Best Pillow for Sleep Apnea: 5 Amazing Brands for Better Sleep 2019!

Since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I began looking into different types of treatment and remedies for it. One of the recommendations was to use the best pillow for sleep apnea, which has been proven to be quite effective.

If you're having trouble looking for the right pillow suitable for you to treat sleep apnea, then read on! 

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What Is Sleep Apnea and Why Does It Happen?

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For More Comfortable

Before we get into the reviews, I first want to talk about sleep apnea. This is a serious sleeping disorder when your breathing stops and repeatedly starts while you sleep. The main symptoms are snoring and/or feeling tired despite having full eight hours of sleep!

The main cause of sleep apnea is an obstructed airway, which can happen if you are overweight, have vices, use opioid medications, or suffer from heart problems.

Under sleep apnea are three major types, which are:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Central Sleep Apnea
  • Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome

If you want to know more about sleep apnea and why it occurs, here's an informative video to check out:

How Can the Best Pillow for Sleep Apnea Help You?

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For Better Sleep

Best pillow for sleep apnea (which you can use without CPAP therapy) can help position your neck correctly. That way, it doesn't only reduce the pain and strain when you get up, but it also helps open your airways, which lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Through the right amount of support based on your sleeping position and preferences, the symptoms of sleep apnea slowly disappear and you're able to sleep straight. No more waking up in the middle of the night!

Different Types of Pillows to Help With Sleep Apnea

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea Memory Foam

I highly recommend memory foam, which is the main pillow that helps alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. However, besides this type of pillow, there are other materials to choose from, such as latex, polyester, buckwheat, or bamboo!

While the material is important to look into, the shape is more crucial when selecting best pillow for sleep apnea! Here are the different kinds of pillows based on its shape, which is known to help keep you comfortable with sleep apnea:


Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows have the tapered incline, which raises your head as you sleep. Because it raises the head as you sleep, it helps free up your airways better, which lessens your snoring and also prevents the disturbing symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Another plus is that they can be for other situations, such as relieving acid reflux, back pain, or for sitting up in bed.


Contour or Cervical Pillows

Contour pillows are specially designed to help with neck pain while raising your head slightly. Because of its unique design, it's able to prevent airway obstruction, which reduces the snore while maintaining proper sleep.

Another benefit is that these pillows maintain natural spinal and neck alignment, reducing pain.


CPAP Pillow

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For CPAP Mask

CPAP pillows are made for those who have CPAP machine and therapies. Because they are using a mask when sleeping, these types of pillows are specifically designed to help you stay comfortable despite wearing a mask, also lessening air leaks and wire tangling.

If you would like to learn more about CPAP Pillow, click here for your information >>>

How to Choose the Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea?

Other than the types of material and shapes of the pillow, there are other crucial factors to consider when choosing best pillow for sleep apnea:

Its Size

How big should the pillow be? This depends on two factors: Your body frame and bed size. Your pillow should be large enough to cover both your head and neck, but also at the right size so it will fit your bed without it being too big or small.

What's the Loft?

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For Back Sleepers

The loft (aka height) of your pillow will depend on your sleeping position. Back and side sleepers require a bit of a higher loft, while stomach sleepers need a low loft, almost flat. This is to help maintain the natural alignment of your spine and increase comfort levels while you sleep.

Firmness Level

Just like the pillow's loft, the firmness level will depend on both your preference and sleeping position.

Back sleepers would be more comfortable with something firmer, while side sleepers can go for medium-firm to slightly soft. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, will sleep best with a very soft pillow.

Anything Else To Consider?

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For Side Sleepers

What are other things to know when it comes to having best pillow for sleep apnea?

What's your sleeping position?

Do you feel pain anywhere else?

Do you suffer from allergies?

How about the rest of us without sleep apnea?

When should you change your current pillow?

Other Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea

Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea For Better Life

Pillows made to keep you sleeping well although sleep apnea is recommended, but what are different ways to alleviate symptoms? Here are home remedies to sleep apnea you might want to try:

  • If you are overweight, then it's time to shed some pounds and maintain a healthier weight. This can keep your airways clear, reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Regular exercise, specifical yoga, can improve your oxygen flow and respiratory health, which is needed to breathe properly even as you sleep.
  • For sleep apnea caused by allergies, then it's best that you clean your bed and room regularly. Opt to invest in a humidifier and use essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender which have soothing benefits to help you breathe properly throughout the night.
  • As much as possible, quit your vices! Limit your alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, which lessens the inflammation to your airways.

Top 5 Best Pillow for Sleep Apnea Reviews

After doing my research, tests, and checking the overall customer reviews, these are the five best pillows you can get to help with sleep apnea:

The Well-Conforming and Supportive

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Very supportive and comfortable, has helped relieve pain
  • It has lessened my snoring after a few weeks
  • The pillow's great for stomach and side sleepers
  • It might be too soft for some
  • Some complaints of it having different quality from before

What I love most about the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow is how supportive it is! I'm in love with the way it conforms well to both my head and neck, so I'm able to fall asleep properly.

When I use this pillow, I always feel very comfortable even before sleeping. It has the right level of firmness and the soft cover, adapting to my upper body to lessen the pain. And not only did I wake up with less pain, but my partner noticed that I've stopped snoring or moving around a lot as I sleep (an indication I woke up).

It isn't the ultimate miracle of sleep apnea, but it HAS alleviated many of its symptoms over the weeks I've used it. In fact, I decided to begin using it again because it's that comfortable and effective!

The Specialized for CPAP Masks

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Prevents air leakage and the mask doesn't fall off
  • Firm memory foam that adapts to neck and head perfectly
  • Keeps mask on and without tangling despite moving around
  • Some sleepers complain that it's a bit smaller than expected
  • Might be too firm for some

If you were prescribed CPAP mask and needed a pillow that helps support it well, then I recommend the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow. While I don't use a CPAP machine, I gave this to my father, who tested it out himself (I also checked it in terms of comfort and support).

After a few weeks of using it, my father has had nothing but positive reviews. He experienced less pain and discomfort while sleeping, and the pillow was designed good enough to prevent it from tangling even when he moves around. The mask and machine don't get caught in bed, and the mask stays in place the entire night!

As for its material, I commend it for its material. Made of memory foam, it conformed to my head and neck thoroughly and didn't flatten out easily. It works well, and I find it best for back and side sleepers for its firmness level!

The Multipurpose and Comfortable

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Fantastic support and the incline helps keep airways open well
  • Can be used for more than just sleeping
  • Affordable price with great value
  • Not as durable as other pillows reviewed
  • Takes some time to get used to

For those who want to try a wedge pillow that comes at an affordable price, then I would suggest you get the InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow.

Made of memory foam, I commend its quality despite the lower price! While it doesn't conform as well as other more expensive pillows, it does the job in keeping my back and head supported and aligned. It did take a few days to get used to the incline, but the snoring has stopped, and I don't wake up out of breath as often as I used to.

So if you're on a budget and want something to reduce the snores and have you breathe properly, this pillow can help you out. You can also use this for sitting up or reading and using your laptop, which makes it versatile!

The Therapeutic and Pressure-Relieving

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Optimum neck and spinal alignment to reduce painfully
  • Firm enough to keep your head raised properly to free up airways
  • Ergonomic design to relieve pressure points while having you sleep straight
  • High price but worth the purchase
  • Kind of flattens out after a year or so

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow might seem like a bit of an expensive purchase, but once you see its design and feel the quality, you'll probably want to use it every night!

When I received it, I was a bit confused because this wasn't the usual pillow I've tested! It's got an ergonomic design which is made to help with natural spinal alignment, all the while keeping you asleep without the snoring and breathlessness.

After the first night, I woke up feeling more refreshed than ever. It was surprising because I didn't feel as much pain around my shoulders, even if I usually sleep on my side! Moreover, with reduced snoring, I feel like this really improved my condition.

Also, this isn't just for those with sleep apnea. You can enjoy and take advantage of its benefits when you suffer from body pain or lack of sleep regardless of your sleeping position. This is also what makes the pillow worth its price.

Versatile and Best for CPAP Masks

ASleepyWolf rating

  • No air leakages and mask stays on despite movie a lot
  • Great design and customizable height or firmness level
  • Improves breathing and support, preventing waking up at odd hours
  • Has a bit of an odor at first
  • Not recommended for stomach sleepers

Another great CPAP mask goes to the Contour Products CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow. I admire and suggest this pillow a lot for CPAP users because of its versatility, as there are two different sleeping surfaces to ensure that you can sleep well according to your position.

Again, my father tested this out and had had no major complaints. He particularly commented on the side cutouts, which has helped reduce mask leaks and keeps it on an entire night, even if he shifts positions a lot. He feels like he breathes even better with the pillow and since my mom has no complaints, I feel like the test was a success!

As for the material test, it was cool that I was able to sleep with it despite not using CPAP mask. It's got a great design and is highly customizable according to my liking. This makes it the universal pillow for anyone using CPAP therapy while relieving the many worries regarding sleeping with the mask on.

Wrapping it Up

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition, but in various ways, you can treat its symptoms. Moreover, by using the best pillow for sleep apnea, you'll feel comforted and supported enough to help remedy the symptoms or keep you sleeping well despite wearing CPAP mask.

‚ÄčEditor's Pick

After testing a series of pillows, I believe that the best one has to go to Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow. This contour pillow has the great design which keeps your neck supported while conforming with the shape of both your head and neck, so you won't experience pain or discomfort as you sleep. It adapts well to your sleeping positions and provides the optimum spinal alignment, which is what I needed with a pillow!

I commend its support because as I try other home remedies for sleep apnea, this has helped me well with my snoring and keeping me sleeping the entire night deeply. Totally worth the price and I still use it up until now.

Hopefully, this purchasing guide to the best pillow for sleep apnea gave you an idea on what you should begin investing in. So try out any of these products and home remedies today!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences and reviews with best pillow for sleep apnea, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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