The Best Steps to Follow on How to Sleep in a Car Properly

There is nothing better than a road trip, where you can play excellent music, a stopover for food, and arrive in a fantastic place for a long vacation! But if there's one thing that people hate about the long rides on the road is how to sleep in it! Sure, a car is comfortable, and the air conditioning is cold, but it can get quite uncomfortable if you aren't fully inclined and with the adequate space you need, as compared to sleeping on a bed. But if you need to, you're probably wondering about how to sleep in a car as comfortable as possible.

So to help you out, I show you some methods and tricks on how to sleep in a car correctly!


Why Learn How to Sleep in a Car Properly?

how to sleep in a car

I'm sure you're probably wondering: Is there a proper way on how to sleep in a car?

While it does depend on your preference, there is an important reason as to why you should learn how to stay comfortable and secure when sleeping in the vehicle.

Just like using the beds or couches, there are certain positions we are recommended to follow to prevent any pain from coming in the morning. And because car trips can be uncomfortable from the bumpy ride or squished space, it may be harder to locate a safe space to park your car and get yourself in a position that will help you sleep straight, for at least a few hours.

Not only will sleeping properly in your car prevent any discomfort or stiffness after waking up, but it will help you become more energized and ready for the drive ahead. This is crucial especially if you are driving because you need the rest most to avoid accidents on the road if you feel less energized due to lack of sleep.

Learning about how to sleep in a car safely isn't only about your safety and comfort, but your fellow passengers as well.

How to Sleep In a Car?

Now that you learned about why knowing how o sleep in a car properly is important, the next question is how you should rest up during breaks or the long drive without any discomfort or danger.

Here are the steps you should follow when sleeping in a car, whether you're the driver or passenger, alone or with friends!

Preparing for the Road Trip

how to sleep in a car

Before anything else, you will need to prepare for the road trip. This means to pack the essentials and what you need to have when sleeping in your car. Here are the basic things I would pack to prepare for the night in the car:

  • hand-o-right
    Light sleeping bag. If this is a bit too bulky, I have a light blanket to cover myself up.
  • hand-o-right
    Sleeping mask
  • hand-o-right
  • hand-o-right
    A pillow or two
  • hand-o-right
    Loose clothes (or I would wear loose clothes already)
  • hand-o-right
    Cellphones for communication and noise-canceling apps
  • hand-o-right
    Flashlight and other safety devices

You can opt always to have this in the trunk of your car or to pack it with the stuff you have ready for your vacation.

Choosing a Location

how to sleep in a car

You can't just stop and park anywhere. Not only may it be not allowed according to state laws, but it's dangerous as well. I recommend you to park in a rest stop and not sketchy and dark places, which can be filled with creatures, safety hazards from weather and avalanches, or even thugs.

Like what I mentioned, keep on the lookout for rest stops and park in an area with minimal foot traffic but still within the range of the area to assure safety. Plus, they have food stops where you can have breakfast or dinner.

Search for places online and plan your route, so you are near rest stops to take a break when on the way.

Locking the Car and Prioritizing Privacy

how to sleep in a car

Once you have parked in a safe and secure area, it's time to start preparing your car by locking all the doors and the trunk to avoid anyone stealing or unknowingly getting into your vehicle while you are resting. Cover the windshield with sunshade and insert any towels or clothes on top of the windows for privacy. Don't cover the windows from the outside so you can drive off quickly without having to go outside and remove it in case of an emergency.

Fixing the Temperature

how to sleep in a car

To remain comfortable and healthy in the car, then be sure that you adjust the temperature. You WILL need to switch off your engine for safety reasons, so roll the windows down and follow the tip on adding articles of clothing on your windows for privacy and security. If it is extremely hot or cold, then turn on the engine for the blower or heater for short bursts of time.

Preparing the Car Seats

Start preparing your car seats for a night of sleeping. Whether you are using bucket seats or the bench seats, put it on an incline so that you can stretch out. It's best to lean all the seats back. Cover the seats with bedding or blankets to increase its comfort. If you do not have bedding or extra blankets, you can cover the seat with clothes or towels. Focus on your head and neck for cushioning.

Making Yourself Comfortable

how to sleep in a car

Now it's time to make yourself comfortable after you have prepared the car! Wear loose clothing and remove your clothes, so you have an easier time moving around and staying comfortable, rather than using tight clothes or shoes. Wear clothes according to the weather, opting for cotton or wool as they can regulate your temperature as well. To keep yourself cool during hot weather, opt

Covering Yourself

It's best to use a blanket when sleeping to help regulate your temperature. If you are sleeping in hot weather, opt for a light blanket to still cover yourself up. For the cold, cotton and wool blankets are best. Plus, I'm sure some of you can't sleep without a blanket for security reasons!

Keep your head propped up with a pillow and if needed, put pillows under your feet, hips, or knees.

Finding the Right Sleeping Position

how to sleep in a car

Position your body correctly. This is one of the most important things you will need to prioritize, as it can be difficult to reach the deep sleeping stage if you are unable to relax your muscles from poor sleeping positions. Try to stretch out fully and sleep on your back.

Always focus on your head and neck's position. If any of your body parts feel numb while you go to sleep, shift positions to avoid stiff muscles in the morning.

Blocking Out the Light and Noise

how to sleep in a car

Another way to stay comfortable and sleep easier when in the car would be to cancel out all the light and noise around you. Turn off the lights in your vehicle and cover up the windows (which we have established awhile ago). To cancel out noise, use your phone as a noise-canceling device and put on your earplugs. A sleeping mask will help make it darker and help you sleep quicker.

Timing Your Sleep

how to sleep in a car

There are times you are unable to sleep for a full eight hours. Though during very long road trips, some drivers would opt to sleep in a rest stop overnight.

Either way, it's still important to time your sleep when you are at a rest stop to avoid having to change your itinerary when on the way. Set alarms and calculate the time you can stay at the rest stop, as well as when you must leave to continue the journey.

The Morning After

how to sleep in a car

Once you have woken up from a night in the car, it's time to prepare everything again. Fix the seats, remove the covers, and prepare yourself for another drive. You may want to eat a bit or stretch once you wake up to help with your energy and blood circulation.

In Conclusion

Sleep is a crucial part of your life for you to feel comfortable and energized throughout the day. And to avoid accidents during a long road trip, you'll need to make sure that you get the adequate rest. Though it may be difficult to sleep in a cramped car, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep still as long as you follow the tips I mentioned above.

I hope that this article on how to sleep in a car helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to follow when it comes to getting your rest, whether you're a driver or passenger. So what are you waiting for? If you're planning a long road trip, then begin preparing and follow these methods on how to sleep in a car today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to sleep in a car, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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