Why Am I So Tired in the Morning? The 7 Reasons Why!

I love to sleep, and I try to get as much of it as I can. Of course, I do my best to get the adequate amount of sleep, avoiding too much or too little of it. But there will be a lot of times I end up waking up so groggy and out of energy, despite a full night of sleep! It keeps me wondering: "Why am I so tired in the morning?"

It's a question I've been trying to answer for ages, and I'm sure you've felt the same way. So after doing my research and evaluating my sleeping habits, I respond to the question: "Why am I so tired in the morning?"


Waking Up Tired in the Morning

We have all experienced it at one point: We sleep as much as possible (or at least, the adequate amount of eight hours), only to wake up groggy and moody the morning after!

Some people tend to toss and turn, waking up in the middle of the night. Others sleep like a baby. But they experience the similar feeling right after they wake up: Exhausted and feeling like they need another night of sleep to help them push through the day. 

why am i so tired in the morning

What's worse is that there might not be an explanation for it and your doctor might have already eliminated any chance of it being a sleep disorder, so you don't know what's going on!

No one wants to feel this way, especially if they have a huge presentation or project to present in the morning. Not only will waking up tired have you feel moody, but out of focus and energy as well, which takes a toll on your performance in school or work.

That's why you will need to think about the way you sleep and how things around you affect the quality of sleep you have. It's not enough that you sleep early!

Why Am I So Tired in the Morning?

Here are the seven scientific explanations why people wake up exhausted in the morning, with or without the proper sleep:


Television Before Bed

why am i so tired in the morning

That's right, watching tv before going to bed is something that keeps you up, or at least has your body going into the stage of deep sleep even slower. This is because of the stressors and loud background noise that may occur as you try sleeping. Also, hearing the sound as you might keep your body in light sleep mode, which has you feeling groggy in the morning.

A tip to follow would be to remove all gadgets, turning off the television at least half an hour before going to bed. If you can't sleep without the sounds, try using white noise instead. 


Drinking Caffeine

why am i so tired in the morning

While caffein-induced products such as dark chocolate or coffee will help you get that quick fix during the afternoon rush hour, it will flush out of your system very slowly, giving your body a very hard time going into deep sleep mode. Drinking alcohol creates the same effect as well. 

Instead of going for caffeine during the afternoons, opt for energy-distributing snacks such as nuts or protein bars, with a high amount of nutrients to keep your energy levels higher better and for longer.


Erratic Sleeping Schedule

Like mentioned, the adequate amount of sleep isn't enough! If you keep switching sleeping schedules, then you won't be able to sleep soundly at all. It's best to get your body used one time to quickly fall asleep faster and without any disturbance until waking up in the morning.

I recommend that you have a proper sleeping regime to slowly ready your mind and body for bedtime.


Weird Room Environment

why am i so tired in the morning

Another factor for disturbed sleep would be your room's surroundings. Studies have shown that people find it harder to sleep or get out of bed because of a messier room, causing them to either feel disorganized and discouraged, a negative vibe that would either keep them up or stay in bed instead.

Clean up your room, keep it organized, and dim the lights before sleeping. Bright lights are also a cause of erratic sleeping.


Stressful Thoughts

why am i so tired in the morning

Your thoughts are a common deal breaker of your sleep quality. If you think of work or school too much before you sleep, you might be able to go to bed, but not peacefully! Instead of using your gadgets and thinking about work, try to do breathing exercises and yoga to soothe your mind into rest mode. Stop using your devices or doing homework at least an hour before going to bed.



why am i so tired in the morning

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have felt the "hungry before going to bed" feeling, which will have you tossing or feeling discomfort as you sleep. If you feel your stomach gurgling before you sleep, have a very light snack half an hour before sleeping to feel satiated. I recommend food rich in protein and nutrients that help you sleep, such as walnuts or a warm glass of milk.


Sleeping Disorder

why am i so tired in the morning

If the problem persists no matter how well you sleep (and following any of these tips!), then it might be time to see a doctor for a diagnosis. People who wake up very groggy in the morning may be suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea, both of which may be fatal if not treated properly. Your doctor will prescribe medicine and advise you properly with what you need to do to sleep better. 

Tips on How to Sleep Better

Now that you know the reasons why you may feel groggy in the morning follow these tips for undisturbed sleep that will have you waking up feeling great! 

Eat Earlier

It isn't just about munching on vegetables, though. Eating before you sleep may be a factor as to why you wake up early due to poor digestion. Through eating four hours before you sleep, you give your stomach ample time for digestion and will have you feeling less lazy in the morning. Also, eat after half an hour after waking up.

Another thing to do about your eating habits would be to eat healthier and to drink more water to flush the toxins out quickly.

Sleeping Pattern

Instead of erratic sleeping schedules, try sticking to one sleeping pattern, timing your rest, so your body will get used to going to bed and waking up at specific times. This will help keep your body in rhythm, making it easier to sleep and get up.

  • Sleep early and wake up early. As much as possible do NOT sleep after midnight.

Avoiding Stress

This means NO gadgets and no thinking of work before you sleep, as this might aggravate your stress and mood levels. Not only does this have you toss and turn, but you might not be able to go into a deep sleep because of the active mind!

  • Keep all gadgets away and try to focus on relaxing exercises, such as breathing or yoga.
why am i so tired in the morning

In Conclusion

If you're suffering from always waking up groggy, then it might be from sleeping habits you sometimes overlook! There are a lot of things around your room that might affect your sleeping, which may have you waking up feeling drained right after. That's why it's important to remedy this through evaluating your sleep and finding the solution to it.

I hope that this article answers your question "Why am I so tired in the morning?" Now, you'll be able to enjoy better sleep without the worry of waking up exhausted or lacking energy the morning after!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences on waking up tired in the morning, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think!

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