Best Pillow for Migraines 2019: How Sleep and Migraine is Connected

I am not stranger to migraines. In fact, I was diagnosed with this condition when I was still 19 years old with no apparent reason why it started, but my doctor told me that it was due to stress and unmanaged lifestyle. To effectively mitigate my condition, I was told to get the best pillow for migraines.

After all, I am not a fan of taking prescription drugs, unless it is extremely necessary. Through proper sleeping and improving my diet and habit, I was able to curb down the series of painful headaches. For instance, a single pillow alone can serve as the borderline between discomfort and utter euphoria. 

In the next sections, I will share with you all the things that you have to know about a migraine. Of course, I will also highlight the reason why having an ergonomic pillow can make your days free from searing pain. Let’s start!

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How Do You Know If You Have a Migraine?

Best Pillow for Migraines in Winter

Not all headaches constitute a migraine, that's the definite thing that you have to understand. It is this very fact that made me reluctant to visit a doctor to have my headache checked. Not easy for accepting that you have a migraine. All those time, I thought that I am just susceptible to headaches.

How did I begin suspecting? Here are some of the warning signs:


Migraines has four stages. However, this doesn't mean that the progression or manifestation of a migraine should follow these phases.

Stage 1


This happens a day or two before the actual occurrence of migraine. During this stage, these following symptoms will occur:

  • Food cravings
  • ​​​​Stiffness of the neck
  • Urination and thirst
  • Constipation
  • Mood changes

Stage 2


Aura happens either during or hours before a migraine. Fortunately, a lot of migraine patients (including me) doesn't suffer from this. When a person experiences aura, he/ she undergo visual disruptions such as haziness of vision and "flashes". It could also affect your sensory and motor systems. At this point, you are very sensitive and weak.

Stage 3

Headache (Attack)

This part is where a migraine occurs. The pain that you experience here is quite disturbing. It is throbbing and challenging to manage. If there's no sufficient treatment, the headache can last for up to three days.

However, headaches are not the only symptom of migraine. During this stage, a person can be inflicted by these conditions:

  • Vomiting and nauseating
  • Extreme sensitivity to sound and touch
  • Blurring vision
  • Fainting

Stage 4

Post Drome

Your suffering doesn't end after the migraine. Some "backlash" effects can still happen 24 hours after the attack took place. Moodiness, weakness, and confusion are among those ordeals. But amusingly, some people experience sudden elation after the migraine!

No person would want to experience the symptoms of migraine or migraine itself. As of now, the best route that you can have is to avoid all the trigger factors of this condition. But what are they? 

Causes of Migraine

Best Pillow for Migraines for Men

Before I discuss the best pillow for migraines, let me elucidate first its causes. Stress and weariness are still the cases, however, they are not the direct cause of headache.

In the medical field today, migraine is not yet fully understood. Most doctors suggest that this condition is either caused by genetics or external factors. For instance, one of the prevailing theories today indicate that the varying changes in the brainstem cause it to happen.

Another suspected cause of migraine is the sudden shift of brain chemicals. Specifically, it is believed that the sudden drop of serotonin can kickstart unwanted headaches. Serotonin, by the way, is a hormone that mitigates the pain that you feel in your body.

You can learn about migraine in this video:

Risk Factors

Some of us might have been wired to experience migraine. However, the following risk factors can double the chances of us experiencing it. Stress and fatigue are considered as risk factors of headache, but never its primary cause.


Hormonal imbalance

Sleep Irregularity

Environmental Changes

Why Neck Pain is Related to Migraine?

I immediately know that an episode of migraine will hit me once I am struck by neck pain. Apparently, neck pain is closely related to this condition, as it is one of its major symptoms. But despite this, neck pain is rarely as one of the common symptoms of migraine.

Best Pillow for Migraines and Neck Pain

In a particular study, it has been suggested that the neck is more prevalent than nausea during an instance of migraine. The reason for this is still subject for speculation. However, it has been suggested that cervical misalignment is the cause for all of these pains.

When the cervical vertebrae are misaligned, the central nervous system gets affected. The repercussions include restricted blood flow, which in turn, becomes a severe culprit for headaches.

Right now, what you need is a long-term relief for migraine. If you are not up to medicines (just like me) as the prompt solution, what you need to do is get the best pillow for migraines

How the Best Pillow for Migraines Can Help You?

Best Pillow for Migraines for Old Person

I have already highlighted the varying risk factors and triggers of a migraine. Among them are sleep deprivation, stress, fatigue, and even neck pain. Fortunately, all of these can be addressed by having a quality sleep. In that aspect, what you need is a supportive mattress and a good pillow.


Improves Sleep Quality

You can sleep better if you have the right sleeping amenities. A well-engineered pillow alone can ensure that you can achieve an undisturbed evening rest. Of course, once you can get a regular sleeping pattern, your overall health will improve. There's no arguing about that.


Corrects Body Alignment

Another exceptional benefit of the best pillow for migraines is that it corrects your sleeping posture. It can improve the alignment and positioning of your body. It can provide support to your neck, knees, hips, and other parts where it tends to be painful.


Protects the Neck

Best Pillow for Migraines to have Better Sleep

Another exceptional benefit of the best pillow for migraines is that it corrects your sleeping posture. It can improve the alignment and positioning of your body. It can provide support to your neck, knees, hips, and other parts where it tends to be painful.

Considerations in Choosing the Best Pillow for Migraines

Not all pillows work the same. It is a given fact that you should understand. Let me remind you that not all pillow is suitable for neck pain, headache, and migraine. Just like searching for the best anti-snoring pillows, it is imperative that you know the considerations in choosing the best pillow for migraines


Best Pillow for Migraines Easy Care

When it comes to material, I suggest that you get the best pillow for migraines that has been made from memory foam. After all, the latter has the best contouring capability that would provide sufficient support to your neck. Some people have suggested that I should use water pillows. However, as long they are firm, they won't give the neck support that you need.


Best Pillow for Migraines Variety of Shape

You should also need to consider the shape of the pillow. At this point, I would urge you to get curved pillows. The design itself allows the item to contour to the profile of your body properly.

Flat pillows, on the other hand, is a difficult case. You can't find a comfortable position for your neck on flat and even surfaces. In fact, it can also trigger pain in the head and neck region.

You already know the fundamentals of a migraine and how therapeutic pillows can help on this. This time, allow me to highlight some of the finest options that you have for this sleeping amenity.

Top 5 Best Pillow for Migraines Reviews 2019

  • Provides the necessary contour for optimal neck support
  • The shredded design enables the user to mold it based on your preferences
  • Soft and comfortable texture
  • Can help correct spine misalignment
  • Ideal for different sleeping positions
  • Sometimes, it gets too dense

I know how difficult it is to sleep if your neck and head are troubled by pain. Lately, I made a shift to my pillows and tried something new just to address such discomforts. Along the way, I discovered the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow.

This one features a shredded foam that doesn't get flat or lumpy regardless of how many times you use it. Because of this, you can ensure that the pillow can provide proper contour to your neck and head.

I also noticed that this one exhibits proper density. You can also mold and maneuver it so that it can fit your preferences and sleeping position. I just love this pillow because of its efficiency in correcting neck and spine alignment. Therefore, it can help prevent insomnia, body pain, and a variety of orthopedic problems.

  • Extremely responsive to your body's profile and movement
  • Can work in a variety of sleeping positions
  • Fiber and cotton construction makes it extremely comfortable to the head
  • Good option for people that have sensitive necks
  • Features adjustable firmness
  • Difficult to fill with water

I did say that I am quite reluctant when it comes to water pillows because of their given density. However, some models out there have surpassed such limitations. One of the rare gems out there is The Water Pillow by Mediflow.

I have this one on my home as an alternative to the Xtreme Comforts. This one works wonderfully, as it can offer proper neck and head support.

This one has been clinically proven to improve the situation of those that are suffering from neck pain and headaches. If you have chronic back pain, this pillows helps in the alignment of your spine. The surface of this water pillow is soft; it will never cause any pain or agitation that can trigger your migraine.

  • Provides balanced support to the neck, head, and shoulder
  • Each side has different contours to cater to different user preferences
  • Moderately dense for a more comfortable feel
  • Gentle and smooth surface
  • An affordable option
  • Not a good choice for back and stomach sleepers

A lot of my aged colleagues in the office are too keen about the pillows that they are using. I learned this when we had a business trip to London, where one of us took a contour pillow. As I had taken a look at it, the item was made by Sleep Innovations. Of course, I have heard a lot about this pillow, especially on its therapeutic capabilities.

Because of its contoured design, the pillow has no problems of providing the right support that your neck and head needs. It can hamper pressure points on those regions and ensure that pain won't disturb your sleep. It is also a good pillow to lie on when you have a migraine.

After all, it can offer seamless support and relentless comfort.

  • Features adjustable thickness
  • Contouring features prevent strain in the head and neck
  • Seamless support helps in the optimal spine alignment
  • Firmness is on the right level
  • Highly breathable construction
  • Some of the buckwheat lose when you change pillowcases

If you want a sure-fire option that can treat your migraine and body pains, the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow should be your priority. I love this pillow because of its gentle firmness. Yes. It is firm, but it is definitely malleable. It can provide a seamless contour to your neck and head so that you won't sustain any episodic migraines while you sleep.

You can also adjust the thickness of Hullo. This feature is one of its best selling points. Regardless of your body size and shape, lying on this pillow will always be comfortable. It is also a good pillow for sleep apnea because of it can help you feel cool and relaxed. It did help me conquer some sleepless nights!

  • Hypoallergenic construction makes it good for sensitive sleepers
  • Can fully adjust to the shape and profile of your beck and head
  • Features an appropriate level of firmness
  • Ensures optimal air circulation so that you can feel cool all the time
  • Helps in maintaining the alignment of the spine and neck
  • The flat side is an issue

My neighbor hates to sleep on thick pillows. Since she is small, she's having difficulties in dealing with bulky items. She was the one who recommended the Bluewave Bedding Memory Foam Pillow to me. According to her, this is a good option for my child since it can assist in the development of proper spine alignment. I did try it and accidentally discovered that it is also a good choice for treating migraine!

Because it is made from memory foam, it can easily contour to your head and neck. It is also slightly dense so that your head won't sink down to the mattress. However, I do suggest that you should use its contoured side. After all, a flat surface will never be good for those who suffer chronic headaches and neck pains.

Wrapping it Up

Migraine occurs when a person doesn't have a healthy lifestyle and proper sleep habit. You are also more prone to it if your neck and head don't receive the right support and comfort they need when you sleep. These are the very reasons why you need the best pillow for migraines. It is an amenity that strips all these issues without you spending too much.

​Editor's Pick

After all, the best pillow for migraines is the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow. It has an exceptional contouring capability, which is excellent for the provision of head and neck support. It has the right firmness and doesn't get flat at all! Using this pillow regularly will improve your sleeping conditions and overall immunity to migraine.

Of course, you can always choose any pillow that you want. Just make sure that you refer to this guide whenever you are going to shop for one.

Did you learn from this guide on best pillow for migraines? If you have questions or things to clarify, just drop them in the comment section below.

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