Top 5 Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia – Latest Tutorials for 2019

Have you ever heard of fibromyalgia? Do you know that fibromyalgia has no cure as of the moment. Various physicians have confirmed such fact. Accordingly, the best thing that you can do about it is useful for lifestyle management. This should include mitigating your stress, and finding the best mattress for fibromyalgia.

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How Fibromyalgia Affects Your Sleep?

Just what I like stated earlier, fibromyalgia is a condition that punishes the muscles and bones. Apparently, it is something that is difficult to diagnose. Most of its symptoms are also apparent or similar to the symptoms of other bodily conditions.

It can manifest through the following indicators:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain and twitching
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Chronic nervousness and anxiety
  • Susceptibility to pain

As you can see, all of the indicators can potentially disturb your sleep. Because of this, finding remedies to this condition is as finding a solution for sciatica. One of them that is the selection of therapeutic mattresses.

Why Do You Need the Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia?

best mattress for Fibromyalgia updated for 2018

Since there is no known cure for fibromyalgia, mitigating it symptoms should come as a priority. I do know that having a decent mattress cannot remove all the sickness that you can feel. That's not how things work.

However, what I can guarantee is that well-made mattresses can allow you to sleep soundly even if you are suffering from body pains and unfavourable nuisances.

If you still don't understand the gist of this matter, then allow me to break it down to you. 


Ensures Body Support

Let me start that not all mattresses are suited for people who are suffering from fibromyalgia. A lot of the products that you can see today are run-of-the-mill. They don't provide the essential features that can make you feel comfortable and adequately accommodated.

One of the essential perks of having a good mattress is support. Without proper help, the pain that your body feels will be aggravated. All your sensitive parts will experience incredible sensations because your mattress doesn't hold you correctly.


Alleviates Body Pain

Sleeping on an ergonomic mattress can somehow prevent these things from taking place. What you need to make sure is that the mattress must not be too firm. The latter doesn't have optimal features that can help in aligning your spine. That's not good news for people who suffer from bodily pains. Instead, I do suggest that you get a mattress with medium firmness.

If the aching sensations usually manifest on your hip, it would be best if you get mattresses that are crafted from memory foam. High-quality memory foams are necessarily a balance of support and comfort. The adaptive feature they have is capable of negating pressure points.


Makes Your Sleep Cool

I know several people with fibromyalgia that have difficulties in sleeping due to the unusual rise of their internal temperature. Under normal circumstances, sleeping hot should not cause worry. However, if it is due to conditions and ailments, appropriate interventions are necessary.

The best mattress for fibromyalgia is always breathable. It should offer optimal airflow so that you won't find yourself sweating heavily in the middle of your sleep. Gel memory foams and latex can provide such reward to you. Ordinary polyfoams, on the other hand, are not breathable because of their stiff and closed construction.

Considerations in Choosing The Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia

how to choose best mattress for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia requires careful and extensive treatment. The mattress that you should get for it must possess the following features. Otherwise, you can still never a sweet and sound repose.


Regulated Temperature

As I said earlier, having the best mattress for fibromyalgia can ensure that you won't sweat hot whenever you are sleeping. However, having a cool bed is not always the top choice. Some people have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia that is very sensitive to temperature. What they want is a mattress that is not too cold or too warm.

With this consideration, you should get mattresses with foam and latex base. Gel memory foam is also great because they can regulate your body temperature without getting too chilly.

  • On a personal note, I do not recommend innersprings, unless it has been engineered desirably. Otherwise, each part of the innerspring will feel like a pin pinching your body. I have experienced such misfortune, and I do not wish you'll suffer from that as well.



Support is an essential feature that you need from a mattress. Technically speaking, we refer support as the efficacy of a mattress in holding up your body in a flat surface. Furthermore, support is highly related to firmness. Take into account that products with extreme firmness and softness don't provide enough support.

If I were you, I would never get a mattress that sags your body completely. Some sleeping aficionados have already told me that even an inch of mattress depression can trigger the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The more it sinks you, the more pain you can feel. 



I always talk about firmness whenever it is possible and suited. After all, it is a determinant to how a mattress can perform while you are sleeping.

For people with fibromyalgia, the mattress should have medium firmness (a scale of 5 - 6). It is not too soft. It is not too hard either. Of course, you can still adjust depending on your current weight. On the flipside, I don't recommend you from getting mattresses that are incredibly soft (1 - 2) and extremely hard (9 - 10). They will just escalate the discomforts that you feel.



For the best mattress for fibromyalgia, it is necessary that it has conforming features. When a mattress can conform itself to your body profile, the pressure points won't be triggered at all. Since fibromyalgia can manifest in different parts of your body, such a feature is essential.

  • You might also want to learn how to sleep properly if you have conditions like fibromyalgia. Some practical tips are listed in the next section.

Sleeping Positions for Fibromyalgia

best sleep position for best mattress for Fibromyalgia

Here are sleeping positions that you can try to relieve yourself from fibromyalgia further:

  • Sleeping On Back
  • ​​​​Sleeping On Side
  • Sleeping On Stomach

If you want to prevent the tender areas of your neck and back from being aggravated, sleeping on your stomach is highly recommended. However, I suggest that you insert a pillow beneath your tummy. You don't want your spine to get arched, as it can further worsen the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  • Fibromyalgia is nasty body adversity. It is for that reason alone why I am eager to showcase some of the mattresses that can provide a remedy to this condition. Check out the list below!

Top 5 Best Rated Mattress Reviews

  • Provides whole body support
  • Capable of correcting spine alignment
  • Breathable construction
  • Not susceptible to sagging your body
  • check
    Durability ensures that it can provide therapeutic effects for a long time
  • A little firm for side sleepers

If you know someone who is suffering from fibromyalgia, I do suggest that you consider this particular mattress. The Lull Memory Foam Mattress can provide therapeutic effects for people that suffering from body pains and discomfort. I got the opportunity to sleep on this mattress, and honestly, it works. I didn't feel any pressure points regardless of the sleeping position that I was in.

This mattress features an adequate level of firmness and support. It can ensure that it will never trigger any existing conditions that you have. The therapeutic effects of this mattress are manifested on the optimal spinal alignment that it can provide. Furthermore, this item is exceptionally breathable, thanks to its gel polymer property. The latter wicks off the heat for a sweat-free sleeping experience.

  • Features material for maximum temperature regulation
  • Comes with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial construction
  • Optimises spine alignment
  • check
    A comfortable level of firmness
  • check
    Ensures holistic body support
  • Slightly sags the sleeper, especially if the latter is heavy

For fibromyalgia patients that are temperature sensitive, the Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress is a suitable choice. Sleeping on it is a very pleasurable thing because it is cool and doesn't trap the heat of your body. Of course, the soft fabrics of this mattress further added to the relief that you could feel while lying to it.

The ergonomic combination of gel foam, memory foam, and high-density foam has improved the therapeutic effects of this mattress. The upper layer has the correct level of firmness to prevent pressure points from happening. It is incredibly supportive as well, thanks to its superb conforming ability.

I know that fibromyalgia can easily cause discomforts in your body. However, with its hypoallergenic features, the Classic Brands can help you sleep soundly.

  • Overall durability is reliable
  • Doesn't sag on any parts
  • Provides full body support, regardless of the sleeping position
  • check
    Motion isolation
  • check
    Negates the reeling effects of pressure points
  • Generates noticeable smell on its initial use
  • Firmness is not appropriate for sleepers who weigh more than 225 pounds

It always impresses me every time I see a therapeutic mattress that doesn't come with an unbelievable price. During my search, the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress proves to be most price-friendly and efficient option for people with fibromyalgia. It is inexpensive, but the way it can prevent body aches from happening is genuinely more than its price tag.

This mattress features a 2.5-inch thick of gel memory foam. The latter exhibits great breathability and support, as it capable of conforming to the shape of your body. It can also alleviate pressure points from taking place and ensure that your spine is aligned correctly while you are lying.

I can say that this mattress provides decent breathability. After all, it is using authentic New Zealand wool that can wick off heat and moisture.

  • Ideal for people that suffering body pains
  • Optimises muscle relaxation and performance
  • Provides appropriate firmness for any body weight
  • Capable of supporting different sleeping positions
  • check
    Comfortable and breathable
  • Expensive price

Not all expensive mattresses can provide therapeutic effects for body pain. However, the Bear Mattress remains to be an exceptional option. This one was referred to me by a close relative three years ago, thinking that it might help me with my aching back. Right from the start, the Bear Mattress offers optimal level support and comfort.

Specifically, the mattress features the Celliant Technology. It is a mechanism that alleviates muscle pain and ensures proper muscle recovery. The presence of four types of foams made the mattress responsive. It can hold your body correctly without sagging.

The Bear Mattress will stop pressure points regardless of your sleeping position. I also have noted of its universal adaptability to different body weights. It is indeed a choice for everyone!

  • Features adjustable firmness
  • The cover is reactive to the sleeper's temperature
  • Capable of relieving body pain and stress
  • check
    Extra dense construction to prevent sagging
  • check
    Noise and motion-free mattress
  • Somehow, the sides of the mattress are softer than the middle

I know a particular fibromyalgia sleeper who wants to adjust the firmness of his mattress from time to time. If you can relate to him, I do suggest that you check the Layla Sleep Mattress. The latter features a flippable layers. One side is soft while the other is relatively firm. It allows you to choose which one do you think can soothe your body.

Aside from this heaven-sent feature, this particular mattress guarantees optimal breathability. The cover itself has been infused with Thermogel for a cool sleeping experience.

This mattress won't sink you as well. With its robust and highly dense construction, Layla Sleep will never cause discomforts for a long time. Furthermore, I just really love the fact that this item has an excellent conforming capability.

Wrapping it Up

Like what I have told, fibromyalgia is a condition that requires immediate treatment. The combination of proper exercise and a healthy diet can somehow minimise its negative symptoms. Of course, resting with the appropriate type of sleeping amenities can also alleviate the case.

​Editor's Pick

For now, the best mattress for fibromyalgia is Lull. The said mattress is purely therapeutic. It was tailored for those people who are suffering from physical ailments. What it does is prevent pressure points while ensuring that your body gets enough support. Moreover, it remains comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Of course, the final choice remains yours. I just hope that this guide was able to help you out in your search for fibromyalgia relief. Also, don't forget to consult professional assistance if you feel that your condition is getting out of hand.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, you can freely drop them in the comment section below.

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