How to Stop Moving in Your Sleep? 7 Things You Can Do

Sometimes, we can't sleep properly. It might be a bit of a dilemma as it detriments your sleep or the way others do! That's why you'll want to make sure that you know the various causes you lack sleep and how to remedy it.

One of the common sleeping problems would always be moving while sleeping. There are different types of movement people do, which can be fatal if you don't find a remedy for it soon! So if you're wondering how to stop moving while sleeping, then read on.

I'll be explaining why you're moving while sleeping and some methods on how you can remedy them as soon as possible.


Why Do You Move While Sleeping?

There are different types of movement while you sleep, may it be tossing and turning or even unintentionally punching someone in the face! It might be a cause of restlessness or just a nightmare. But there are underlying causes and sleeping problems that may contribute to your constant movements:

Tossing and Turning Before Sleep

You've probably death with this a LOT before sleeping. If you have trouble entering into sleep mode, you constantly toss and turn, looking for the perfect position to have your rest better. These jerks and movements can get quite annoying for you and your partner!

Rolling In Your Sleep

Sometimes, people tend to turn while sleeping. It ends up with them waking up in an entirely new position or area in the bed. People tend not to know what happened. While it's fine, it may end up disrupting your partner's sleep of cause bed sores from the wrong position. 

Sudden Jerks That Wake You Up

This is another type of jerk you wouldn't want to encounter. As it would immediately wake you up into a shock, leaving you surprised and without knowledge of what just happened. As amusing as it is to experience the sudden jerk, it doesn't help with your sleeping patterns.

Restless Legs

A restless leg is exactly how you call it- You constantly need to move your leg, making it difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. Sometimes the burning or itchy feeling of your legs get so bad, you can't sleep, or you feel your legs moving while you're half-asleep! 

how to stop moving in your sleep

This content is based on personal experience and some authority source, such as:
Sleep Movement Disorders in Sleep Education
Movement Disorders in Sleep (2003)

Editor's Note

Sleep Rhythmic Movement

how to stop moving in my sleep

This is a syndrome that causes repetitive muscle movements with no control to reduce them. While it doesn't keep you up at night, it would disrupt your sleep.

Types of movement would include your body rocking, head banging, or even rolling your head. It can be quite dangerous, especially for children who sleep near walls or wooden cribs

Sleepwalking or Moving

Now, this is a more serious problem. While amusing, sleepwalking or unconsciously moving can end up getting into uncomfortable situations.

Some people find themselves waking up outside their home, or at least out of their beds. Others punch the air, or worse, their partners. While it's amusing to watch, it can also be dangerous.

ASleepyWolf tired

Sleepwalking happens from very vivid dreams after reaching a deep stage of REM. It's the opposite of sleep paralysis. 


Bruxism isn't about your muscles outside your body, but the clenching of your teeth. Because you're always clenching to grinding your teeth. You end up waking up in the middle of the night or suffering from teeth-related problems in the long run. 

How to Stop Moving While Sleeping?

Are you wondering how to remedy your constant moving while sleeping? Once you have identified the cause of why you're moving and what disrupts your sleeping patterns, here are some methods on how to solve it:

Curing Bruxism

If you suffer from always moving your teeth while sleeping, then it's time to check with a dentist. He'll be prescribing you with a mouth guard.

Alternatively, you can purchase mouth guards over-the-counter. Which will help lessen the pain of teeth grinding while fighting snores.

Tennis Ball

Caring Your Pillows

This might be a weird solution, but it's effective! Attach a tennis ball at the back, along with your spinal region. Your brain will tell the body to stay put if you plan on rolling.

Attach the ball through sewing or gluing it onto the pockets on the back of your pajamas.

Pregnancy Pillow

If you always toss and turn, then a whole body pillow such as the pregnancy pillow will help with both your posture and movement. It would fit the natural curves of your body, which help prevent you from moving. 

Neck Pillow

If you suffer from rhythmic movements such as head rolling or banging, a neck pillow will help lessen that (and the pain). This is also a sound investment for those who travel and move a bit during the plane or car ride.


Before sleeping, doing yoga or meditation with quiet time will help your body relax. It would help lessen the disruption of your sleep, letting you sleep soundly without the movement or sound. Regular exercise is known to help with your quality of sleep as well.


how to stop moving while sleeping

Electronic devices are known to be detrimental without sleep cycles. So make sure to keep your phone on silent and leave it be at least two hours before getting into bed. It helps lessen bad dreams due to stress from your phone, or the bright lights.

Melatonin Supplements

If you do not take any form of medicine, then you might want to take melatonin supplements, which are a tremendous aid in sleeping. Taking these regularly will help with your quality of sleep, reducing your movements and bad dreams.

Also, you can begin eating healthily and go for melatonin-rich products before sleeping, such as any form of dairy and nuts. You can find a list of foods that help with sleep, just make sure not to eat a lot before going to bed.

If you still suffer from moving while sleeping, then you will need to consult a doctor. As it may be deeper than the usual sleeping problem and will require medical attention and medicine.

Tips on Sleeping Better and to Avoid Problems While in Bed

how to stop rolling in your sleep

Now that you know how to stop moving in your sleep! You'll need to make sure that you have the right sleeping pattern to avoid these problems from coming back!

Here are some tips you can follow to achieve healthy sleeping habits:

  • Always set a sleeping schedule and stick to it. It's best to sleep early and wake up early. Instead of cramming for your finals, try to get some rest instead and avoid all-nighters. These end up damaging your health and making you even less productive.
  • Develop a sleeping routine to get your body ready for sleep. Do relax things, such as a warm bath or stretching exercises to help get your body sleepy. Once you have a sleeping schedule and routine, your body will grow accustomed to the times and want to sleep in no time.
  • ​Change the environment of your room. It's best to sleep in an organized room and with dim lights. Sleep comfortably on a good bed and in optimal room temperature, not too warm or cold.
  • If you exercise, it's best to do so in the morning. Your body temperature will slowly lower throughout the day, achieving an optimum temperature at night. Also, if you exercise at night, the more energetic you'll be!
  • Eat healthily. Limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, especially at night. Many complain of bad dreams or indigestion if they consume too much food. Eat three to four hours before bed. If you feel hungry, only have a light snack that helps you sleep.
  • ​We recommend food like dairy or nuts, which encourage sleep. Avoid sugary snacks or processed food that will lead to a sugar crash (and an unfortunate wake-up call after!).
  • Try to stick to one position before sleeping. Think happy thoughts before going to bed and avoid thinking about work. Keep gadgets away and dim the lights to encourage sleep, that way, your stressors won't cause bad dreams, which can be a source of sleeping problems!

In Conclusion

Do you suffer from always moving while you're asleep? While it might be funny at first, it may end up with you not being able to sleep properly because of it. To know why it will help you understand how to remedy it and what you can do to stay safe and healthy while you're in bed.

I hope that this article teaches you all about how to stop moving while sleeping. Now that you know what to do, you can learn to treat yourself or loved ones who suffer from these types of sleeping problems. So what are you waiting for? If you or anyone else moves while sleeping, then try these methods to stop it now!

Source: This article is based on personal experience and some researches. Especially Periodic Limb Movement Disorder in WEBMD

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences on how to stop moving in sleep, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think about the matter.

10 thoughts on “How to Stop Moving in Your Sleep? 7 Things You Can Do”

  1. I move a lot in sleep but I don’t realise I am doing it. It has resulted Mr waking my husband up and he will find my leg/knee in his back. What can I do to stay still at night as this is now distroying out marriage as he isn’t sleeping properly and blaming me for it even though I don’t know I am doing it.

  2. For the past month I have been tossing and turning while trying to sleep. I am
    constantly moving from side to side and no sleep. What may be causing this?

    • Has it only been recently? Has there been a change in your daily routine? Are you stresses? Try meditaion or prayer

  3. I really appreciate this article but I hope it should work cos it’s really affecting me to the level of almost bedwetting.

    • While Sleeping at night, I curl into weird positions, most times bending I’m such ways that to twould look like I might break my spine. This makes people laugh at me in the morning, tis so embarrassing, please help me.

      And do you have any remedies for deep sleeping too?

  4. i am always told about how much i wriggle by my boyfriend,at the start he don’t seem bothered however as he is trying to get to sleep he finds it annoying. i want to find a way that work for me and him to stop me wriggling. any ideas?

  5. While Sleeping at night, I curl into weird positions, most times bending I’m such ways that to twould look like I might break my spine. This makes people laugh at me in the morning, tis so embarrassing, please help me.

    And do you have any remedies for deep sleeping too?


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