The 9 Bad Sleeping Habits You Need to Know About

Want to be energized? Then sleep is the first thing you'll need to prioritize. Sleeping properly has a ton of benefits it has to offer. It isn't only about your energy, but your health as well! But there will be times your bad sleeping habits detriment the way you rest. You end up not being able to sleep throughout the night or wake up feeling groggy the next day, no matter how long you sleep!

The worst part is, not many people realize they're doing more harm than good the way they sleep. Wondering what these bad sleeping habits are? Let me help you out and list down the most common people do.


What Are The Bad Sleeping Habits People Do?

Here are the top none bad sleeping habits that you might be doing to harm your sleep quality (without you even knowing!):

1. Eating Schedule

bad sleeping habits

It isn't only WHAT you eat, but what time you eat as well! People who eat right before bedtime are more likely going to have a hard time sleeping because of your stomach acids going up your throat. It might also end up with you feeling fuller.

Not only is it bad for your sleep, but your digestive system as well. Always have your last meal at least three hours before going to bed. If you're hungry, have a snack rich in tryptophan and calcium, as they are helpful in promoting your quality of sleep.

2. Room Environment

bad sleeping habits

Your room's environment may also be a huge factor, as your bedroom should be for one thing only: SLEEPING!

If your room is cluttered with junk or smelling funky, then it might keep you away from a good night's sleep. Also, a bright room might make you have a hard time sleeping, as well as a room that is too hot.

Make sure your room is organized and free from mess. Also, keep it at room temperature, with a warm and cozy bed to encourage sleep. It's best to dim the lights as much as possible to make your room sleep-able in.

3. Actions Before Bed

What you do before bed can affect your sleep. Even watching a scary movie can have you up all night, similar to children!Instead of catching up on scary movies or your favorite television show (which has you staying up longer), try meditation or breathing exercises. A soothing bath with essential oils and a small snack can help encourage a better mood and have you ready for some shuteye.

Having a bedtime ritual will help get your body prepared for sleep, so try something that works for you

4. What You Consume Before Bed

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What you eat or drink before you go to sleep also forms the way your body responds to rest. Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol before bed may end up with you tossing and turning all night, with a TON of energy you can't seem to get out from.

Also, having cards or sugary junk will keep hyper. While you will crash quickly, chances are, you will wake up groggy and exhausted in the morning.

The solution? Cut the alcohol and caffeine, avoiding junk and going for healthier options to fill you up. Milk or nuts are good bedtime snacks.

5. Sleeping Schedule

This is the most common bad sleeping habit a lot of you may have faced at one point: A warped sleeping plan. Some people can go for a few days without sleep, only to end up sleeping for an equal number of days to "make up for it." Sadly, your sleeping schedule isn't like a bank. You cannot make up for lost time!

A messed up sleeping schedule, may you lack or go over to sleep, ends up with you feeling either exhausted or groggy in the end. We recommend that you stick to the eight hours of sleep per day, sticking to ONE period. Try it for a month and see how it works for you.

6. Bedroom Thoughts

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Make sure that what you went through during work or at home is out of your mind before you sleep. 

Again, this is where breathing exercises and meditation comes along. Figure out your stressors and find calming ways to help forget or relax to sleep better.

Your thoughts before bedtime can trigger, especially when it's problems that can stress you out. Whether it's home or work-related, keep the negative thoughts out of bed. Through thinking positively and letting stress away, you will get to sleep peacefully.

7. No Relaxation Regime

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Another problem would be that you have NO relaxing routine before going to bed. What people don't know is that having a routine will help send a signal to your body, indicating that it's ready for some shuteye. Also, it helps with insomnia, making you relax quickly and providing the proper quality of sleep you need.

Again, try a soothing bath with essential oils, to follow with yoga or meditation to wind you down. Try not to watch television or read a book, as this may encourage you to stay up!

8. Lack of Exercise

Yes, exercise plays a huge role with your quality of sleep. Through exercising in the morning, you'll be able to energize yourself for the day ahead and begin to wind down come bedtime. I recommend that you exercise after you wake up to pump your blood pressure and provide the adequate energy for the daily grind! Working out during the night may end up with you feeling too pumped up for sleep.

You can try a ten-minute walk, which will do you good. Or yoga poses can increase both your flexibility and relaxation.

9. Gadgets

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Stress comes from devices, especially when your phone is loaded with emails and messages you need to answer as soon as possible. But no! They can wait tomorrow. You MUST prioritize your sleep and not work, as this may detriment your health and energy levels in the long run.

Get your phone out of the end table and push it somewhere farther. Not only will this help you get up after setting your alarm, but you are less tempted to view any updates as well. Also, avoid having a television in your room, as this may encourage you to watch all night long. Keep it outside to avoid catching up on your favorite series, missing up on sleep.

How to Break Bad Sleeping Habits?

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can sleep better. And the answer is to quit the bad sleeping habits immediately.

I recommend that you follow a healthy sleeping schedule, along with a meal and exercise plan. Eating healthy and exercising right will give you the energy and encouragement to sleep better.

bad sleeping habits

Another thing you can do is to meditate and relax before sleeping. Change the environment of your room and keep gadgets away.

Through a better sleeping pattern, a comfortable bedroom, and healthy eating habits, you will sleep soundly without interruption or feel groggy once you get up!

In Conclusion

Suffering from lack of energy or concentration from poor sleep isn't something anyone wants to experience. And it may all boil down to the way you sleep, or the parts that occur before and after you do. That's why it's best to change your bad sleeping habits and begin acting upon them for the better.

Hopefully, this article on bad sleeping habits helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to quit and what you can do to get better quality sleep. So what are you waiting for? Find out your bad sleeping habits and stop them today for better sleep! If you have any questions or tips to quit these bad sleeping habits, then comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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