Best Car Neck Pillow for 2019: 5 of the Best to Comfort Long Drives

I noticed that whenever I'm driving, my neck ALWAYS hurts! It always ends up with a headache once I'm out of the car. That's why I started looking for the best car neck pillow, which has helped me drive safely and without feeling the strain.

If you're like me and need a neck pillow yourself, then read on as I show you the five best ones!

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Why Get The Best Car Neck Pillow?

When I was still debating over getting the best car neck pillow, there was one question that kept popping: "Why do I need this?" Why couldn't I just use my usual neck pillow or live with the headrest in the car?

Sure, you can put up with a regular pillow or what your car seat has to offer, but a car neck pillow specialized for your headrest can do a lot more than look cool.


This Is Great For EVERYONE!

Best Car Neck Pillow for Everyone

Just like coccyx cushion, the best car neck pillow isn't just for drivers with neck or back problems. It's suitable for ANYONE looking for a way to stay comfortable while driving. After all, a long drive stuck in traffic or a road trip always results in a stiff neck or sore back. That's why a quality pillow can help alleviate that discomfort during and after driving.


It Supports Your Neck

Best Car Neck Pillow Updated 2018

For those who do have neck problems even outside of driving, this type of pillow helps a LOT. Since most car neck pillows are made of memory foam, they conform to the shape of your neck, cushioning it and keeping it supported to prevent pressure and tension that causes pain.


Helps Prevent Whiplash

Best Car Neck Pillow Comfortable

Whiplash can occur during car accidents. A nasty bump can produce a force strong enough to injure your neck, causing neck pain and headaches. The best neck pillow can lessen the blow and prevent the cracking of your neck if an accident does occur. It improves your safety while driving, though it may not prevent whiplash at all times, as this depends on the force exerted.

What to Consider When Getting the Best Car Neck Pillow?

Best Car Neck Pillow for Business Man

A product like this is very advantageous to drivers, though you can only benefit if you choose the right one! It may be quite confusing selecting the best car neck pillow for you because of all the available brands.

So to help you out, here are some tips and factors to consider:


How to Install It?

There are various types of pillows that install differently to your car seat, depending on your type of vehicle. Fortunately, most neck car pillows are easy to put on, as most simply need to be strapped on with the elastic band (which is a part of the pillow). Just look into the size of both your headrest and chosen pillow to ensure that it will fit.


The Support You Need

Best Car Neck Pillow Car Relax

This product can come in a variety of designs and firmness levels, depending on what kind of support you require. Some neck pillows are reversible and can act as lumbar support for car, while others are strictly neck pillows though with the soft or firm feel to keep you both supported and comfortable while driving.


What's It Made Of?

Best Car Neck Pillow For Your Car

I recommend that you find the best car neck pillow that's made of the quality material. It shouldn't only be soft enough to help you relax, but also with the strong and durable construction to last for many drives ahead. Also, get one that's easy to wash. I like my pillows machine-washable to lessen the hassle!


Budget and Lifespan

You want to get the bang for your buck, which is why you should focus on getting a pillow made to last. However, that means you'll need to pay a few extra dollars for it, which is totally worth the investment. The price ranges between $6 to $30 a pillow, so find out how much you're willing to spend and begin from there. Avoid scrimping or overspending, as you may not get your money's worth.

Bonus Tips: Cleaning Your Pillow

Best Car Neck Pillow Easy Care

Wondering how to care and clean your car neck pillow? Check out these effective tips!

  • If the pillow is machine-washable, then use a mild detergent and run it with cold water in the washing machine. You can also wash other articles of clothing, using the gentle cycle.
  • Place it in the dryer and set it to low heat, or hang it on a clothesline to dry.
  • If you have to hand wash your pillow, use a mixture of mild detergent and water. Use a rag to wipe and wash the pillow, then use another clean rag for rinsing.
  • Make sure that you wash the pillow at least once a month to avoid it from collecting dust tha​​​​t causes allergies.

You can also check this video out for more help on cleaning:

Top 5 Best Car Neck Pillows 2019

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five top car neck pillow reviews:

  • Adds comfort while relieving neck and back pain
  • Has very soft and plush feel
  • Multi-use pillow for driving or at home
  • Not the best for tall people
  • Some complaints of it being too soft for support

What I love most about the TravelMate Car Neck Pillow is how soft it is! It fit perfectly by my car's headrest and was ready to use immediately.

And I can't believe it was that comfortable! I used to think that car neck pillows will put my neck in an awkward angle, but this conforms well to the shape of my neck, so it has the full support it needs. Plus, since it's soft, I can just lounge back and use it when napping in the car (during pit stops in road trips), or when waiting for the green light.

Why is it the best? Because I feel like this is one of the pillows that lessened my neck pain the quickest. It took a few days, but I noticed a huge change when driving. Definitely best for all types of drives, making it an excellent purchase for a car pillow.

  • Firm pillow for required support
  • High-quality material built to last
  • It has helped with neck and shoulder pain
  • Has a strong odor that takes days to remove
  • Reacts to temperature and turns rock hard in cold weather

For those who are focusing on getting a firmer pillow to keep their neck at the proper shape, then I recommend the Aeris Car Neck Pillow, which has provided one of the best neck support compared to the next products reviewed.

When I received it, I saw how high-quality its material is. When you squish or apply pressure on it, the pillow responds quickly and bounces back up to normal shape slowly. It also retains its shape and purpose even after an entire year of using it!

It does take a few days before you use it, as it has a bit of an odor. However, once you air it out and put it on your car seat, you'll enjoy a more comfortable time driving. Another amazing (and unspoken) feature is that it adds neck safety because of its firmness! All in all, a great purchase if you need a firmer feel.

The Affordable and Supportive

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Affordable price for a set of two pillows
  • Nice balance of soft and firm feel for the support
  • Comfortable and relaxing to use during long drives
  • May not hold up as long as other car pillows
  • Leather might stick to your neck when sweaty

For those who want the best value for their money but need quality, then you'll like the CAMTOA Car Neck Pillow!

I don't only commend this product for being more affordable than others, though. The pillow provides enough support and still stays comfortable the entire time, without it shrinking or deforming after a few months of using it. But take note you get what you pay for, so don't expect it to last for years.

It does the primary job in keeping your neck supported and relaxed while driving, so you won't keep on moving around to lessen the strain or cracks. And since it comes in a set of two, it's perfect for you and your partner.

So if you're on a budget for a pillow but need something firm and simple, then this is definitely it!

  • Has a very soft feel but still supportive
  • Provides neck, head, and shoulder pressure-relief
  • It relaxes muscles for extra comfort during long drives
  • Not recommended for short people
  • Has a slight odor but goes away quickly

If you've got a few more bucks to spare, then the CHELIYOU Car Neck Pillow is an excellent choice. I was amazed that a car pillow could be this comfortable, I can actually use it at home when I want to take a nap!

I like the fact that unlike other products reviewed, I can adjust its height easily. It was hassle-free to put on and both elastic band and pillow seem to hold up well. I predict it can last for over a year and still feel the same.

The pillow comes at an ergonomic design, which contours to any neck shape. That's why I recommend it for ANY driver regardless of your car, as it can fit most, if not all, seats. The only disadvantage is that it's TOO cozy, to the point I can take a nap when stuck in a traffic jam!

The Versatile and Easy-to-Clean

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Ergonomic shape that fits perfectly to my neck
  • Supports both neck and back, improving posture
  • The pillow comes with a breathable and washable pillow cover
  • check
    Optimal firmness level and conforms to head well
  • It's a bit difficult to wash
  • Comes with hard-to-understand instructions

Last but not least, the ZATOOTO Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow! Now what makes this unique out of all the products I've tested is that it isn't just for your neck. It's reversible and can be used as a lumbar support, which is why I call it versatile and worth the purchase!

I have no major complaints about how this pillow supports either my neck or back. It doesn't only feel pleasant, but it's also helped with my driving posture, so I don't slouch or lean in too forward, which is another cause of my back pain.

Not only does it help me relax because of its firmness, but it also comes with a breathable pillow cover! That way, my sweat doesn't stain the pillow and it keeps my back fresh the entire ride, which is great for hot days and long drives. 

Wrapping It Up

Whether you have neck problems or just want to relax while driving, then the best car neck pillow will help you out! It doesn't only help relieve pain, but it also has you feel comfortable during long road trips or when stuck in traffic.

​Editor's Pick

Of all the different products tried and tested, the best car neck pillow goes to the TravelMate Car Neck Pillow. This product can be strapped to your car with its strong and thick elastic band, regardless of what seat (so it can be used as a travel pillow, too!).

Not only that, but it has the amazing feel! It's so soft but also stays supportive enough, conforming to your neck to keep you comfortable. It's relaxed my head and neck while I drive, also improving my posture and muscle tension around my upper body! It's great for no matter how short or long your drive is.

Hopefully, this article on the best car neck pillow gave you an idea of what to invest in when driving. So don't wait any longer and get one of these products for better drives now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on car products, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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