Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain: Top 5 Reviews and Ratings

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I was having a difficult time searching for a pillow I can use not for my head, but for my lower body. Sitting in cars or office chair in long periods of time made it difficult for my tailbone. But investing in the best coccyx cushion really help change that!

So read on to learn more about the research and tests I did to help find the right product for you. 

Product Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Coccyx Pillows For 2019

After much research and testing, here are my five top recommendations:

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion for Tailbone Pain - The Lightweight and Convenient

What I appreciate most about the Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion is that it has a simple yet effective design! It's no frills and comes at a moderate price, yet it's benefited me with my sciatica and back pain excellently!

The cushion is a bit flatter than expected, though it didn't affect its purpose. Honestly, it's made it even more beneficial because it still does a great job in relieving coccyx pain and is lightweight, making it convenient to bring anywhere with ease. It only weighs one pound so I use it when traveling, in the car, or in the office.

It cradles my buttocks and helps keep my posture as I sit for a long. All in all, it's worth the investment!

  • Very lightweight and easy to bring around
  • Effective in relieving tailbone pain
  • Can sit for a long time and doesn’t flatten out
  • May not be big enough for larger frames
  • Metal draw sometimes pokes out

ComfiLife Memory Foam Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion - The Non-Slip and Very Supportive

If you're focused on something to use in the office, then you'll find that the ComfiLife Seat Cushion is perfect for you. I commend it for how supportive it is in all ways, from the way it cradles my buttocks down to how its relieved my coccyx pain and allowed me to sit for extended periods again!

The cushion is made of high-density memory foam, and when I sit on it, it conforms quickly and has kept me comfortable whenever I'm on the chair regardless of how long I'm sitting. It's also great for hard surfaces because it's soft, and while it's heavier than what I'm used to, you can still bring it for long road trips.

  • Buttocks and legs never get numb after many hours of sitting
  • Has lessened tailbone pain considerably
  • Conforms to buttock shape well and holds its shape
  • Takes a few days to get used to the firmness
  • Sometimes slides off the seat

TravelMate Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushion - The Cooling and Affordable

If you're on a budget and want something that's both supportive and cooling (especially when you live in an area with a hot climate), then the TravelMate Seat Cushion is a great product! This isn't only made for the office, but it can be used for traveling, keeping your back and buttocks breathing well even when it gets too hot.

While it isn't the highest-quality memory foam I've tried, it still helps a lot in terms of support. It took a few days before I noticed any changes, and I'm even more comfortable since it's breathable.

  • Cooling and breathable
  • Comes at an affordable price with great value
  • Non-slip cover so it doesn’t shift
  • It would flatten over time, particularly if you’re overweight
  • A bit too firm for some people

Gideon™ Premium Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion - The Pressure-Relieving and Pain-Alleviator

While the Gideon Seat Cushion might seem a bit of a pricey product compared to other brands I've reviewed, it's definitely worth its price because of the ergonomic design and ultimate tailbone pain relief.

I can say that of all the different products I've tested (besides my first choice), it's really the most supportive and pain-relieving. I only began using this for three days, and I already felt its effects. I haven't felt numbness or pain since I began using it, and I also appreciate that the cutaway doesn't touch the genital area, so no discomfort on that side as well.

  • Very useful in tailbone pain relief within days
  • Used for many conditions or post-surgery recovery successfully
  • Soft and comfortable, designed for good contact around pressure points
  • At a high price
  • A bit too high of a loft for small frames

Everlasting Comfort Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion - The High-Quality and Versatile

Last but not least, the Everlasting Comfort Cushion offers an amazing balance of comfort and support that makes it worth more than what I paid for!

It's got all the features I need in a seat cushion, from the heat-responsive design down to the U-shaped curve that keeps my buttocks comfortable without it making contact around the genital area. I love that the memory foam molds perfectly and adapts to my bottom's shape, so it's able to maintain my good posture without it feeling too awkward.

Plus, since it has the versatile design and size, it can be used just about anywhere you need when sitting, from the office to plane!

  • Excellent quality memory foam that adapts to buttock shape
  • Versatile design to use anywhere for sitting
  • Has a lifetime replacement guarantee for better value
  • Outer fabric isn’t as durable as the pillow
  • Not as thick as people expect it to be

How to Manage Your Tailbone Pain?

I'm sure many of us (especially students and employees) have trouble with tailbone pain. While there are numerous reasons as to why our back tends to hurt, there are also ways to manage it, such as:


Never Leave the Ground

best seat cushion for office chair

Keep your feet on the ground while you sit, as this helps distribute your body weight evenly, providing much-needed support. The feet should NOT be on the air while sitting, always firmly planted on the ground.

For those who can't adjust their chair's height, then get a small box you can put your feet on to keep everything leveled.


Avoid Sitting For Hours

When you sit for hours, your weight goes to your tailbone, which results in too much pressure and coccyx pain. So make sure that if you do spend a lot of time on a chair, walk around every half hour or use a standing desk, which provides muscle relief and better blood circulation.


Use The Pillow for Tailbone Pain

best coccyx cushion

If you already suffer from lower back pain and can't leave the chair (such as being on a plane or long road trip), then it's best to invest in the coccyx pillow, which supports better posture and offers much-needed support when sitting for long hours. I'll get into this effective product in the next sections!

Here are other self-treatments to help relieve the coccyx pain:

Benefits of Using Best Coccyx Cushion

Like mentioned, the pillow for tailbone pain is advantageous when dealing with coccyx pain and support. But what exactly does it have to offer? Here are just some of its benefits when selecting the right pillows:

Supports the Tailbone

Most coccyx seat cushions are made with memory foam, which provides both fantastic comfort. This would adjust seamlessly with your body shape, aligning your spine and putting your tailbone in the most comfortable positions to relieve pain and keep you focused on your work rather than discomfort.

Can Be Used Anywhere

I love the fact that this cushion can also be used for many purposes. I don't only use it as a lumbar support cushion, but even when I'm in the car or plane to relieve pain!

Pain Relief Around Lower Back and Coccyx

sitting for long periods of time tailbone pain

The main reason why the cushion is called such is that it supports and relieves pain from your back area, particularly the coccyx! This is thanks to the cut-out feature which suspends the coccyx, eliminating the pressure buildup as you sit down.

Keeps Your Butt Comfortable!

It's tough having to sit on a hard chair without much of a cushion, which is why I appreciate coccyx seat cushions for keeping my butt comforted even when I sit down for a long time (I use it as a travel pillow when in planes and long car rides!). That way, I won't keep shifting or suffer from terrible cramps when I stand up.

Improves Your Posture

When sitting in the same posture for an extended period, it can lead to slouching. But since a coccyx cushion can elevate your pelvis, it provides the upright posture needed to keep the spine in the right position so that you won't suffer from full tailbone pain from slouches.

How to Choose the Tailbone Pillow?

orthopedic car seat cushion

How can you select the best coccyx cushion to reap its benefits? Here are the important factors to consider when selecting the product suitable for YOU:


What's the Size?

The tailbone cushion you choose should be able to cover the entire end of your tailbone down to your thighs. It should also be large enough to fit your chair for better comfort and to avoid it from spilling or sliding out of it.


Cushion Style

Just like car neck pillow, the coccyx cushion comes in various styles. Donut seat cushions have the cut-out in the middle of it, near the end of your tailbone. It's not the best option though, and I highly recommend the circular version better because it covers the entire lower back area while elevating your spine for better alignment.


What's It Made Of?

memory foam coccyx cushion

The most common material coccyx seat cushions are made of is cotton and memory foam, with the latter being extremely beneficial for added support and pressure relief. If not, then latex or gel memory foam are your next best bets, which conform to your body for both comfort and pain alleviation.


How Thick Is It?

I don't recommend that you get the thickest or firmest one out there, but to get one of the medium-firmness levels, with enough loft to ensure that the pillow can take your weight as it adjusts to the shape of your tailbone and back.


Cushion Shape

The pillow for tailbone pain comes in two different shapes. The U-shaped and V-shaped pillows are known to provide more comfort for those with specific conditions such as hemorrhoids, prostate disorders, or degenerative bone disease. What shape you get will depend on the shape of your lower back and tailbone area.

Bonus Tips to Care and Maintain Your Coccyx Cushion

best seat cushion for tailbone pain

Now that you're familiar about the tailbone cushion and its uses, how can you care for it? Here are some helpful tips to follow to lengthen your cushion's lifespan:

  • If you have a coccyx cushion made of memory foam, wash its cover in the washing machine as instructed but NOT the pillow itself! Instead, use a damp pongee or cloth and spot-clean the stains and dirt. You can also try sprinkling baking soda, which eliminates odor.
  • A tailbone cushion is built for those who sit for a long time, though I recommend that you avoid adding too much unnecessary pressure to it, such as squishing it inside a bag or putting a lot of weight into it (like accidentally putting a heavy box over). This may make the pillow flatten out too quickly.
  • Avoid sitting on it with stains on your lower back area, or handling it near pets and food to prevent spillage or too much pet dander, which can damage the quality in the long run.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to providing support to your lower back while sitting for hours, the best coccyx cushion can help you loads! And out of all the different ones I've tried and tested, I believe that the Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion is the best one.

I love its cool design because the cutout design and contoured surface have really taken the pressure off. And since it's lightweight, I can keep it in the office or bring it around when I'm traveling, making it a versatile pillow for every situation. Definitely the best for those who are always on-the-go and need something light yet effective in relieving tailbone pain.

Aylio Lower Back Relief Cushion - Butt and Hip Support Cushion for Office Chair - Ergonomic Tailbone...*
  • OFFICE CHAIR CUSHION TAKES PRESSURE OFF: Sit in comfort as your tailbone hovers above the U-shaped rear cut-out, preventing lower back soreness and discomfort from prolonged sitting.
  • ERGONOMIC SEAT FOR HIP AND BACK PAIN RELIEF: This tailbone cushion gently cradles your buttocks, while the wedge design promotes healthy spine alignment and hip support.
  • ORTHOPEDIC BUTT COMFORT COCCYX CUSHION: Measuring 18x14x2.5 inches and weighing only 1 pound, this tailbone pillow can be carried anywhere you need support- chair, wheelchair, car seat or plane.
  • SCIATICA AND LOWER BACK PAIN DISCOMFORT: The chair pad provides back support by reducing pressure on the tailbone, which can help with sciatica or back pain.
  • HYGIENIC VELVET COVER ZIPS OFF FOR EASY WASHING: Don't worry about getting your butt cushion soiled or dirty from daily use.

Hopefully, this article on the pillow for tailbone pain gave you an idea on what to invest in for traveling or the office. So check out any of these products now.

For this who have any questions or want to share their own recommendations, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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