Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers: Begin Waking Up Refreshed and On Time!

If there's one thing I have a hard time with, it has to be sleeping. While there are times I am not able to sleep, most of the time I have a problem with oversleeping and not waking up on time because of my very deep sleep. Being a heavy sleeper can sometimes be a hassle, especially when I sleep through alarms and people. And I'm sure you go through the same problem as well (which is why you're here), so I gathered up a list of the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. That way, you'll have a better time sleeping without worry of not being able to wake up on time.

Read on as I talk about heavy sleeping and what you can do about it!


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What is a Heavy Sleeper? Do You Fall Under the Category?


How does a heavy sleeper differ from a light sleeper? It's all in the brain.

The main difference between both sleepers is the brain activity scientists refer to as "sleep spindles." These spindles are brain-generated spikes of electrical noise that will cancel out stimuli such as your sense of hearing and seeing, helping you preserve your sleep. The more spindles you have, the better you sleep. Some people release more sleep spindles than others, this having them sleep soundly throughout the night.

Those who release fewer sleep spindles are light sleepers who have more of a chance of waking up even with the slightest noise. Those who do not wake up despite the noise and can sleep soundly for extended periods of time are heavy sleepers.

Heavy sleepers are those who can sleep through loud alarms, noise, smells, or light. But up to a certain extent, of course. They stay in the deep stage of sleep longer because of it, causing them to sleep more (but this depends as well).

Why Are You a Heavy Sleeper? What Can It Do?


For those who sleep very heavily, you're probably wondering why! There are other reasons besides having more sleep spindles.

It can be a sleep disorder which causes you to sleep all throughout the day without noticing. Another reason would be depression, which causes people sometimes to sleep deeper than usual. Being sick or having a particular medical condition is also another reason.

Your lack of physical activity or a bad diet plays into factor as well. Either way, if you find yourself sleeping excessively or finding it difficult to wake up at times you should, you will need to get checked with your doctor. He will check about what you may have that causes the heavy sleep and tell you what you can do about it. Because yes, heavy sleep is also unhealthy!

Importance of an Effective Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers


So, why is it essential to find out an effective alarm clock for your deep sleep?

For starters, no one wants to be late from work because of sleeping through their alarms! Not only does it end up with you being late, but it might get you in trouble to school or work as well.

Also, it's best to have an active alarm clock to wake you up, so you have more time to run errands and accomplish everything throughout the day without worry of being too weak or crabby from oversleeping. Creating a sleeping schedule and sticking with it through an active alarm clock will help your body adjust to the times and have you get the right amount of rest to keep you productive and energized every day.

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Now that you're familiar with what a heavy sleeper is, you need to learn the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers! Whether you're someone who sleeps slowly or you know someone who does, try any of these alarm clocks to help you get up no matter how deep your sleep can get!

Sonic Alert SBB500SS

What I love about the Sonic Alert SBB500SS is its cool design that looks like a Sonic Bomb ready to wake even the heaviest sleeper! It has the loudest turbo-charged sound that may jolt you awake very quickly. And if that doesn't work, it comes with a powerful bed shaker that jolts you awake, along with the pulsating alert lights and large and explosive red display.

The dual alarm will rattle your bed and force you to wake up, from the lights to the sound. It awakens all your senses, and I'm sure you won't have a hard time getting up anymore.

  • Very powerful shaker that jolts you awake
  • Loud sound and pulsating
  • Ideal for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired
  • Soild construction built to last
  • Lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space
  • Might wake up other people around you
  • A bit complicated set the alarm at first

Peakeep 4'' Twin Bell

If you're looking for something classy and practical, then you'll love Peakeep's cool alarm! It looks like your standard bedroom alarm, but be warned that it creates the lodes sound! Don't be fooled by its cute design that comes in various colors, as it has no snooze button and is very useful in helping me stay up once it begins to ring. I like the fact that it has non-ticking hands, so I won't be disturbed while I'm trying to sleep, only once I need to wake up!

It's ideal for those who want a nicely-designed clock with the stereoscopic numbers for better accuracy.

  • Classy design with many colors to choose from
  • Deafening alarm with no snooze
  • Easy to use
  • No ticking for better sleep
  • Looks great on desks
  • Need to set the alarm every night
  • It isn’t as durable as other clocks


For those who want a digital alarm that looks simple but with the advanced technology to properly jolt you awake, then this FIVE0EIGHT alarm is the choice for you! It has the extra-loud alarm you can quickly set, tweaking its tone or volume without hassle. It has a smart backlight with three alarm modes, seven different loud rings, and a clear LCD that displays both time and temperature.

I love how huge the numbers and characters are, making it clear for me and my kids to look at at night or morning. It does the adequate job in waking you up with its loud sound and hourly chime function. The clock's design also looks great on desks or end tables as well, with a simple and bright block. Exactly what you need!

  • Strong and durable body built to last
  • Bed shaker and deafening alarm
  • Easy to control tone and volume
  • Very harsh and WILL wake you up
  • Snooze button is a bit small
  • The instructions are lengthy and somewhat useless

Peakeep Loud Melody

If you're looking for a clock with the stereoscopic hands but a combined advanced design that's lightweight and space-saving, this Peakeep alarm is a great selection for you. It has the bright and big clock display to show you what time it is quick. The body is also small and straightforward, but don't be fooled by its body! It has a loud melody alarm that cycles through seven songs rather than the usual beep or buzzer.

It even has the cool blue backlight that's gentle on the eyes when viewing the time in the dark. It doesn't tick for better sleep and is very easy to use, using batteries instead of an outlet to avoid it from shutting down during blackouts. All in all, it's a simple fix and affordable purchase.

  • Affordable price
  • No ticking
  • Seven melodies to wake you up
  • Gentle blue backlight for viewing time at night
  • Simple to use
  • Batteries aren’t included
  • May be difficult for those who are used to digital clocks

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What I love about Totobay is that it comes with the cutest design known to imitate the sunrise, helping you wake up with its loud alarm and bright light. It slowly brightens up half an hour before your alarm time, helping you welcome the day refreshed. It even has a sunset function that helps you sleep better. It also comes with six natural sounds and an FM Radio to wake you up effectively. With all these advanced features, it's definitely for any type of sleeper.

  • Stimulates sunrise or sunset
  • FM radio and six natural sounds for alarm
  • Easy to snooze
  • Has multiple colors, including a nightlight
  • Easy to charge
  • Less intense way to wake up
  • Alarm is a bit softer
  • A bit difficult to set alarm

Tips to Avoid Being Too Much of a Heavy Sleeper

Besides having the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers suitable to your preference, you also need to know how to properly balance your sleep to avoid overdoing it and sleeping through your alarms (because even with the best wakeup call, it sometimes may not work!). After all, sleeping too deep is just as unhealthy as sleeping too lightly. So here are some tips to get balanced sleep and to stop sleeping so heavily:



Your doctor may prescribe you some medication for a sleeping disorder called hypersomnia. What your doctor will give you depends on his diagnosis, it can be alerting medications like Methylphenidate or Modafinil, a wakefulness promoter. Other times, he will also prescribed forms of therapy such as light therapy or phototherapy, which has proven to be effective.

Getting Some Light


Another great way to wake up effectively is through getting some light. If possible, either leave your curtains open to let some light in or have someone switch on the lights and bring some sun inside your room.

Avoid Naps

The reason why people end up oversleeping is because they take naps throughout the day, which ends up with them sleeping late and oversleeping to compensate for it. Create an effective sleeping schedule with minimal naps, sleeping early and making sure you invest in the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers to help you out.

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In Conclusion

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When it comes to sleeping, I make sure to have a balanced amount. But there are times I end up sleeping over alarm clocks because of how good my sleep feels, which is why I start looking for more effective methods to wake myself up. Through good alarm clocks, I am able to wake up on time and head on to do my daily errands energized and refreshed no matter.

I hope that this article on the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers helped you find the solution to your deep rest. So don't wait any longer! If you suffer from heavy sleep as well, then try these methods on how to stop it.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with heavy sleeping, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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