Top 5 Best Bed for Sciatica Reviews in 2019

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Sciatica is not something that you can shrug off, especially if you are trying to fall asleep. A person who suffers from this should get the best mattress for sciatica. (No more, No less) There are therapeutic mattresses that can address the issue of aggravating pain and discomforts of your body.

In the next sections, I will discuss an overview about this said condition and recommend some mattress that can help alleviate the pain. Let's start now!

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Top 5 Best Mattresses for Sciatica 2019

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress - Best of the Best

I have been a fan of the Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress of Sleep Innovations. This mattress has an overwhelming capability to make anyone sleep fast and soundly. It is the very product that I had used when I had a neck pain--and it worked wonderfully.

The thickness ensures that it can provide optimal support to your body. It also has a moderate firmness, which is great for addressing the discomforts caused by sciatica. This item can perfect accommodate a variety of sleeping positions as well.

Because it is made from high-quality memory foam, you can expect that the mattress conforms wonderfully to your shape and posture!

  • Provides efficient pressure relief
  • Thickness and firmness levels are on point
  • Motion-isolation feature
  • Properly ventilated
  • Accommodates a variety of sleeping positions
  • Carrying it requires more people because it is heavy

Elegance Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud - A Close Runner-Up

It is also essential that you can check out the Perfect Cloud Elegance. It is an excellent therapeutic mattress that can heal all the pain and stress that your body feels.

On a short vacation to a relative's house in Florida, I was able to enjoy the supportiveness of this mattress. It has the right level of loft but remains comfortable at all times. It gave my lower back the support that it badly needs.

The mattress dissipates pressure points, thanks to its optimal firmness and comfort. It doesn't take time before you can fall adrift into sleep when you are on this mattress.

Beside, it has proper ventilation so that your rest is always sweat-free and cool! The memory foam itself is proven to provide relief to various body aches such as in your back, shoulders, neck, and legs.

  • Doesn’t cause excessive body sinkage
  • Accurately conforms to your profile or shape
  • Gel memory foam is both comfortable and cool
  • Hypoallergenic construction
  • Offers decent motion-isolation
  • Gassing takes place on its first weeks
  • As heavy and as bulky as the Shiloh mattress

Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Budget-Friendly Option

If you are tight in budget, why not try the Brentwood Home Cypress? I did a little shopping in the past when this one was recommended to me by a salesperson. According to that person, this one has impressive qualities but will never rip your bank account.

Did it fail me? Of course, it didn't.

The mattress exhibits comfort levels that are almost peerless. It comes with a 2.5-inch gel memory foam that provides the support and conformity that your body needs.

Brentwood Home has the appropriate level of loft to prevent pressure points from happening. These features make it a good choice for people with sciatica and other chronic body pains.

This mattress is incredibly cool as well. With the combination of innovative engineering and high-quality materials, it can wick off moisture and heat at the same time. It can help patients to sleep with zero disturbances.

  • Offers moisture-wicking performance
  • Conforms to the profile of your body
  • Moderate firmness level
  • Features a chemical-free construction
  • Can distribute weight evenly
  • Because it is on the firm side, lightweight individuals might not feel comfortable on it

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress in Box - Premium's Pick

If the budget is not really a problem for you, then you should make this mattress a priority! The Leesa Mattress is actually a top-grade option. It exhibits all the necessary features that ease the issues caused by sciatica.

My work colleagues have this product in her home. She told that she is using this mattress not for herself but for her father who is living with her.

According to her, Leesa provides a perfect balance of comfort and support. It corrects the spine alignment and ensures that the pressure points won't be aggravated.

To further improve its usefulness, Leesa Mattress has integrated optimal ventilation. There are no disturbances in the night that will wake you in the middle of your sleep. You can rest here comfortably as if you are not suffering from anything.

  • Universally adaptive – can work with different body types
  • Promote the natural curve of the spine
  • Protects the tender points of your body from pressure and strain
  • Cool and properly ventilated
  • Issues of off-gassing are still there

Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress - More Pressure Relief & Support

The brand Tuft & Needle is already gaining grounds in the mattress in the industry. In fact, some of my closest friends have already told me that they are planning to invest in this mattress. Of course, I didn't discourage them from doing it, knowing that this mattress can provide adequate pressure and pain relief.

People that are living with sciatica and other types of body aches will find this mattress useful. The foam that it uses is said to better to standard memory and latex foams.

It has enhanced its capability to give support and comfort to its users. Beside, it also eliminates pressure points while ensuring that you won't feel hot while you are sleeping.

If you are particularly sensitive to allergens and chemicals, you should also opt for this mattress as well. It is constructed with environment-friendly materials that will never cause any other medical conditions.

My aunt even used this mattress for her kid that has been diagnosed with asthma. It really helped!

  • Achieved the right kind of firmness
  • Not a heat-trap
  • Can provide support and comfort to various sleepers
  • Fits with different mattress frames
  • Tends to bounce slightly

Sciatica: An Overview

There was a period in my life where I thought that sciatica is a disease. I am pretty sure that some of you feel that way as well. Technically, it is a medical condition. However, one should know that it is just a symptom that is triggered by other underlying conditions. (Via: SPINE-health)

asleepywolf tired

Herniated discs, arthritis, and some others are the culprit why sciatica happens in the first place. However, just like I said earlier, it is something that you cannot ignore--whether you like it or not. Once the pain kicks in, the normalcy of your life will be eventually disrupted.

How Does It Affect Your Sleep?

how long does sciatica last on average

Sciatica typically manifests via chronic back pain. It is usually felt on the sciatic region, which includes your hips, lower back, and buttocks.

If prolonged, sciatica lessens your physical control over your bowel and bladder movement. That's pretty nasty because it means that your evenings will be filled with frequent visitations to your toilet. (Via: Harvard Medical School)

Similar to finding an efficient solution to scoliosis, it is imperative as well that you can see the right remedies for sciatica. Your life won't go back to normal if you don't undergo proper medical treatment. Of course, investing in the mattress for sciatica can make things comfortable on your part.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Sciatica?

best way to sleep with sciatica

Sciatica patients should consider getting mattresses that are capable of providing comprehensive support to their sciatic system. It could even potentially prevent the relapse of this condition.

I always remember the time when I still have troubles in my neck. It was only a mattress for neck pain that was able to help me sleep peacefully at night.

No mattress works the same with the other. It is a reminder that I give my readers from time to time. Special needs require special mattresses. Here are the factors that you should check out.



When choosing the best product, it should have a conforming feature. Specifically, this means that the mattress can mold or adopt the shape of your body.

Such capability improves the alignment of your spine and lessens the risks of triggering your pressure points. People with sciatica can find relief from options that have such a feature.



The best beds for sciatica should provide sufficient support to your body.

When you lie to the mattress, it will remain stable and evenly leveled. It can assist on the proper alignment of hips and spines. Beside, it relieve the pain that you feel in your lower back and any parts of your body.


Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is pivotal for people that have sciatica. Those who are living with this condition are sensitive to motion.

When they mood, their painful parts get aggravated even more. Fortunately, mattresses with motion isolation prevent the excessive movement while a person shifts his sleeping position.



The firmness is directly correlational to the support that it can give. Right from the start, I would never really recommend something that is too soft or too hard.

They cannot provide the appropriate support that your aching body needs. In the firmness scale, a mattress with a medium firmness (5 to 6) is more than enough.


Temperature Regulation

People with sciatica should be able to sleep without any disturbances. Of course, one could not achieve such if the mattress you get is a notorious heat trap. It will just cause interruptions in your sleep due to heavy sweating.

Always consider mattresses that have been engineered to provide adequate and fool-proof ventilation. They are the ones that can help you get a sweet and drench-free repose.

Sciatica and Sleeping Position

sciatica pressure point

Achieving comfort while experiencing the symptoms of sciatica is not easy. The soreness itself can prevent someone from having slept at all! Fortunately, there are sleeping positions that can address this problem.

  • Side Sleeping
  • Back Sleeping
  • Stomach Sleeping

Don't ever sleep on your stomach if you have sciatica. It disrupts the arch of your back, which causes further insinuation of pain.

As much as possible, try to avoid this particular sleeping position. It will be for your good.

For more tips to sleep with Sciatica, you can check this video:

You should have a doctor look to your condition. By then, you will be able to get the appropriate medical treatments for your recovery.

Editor's Note

Wrapping it Up

Sciatica is pretty disturbing. It causes inconveniences that can deter you from living a normal life. With the best mattress for sciatica, it will allow you to have a safe journey to the dreamland without being worried about body aches.

Among all the best mattress reviews, the Sleep Innovations Shiloh is your top choice. Right from the start, this one is recommended by many sleeping aficionados because it can effectively negate pressure points.

It can also relieve various body pains, thanks to its ergonomic support and firmness. Of course, this mattress can embrace your body with soothing comfort!

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Ventilated Suretemp Foam for...*
  • Queen Size Soft Memory Foam Mattress: This 12 inch memory foam mattress features ventilated Suretemp memory foam, a soft knit cover, and a durable base layer for pressure relieving medium firm support...
  • Cradling Comfort: This queen memory foam mattress offers cloud like comfort for all sleep positions, fully supporting your back and body with proper alignment at a comfortable sleep temperature
  • Support For Every Sleeper: Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, you can find motion isolation, edge support, and breathable comfort with an eco conscious Sleep Innovations memory foam bed
  • Made In The USA: Our memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are all hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, offering you high quality materials for high quality sleep
  • Committed To Great Sleep: We invented the memory foam bed in a box and continue to deliver sleep restoration today with innovative foams and fabrics; This queen bed mattress comes with a 10 year...

However, the choice remains yours. I just hope that this guide will be able to help you alleviate the symptoms of sciatica by getting the right mattress. It is an effective and cost-efficient solution to relieve you from the pain.

For your questions and suggestions on the mattress for sciatica, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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