Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair & Car

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Before, I used to have this constant, dull pain around my lower back no matter what I do. It was getting out of hand, which is why I decided to get the best lumbar support pillow! Once I began using it whenever I sat down, my back pain lessened and I was able to improve my posture.

Wondering what kind of pillow to get for you? Read on!

Cushion Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Lumbar Support Pillows

After doing my research, tests, and checking customer reviews, these are the five best lumbar support cushions for office chair & car to invest in:

Everlasting Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow - The Supportive and Pain-Relieving

What makes the Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion the best for me is its excellent support! Even until now, I use this for better back pain relief without having to take medication or therapy.

The pillow is made of memory foam, so it conforms well to my body, with the right lumbar curve depth to support my spinal alignment. During the first few days, I felt a bit uncomfortable because I wasn't used to having an extra pillow behind me. But after the third or fourth day, I began feeling its effects.

As for its accessories, it comes with a mesh cover, which is soft and breathable. That one adds to my comfort so I don't sweat as much as I did before while I'm driving

Furthermore, it comes with adjustable strap, so I'm able to place it anywhere I go. The dual straps make the pillow stay in place and it never slips, whether I put it in the car or my office chair.

From its soft cover down to its supportive memory foam, I believe this to be worth the price and best for back support! My back pain lessened gradually until I was able to sit and wake up without the soreness and strain. It's even helped with my stiff neck as I work!

  • Dual adjustable straps to avoid pillow from sliding
  • Soft and conforms to back perfectly
  • Has a breathable and plush removable cover
  • Might be too thick or large for small-framed people
  • Some complaints of itchy fabric

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion - The Sturdy and Breathable

For those who are looking for something to last for the long run, then you'll appreciate the LoveHome Back Cushion. It's made of the quality memory foam which feels just as good as it is strong.

I like the fact that it molds well to my back, ensuring both comfort and support. It doesn't feel awkward as I sit down, and I'm able to focus more on work than adjusting to my posture. After a few days, I already felt both back and neck pain go away regardless of how long I sat for.

Before, I used to dread going to the office because I knew I'd be sitting all day and complaining of lower back pain. Now, I feel better about sitting down, though I still have to stretch every few hours to ensure that my back is free from pain the entire shift.

Like my top choice, it has the two straps and a breathable cover, which is what adds to its comfort and convenience. And with its sturdy construction, that it will last for a very long time, making it worth the price.

  • Has the sturdy construction built to last
  • The memory foam doesn’t flatten out
  • Relieves bad lower back pain no matter how long you sit for
  • Maybe too small for larger frames
  • Some people say that it doesn’t relieve tailbone pain

DMI Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Support Cushion Pillow - The Easy to Clean and Affordable

When you're on a budget but also want to ensure that you get your money's worth, then you're going to like the Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Cushion.

It's simply designed yet with the excellent features you'd expect. The pillow is made of orthopedic foam. So it keeps its shape but contours to your body's spinal curve for natural alignment.

I kept my expectations lower than usual because of its price. And when I tried it, it took about a week or so before I felt significant improvements.

Honestly, it did take longer to relieve back pain. But I understood since it wasn't the most premium material. It still did a great job in supporting my back and posture.

As long as you remove the board on the back, it keeps you comfortable and can be used anywhere. It does have a few design flaws, but for its price, it that this pillow still holds promise. If you want something affordable and still pain-relieving, then I highly recommend this brand!

  • Affordable price with good value
  • Relieves back pain considerably
  • Simple and lightweight design to take anywhere
  • The pillow sometimes slides off the chair because it has no straps
  • Has a weird board on the back that’s best to remove

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Back Cushion - The Premium Plush and Convenient

The Xtreme Comforts Back Support Cushion is a bit pricier compared to the other brands I tested out. BUT, you'll definitely feel its amazing support and effectivity!

This pillow still comes at a good price (not as expensive as your traditional pillows) and still pain-relieving throughout the day. I commend it for its plush quality and feel providing the luxurious comfort. Also while keeping my back pain-free and with good posture!

I spend hours on end sitting on the desk. Even after just a few days, the pillow has kept me free from soreness and numbness when I move around. It's perfect for anyone who needs the extra support to sit for a long time, or if they've got some back conditions to treat!

It comes with a strong and soft cover, as well as the slip-resistant straps to keep it in place. The pillow is also travel-friendly, as it comes with a protective carry bag to bring around wherever you go.

With its cool and comfortable feel, as well as its pain-relieving properties, I believe it is a valuable investment.

  • Comes in a complete package, with strap, bag, cover, and guarantee
  • Perfect back support and relieves pain completely
  • Can be used for all types of seats
  • Pricier than other types of pillows
  • Some complaints of it being too soft

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP - The Durable and Versatile

OPTP Lumbar Roll Pillow has the different design compared to the other brands I tested. But it is best made for those who are always on-the-go and want to focus more on their lower back (lumbar) pain.

It's a roll shape type, which is lightweight and convenient. It even comes with a protective carrier bag, which makes it great for traveling and bringing around everywhere. It also has the contouring feel to it, like memory foam, relieving back pain efficiently.

When I first tried it, it took a few days for me to get used to having a roll behind my back. Then after another few days, I felt better support and lower back pain relief. So I was able to sit for hours on my chair and while I travel.

It's best used for driving or plane rides. Especially since it has the adjustable strap to keep it in place anywhere. So if you need something light and made for traveling, this is the best for you.

  • Relieves lower back pain efficiently
  • Lightweight and good size for traveling
  • Great support for long driving and plane rides
  • It’s best to use for shorter hours (like three-hour plane or car rides)
  • Takes time to get used to the roll shape

The Benefits of The Lumbar Cushion

We have car neck pillows to help with our head and necks, but what about our backs? This is where best lumbar pillow come along! Here are its amazing benefits:


Amazing Back and Spine Support

best lumbar support cushion

Best lumbar support cushion for office chair provides the excellent back support required when sitting down. This is because it's specially designed to realign your spine, supporting the natural curve to lessen the pressure.

As a result, it relieves lower back (lumbar) pain as you sit for long periods of time. It's best used in many situations when you're sitting, from the office, driving, or even when on the couch! 


Improves Posture

best back cushion

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain good posture posture when we sit for hours. That's why using the back support for office chair can help do that while it realigns your spine. It's designed to force you to sit up straight comfortably, which can also reduce back pain while keeping your back at the right angle.


Saves You Money From Medical Fees

Did you know that people spend up to $200 on chiropractors and physical therapy for simple back problems? (Via: DOCSHOPAdd the cost of prescribed medication and those expenses rocket up!

That's why I love lumbar pillow, which help in relieving back pain naturally while saving me a lot. Since it's not a major back condition, I don't need to visit a chiropractor and spend lots of money on something I can relieve on my own.



back support cushion for chair

Lumbar cushions are surprisingly inexpensive yet with the durable material to last! Most pillows range between $15 to $35, which isn't bad for back relief.



Many of lumbar cushions aren't only lightweight, but also easy to travel with. They are versatile and some come with carrying bags. So you can use them as a travel pillow in planes, car seats, or transfer them to your office chairs.

Who Should Use Best Lumbar Support Pillow?

Anyone can use best lumbar support pillow, though it's highly recommended for:

Those Who Sit Long Hours

best back support cushion for office chair

When we sit for hours on end, may it be in the car or office, it adversely affects our posture. After all, sitting on hard chairs without "resting" our backs will have us feel pain. That's why the lumbar pillow for chair is best for those who are on their butts for most of the day.

Those With Posture or Back Problems

If you already have pre-existing back conditions or problems with posture. Even you're just looking for something comfortable while you sit on a hard chair, then lumbar pillow for chair is best for you. These, along with coccyx cushions, provide the orthopedic support, which improves posture. That way, it lessens the pain and symptoms.

car back support cushion

There's no need to consult a doctor before getting the back support pillows. But if you do have existing back and spinal conditions, then it's best to ask a medical professional about the extra treatment required.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Lumbar Support?

Before purchasing the best lumbar support cushion, there are important factors to consider:

The Height of Its Backseat

Consider the height of both you and your chair's backrest. After that, look into the pillow's measurements. This will help ensure that you selected a pillow that covers and supports your whole back.

The depth of the Lumbar Curve

car seat back support cushion

Not everyone should have a pillow with too much depth. This should depend on your back, as the product should support the natural curvature without it sinking too much. I recommend a depth of around four to five inches.

Type of Chair

Will you be using the pillow for your car seat or office chairs? Or will you be bringing it to airplanes and while traveling? Consider the types of chairs you'll be using the pillow with so it can help you select a versatile one with adjustable strap and added comfort!

How to Select the Back Support Pillow?

Now that we established the different things to consider, these are the features of the best lumbar support pillows to look into:



There are two main types of pillows:

  • S-shaped pillows are the classic design, which supports your entire back for natural spinal curvature. It's best to use for a long time on the desk or car.
  • Pillow rolls are placed by your lower back, which helps in bettering your posture and relieving lower back pain.



memory foam back cushion

The pillow's materials should be soft enough to provide comfort, but supportive enough to ensure less back pain and good posture. Because of that, that pillows made of breathable memory foam are best!



I prefer pillows that come with the important accessories, especially the adjustable straps. This helps keep the pillow in place regardless of where you install it. And if you like to travel, find a pillow with a protective bag, too!


Washable and Removable Cover

Does the pillow come with a cover? I would highly suggest getting one that does for added protection and comfort! Besides that, the cover should be easy to remove (and place), as well as it is easy to wash.

Bonus Tips on Pillow Care

How to Clean The Pillow

Here are some tips to follow when cleaning and caring for your pillow:

  • ​Because most of these pillows are made of memory foam, I recommend that you spot-clean the filling itself. If any stains occur, use a damp cloth with mild detergent to remove the stain, gently rubbing it until it disappears.
  • You can wash the pillow cover according to the manufacturer's instructions. Usually, it's machine-washable so just use the gentle cycle and mild laundry soap.
  • If your pillow has a slight odor, you may place it in the dryer on low heat for half an hour with scented fabric softener. Yet, this depends on the brand that you buy.

Wondering how to use lumbar support cushion properly? This is a helpful video that will show you how:

Wrapping it Up

One of the reasons why you might be suffering from back pain is because of poor posture or sitting on a bad chair for hours on end! With the best back pillow, you'll be able to have the cushion and support your back needs to prevent that strain from happening.

Of all the different pillows I tested, the best one has to go to the Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion. I like the fact that it comes with the strong and non-slip straps so I can take it off and place it anywhere. It's great to use for both my car seat and office chairs, as the straps can fit both without issue.

It also comes with the unique design which specifically targets back pain! I can vouch for that because it's relieved the discomfort I felt before within a few days, still using it up to now and I have no major complaints! From its durability down to the pressure-relief, I can say it's worth the investment.

Everlasting Comfort The Original Lumbar Support Pillow - Improves Posture, Promotes Back Pain Relief...*
  • Lumbar Support Pillow: Made w/ memory foam, it contours to your body to target lower back discomfort
  • Improves Posture: Mimics the spine's natural curve to support your upper, middle, and lower back
  • Universal Fit: Adjustable straps, extensions fit chairs up to 32" wide; ideal for office, car seats
  • Breathable Mesh Cover: Promotes air circulation, keeping you cool during long sitting hours
  • Durable: Removable, washable cover ensures lasting freshness; withstands everyday wear and tear

Hopefully, this article on the best lumbar support pillow gave you an idea of what to invest in! So don't wait any longer and relieve back pain with any of these products now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews with lumbar pillow, comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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