Best Wool Blankets Reviews and Ratings for 2019

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Getting the best wool blanket isn't just about getting the first most expensive one you see! There are actually so many factors to consider and look into when selecting one suitable for YOU.

I show you the five top-rated reviews on wool blankets and a helpful purchasing guide to help you out.

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Blanket Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Wool Blanket Reviews

Based on my tests and research, these are the best blankets for sale now:

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable Blanket - Softest and Washable

I'm in love with the Pendleton Wool Blanket because it has everything I need, from touch to beauty! So, I decided to get the queen-sized peach color, which was bright as I received it. It's made from the USA so even after continuous use, there's still NO wear and tear at all!

But it wasn't just its look and durability that got me, it was the fact it was washable and 100% wool blanket. I never knew that wool blankets were washable before the Pendleton, and though I was hesitant, I tried giving it a go. 

It was actually straightforward to wash, cleaning it just as I would regular blankets, so maintenance is hassle-free now.

As for its texture, I'm in love with the 100% wool, great to use as a throw or in bed! It's soft and keeps me warm throughout the night, or staying breathable during hot weather. I don't use it for camping though, it's best made for indoor use.

With the insulation to its ease of cleaning, it deserves to be the editor's choice as the most comfortable blanket!

  • Machine washable and easier to maintain
  • Best balance of temperature regulation
  • Durable and quality construction to last
  • Solid and bold colors to choose from
  • Some complaints of it feeling itchy
  • A bit heavier than expected

Poyet Motte Aubisque 500GSM Wool Blanket - Insulating and Warm

If you want a thick wool blanket keeping you warm during cold nights, go for the Poyet Motte wool blanket!

I decided to get this for the extreme thickness, being 33 microns with plush feeling at a moderate cost. It wowed me because it's soft to the touch, having the hotel-like texture that made it seem like a hug.

Besides that, I was really interested in testing out a genuine heavy wool blanket made from France. When I tried it out in the coldest A/C setting, it was astonishingly comfy and kept me warmest throughout the night! And though I wouldn't use this for camping, it's suitable for moderately warm days.

I'm impressed with how this woolen blanket continues to stay cozy and covered, staying on and keeping me asleep. I don't wake up from the cold anymore, it's just toasty inside without any hot flashes or sweat, too!

Overall, it's one of the super soft blankets I love made for the winter or cold weather.

  • Very thick and keeps you warm
  • Lovely design to use as a throw
  • The blanket isn’t itchy or rough
  • Snuggly and great for sensitive sleepers
  • Double-stitched for extra durability
  • Thick woolen not best for summer
  • Smaller width than standard beds

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Merino Wool Blanket - Cheap and Versatile

I decided to get something more affordable to observe its quality, so I chose the Woolly Mammoth. While it wasn't the plushest or grand, it was definitely the most versatile, known as wool camp blankets.

Surprisingly, it was made from virgin Merino wool, which did provide the snugness without it being too heavy.

As I slept with it in the bedroom (also tested at camp), I was blown away with the way it kept me warm. Though it wasn't extra toasty, it was just right for cold or warmest days, making it suitable for outdoors.

Besides, it was very well-ventilated and kept me away from sweats or hot flashes, nor did it have me wake up shivering.

I highly recommend this wool blanket for its multipurpose use. Whether you want something lightweight and easy to bring around for camp, you'll appreciate this blanket. I use these wool blankets for camping or as a throw, making it valued more than what I paid for!

  • Doesn’t absorb odor and smells fresh
  • The right balance of warming and breathability
  • Can be used for outdoors or camping
  • Very cheap with an excellent value
  • There’s some odor at first
  • Has a somewhat rough texture

Hudson Bay 4 Point Blanket - Magnificent and Rich Quality

The Hudson Bay's price took me aback a bit, but as I began testing it out… A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Comparing it to the other of the blankets I've tested, this is by far the grandest. It has the cute striped wool blanket design that adds brightness to rooms, having a big size for cuddling.

The woolen blanket's so simple yet the closest I can describe it as is… Magical. I was astonished because I didn't wake up randomly anymore, keeping me toasty warm while my body breathes well. It's the most comfortable blanket I've tried, and you get your money's worth with it.

If it weren't so expensive and had better stitching, it would've been my top choice. But if you have the extra budget to splurge on a wool blanket though, I would back this up. The woolen blanket lives up to the reputation of its perfect both the homey touch and extreme durability.

  • Not heavy but still keeps you warm
  • Adjusts to the weather, excellent insulation
  • Beautiful and vibrant colors never fade
  • Durable construction to last for years
  • Comes at an expensive
  • Incomplete stitching on edges
  • Not made for outdoors or camp

Putuco Thick Alpaca Wool Blanket - Thick and Stylish

The Putuco is another queen size wool throw blanket I really love for its style and simplicity. I use it as a wool throw blanket in the living area as it has a striped style. But, it comes at king sizes, so I use it for sleeping well in bed, too.

Another thing I appreciate with this blanket isn't just the classy look, but the versatility, too. It's not only lovely to sleep or lounge in but also used as wool camping blankets. I see it has great stitching and wool to last.

Even as I use it as wool camp blankets, I don't have a problem with it tearing or wearing out. The striped pattern and colors still stay, and the texture remains smooth all throughout. 

Overall, a great wool blanket for the bedroom, living area, or camp!

  • Big king sizes for various purposes
  • Not too heavy but keeps you warm
  • Wool camp blankets for outdoors
  • Tends to shed some tuft
  • Colors are somewhat different from photos

What Is a Wool Blanket?

wool blankets

Wool blankets come from wool, usually coming from sheep (but there are different wools I'll get into the next section). When shorn, it will be washed and dried, until it's ready to be spun to thread. Then, it goes through another process to be woven into the fabric, then made and cut into blankets!

As it is a breathable fiber, it's popularly used as a throw blanket or clothes for insulation. Furthermore, it has a luxurious touch that makes it an addition to the home design and for sleeping.

Benefits of a Wool Blanket

wool blankets camping

The wool blanket comes with a host of advantages that makes it comfortable and maintainable. Here are just a couple of reasons why I love wool and wrapping it around me!


Amazing Comfort

Wool is known for its softness and the premium feel, the main reason why I got one! It feels so snug and warm with its springlike fiber structure.

Because of this, it offers excellent support which adds to its comfiness that helps me sleep or lounge amazingly.


Best Temperature Control

Wool can keep warm one's body temperature for improved quality as you sleep or lounge around. So even when wrapping yourself around it during the summer, it keeps you fresh. During winter, it keeps you warm, maintaining the greatest temperature for restful sleep.

According to Dr. Ningtao Mao of the University of Leeds, wool allows 67% more moisture to escape compared to feather/down. This makes it more moisture absorbent for better breathability and comfort!


Anti-Microbial and Hypoallergenic

Wool is anti-microbial thanks to the surface rate structure and protein composition. As a result, it's also naturally hypoallergenic, where bacteria and dust can't survive. That's why wool blankets are used for babies because of this advantage!


Good Odor Control and Dirt Repellent

This can absorb sweat from your skin, halting the generation of odor-causing bacteria. It's also naturally dirt repellent as wool is antistatic. Both these features make it easier to clean and maintain the blanket's freshness.

Different Types of Blankets

woolrich wool blanket

These are some of the trendy materials which can help you select cheap wool blankets:


Alpaca hair is durable and silky, as well as naturally hypoallergenic. It's adequate for those who are allergic to wool but want the soft and light blend that continues to insulate well.


A wool blanket comes from the Merino sheep, which is finer and thinner than the usual one. It's softer, flexible, and less itchy. Plus, it has cooling and breathable materials to use indoors or outdoors.


We all associate Cashmere as a grand material, known as the most comfortable blanket. It offers the delicate and soft wool texture, measuring 18 microns. But, because of its quality, they are quite pricey.

How to Choose the 100% Wool Blanket?

vintage wool blankets

Wool blankets are highly helpful, but only when you have the suitable one for your individual needs. To help you choose 100% wool blanket, here are essential characteristics and features to check out:

Wool Blanket Quality Scale

Wool ranges from low to high quality, depending on your comfort preference. The quality wool for scale can help explain the types of it, measured by wool diameter (microns).

The wool blankets have around 19 to 20 microns, as they are not heavy yet still regulate temperate well. If you want something thicker for cold weather, then wool blankets that range between 27 to 35 microns are enough.

Style and Size

You'll want to make sure that the wool blanket's style suits your home design AND how you want to use it for. Before that, make sure that the measurements are suited for your height and bed size (like king or queen sizes).

There are travel wool blankets best for those for camping, being lighter and more mobile. Others come in different patterns and colors (like plaid or striped) that add beauty to the room.

Temperature Control

It's best to have a wool blanket that offers the best temperature control. Meaning, it has the right weight and texture more fitting for the weather in your area.

Go for something lightweight if you aim for better ventilation, or for a heavier, thicker one for colder weather. If you need something warm for the winter season, ASleepyWolf offers much help to guide you on what to get!

Softness and Comfort

Go for high-quality products based on its construction and the type of wool used. I highly recommend the choice from Merino sheep, or Cashmere, both having the gentle and smooth touch. That way, you feel cozy without any bumps or scratchy feelings while sleeping.

How to Care For a Wool Blanket?

dry clean wool blanket cost

Caring for a woolen blanket isn't as difficult as people say it is! For tips on cleaning one properly, as you'll find out later …

  • You're able to machine wash your blanket if the manufacturer allows it. Make sure you do so on the gentle cycle and with a mild liquid detergent made for wool. Wash and rinse using cold water and allow it to wash thoroughly until the entire cycle finishes.
  • Air dry your wool blanket so it won't lose shape, hanging it outside the clothesline. Keep it away from direct sunlight and avoid using the dryer, which damages the blanket fibers and color. Store it in a dark area when not in use.
  • You should also brush your wool blanket to remove excess stain, strengthening its softness. Use a soft bristle brush to do so.

If you want to learn more about how to care for a wool blanket, check out this helpful video:

Wrapping it Up

Of all the different woolen blankets tried and tested, Pendleton Blanket is the best blanket. Not only does it have the luxurious quality wool, but the beautiful colors to choose from. This wool blanket looks fantastic as a decoration while keeping me snug and warm no matter how cold it gets!

Besides, I love that it's machine washable compared to the others, I won't have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. All these necessary features combined make it a worthy investment to enjoy for years!

I hope that this article on the wool blanket helped you make your choice. So don't wait any longer and look into getting any of these blankets now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews of these best wool blankets, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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