Top 5 Best Ways for Sleeping Sitting up Comfortably

Some days, we don't get enough sleep and need a power nap at work or during long commutes. It's wishful thinking, bringing your bed anywhere with you, so we make do with desks and chairs. But, I know how difficult it is trying to sleep while sitting up, and it feels uncomfortable!

But how to sleep sitting up? And after trying the steps out myself, I was surprised that it worked and I got some good sleep.

For more later, then read on as in a bit ... 



Fix The Environment As Much As Possible

how to sleep in a chair

For starters, it's time you start to improve the environment you'll be sleeping in. This can help in lulling you to relax while keeping you as comfortable as possible like you're in your bedroom!

If you can, consider gathering bedding and wearing comfortable clothing to make sleeping easier. Or if you're planning to sleep during a commute, pack a special travel pillow with you.

Some people also bring eye masks to block off the light. Others being headphones or earplugs to block the noise or to listen to relaxing music.

The goal here is to make your environment sleep-inducing as possible, which helps in having you fall asleep faster.


Find a Good Place to Sleep On

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Once you've readied your environment and things you need to induce sleep, look for where exactly you can sleep.

Obviously, you'll need to sleep on the seats you're assigned to in cars, trains, or planes. But if you have more freedom, like in homes or offices, look for vertical surfaces like walls, posts, or fences.

As much as possible, look for softer vertical surfaces like couches or recliners. It's actually best to use recliners for sleeping, which reenact beds and give you better sleep experience.


Prepare a Comfortable Sleep Site

sleeping propped up pillows

Next up, prepare your sleeping site, aiming to make it even more comfortable to have you rest better.

If you aren't sleeping on a chair or well-cushioned area, gather the bedding prepared to place it on the surface. It's best to use soft blankets, pillows, cushions, or other paddings around you for less pain as you rest.

That's why I recommend you have a travel or throw blanket with you at all times. At ASleepyWolf, you can find the right types of beddings and blankets perfect for situations like these!


Ready Your Sleeping Position

sleeping sitting

Once the environment and sleeping area are ready, it's time to start trying to rest!

Place a blanket over you and follow any routine you usually do to put yourself to sleep. It can be counting sheep, breathing exercises, or even warm drinks beforehand.

As you try to sleep, shift your position to remain as comfortable as you can. This can also reduce any soreness when you wake up. If ever you wake up when you're trying to fall asleep, stretch a bit and change positions slightly.

Also, consider getting even better head support to prevent it from slipping side to side. This protects your head and gives it more support to avoid neck and head pain.


Safety Tips to Follow

is it bad to sleep sitting up

Besides the steps I mentioned above, follow these safety tips to ensure a healthy AND secure sleep:

  • Make sure that you're in a safe environment when sleeping, especially if you're by yourself.
  • Set alarms to avoid oversleeping when at work or commuting.
  • Avoid conditions like deep vein thrombosis! Stretch and shift your position if you're sleeping upright for long periods.
  • For those who plan to sleep upright for long-term, ask your doctor if you're allowed to do so.
  • If you're sleeping upright during flights or when in cars, buses, or trains, try getting the window seat. You'll be able to lean against walls or windows to help make it more comfortable.

Learn more about how to sleep sitting up with this exciting interview with a doctor:

Wrapping It Up

We all know how difficult it is trying to sleep sitting up, whether it's a long trip or at work.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the experience less painful while getting enough rest. That way, you can sleep anywhere without waking up to a bad back and a headache!

I hope my steps on how to sleep sitting up helped you out! So if you're planning to try taking naps in the office or the car, try these steps out now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own tips when sleeping while sitting up, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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