft and firmness levels, which make it comfy to sleep in. With proper support AND comfort, it encourages you to stay in a deep sleep without waking you up in the middle of the night.

Moreover, with extra features like cooling systems and hypoallergenic materials, it provides even better and safer comfort, especially if you're sensitive to allergies!


Pressure Relief and Proper Spinal Alignment

If you suffer from headaches, neck strains, or back pain in the morning, then this is an extra advantage. With a quality mattress, it offers the right support you need for breathability AND pressure reduction, lessening the pain while you sleep.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea

A quality mattress is very advantageous, but that's only if you get the right one suitable for YOU. However, there are many brands and models which make it difficult to make a decision quickly, which is why research is crucial.

To make the selection process easier, here are helpful tips and factors to consider:

buying mattresses


Type of Mattress

There are different kinds of options to choose from, and for those with sleep apnea, I recommend memory foam mattresses.

These types of mattresses conform to your body shape and sleeping position, offering the required support and comfort to relieve pain and pressure points.

Other great choices are adjustable beds and latex mattresses, which encourage you to rest in the recommended sleeping posture (which I'll explain in the next section).


Firmness Level and Support

Support is a crucial factor when selecting the best bed for sleep apnea. It's best to go for a product that comes at a medium-firmness to firm level, which is between a level 5 to 8 (with 10 being the highest).

A mattress that is too soft will make it difficult to find the support needed. However, an option that's extra hard can cause back pain, especially for the elderly!


Hypoallergenic and Breathable

One of the reasons why some people are unable to breathe with sleep apnea is because of dirt and allergens around the bed.

So, find a mattress that's made of the hypoallergenic and breathable materials to prevent allergies, especially for those who have sensitive noses or suffer from hot flashes.


Quality of Materials Used

Last but not least, ensure that the mattress you select is made of the strong and durable materials to last. You're looking for long-term investment and not something that would wear off that easily!

Focus on mattresses which are CERTI-PUR certified, so you're assured that the manufacturers only use safe and stable materials for your protection and enjoyment.

Bonus: Select a Mattress Based On Your CPAP Machine

adjustable cpap machine

For those whose sleep apnea has become severe, the chances are that your doctor prescribed a CPAP machine. These are used to provide oxygen while you sleep, helpful during times you stop breathing.

While a CPAP machine is beneficial, it can be a bit difficult getting used to it, especially if you don't have the mattress to complement the equipment.

Here are a couple of extra tips to help with your mattress selection process, based on your CPAP machine:

  • It's best to get a foam mattress, which adjusts to the shape of your body. This is also a recommended option for elderly or when sleeping on your side, which is a must for those with sleep apnea. Plus, these mattresses are also compatible with adjustable bed bases.
  • I mentioned adjustable bed bases before, which complement the CPAP machine in treating the disorder. This type of bed base keeps your upper body slightly elevated, so the air from your machine can easily pass through your airways. I suggest that you get a mattress that can be used with this specific bed base to have you breathe well.
  • Select the quality mattress based on your sleep posture as well, which should be soft enough to cradle you but firm enough to provide the support needed for your airways to accept the oxygen from the machine.

Wrapping It Up

Sleep apnea is not something to be taken lightly. With proper treatment and a quality mattress, it can lessen the severity of the symptoms, ensuring a decent night's sleep. The right support from a mattress won't only keep you from snoring, but it also helps lessen the pain and discomfort for a great night's sleep!

Of all the different reviews, I believe that the Live and Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress is most recommended. It offers the perfect contour that makes it feel as if you were in a hotel! But not only that, it provides both amazing support and breathability at a moderate price, which is what makes it worth the investment.

It's one of the top options suitable for snoring as well, because the product had my father snore even less, to the relief of his partner! For its price and durability, this is a long-term investment whether you have sleep apnea or want a new mattress to reduce snores.

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Mattress, 12-Inch, Cool Bed in a Box, Medium-Firm...*
  • PERFECT CONTOUR. Queen size mattress cradles you in a deluxe cushion of 2.5” Premium Air-Flow MF over 1” of Gel-Infused Memory Foam plus 8.5” of High Density Polyurethane Base. Extra-thick...
  • COOLING INNOVATION. Breathable, plush & better quality materials, not cheap inexpensive foam. Optimum comfort that relaxes & cools your body. Deep rest for a long day ahead. No coils or latex used
  • BEST SOLUTION. Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress. Classic medium-firm HD core relieves pressure points + less tossing & turning. Good for side, back and stomach sleepers. Signature feel recharges you...
  • SOFT FLEX COVER. World class linen is easy green care & works on any home bedroom furniture frame set, box spring or futon. Comfortable and has a cloud like sensation. Use a bedding pad / protector on...
  • HIGH QUALITY - Great on a boxspring, platform, adjustable or hard floor only. New purchase includes 20-year warranty

Hopefully, you found the mattress for sleep apnea made for you or your older relative today! If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on any of these products, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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