About Me

Hello, there my dear readers! My name is Layla. I'm 34 years, a loving wife to my ever-supportive husband, and a proud mother of two incredible kids.

I was born and raised in the quiet and sleepy suburb in Massachusetts, and I care a lot about sleep. For me, it is one of the many beautiful things that fuel me to keep going and stay running in top shape.

My Struggles

Let me explain to you shortly why I decided to do this and what led me to you.

During my childhood days, staying up late at night was a significant no to my parent's house rules. My siblings and I had to be ready for bed before the clock hit nine - that meant we had to finish eating dinner, school tasks, performing household errands, taking a shower, etc. Pretty boring, right?

At first, like every kid, I didn't like it as I couldn't stay up late to watch my favorite TV shows or play with my dolls. But in the long run, I found the complete rest and sleep very beneficial. It gave me a sense of energy and power to cope up with school work and other extracurricular activities.

Things went by smoothly, until during my college years, where I had to meet deadlines and review for exams. There were times when I slept for only an hour, had a quick nap, or even worse, had no sleep at all just to finish everything on time.

Slowly my body got used to it, but later in life, I would find out this wasn't the right path.

When I started a corporate job, the glory of sleepless nights became my go-to everyday routine! I can still recall staying up late at night in the office to finish reports and presentations. Not to mention those late nights when I hung out with colleagues until the wee hours of the morning.

Things got even worse when I was pregnant with my firstborn. I knew that I needed to rest well, but I simply couldn't!

Believe me! I was trying to improve my sleeping habits, but my brain just wasn't able to stop. I needed to understand what was causing my sleep problems. Eating chips during the night and watching movies may sound fun, but it really isn't. I envied everyone who could sleep and desperately needed an answer.

Realizations in Life

I just couldn't accept this poor sleep to be a way of life. After some time, I convinced myself to see a doctor. I then discovered that the problem wasn't as innocent as I thought.

I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, which led to insomnia. Before this diagnosis, I thought that was normal, those itchy and crawly feelings in my legs and that I imagined there's something more to it.

Normally, the diagnosis meant I had to change my lifestyle as soon as possible.

I decided to start exercising, established a different diet, and decreased the use of caffeine. I created the routine before going to bed, but I had to change the bed itself as well. So, we are slowly arriving at the present.

And that started it all! Equipped with a pen, paper, and my old-but-ever reliable laptop, I read and researched various sleeping problems and possible remedies. I was surprised by how many people were also suffering from the same situation that I had. Some were even experiencing worse than mine.

I felt for them, and I didn't want them to feel alone in the battle that they were enduring.

I wanted to become a living example of not giving up and instead of moving towards a better person. I wanted to help people get an incredible and good sounding sleep. And I know that a lot of people aren't even aware of the problem, or are scared to seek help.

That's what I wanted to change with my website. I wanted to show them that they weren't alone and that there was a solution and relief.

Desire to Help

With these things in mind, I struggled even harder to do my research across various websites and reading materials to be able to find ways to end this agony!

My ultimate goal was to provide and share useful information with my website, to those who were also suffering from sleep-related problems, may it be severe or not.

Empowered with my heart's desire and the body's power to help, I came up with a website whose purpose was to give people an outlet to overcome their sleeping troubles! And that is when asleepywolf.com is born!

So what is asleepywolf.com all about?

Honestly, it's undoubtedly random but focuses mainly on how to sleep better! My team and I will share the newest trends and research related to sleep. These include therapeutic activities, sleeping methods, and reliable products that directly affect not only your sleeping habits but also your overall wellness.

As a self-help site, our primary mission is to help you find the ideal sleeping techniques and suitable products that fit you best and improve your sleep!

We will also try to give you an overview of the beneficial aspects and possible downfalls that these latest trends offer. It's up to you to decide on which suits you as it varies greatly on the needs and conditions of an individual.

When it comes to different products, we ensure to give you a comprehensive and honest review for better knowledge and appreciation. Also, there will be helpful buying guides included and other relevant information related to better sleeping products.

Moreover, we'll give you the most straightforward and most economical tips to keep and maintain your stuff in good working condition. These are hassle-free ways to lessen your burden towards sleeping problems.

We are dedicated to sharing every sleeping essential from the best mattresses to the most comfortable bedding, and the proper pillows design.

Final Words

I believe that there is a solution to every problem; you just need to find the right ways and tools to deal with it.

Remind yourself that "Tired minds don't plan well, so it is best to sleep first and plan later on."

Thanks for dropping by, and let's continue to learn and uncover the world towards a better and most rewarding sleep!

Lots of Love,