Best Sleep Tracker Reviews 2019: Get Amazing Sleep Now!

I've experienced insomnia for the past few months, which had me feel extraordinarily irritated and out of energy! That's why I decided to invest in the best sleep tracker to see what I needed to improve with my nightly habits. I learned what sleep schedule was right for me, as well as what I can do throughout the day to help get the quality rest I needed. No need to spend a ton of time and money on getting tested in a lab or having a journal.

I make sure to remove the hassle and confusion by using data from various reviews and research. Here are the 8 best items of 2019, ranked accordingly:


The 8 Best Sleep Trackers to Invest In This 2019

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the eight best choices recommended for their features and durability:

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor - The Accurate and Smart

I was a bit hesitant about getting a non-wearable tracker, mostly because I felt like it wouldn't be as accurate as a wearable monitor. However, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor is one of the best trackers on my list, despite it just being on your bedside table.

This is an AI-powered tracker that comes with an intuitive app that shows accurate readings. It then personalizes your sleep data and cycle, indicating what's the optimal sleep schedule according to how I rest at night. I appreciate that it continues to stay updated, showing me latest information and tips on sleeping better based on my sleeping habits. As I continued to follow its advice, I have noticed that I wake up with more energy and can head on to dreamland quicker than usual.

Another feature I'd like to point out is how you can monitor TWO sleepers at once. It was ideal for my partner and me, who now get better sleep without disturbing one another. It performs

efficiently and as expected, connecting to Wi-Fi and smartphones seamlessly. The app itself is easy to use and with the understandable readings, providing information I need to know from my REM stags down to my heart rate for better monitoring.

The tracker comes with almost everything that one needs to begin his journey to better slumber, making it a worthy investment!

  • Provides accurate data that includes heart rate and REM sleep
  • It can monitor up to two sleepers
  • Easy-to-use app and interface
  • Understandable graphs and with coaching tips
  • No need to wear anything for sleep tracking
  • No alerts on an irregular heart or breathing rates
  • Processes data entirely only after complete sleep

Fitbit Alta HR (US Version) - The Trusted and Reliable

Fitbit is a reputable brand known for their vast array of fitness bands and trackers. So it's no surprise that it comes in one of the tops on my list.

What I appreciate most about the Fitbit Alta HRis its slim design. It's one of the slimmest wristbands, so I don't feel discomfort when wearing it everywhere, even as I rest. It's an all-around fitness tracker that measures your calorie burn, heart rate, and sleep. Regarding slumber, it tracks the time you spend in the different sleep stages (light, deep, and REM sleep). The results will then show on your smartphone's app, providing you the information needed to help you take the appropriate actions to get proper rest and exercise well. 

I would suggest this Fitbit wristband for those who need an accurate tracker for both their fitness goals and sleep improvement. While it doesn't provide the complete details of what affects your time in bed, it can still improve the way you live and rest, based on the information it contains.

  • Long battery life- good for seven days and rechargeable
  • Slim design and different bands to choose from
  • Versatile with the necessary fitness and sleep data
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has an alarm with call and text alert
  • Doesn’t have the complete data for sleep
  • It isn’t waterproof

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR - The Affordable and Versatile

If you're looking for a much more affordable fitness and sleep tracker, then I would recommend the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR.

I can give it plus points for its diversity of colors available to choose from, as well as its abundance of features available for a lower price. It comes with multi-sport modes and all-day activity tracking, so you can get an accurate measurement of how many steps you made, the calories burned, and minutes you are active.

As for its sleep data accuracy, it can track your status of sleep, monitoring the different stages your body is in and how long it stays in that particular sleep stage. It also comes with an alarm that wakes you up gently, which is a huge plus compared to the loud ringing I hear from my previous alarm clocks!

The data is shown on the official app, which then indicates the quality, duration, and consistency of your slumber. It's accurate enough and shows what I need to do to improve the way I rest.

For its functionality and many features available at an affordable price, I would give it a huge thumbs up!

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • All-around fitness tracker with accurate sleep quality data
  • Easily connects to phone and app is understandable
  • A reliable heart rate that tracks during rest
  • The alarm is a bit abrupt and insistent
  • The app isn’t available on iPad

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch - The Dynamic and All-Around Device

The Fitbit comes back to my list again, this time with one of their latest models that goes beyond the usual features. The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch isn't just your typical sleep monitor, but it also utilizes advanced technology to add in almost all features you would expect in a fitness wristband.

It has a highly accurate heart rate monitor and sleep tracker which shows detailed data on how you sleep and the stages your body reaches. Through its data on my sleep quality and activity levels, I was able to enhance my quality of sleep while staying fit.

However, I'm not a big fan of its wristband thickness. It can get a bit uncomfortable while sleeping, though loosening up the strap a bit can lessen that irritation. Also, it focuses more on the fitness side rather than sleep, which isn't the best for those who want more data on their sleep quality.

With that being said, I still consider this a wise investment for both your fitness and sleep. It does come at a higher price than others. However, I would recommend it for those who have the extra budget and is willing to spend a few more dollars on a quality smartwatch to last for the long run.

  • Highly accurate sleep and fitness tracker with GPS
  • Ability to sync your phone for call and text alerts
  • Excellent battery life and charging time
  • Provides coaching tips for better workouts and sleep quality
  • Not a slim design, can be a bit uncomfortable when in bed
  • It’s sometimes laggy interface and difficulty in syncing

BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Monitor - The Lightweight and Health-Focused

The BodiMetrics O2 Monitor is one of the lightest and smallest trackers you can find today. I like that it's comfortable and that you don't feel anything as you sleep. Yes, it's a thumb sensor and can feel a bit unfamiliar at first. However, you get used to the feeling after a few days and get one of the most accurate data on the market.

This monitor can measure your SpO2, pulse rate, as well as your quality of sleep. What I appreciate most when using this tracker was how it would wake you up if ever your blood oxygenation (SpO2) levels are too high or low, which can reduce any health-related side effects while you rest. It's ideal for those who have sleep apnea, but do take note that it isn't a medical device but merely a sleeping aid!

  • Focuses on tracking sleep and blood oxygenation for sleep apnea
  • Wakes you up if ever you have irregular SpO2 levels
  • Accurate data you can easily see on the interface
  • Feels comfortable for a thumb sensor
  • It may feel a bit weird for the first few days
  • Battery life is a bit too short for those who doze off for longer periods
  • Has a flimsy rubber-band fastener that doesn’t look durable

Withings Aura - Smart Sleep System - The Relaxing and Easy-to-Adjust

For those who want a device that focuses more on your sleep without having to wear anything, then I would recommend the Withings Aura - Smart Sleep System. I like that it's small and compact, so I'm able to place it on my bedside or travel with me anywhere.

Besides its a small and lightweight design, it packs excellent features I appreciate, such as the sunset lighting to help me drift to sleep easier. It also has a smart light that wakes me up naturally with the sunlight alarm effect. It doesn't only track my sleep quality but also acts as a useful alarm clock for better shut-eye and wake-up times.

While it comes at a higher price than other non-wearable sleep trackers, it's a great purchase if you want both a quality alarm clock and an accurate sleep tracker.

  • Has sunset and Smart wakeup system for better alarms
  • Tracks sleep quality accurately without wearing anything
  • Small and compact design to bring anywhere
  • Some issues with connecting to your smartphone
  • A bit difficult to understand when setting up

Emfit QS - The Simple and Automatic

I admire the sleek and modern design of the Emfit QS, which can match any style of the bedroom! But of course, that wasn't the primary reason as to why it's on my list. What I like about it is that it's simple and shows all the data you need without the frills. It's easy to understand and shows the recovery, stress, and sleep quality analysis for the entire night, as well as your heart rate. And you don't even need to use your phone or wear anything the whole time!

With the excellent battery life and the long-term trends that will last for a year, you have a durable sleep monitor with you to help with the quality of sleep.

  • Straightforward instructions and easy setup
  • All accurate and understandable sleep data shown
  • No need for app or smartphone as it connects via wi-fi
  • Tracks your deep sleep accurately, as well as HRM, pulse, and breathing
  • Can keep vast amounts of data
  • Higher price compared to other monitors
  • Some data may not be useful for others

ResMed S+ by Personal Sleep Solution - The Easy-Sync and Advanced

And finally, I have the ResMed S+ by Personal Sleep Solution. What's great about the S+ isn't just its modern design. You have the cutting-edge programs that encourage you to sleep better as well!

When using the S+, you can find out what your sleep patterns are while being advised on what you can do to improve on it. You get feedback on your sleep habits, your overall lifestyle, and even the bedroom environment! How? The sensors in the S+ detect vital factors in your room, including light levels, sounds, and temperature. That way, you get the accurate advise and data to take the appropriate actions.

It's recommended for those who need the excellent coaching tips and advises. With its advanced sensors and accurate data, it's worth the purchase!

  • Has advanced sensors to track your sleep and environment
  • Excellent advise on your lifestyle, sleep habits, and bedroom
  • No problems with syncing and understanding data received
  • High accuracy on sleep quality with sensitive sensors
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The app doesn’t allow downloads outside the USA
  • Advice may not be necessary and relevant for some users

How Does a Sleep Tracker Work?

Sleep trackers come in all shapes and sizes, either as a wearable or as a bedside accessory. Some also come as an extra feature on fitness trackers, such as the Fitbit.

As the name suggests, it monitors your sleep. However, it doesn't just measure the quantity of your sleep but the quality of it as well. It would weigh the factors that affect how you sleep, such as how many times you move while sleeping, the number of times you wake up in the middle of the night, your sleep cycles, and much more information.

best sleep tracker watch

But how does that work?

Most sleep trackers would use an accelerometer, which would convert your sleep movements to electrical signals. It will then show in a chart or graph to see how you slept during that night. There are also trackers which measure your heart rate, which uses a process called Actigraphy.

But do take note that sleeping devices won't give you the similar results as accurate as compared to visiting professional sleep clinics. With that being said, they are still an excellent place to start to learn about your sleep patterns without spending a lot of money.

If you do feel like you have had sleeping problems for the long-term (despite trying other solutions to sleep better), it's best to contact a health professional for an official diagnosis of sleeping disorders.

The Benefits of Using a Sleep Tracker

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A sleep tracker isn't a device that would fix your issues in bed immediately. That's entirely up to you and what you do with the data.

So what makes using these kinds of monitors beneficial if it won't directly affect the quality of your sleep? That was exactly how I used to think before, thinking sleep and fitness trackers were a waste of time and money. But once I got the data and began utilizing it to adjust my sleep schedule, I found it advantageous and useful! Here are the benefits these helpful devices can offer:


Reveals the Bad Sleeping Patterns 

The sleep tracker I used gave me coaching and some tips on what can help me with my sleep. For example, it made me realize how exercising in the morning was much more helpful compared to doing so in the evening, or to having my cup of coffee before the afternoon.

I realized my bad habits not only right before bed, but during the day as well. That way, I made the right changes that prevented me from tossing and turning anymore.


Identifies Possible Sleep Disorders 

While I wasn't diagnosed with any sleeping disorders, a sleep tracker has helped many people (including a few friends of mine) to identify any serious issues they have had with their sleep quality. Yes, it doesn't diagnose disorders, but they reveal patterns which indicate something serious. That way, it helped with their overall health while "curing" them from disorders that can't be fixed by trackers alone.


Helps Connect Both Daily Lifestyle and Sleep Quality

Like mentioned, sleep trackers taught me that it isn't just about my nightly routine that made or my REM stage. It made connections between proper sleep and wellness in my daily life. Not many people would link the quantity and quality of sleep, thinking that eight hours a day is just right. Plus, there are a few sleep monitors that have sunlight simulation, so you are able to wake up with natural light WITHOUT the usual grogginess!

By having a sleep tracker show data and advice specialized for you, you will be able to live a healthier life WHILE getting good sleep. 

How to Choose the Best Sleep Tracker?

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Now that you're familiar with how sleep trackers work and why they are beneficial for your overall sleep quality and lifestyle, how will you know which is best for you? With the many sleep monitors and trackers available, it can get quite confusing!

To give you an idea of how to invest in a sleep tracker ideal for YOU, here are some essential tips and factors to consider:

What Are Your Goals? 

I wanted an all-around tracker, which is why I chose a fitness tracker which monitored both my sleep, heart rate, and calories burned throughout the day.

However, if you prioritize tracking sleep, then it's best to get a tracker that puts its focus on sleep for even more accuracy on sleep data, compared to wide-feature trackers.

I recommend that you find a tracker that provides automatic sleep detection. The ideal and complete tracker would include details on your sleep, from your sleep duration, quality, sleep stages, as well as any external factors that affect your sleep.

Wearable or Non-Wearable? 

There are two main types of trackers, one that you wear on your wrist like a watch or one that stays at your bedside. This would depend on what you prefer. If you are okay with wearing a wristband while you sleep, then this may provide more accurate data, as it can measure your heart rate. But if you prefer going watch-less when in bed, a beside sleep monitor can still work wonders.

What's Your Budget?

Finally, consider your budget. There are sleep monitors and trackers that range between $50 to $300, with prices increasing as it packs on features. While you don't need to go over budget, avoid scrimping as it's worth spending extra money for sleep trackers that meet your needs and last for a long time.

Wrapping It Up

While a sleep tracker won't magically improve your quality of rest overnight, it gives you all the data you need to make the change. Plus, many sleep trackers can also work as fitness buddies, monitoring how many calories you burn and reminding you to get up! With all the data you need for sleep and fitness, you are well on your way to better health and a peaceful night of rest.

Editor's Pick

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracker – Intuitive App and Alexa Enabled*
  • Powered by AI, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker is the premier and only sleep monitoring device that is Alexa enabled to integrate into your smart home
  • Make your bed a smart bed: the only non-wearable solution that works with your bed regardless of the type of mattress, boxspring or bedding
  • Highly accurate sensors: analyze and monitor respiration and heart rates, and unique sleep behaviors such as body movement and wakefulness
  • Intuitive app: captures precise readings and translates into personalized sleep data; sleep cycle alarm detects the optimal wake time for you
  • Powerful processor: continuously learns your sleep patterns and rhythms, and delivers the most up-to-date information for effective sleep coaching

Based on all the sleep monitors and trackers I tested, I believe that the Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor surpasses the rest, thanks to how versatile it is. It doesn't only connect to your smartphone; you can even connect it to Alexa and not have to wear it at all. Through its advanced sensors, you can get highly accurate data on everything sleep-related, from your unique sleeping patterns down to respiration and heart rates.

And the coolest part? It can monitor TWO sleepers while giving individual tips and coaching. The tracker is suitable for you and a partner, making it a worthy investment worth more than what's paid for.

Hopefully, you found the best sleep tracker suitable for you from this purchasing guide! Use this as the starting point for improving your sleep today.

Do you have any questions or want to share your reviews on sleep monitors or trackers? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below! Your comments are much appreciated.

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