Top 5 Best Outdoor Blankets for Picnic & Camping

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I love picnics, but I hate the bugs and sitting on dirty or wet ground, especially after it rains. That's why I decided to invest in the best picnic blanket, which protected both my food and our butts!

I'll get into what you need to know about picnic blankets and my top five choices.

So if you want a cute and strong picnic blanket for your next outdoor trips, then read on ... 

Blanket Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Picnic Blanket Reviews

After much consideration, tests, and research, these are my top five outdoor picnic blankets:

NaturalRays 80x60 Family Waterproof Picnic Blanket - Extra Strong and Roomy

The NaturalRays Picnic Blanket stays as my editor's choice review for its combination of all necessary features.

But, I love it most for its packable material that's exceptionally hassle-free to care for! It surprised me about how strong and easy to clean when it puts up to significant stains.

As for the blanket's performance itself, it exceeded expectations and lived up to its name as a waterproof blanket. Even when laying it over wet ground, it kept all our clothes and food dry!

Furthermore, we didn't experience any of the ground's dirt or debris coming into the picnic blanket (placed on wet grass).

With the blanket's portability, it does just fine in this criteria, folding into a bag with straps to carry easily. After my review, I can see why it's one of the best blankets much love.

If you're a big family who wants something durable and truly waterproof, you'll like this picnic blanket!

  • The blanket folds into a bag for portability
  • Made of waterproof material, keeps water away.
  • Hassle-free to clean only requires wiping down
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • It looks and feels more like a tarp
  • Some complaints of the thinness

BEARZ Outdoor Compact Pocket Blanket 55″x60″ - Compact and Lightweight

I consider BEARZ Outdoor Blanket as one of the best travel blankets because of its size and portability.

When I say it's small, this blanket's REALLY small. But don't think negatively about its palm-sized packaging, as BEARZ spreads out to a size big enough for four.

To my surprise, the big size and thin material still held strong and protected my body from sand and dirt. With the waterproof material to stay dry, and I had no issues with feeling the wet ground. 

Besides that, it's also windproof with convenient corners you can put sand or stones in to stay put.

I believe that this isn't only a quality picnic blanket, but a good one for outdoor too. It's extremely useful and I love to use it not just for picnics, but when camping.

For its portability and outdoor versatility, it's a must-buy for picnickers AND the travel junkie.

  • Versatility for outdoor use, not only for picnics
  • Waterproof and windproof material to keep bodies dry
  • Extreme portability fits in hand when folded
  • Very light and suitable for up to four people
  • Won’t protect your body from hot grounds
  • It has a strong chemical scent at first.

MIU COLOR Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket - Affordable and Travel-Friendly

If you're focusing on affordability but with the right size, you'll like the MIU COLOR Picnic Blanket.

I consider this as one of the best for its budget value but with good quality made to last long. Plus, I really like how it comes in different patterns and colors, so I chose something bright green for me!

Just like most picnic blanket brands, it offers the waterproof and easy to clean material. While on the cheaper side, it still provides waterproof abilities, keeping my bags and body away from the wet ground.

Besides this, the picnic blanket also has a soft texture that promotes better comfort no matter the outdoor surface.

I tried it on grass, sand, even on the trails, and I didn't feel much pain or discomfort at all. It performs excellently as a picnic blanket, and though not as strong as others, best for those on a budget.

  • Made with the thicker and plusher width for extra comfort
  • Offers excellent portability and folds within seconds
  • Great for most outdoor surfaces without water seeping in
  • Not the most long-lasting compared to other blanket brands
  • The blanket’s not very wide, only fits two adults.

DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Premium Waterproof Blanket - Cozy and Durable

I'm in LOVE with the DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Premium Picnic Blanket for its incredibly soft texture. 

It actually has a similar texture to what I have back home, so I can lie down and sleep nicely. I've slept on this blanket and didn't wake up until sunset, that's how cozy it is!

Because this blanket's made with soft polyester on the front side and waterproof material at the back. That way, the blanket's thick enough to NOT feel hard surfaces and strong enough to protect from dirt or water.

I haven't had any problem with this blanket other than its portability and price, making it fourth on the list.

But, I understand why its price as such and not as light as others. For soft and thick blankets, you get great value, and I still consider it as one of the best choices.

  • Premium fleece top side and waterproof, durable underneath
  • Many uses, can bring as an outdoor blanket for camping.
  • Excellent quality to last for years of using
  • Very cozy and lovely to lie down on
  • Not the most portable, a bit on the heavy side
  • It comes at a more expensive

Lightspeed Outdoors XL Plush Fleece Picnic Blanket Versatile and Warm

Last but not least, the Lightspeed Picnic Blanket, honestly an outdoor blanket people will love for picnics and travel.

I commend this blanket most for the many ways you can use it as. Throughout the review, I've used it in picnics, camping, even on the beach and enjoyed every experience with it.

But, it's on the fifth of my list because of its portability and the cleanliness, since it easily stains. They're only small issues I don't have much trouble with, considering it's thick AND machine-washable. I just make sure to take time in folding it and throw it in the washing machine weekly.

I commend it for the ultra-cozy fabric, though. I'm amazed that a picnic blanket can get this soft. It's even rainproof to keep our bodies dry, also generously-sized to fit up to four people.

Overall, I would recommend the blanket for those who want something REALLY cozy and for different outdoor uses.

  • Extremely cozy, best for the plush fleece
  • Durability and can withstand most outdoor surfaces.
  • Big size to fit up to four people comfortably.
  • Not waterproof, only rainproof.
  • Portability issues because of its thickness.

Why Use a Best Outdoor Blanket?

best picnic blanket

Why should you invest in a picnic blanket in the first place? It offers the following advantages:


Protection From the Grounds

A picnic blanket keeps humidity and dirt away from the skin, clothes, and your food. It also prevents grass stains on your clothes and bugs coming into your pack, whether you're picnicking or camping.

Plus, if you get cotton picnic blankets, you get the extra protection you need! Based on a study from the Cotton Utilization Conference, Egyptian cotton gives the best thermal insulation. That's why your bodies stay warm without the chance of meeting the cold, wet ground.


Better Comfort

Picnic blankets have soft material improving comfort outdoors, a feature I NEED when picnicking. No hard surfaces to sit through the pain, you can focus more on having fun at the picnic instead!

Also, they can come in big size options to bring comfort AND protection for a large group of people.

How to Choose the Best Camping Blankets?

baby warm outdoor blanket

There's more to investing in a picnic blanket besides its brand and price. You have to consider its features that suit YOUR individual needs, too! Now I mentioned it, look into these best factors to consider when selecting best camping blankets:

Waterproof and Sand-Proof Material

You need to prioritize this critical factor, as you deserve durable material to withstand many types of ground.

A good picnic blanket comes with the waterproof and sand-proof fabric to protect your bodies and bags from dirt. Plus, you'll want a material that's easy to clean!

Packable and Portability

You're going on a picnic outdoors, so you won't want a bulky blanket to bring around, but something packable.

Your choice should have the light material for portability and ease of carrying around. That way, you won't have a problem packing it and bringing it to the picnic grounds.

Size and Design

A picnic blanket comes in different patterns/colors to choose from, so get one according to your preference and personality!

Also, consider the blanket's size, which should have large dimensions to fit your family or group of friends. I prefer getting large ones that still fold easily to accommodate everyone.


I suggest you get quality picnic blankets you can use for other settings, too! Good product can make the best travel blankets or for camping, putting good use to what you paid for. That's why I look into strong ones with insulting properties to use it for purposes beyond picnics. (like the beach)

  • Editor's Note: Did you know you can also make your own picnic blankets? Check out this video to learn how:

Other Types of Blankets

plaid picnic blanket

Besides picnic blankets, there are others to consider, such as the:

Travel Blanket

The best travel blankets focus mostly on portability over soft material, though they still do a great job in insulation. They're also well-known for versatility: use it when traveling, as an outdoor blanket, or even when camping and the beach!

If you need blankets you can quickly bring around; you'll want these. Check out this page for more details.

Beach Blanket

Obviously, you'll find these beach blankets in one place: The BEACH since it's sand-proof! It's made of the high-quality material which keeps sand and hot ground away from your bags and bodies.

You can even use it as an outdoor blanket or for camping because of the strength and protection it provides

Throw Blanket

They're not precisely outdoor blankets, but they make one of the best travel blankets for its texture.

Because it's smaller and incredibly soft, you throw these blankets on furniture for design. It's best for car travel or relaxing in the living room since it's not the best in portability.

To get a list of the best products, you can click here.

Extra Tips to Care For Picnic Blankets

world market picnic baskets

These are some helpful tips to care for your picnic blanket properly:

  • You can place most picnic blankets in the washing machine with other like-colored fabrics. Just throw it in and use the gentle cycle with hot water. The same goes for when you dry it in the dryer, though I suggest you place it under the sun instead.
  • There's no need to wash your picnic blanket after each time you use it! You can wipe or shake off the dust and debris from it if it isn't extremely dirty. If there's an odd smell or significant stains, that's when you throw it in the wash.

Wrapping it Up

Of all the different picnic blankets tried and tested, the best one goes to the NaturalRays Picnic Blanket.

I love this for families or groups of friends for its huge size, though it's straightforward to fold. Plus, it has the excellent quality material that stays strong and protective regardless of where you lay it on. 

From its ease of cleaning down to its durable fabric, it's really kept shape after how many years of using it. It's totally a great option I would encourage picnickers to get.

I hope that my reviews on the best picnic blankets helped you find the right one. So don't wait any longer and begin getting the right blanket for your future picnics now!

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews of the best camping blankets, comment below. I would love to hear all your thoughts and experiences!

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