How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

Since sleep is one of the most important things, we have to do to help take care of our body. But while sleep may be comfortable and energizing, it can leave us with some painful feelings once we wake up. When we sleep wrong, we end up suffering from neck pain. And no one wants to wake up groggy and to feel the stiffness upon waking up in the morning. That's why it's important for you to know how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong.

To help you out, I show you ways on how to get rid of the neck pain and how you can prevent it from happening in the future.


Why Do We Suffer From Neck Pain Upon Waking Up?

You have probably felt it before - You wake up in the morning and end up not being able to move your head properly because of a stiff or painful neck. Not only does this make it hard for you to get up, but it puts you in a bad mood as well.

The pain in the neck can come from different areas, mostly associated in the back part. But why does it happen in the first place?

how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

The primary cause of neck pain would be due to your sleeping position. Sleeping (and waking up) on the wrong side of the bed is a real thing, and it doesn't only lead to crankiness. It can also lead to a sore body as well, including your neck.

The poor support of your bed or pillows may end up putting stress on your neck. And because you are in one place for an extended period of time, being in an awkward position for hours without feeling the pain while unconscious leads to a stiff neck. And you'll only be able to feel it once you get up.

Other reasons would be your poor sleeping habits, such as regularly tossing and turning or from lack of sleep. Because you are unable to sleep, your body feels weak and is more vulnerable to feeling soreness after a night of little to no sleep at all.

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong?

Waking up with neck pain in the morning isn't only uncomfortable, but it keeps you from doing the things you're supposed to do right after. Luckily, there are ways on how you can remedy that, from natural pain relievers to exercises.

Here are the solutions you can follow on how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong:


how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

Using heat is one of the oldest yet effective solutions to muscle pain. It helps your neck relax and relieve itself from the stiffness it felt from the wrong sleeping position. 

There are different ways on how you can apply heat to your neck.

What You Need
  • Warm compress
  • Hot water
How to Proceed
  • Add an appropriate amount of hot water to the heating pad.
  • Apply the heating pad on your neck for ten minutes or until the pain slowly dies out.

Another option would be taking a warm bath or shower, as this can help improve blood circulation and relieve the tension around the neck. If you take a bath, use bath salts, as they are known to relieve muscle pain as well.


how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

Yes, this is another old and relaxing trick! While you can go to a massage parlor, you can also have your partner do it for you. If you're alone, then it's possible to do a neck massage yourself. You can find a lot of massage videos online to follow and relieve the neck pain.

What You Need
  • Lavender oil
How to Proceed
  • Rub the essential oils around your neck, making sure that everything is covered thinly and evenly.
  • Start to massage the painful areas around your neck slowly. Be gentle and slowly add pressure. Make sure you’re sitting up straight to avoid even more tension.


how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

If heat did not work for you, ice might be the solution. Take note that it will only work for some, as it depends on the person's body.

What You Need
  • Ice pack
How to Proceed
  • Apply the ice pack and leave it on for about one minute before removing it to allow your neck to rest. Put it back on once your neck has warmed.
  • If you still feel pain or it worsens after a few minutes, remove it and proceed to the next solution.


how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

Stretching your neck after a bad night of sleep will help reduce the pain and improve your blood flow, making your neck feel more comfortable after the stiff position. 

You won't need anything but yourself and your hands while stretching.

How to Proceed
  • Move your neck up and down.
  • Start moving your neck to the sides.
  • Roll your neck and form circles, doing it very slowly.

Make sure you are sitting up straight while doing this. If you feel any pain, stop the stretches.

Apple Cider Vinegar

how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

While you can purchase over-the-counter pain relievers or oil balms from your local drugstore, using natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar can help relieve the pain without the chemicals that may damage your skin. It's anti-inflammatory and can help relieve muscle tension. 

What You Need
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Paper or hand towels
How to Proceed
  • Pour apple cider vinegar to the towel.
  • Apply the towel on your neck and leave it for an hour or so. Do this twice a day.

Another remedy would be to bathe in a full bath with two cups of apple cider vinegar. Soak for fifteen minutes, once a day.

How to Prevent Neck Pain From Happening During Sleep?

Now that you know how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong, the next question is: How can you prevent it from happening again?

Here are some methods and tips you can follow on how to keep the neck pain away: 

Sleeping Position

how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

When you sleep on your side, you end up slightly twisting your spine, which is connected to your neck. Since you add strain to your spine when sleeping to your side, it results to neck pain or stiffness in the morning.

One thing you can do is to lie on your back while sleeping. It provides the support you need to allow your back to rest comfortably.

If you find it difficult to sleep on your back at first, try to place pillows under your arms to also relieve the sore neck. Sometimes a slightly higher incline is comfortable.

If you can't sleep on your back and prefer on your side, make sure that the pillow you rest your head on is NOT too high. Only have the pillows about four inches thick to prevent your neck from keeping an unnatural position.

Proper Amount of Sleep

Sleeping right will help reduce the strain on your neck. It isn't just about sleeping for eight hours, but to ensure that you have the quality amount of sleep to rest your head and neck, preventing it from being susceptible to pain.

Consider Changing Pillows or Try a Memory Foam

how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

Your pillow might not be providing the enough support your neck needs. If you feel that your pillow has become too limp or used, then replace it with a firmer pillow that's still soft enough to keep you comfortable.

I recommend flat or orthopedic pillows with deeper depression for better support. Using the right type of pillow according to your sleeping position is recommended. And it's better to have more than just one around you.

A mattress with the right material, firmness, the thickness and size is the most thing to consider investing. They will allow you to change positions quickly while still providing you with proper neck support and your back need.


how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

I did mention stretching the moment you wake up to remove the neck pain when waking up in the morning, but exercising overall helps lessen the strain as well. Stretch your neck and do strengthening exercises to help decrease the pain throughout the day.

If you follow consider or follow these tips every day, you'll be able to see positive results in a few weeks. Just observe and see if your neck is relieved from the pain. If not, then it might be time to seek professional help.

In Conclusion

If you suffer from neck pain, then there may be some reasons. But the number on cause would be the way you position yourself or other bad sleeping habits you didn't know you had. But once you know how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong, you won't be bothered by the discomfort anymore!

I hope that this article helped you become more knowledgeable on how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong and how to avoid it from happening again. So what are you waiting for? If you have neck pain, then try these methods out for yourself today.

If you enjoyed the article or would like to show your tips on relieving yourself from the neck pain due to sleeping wrong, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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