Top 5 Best Soft Mattress on the Market Today

We always seek mattresses that are comfortable to us--or at least something that can gratify the aching needs of our bodies. For instance, I still have a specific inclination towards the best soft mattress. I just have this nuance to have "comfort" and "soft" lodged to one another.

Heck, I am always on the hunt for mattresses that can induce such experience to me. So, if you are hunting a soft and sleep-friendly mattress, this guide is for you. 

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Is a Soft Mattress Good for You?

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Just because it is a soft mattress doesn't mean that is always the best choice. It is not a perfect mattress for those who have conditions in the spine and back pain. If you have injuries in your back, I do not recommend that you use a mushy plush mattress. They don't offer too much support and will tend to sink you more.

Stomach sleepers are also not suitable for this mattress. When people sleep to their stomachs, they are immediately absorbed by the softness of the mattress. It would cause them to sink and feel discomforts.

Quick summary: Soft mattresses is not a good choice if you are

  • A stomach sleeper
  • A heavyweight (220 pounds or more)
  • A constant recipient of back pains
  • An arthritis patient
  • A​ hot sleeper

Who Should Sleep on a Soft Mattress?

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Generally, a soft mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers. After all, the soft construction of these mattresses enables them to provide sufficient cushion to the hip region. 

If you deem that a firm mattress is too uncomfortable for your back, you might want to opt for a soft mattress instead. However, take note that the mattress should not be too soft. Otherwise, you will still not find the convenience that you need.

I am not discriminating anyone here. However, heavy and bulky individuals will get "sucked" in a mattress that doesn't have enough firmness. A soft mattress won't be useful if you can't float and bounce a little to it.

Take into account that to prevent chilly nights from happening, extreme contouring effects of a soft mattress can cradle your body. It can provide an efficient means of insulation to ensure that you cozy and warm for the entire night.

In short, a soft mattress is the best option for people who are:

  • Lightweight (weighs less than 150 pounds)
  • Side sleepers
  • Advanced in age
  • Victims of sleep apnea
  • Cold sleepers

Firm vs Soft? How to Know It?

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Most of the time, people define the firmness based on the sensation they feel when they press it. If the mattress is somehow rigid and not responsive to pressure, it is firm. On the other hand, a soft mattress can sink by just a little pressure and force applied. 

This kind of gauging is not wrong. However, for proper classification, you should use the "1-to-10 firmness" scale. The "1" rating is extremely soft, and by all means, I don't suggest that you use such a mattress. Similarly speaking, the "10" on the scale is extremely hard. That's not a good choice either.

Some would say that the "5-to-6" range is already decent and comfortable. Ideally, a soft mattress falls within the "3-to-4" range. They are the ones where you can feel the cushion and bounciness flowing over. The "5-to-6" can still be labeled as soft. However, some might not agree on it based on their perception.

Here is the scale that decides over the firmness of the mattress:

  • 1 - 2: Extremely soft (not suitable for any types of sleepers)
  • 3 - 4: Soft (plush mattresses; recommended scale)
  • 5 - 6: Medium (less plush, but better support and contour; ideal for back sleepers)
  • 7 - 8: Hard (a firm mattress; less sinking experience)
  • 9 - 10: Extremely hard (not suitable for any types of sleepers)

I am pretty sure that by now, you are already decided if a soft mattress is right for you or not. If your answer is a resounding yes, you can freely proceed to the next section. If unfortunate, softer option are not suitable for your condition, please consider our  top 15 best quality products with optimum firmness (5-6) >>>

Editor's Note

Different Mattress Types of The Best Soft Mattress

There are many ways a soft mattress can be created. You should get the idea that manufacturers can make their mattresses soft or firm, depending on the demands of their clients. They can make a soft mattress out of a latex or a memory foam. There's nothing impossible to them.

However, it is quite invariable that there are individual differences when it comes to the firmness of these mattress types. According to a retailer (that I would not name anymore), certain mattresses exhibit extreme softness over the other.

buying mattresses

Curious? Let me highlight them to you one by one:



It is the most traditional mattress that we have now. Innersprings have a varied level of firmness, which typically depends on the number of coils and shape. However, let me tell you that a multitude of coils will make an innerspring mattress thick. If the coil is not thick, then it will be soft.

A pillow top mattress is one of the newest versions of innerspring. This said innerspring features a separate layer of comfortable fabric or upholstery that sewn on the top of the mattress. The end product is a mattress that is incredibly soft on the top but firm on the core



Always remember that the bounciness of a latex foam doesn't suggest that it is soft. In fact, mattress experts indicated that they are on the firmer side of things. If a latex foam addresses that it is soft, there's a high chance that it is not true.


Memory Foam

I am not surprised anymore if many people suggest that memory foams would claim that they are the softest. They are made from polyurethane, which has elastic properties. When you lie down on memory foam, the material will soften accordingly to your shape and weight, allowing it to conform to the profile of your body perfectly.

Some manufacturers make their memory foams firm while others, soft. Most of the time, their firmness has a lot to do with their Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating and the additional layers being placed on them. Appropriately soft memory foam is great for lightweights and side sleepers. 

Other considerations when choosing the Best Soft Mattress

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In here, you'll get a good idea what's the appropriate build of a mattress.


Provision of Support

I always tell my readers that the supportive capability of a mattress is significant. Nothing can supersede the importance of this factor, as it alone can gravitate to the quality of the product.

Technically, the support that a mattress can give directly relates to how it can align your spine and make sure that body pain won't take place. A supportive mattress is capable of diminishing pressure points. If you have problematic hips, shoulders, and back, such a feature is necessary.


Edge Support

Aside from the overall support that a mattress can give, it is also necessary that you mind the edge support as well. Sadly, consumers nowadays don't bother to inspect the edge support of their mattresses. Later, you will see these people complain that their mattresses sag on a particular side.

Without edge support, the extremities of your mattress tend to sag over time. If you like sleeping on the corner-most part of your bed, such a feature is essential!


Temperature Regulation

I mentioned earlier that soft mattresses are great for cold sleepers, as it can provide excellent insulation. However, too much heat is not good, right?

Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of their sleep sweating or feeling parched. Fortunately, some models of soft mattresses have effective cooling systems to ensure that heat won't disturb your sleep.

It is not difficult for manufacturers to make their mattresses breathable. Materials, fabrics, and innovative interventions to improve the airflow of plush mattresses are readily available. Therefore, there should be no excuse for mattresses that can keep their sleepers hot. That's not good at all!

  • I already detailed out the perks of having a soft sleeping mattress, including all the considerations and fundamentals behind it. I guess you are capable enough to choose one for yourself. However, if you are still not confident in picking the best soft mattress, read further. In the next section, I have lighted all the top-rated soft options nowadays.

Top 5 Best Soft Mattress Reviews

  • Offers proper body support
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Adjustable firmness (just flip the outer layer)
  • Features excellent edge support
  • check
    Comfort level is top-tier
  • Tends to smell on its first weeks after unboxing

It is not my first time to review the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress. I had many encounters with it in the past. Moreover, each time I recommend it to my friends, colleagues, and even readers, I always feel amazed. Honestly, this mattress has no flashy features. However, when it comes to its firmness, support, and quality, it is merely above the cut.

Most of the mattresses produced by Layla Sleep falls under the 3-4 rating of the firmness scale. This mattress is not excluded. As a soft mattress, the Layla Sleep has optimized the coolness that you feel while you are sleeping. The internal layers have copper infusion to ensure proper airflow.

The comfort level of this memory foam mattress is already unquestionable. Once you lie here, you can't feel any discomforts. The foam is also supportive and guarantees relief to pressure points. Sleeping in Layla Sleep mattresses is a luxurious experience. Trust me on that. 

  • Perfect rendering of support
  • Dense and highly durable mattress
  • Provides a comfortable sleeping experience
  • Cool and doesn't heat up easily
  • check
    Alleviates pressure points
  • It takes days before it can achieve its perfect softness

When it comes to soft mattresses, there's another product that has captivated me--and that is the Perfect Cloud Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress. I first met this mattress on a family gathering at my uncle's house. They have this mattress, as my father's brother are quite a fan of soft and cozy products.

Even though the mattress is soft, this mattress can offer decent body support. After all, it comes with 792 wrapped coils. These coils do not only make the bed a supportive item; it also makes it durable and highly dense. The unique combination of spring and memory foam ensures that this mattress can cradle even slightly heavy people.

It is also notable that this mattress has active cooling feature. The memory foam has been gel-infused to ensure that sleepers can always relish a cool, sound sleep while they are lying in the mattress. It can make perfect sleeping experience every time!

  • Features the impressive balance between support and comfort
  • Effectively reduces pressure points
  • Doesn't have soft edges
  • Offers a guaranteed cool sleeping experience
  • check
    Foam can conform to your body shape
  • Some instances in where it doesn't expand to its full thickness

For a hybrid mattress, the Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress is surprisingly inexpensive. Compared to its counterparts, it is undeniable that this mattress has been dragged down to the entry-level category. However, it is only the price that has been moderated. Regarding its qualities, this mattress is genuinely outstanding.

I haven't exactly owned this particular sleeping mattress. But shortly, I don't really see it as a bad investment. I have just known this mattress from the referrals on my readers. Of course, I did test it to see its capability. Olee Sleep, for starters, is a prime maker of soft mattresses. Most of their units have 3-4 firmness rating, which suits our current preferences.

Since this mattress is a hybrid, you can expect that it can offer a balance of support and comfort. It doesn't have soft edges, which makes it a great option for multiple sleepers. The gel-infused memory foam ensures that you don't wake up sweating in the middle of the night. It can offer proper contouring capability, which reduces the aggravation of pressure points.

  • Features multitudes of air flow channels
  • Provides efficient back and spine support
  • Offers a suitable level of comfort and softness
  • Comes with antimicrobial properties
  • check
    Motion-isolation feature
  • May not support heavy people

Last year, I visited an acquaintance of mine who has severe problems with his spine. The situation was due to an accident, but fortunately, nothing was nothing grave. However, it causes a long-term misalignment to his spine. His attending doctor told that extensive treatments are necessary, and that should include the use of a proper supportive mattress

According to him, he chose the Purple Queen Mattress as it has been referred to by many orthopedics. Well, I have shed an iota of doubt to his statement, but I made sure that it was really the case. Much to my surprise, a mattress is indeed an excellent option for physical recovery and relaxation. Aside from being soft and comfortable, it can also offer decent support to prevent back pain and spine misalignment.

Of course, people with severe body conditions are sensitive to movements. Fortunately, this mattress offers an excellent motion-isolation feature that inhibits unnecessary shaking and bouncing. This mattress can keep your sleep still and undisturbed. 

Option for Temperature Regulation

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Comes with Smart Climate System that wicks off moisture
  • Soft but supportive mattress
  • Ergonomic cooling system
  • Efficient weight distribution to prevent the mattress from sagging
  • check
    Doesn't produce too much motion
  • Some find it too soft
  • Heavy and oversized

For a soft mattress, one of my immediate personal qualifications is its coolness. I just don't want to sleep on a mattress that can make me sweat all the fluids of my body. Even if my AC is off, I make sure that my sleep will encounter no disturbances--and that should include heat. Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress is one of those mattresses that impressed me when it comes to this feature.

As a soft mattress, the Tempur-Cloud is hugely refreshing to lie down. It made sure that their sleepers can experience a sweat-free rest. The fabric of this mattress ensures optimal airflow and proper temperature regulation. Of course, you can also guarantee that the entire mattress is comfortable to the "feel."

Wrapping it Up

Desiring for the best soft mattress is not precisely wishing for something luxurious. Ergonomically speaking, softer mattresses are ideal for those who have arthritis, joint pains, and other painful conditions that prevent people from sleeping soundly.

​Editor's Pick

Fortunately, there are a lot of options that you can opt for today. However, if you want the best soft mattress, the Layla Sleep Mattress is an excellent option. This mattress offers the appropriate level of softness and support. It can make your sleep comfortable without causing spine misalignment and pressure points. The greatness of this mattress also lies in its innate density and structural rigidity. It doesn't sag at all!

However, of course, the final choice remains to you. I am just hoping that by this guide, you will be able to find the best soft mattress that can sedate you with its softness and luscious comfort. 

That's it for now. Do you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below! 

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