Top 5 Best Warm Blankets for Winter 2019

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Are you currently experiencing the cold season and need something cozy to sleep or lounge with? Then it's time to start looking for the best blanket for winter to warm yourselves up for better rest!

If you're wondering where to get a warm and plush blanket, their read on as I show you my top five choices.

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Top 5 Best Winter Blankets

After doing my research, tests, and checking customer reviews on best type of blanket for winter, these are my top five choices:

BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket - Plush and Ultra-Warm

What makes the Bedsure Blanket the top of my list is because it's both affordable AND cozy. It's made of the quality polyester fabric and fleece, offering the soft and plush that has me sleep well. But what makes it best is also the flexibility it has to offer.

When I use it for sleeping, I felt so toasty and warm, with the blanket not letting any heat in. Besides that, it was also very soft and lightweight. I was able to not only using it for sleep but for outside the bed as well, may it be watching television or lounging by the couch.

This is a big throw blanket that doesn't only look and good use but is good for the wallet. With all these features combined, you get more than what you pay for and enjoy for years to come.

  • It’s extremely soft and keeps you warm the entire night
  • Made of quality polyester and fleece, easy to clean
  • Has many beautiful and attractive colors to pick from
  • The blanket sometimes the knitted side snags and strings pull loose
  • A few complaints of receiving blankets with pulled threads

Home Fashion Designs Warm Berber Fleece Blanket - Luxurious and Attractive Design

I am in love with the Home Fashions Designs Blanket for its fancy and good-looking motifs.

When you first receive it, you'll most likely be as wowed as I was because of how it soft. To be honest, it feels even better than hotel blankets because it has that homey and warm vibe to it!

As for its insulation, I see it can do better, though it does keep me warm at night. I sleep well during the wintertime with it, though sometimes need an extra thin layer when it gets freezing.

I recommend it for those who focus on something plush and with the many attractive patterns to pick from.

  • It keeps you warm during typical winter night with the luxury feeling
  • A reversible blanket with the buttery feel for comfort from any side
  • It has rich and vibrant patterns to select from
  • It’s not as well-insulating compared to the editor’s choice
  • There are some complaints of the queen being a bit too small for some

Utopia Bedding Polar-Fleece Thermal Blanket - Affordable and Practical

If you're on-budget but still need that extra warm blanket, then the Utopia Bedding Blanket is best. While it isn't the most luxurious out there, you definitely get what you paid for (and way more!). This is because it warms you up well AND has the excellent durability to last you for years.

This is a fleece blanket with the double needle stitching and a two-sided brushed feature that makes it last. Besides this, it's also very warm when using it, keeping me snug all night long.

The blanket is also as lightweight and versatile as it is strong, as I can bring it around when traveling.

All in all, this is an excellent blanket to invest in if you want to save money. It isn't the softest, but it does the job well.

  • Good insulator and keeps you warm at home or when traveling
  • Made of quality polyester and processing to last for long
  • Inexpensive
  • It doesn’t so soft and might feel rough on sensitive skin
  • Not the most attractive design, the blanket looks its cost

Cable Knit Sherpa Throw Reversible Blanket Premium and Heavenly

While the Eikei Cable Knit Blanket comes at a higher price compared to others, they really go all out!

When you receive the blanket, it's beautifully wrapped and feels so soft, you'll want to wrap it around you immediately. The blanket itself is thick but not as heavy as you'd expect, coming in vibrant colors and a charming pattern.

It's made of a cotton and acrylic blend, which is hypoallergenic and has the fluffy feeling. I'm in love with how snuggly it is, and I use this as a throw and blanket when bedding down. The blanket has the butter feeling and the luxury touch that's more than enough to keep you warm all night.

  • Amazingly soft with the buttery and snug touch
  • Keeps you warm regardless of how cold it gets
  • Knitted and made of quality cotton and acrylic, easy to wash
  • The blanket size might be too small for taller people
  • More expensive than other blankets

Sonoro Kate Fleece Blanket Soft Warm Fuzzy Plush - Versatile and Lightweight

Lastly, we have the Sonoro Kate Blanket, the premium without highly-cost. It isn't the softest and most durable, but it warms me well, deserving of being the fifth on my list.

This fleece blanket has the velvety to it, being both soft and vibrant. It's a beautiful accent piece to the bedroom or living area, with the homey design and colors. As using it, I like that it keeps me warm, though not as insulating during extremely cold temperatures.

For its combination of adequate-feel and looks at an low-cost? It's best for those on a budget and wants something that looks deluxe!

  • Has the economical fee for a fleece blanket with a velvety
  • Vibrant colors that can accent any room
  • Provides constant warmth during the cold weather
  • It’s not the most durable and a bit difficult to remove stains
  • Lots of folds and wrinkles upon receiving the mattress

What Is a Best Blanket For Winter?

Best Blanket For Winter

Before anything else, what are the warm winter blankets anyway? As the name suggests, blankets are for the low temperatures. They are very beneficial for you in the harsh weather.

There is warmest blanket made of various fabrics, having similar characteristics such as:


Better Insulation and Warmth

The main reason why people choosing to buy best blankets for winter is for extra warmth during the cold temperatures.

These blankets do that by providing better insulation from the materials it's made of, preventing cold air from coming in. They are still breathable for comfort, though the added insulation keeps your body heat without it escaping.


Soft and Plush For Better Comfort

Best Type of Blanket For Winter

A winter blanket is usually made of soft and thick materials like wool or cotton. Because of that, it provides the plush and cozy sense perfect for those coldest-season-of-the-year nights. Not only does this raise your comfort level, but it can also improve the way you sleep!


Thicker and Heavier Dimensions

These blankets need to be thicker to warm your body and keep it warm with its thickness and material. But, there are warmest blanket for winter that are firm but still lightweight, suitable for traveling or moving around with. So expect these blankets to be heavier than the usual ones you own!

What Fabrics Should You Get?

softest blanket in the world

Like mentioned, cold weather blanket has different kinds of fabrics, having unique characteristics. Besides the electric blanket, here are the common materials used on heavy winter blankets:

Wool and Cashmere

Wool and cashmere are the two most popular blankets to use during very cold climate. These stuffs supply amazing insulation, holding you on warm but breathable for any conditions.

Besides that, they're both luxurious with the softy that keeping you comfortable all night.


cotton throw blankets

Cotton blankets are both soft and hypoallergenic, best for those who have allergies. While they're best known for its breathability and coolness, firmer and heavier ones help you stay warm efficiently. Furthermore, they are some of the cheaper options as very soft.

Synthetic Materials

For those who want the same experience to wool and cashmere but are allergic, then synthetic materials work.

The two popular types of these stuffs are fleece and acrylic, providing insulation. These two are not only hypoallergenic but are more lightweight compared to wool.

How to Choose The Best Type of Blanket For Winter?

super warm blankets

Blankets suitable for the low temperature are beneficial, for sure! But, you can only reap its advantages if you select the right one for you and the house. To help you know what's best for you, here are some informative tips and factors to consider:


The size of your blanket can depend on two things: Your bed size and/or the sleeper's size.

I recommend that you get a best winter blanket that fits your bed and is big enough to cover you. Consider getting a bigger size (like oversized throw blankets) to accommodate all sleepers without it being too heavy.

Style and Pattern

winter throw blankets

The style and pattern of your blanket don't affect the way it warms you up at night. BUT, you'll want the thick winter blankets that looks attractive and beautiful in your bedroom!

Look into patterns and colors which match your bedroom's design and theme, as your bed is the focal point.

Should Be Durable and Easy to Maintain

To get your money's worth, you need a blanket that isn't only usable but made to last long. It's the reason why you need to focus on blankets made of strong, quality materials. That way, you're able to enjoy the way the best type of blanket for winter feels and sleep well with it for years to come.

Its Utility and Versatility

This is actually the main focus on selecting a blanket, as you need it to be effective in its use! Get blankets made of the quality stitching and materials to warm you up and without issues.

I also recommend you get a lightweight fleece, which adds flexibility and use to it (like for traveling or lounging).

We have a cold weather blanket, so what about the summer? Checking out the TOP 5 rated summer blanket:

Editor's Note

Tips On How to Care For Your Blanket

heavy blankets for sale

Now that you're familiar with choosing the thick warm blankets for winter yourself, how about caring for it well? Here are some helpful tips to follow when cleaning and caring for your blanket:

  • You can launder most wool and cashmere blankets can (but make sure to check the instructions). Apply a stain remover before cleaning it, using a soft-bristled brush.
  • After that, have it washed using either warm or cold water and on the low heat cycle with mild detergent.
  • If it's dryer-friendly, tumble it on low heat until completely dry. You can also choose to air dry it at home under the sun, though it will take longer.

Besides caring for your blanket during the wintertime, here are tips on how to keep warm while sleeping:

Wrapping it Up

Sometimes, the usual blankets just don't cut it when trying to keep your body warm during cold nights. That's why owning in a blanket that keeps you warm and insulated throughout the night helps your comfort AND sleep. Not only will these be amazing for bedrooms during winter, but when keeping it cozy in other areas at home.

Of all the different types of blankets available, the best has to go to the Bedsure Blanket. It comes with a sophisticated and attractive design, made of the quality and durable fleece to keep you warm. Furthermore, it has the awesome softy and plush, which saves you warm without you feeling stuffy.

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Queen Size Blankets for Bed - Thick and Warm Blankets for All Seasons, Soft...*
  • Reversible Softness: Titled the Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Awards Winner as a Fuzzy Fleece Throw, this blanket is designed with 220 GSM velvety flannel on the top and 260 GSM extremely soft Sherpa...
  • Thick & Warm: The Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket maintains the ideal balance between weight and warmth. Enjoy being cuddled up by this soft and calming blanket whenever you're ready to snuggle up.
  • Versatile: This queen/king size blanket (90" x 90"/108" x 90") is big enough for your whole family and pets to get cozy, wherever you are—snuggling up in bed, binge watching on the couch, or...
  • Giftable: Available in multiple sizes and colors, this Sherpa blanket also comes in a festive gift-ready package, making this ultra-soft blanket perfect for your loved ones or as a surgery recovery...
  • Enhanced Durability: Made with unmatched quality, this soft blanket features neat stitching that ensures a more robust connection at the seams for improved durability. Guaranteed to resist fading and...

Hopefully, this article on the best blanket for winter helped you out! So don't wait any longer and look into any of these blankets to get now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with any of these winter blankets, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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