Best Anti-Snoring Pillows: 5 Fantastic Products for Sound Sleep 2019!

If there's something I had trouble with when sleeping, it was snoring! I always made a ruckus during the night, disturbing my partner. It's the reason why I invested in the best anti-snoring pillows, which have helped me sleep soundly in many ways.

Wondering where to get one? I researched all the information and reviews you need to know about, so read on!

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What Causes Snoring?

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows For Side Sleepers

Snoring happens when airflow through one's mouth or nose is physically obstructed. There are different reasons as to why such obstruction occurs:

  • Obstructed nasal airways due to allergies or sinus infections
  • Poor or too-relaxed muscle tone in tongue and throat. It can be due to alcohol consumption, sleeping pills, aging, or deep sleep. Lack of sleep can also cause your throat to relax more.
  • Overweight people have bulky throat tissue, which may cause snoring.
  • Your sleeping position, usually on the back, can cause you to snore more because of gravity effect on your throat.
  • Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, which affects your breathing.

How Does The Best Anti-Snoring Pillows Work?

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows With More Comfortable

Best anti-snoring pillows aim to align your neck properly, which would help facilitate better airflow as you sleep. The pillow does this by forming a straight line from your chin to the bottom of your neck, which prevents cramping or dropping off your chin.

Because of the better support provided by these products (compared to other traditional pillows), they relieve snoring while keeping both your neck and spine aligned to lessen pain and keep you sleeping straight.

These pillows are designed in such a way to help any type of sleeper reduce the snores, whether they sleep on their back, side, or stomach. Some have unique designs to support CPAP masks, too!

Types of Anti-Snoring Pillows

There is not one type of best anti-snoring pillows that fits everyone. You'll find that there are different kinds of pillows to help with snoring, based on two main factors:

By Its Material


Memory Foam

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows With Many Choices

Compared to traditional pillows, memory foam is even more support as it conforms to the shape of your head, keeping it in the healthy and aligned position. This will ensure that your entire upper body, including your airways, are properly supported to have you breathe easily.



While it isn't very common to use beanbag-style pillows, these pillows stuffed with polystyrene beads offer the soft feel that helps with pain relief. It's also pretty durable, providing excellent support and contouring that keeps your neck and spine aligned to prevent the blocking of your airways.


Latex Foam

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows for Better Sleep

Back and side sleepers will find benefit in latex foam pillows, which are firmer than those made of memory foam. Because of this, there is more support as it contours to your head, keeping one's airways aligned. It also helps reduce the shifting of positions, which are known to worsen snoring.

By Its Design



Wedge pillows are shaped in a way to elevate your upper body, aligning the spine and promoting open airways. These types of pillows can also help in more ways than one, from combating acid reflux down to bettering your posture when sleeping or sitting up (when reading or watching television!).



Best Anti-Snoring Pillows For Back Sleepers

Contoured pillows have center and shoulder indentions, which are what help keep the head at the optimum height for added support and comfort. It will cradle you in the natural sleeping position which is ideal for those with sleep apnea or suffer from mild snoring. This is thanks to the wavy design, which keeps one's airways fully open!


CPAP Pillow

This is known as a pillow for sleep apnea, particularly for those who have to use a CPAP machine and mask to remedy the problem. These pillows are best used for those who wear masks because they are explicitly designed to let your mask sit comfortably while staying secure as you sleep (regardless of position).


Smart Pillows

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows Sleep Tracks Better

Smart pillows are a new set of products which tracks your sleep, also monitoring and reacting to how you snore. Usually, it's made of memory foam and comes with mini speakers inside, as well as the device that has you connect it with your smartphone for better monitoring. That way, you know what you need to improve with your sleep!

Considers Before Buying the Best Anti-Snoring Pillows

The best anti-snoring pillows are advantageous, but only when you select the one suitable for you! Besides the type of pillow to choose, there are other factors to consider when purchasing this product:

Your Sleeping Position

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows for Stomach Sleepers
  • Back sleepers require something firmer, which prevents your throat muscles from relaxing too much to cause snoring. It also helps provide better spinal alignment.
  • Side sleepers should have a balance of both soft and firm leveled pillows, which would provide support from the firmness, but better comfort to keep their shoulders and sides free from pain while you try to sleep.
  • Stomach sleepers require something soft and flat, which keeps your head and neck at an optimum level with your back.

Do You Feel Pain?

Do you suffer from pain around your body while sleeping (such as your neck, shoulders, back, etc.)? Then you'll have to make sure that the pillow you choose doesn't only target support for opening your airways, but the support and firmness you need to align your body to prevent pain properly!

For instance, as someone who needs a pillow for migraines, I prefer those that contour and conform well to the shape of your head, like memory foam or latex.

Have Any Allergies?

A common cause of snoring comes from allergies. If you suffer from the morning colds or a stuffy nose before sleeping, then I suggest that you look for pillows that are also made of natural or hypoallergenic materials to prevent dust collection that causes nasal obstruction and colds!

The Pillow's Size

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows Memory Foam

There are two things to consider here: The size of your bed and the size of your head. The pillow should fully cover both your head and neck while fitting your bed to avoid awkward positioning. I do love bigger pillows though, for a more luxurious feel!

Your Budget

Consider how much you can spend on these products. While I don't recommend that you overspend, avoid scrimping and getting the cheapest one, too! Pillows like these have a price range between $50 to $100, so you can base your budget from there and begin your search with the other important factors.

More Tips on How to Remedy Snoring

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows For Healthy Life

Now that we've established what to know about best anti-snoring pillows, what else can you do to remedy the noise? Here is some advice you can try out:

  • If you drink alcohol or smoke daily or use sedating medicine, then I recommend that you avoid them right at least four hours before you sleep. Ask your doctor regarding sleep aids and other sedating medications to ensure that you use something that doesn't relax your muscles.
  • For snoring caused by nasal obstruction, you can use a room humidifier to prevent it from worsening. Antihistamines, nasal sprays, and cleaning your bedroom regularly can help prevent colds and stuffed noses, too.
  • When you are overweight, then it's best to lose the extra pounds, which reduces the risk of snoring and other sleeping disorders. Begin eating healthier and getting regular exercise, which also affects how you sleep positively.
  • If snoring still persists, then you may need to consult a medical professional who can provide proper treatments to reduce it (while using the best anti-snoring pillows).

If you want more tips on how to stop snoring, check out this helpful video:

Top 5 Best Anti-Snoring Pillows - 2019

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best anti-snoring pillows you can use to help reduce your snoring:

The Adjustable and Hypoallergenic

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Hypoallergenic and made of medical-grade materials
  • Extremely supportive and adjustable for any sleeping position
  • Easy to clean and doesn't lose shape while washing
  • It isn't as cooling as advertised
  • Some complaints of it feeling more bulky than firm

What makes the Pillow of Health CHOICE Adjustable the best in my list is because of its adjustability. This is what makes the product compatible with just about any type of sleeper!

As I began using it, I already knew that I was going to have no trouble sleeping quietly. It felt so comfortable yet with the right amount of firmness needed to prevent more pain! When I got up, I felt fresher, and without the usual cricks and strains, I felt around the neck and shoulders.

It did take a few days before my partner noticed that the snoring lessened, though. But I wasn't expecting it to work overnight, as it isn't a miracle worker! I was just happy to see that it did have positive results and kept my snoring to a minimum.

From its hypoallergenic material down to its quality memory foam you can adjust to your liking, you get more than what you pay for!

The Therapeutic and Supportive

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Perfect firmness and designed to relieve pressure
  • Conforms to head and neck well for comfortable sleep
  • Has reduced snoring considerably
  • Not great for stomach sleepers
  • Takes time to get used to its shape

If you want a contour pillow which helps keep your entire upper body well-supported, then I recommend the VISCO LOVESilver Sleep.

This pillow is best used for back or side sleepers with its design. I especially appreciate how it molds so well to both my neck and shoulders, which has eliminated pressure and kept me pain-free since day one.

I would commend this most for the support it gives. You can feel that it's soft enough to mold to your head and neck, while it still provides firmness back sleepers need to prevent loud snoring. After a few days, my partner says that I snore less now, with one night making NO noise at all!

For those who snore and suffer from neck and back issues, this pillow is right for you.

  • Affordable price with amazing value
  • Comes with two pillows for whole body comfort
  • Amazing support and keeps away pain and loud snores
  • I sometimes slide down the pillow from the steepness
  • Not the most durable pillow I've had

When you want a wedge pillow to prevent acid reflux and to use for other purposes, then I recommend the InteVison Foam Bed! Not only is it priced affordably, but it also has many great features for a fantastic sleep and less snoring.

I was a bit surprised with its quality because it came at a more affordable price, compared to other pillows I've tested. I realized I got more than what I paid for because it came with TWO pillows, one for my upper body and legs!

I began using the "upper" pillow first, which is made of a memory foam layer that's firm enough for support. Getting used to sleeping with a wedge pillow was a bit difficult, but it got easier after a week or so. After that, I realized how much it's helped with both my back and neck pain!

I don't experience as much pain as before, and as for snoring, it's still there but not as bad as before. I question its durability, but for now, it's still holding up pretty well, just a bit flattened.

All in all, an excellent purchase for those on a budget.

The Soft and Luxurious Feel

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Feels so soft and plush, luxurious feel
  • Adjustable height for side and stomach sleepers
  • The soft and breathable case for better comfort
  • Comes at a high price
  • Might be too soft for back sleepers

While the Drift Scrumptious might be on the steeper side price-wise, you'll definitely see why. Even I was surprised that I found a pillow that was super effective in keeping my snores to a minimum (and some nights, none at all!).

I commend this pillow for being very soft yet still provide enough support. At first, I was worried that it wouldn't help much with pain relief and snoring. But after three days, my partner reports that I sleep soundly, and he's able to roll back to sleep without the disturbance!

It's incredibly effective and works just as advertised. Plus, it feels plush and so soft, which has had me sleep straight and without any issues in terms of pain or discomfort. All in all, it's worth the price and I would recommend it if you have the extra budget.

The Best Made for Sleep Apnea

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Specially designed for those with CPAP masks
  • Cooling and comfortable, contours to head excellently
  • Rests easy and keeps the mask regardless of sleeping position
  • Some complaints of it being a bit thinner than expected
  • CPAP mask sometimes leaks, especially when shifting positions

If you have sleep apnea and require the CPAP mask, then you'll benefit from the EnduriMed CPAP. My father used this, as he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and required the CPAP machine to help keep him breathing regularly as he sleeps.

Based on my father, he commends it for how amazing it feels and the way it keeps his mask secure. He feels comfortable despite the mask and is able to sleep without any issues of tangled tubing or the mask moving away, which is excellent!

As for my tests (I tested it out for a week to see how soft and supportive it was), I'm impressed. It's not only made of the durable memory foam but also it contours well so I can see why I'm able to sleep even better and wake up without any pain or strains.

Furthermore, it comes with a cooling pillowcase, so I didn't suffer from night sweats or hot flashes! Overall, I would definitely recommend this for those who wear CPAP masks and need something both comfortable and pressure-relieving to prevent more snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea.

Wrapping it Up

When you have trouble with snoring while you sleep, then the best anti-snoring pillows can help remedy that. With its quality material and support, it helps keep your airways open while supporting your head well enough to keep you sleeping quietly throughout the night.

​Editor's Pick

Of all the different products I've tried and tested, I believe that the Pillow of Health CHOICE is best suited to remedy snoring. While it isn't the direct solution, it has helped keep me supported well enough to help me stay quiet as I snore.

Not only is it thanks to its quality adjustable filling, but because of its hypoallergenic materials which prevent allergies that cause snoring as well! With its resilient memory foam and adjustable firmness level, it's suitable for any type of sleeper regardless of what position or how many times you move while you're resting!

I hope that my purchasing guide on the best anti-snoring pillows gave you an idea on what to get to prevent snoring. So check out any of these products now and test them out yourself.

If you'd like to ask anything or share your experiences regarding best anti-snoring pillows, then comment below. I'd totally appreciate all your shares and comments!

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