Top 5 Best Travel Blankets Reviews for 2019

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One of the greatest purchases I made was the best travel blanket for long car or plane rides. They were able to keep me warm without taking so much space or weight in my pack! But with the many travel blankets out there though, I know how difficult it is choosing just one.

I'll get more into that in the next sections, we'll get to this later ... 

Blanket Comparison Table

Editor's Choice
Cocoon CoolMax Blanket (BlueMax)*
Our Rating
Budget Pick
EASELAND Soft Throw Blanket All Season Warm Fuzzy Microplush Lightweight Thermal Fleece Blankets for...*
Microfiber Polyester
Our Rating
High-End Pick
Rumpl The Original Puffy | Outdoor Camping Blanket for Traveling, Picnics, Beach Trips, Concerts |...*
Ultra-warm Synthetic
Our Rating
Plush and Versatile
TRAVELREST 4-in-1 Travel Blanket - Ultra Plush and Soft Poncho Style Blanket – Includes Built-in...*
Plush Coral Fleece
Our Rating

Top 5 Best Travel Blankets

Based on my research and tests, these are the Top 5 best travel blankets to invest in today:

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket - Portable and Light

The best travel blanket according to my evaluation is Cocoon CoolMax Blanket.

I was actually a bit surprised with this blanket, as it's cozy AND warming. But it didn't come bulky, the blanket was so compact and fit a small bag, which is exactly what I needed.

It's no pocket blanket, but still small enough to fit my bag with ease.

When I first received it and tried it on our picnic, I noticed that it has good material. But I think that its material is a good thing, contributing to the light properties.

Furthermore, it wasn't difficult bringing it around, since I folded it within a minute and had no trouble placing it in the bag.

This CoolMax review really impressed me from its quality down to the versatility. I find it a great purchase not just for its portability, but for its nice and warming texture to use ANYWHERE. These are all that make it the best and the reason why I use it until now.

  • Made of ultralight polyester for comfort and packability
  • Comes with a small bag for ease of moving around
  • Great for all outdoor purposes with its strength
  • Some people might not like the thinness
  • A bit larger than a soda can, NOT for small pockets

BEARZ Travel Compact Pocket Blanket 55″x60″ - Compact and Multipurpose

If your main focus is a pocket blanket, then you'll love the BEARZ Blanket.

I see this as the ultimate camping blanket because it literally fits in your pocket, taking up almost no space at all! I use it during days I know I'll be outdoors camping or a picnic, and of course, keep it in the car for long trips.

When I used it myself, I wasn't expecting much, given the small dimensions. Then I realized it's water, sand, and puncture resistant, making it very strong and for any use.

Although I placed it on wet grass during a picnic, it kept everything above it dry! Also, I bring it with me during long car rides, and it's good enough to warm two people adequately.

Because of all that, I recommend this pocket blanket for anyone who needs something small yet efficient. It's also suitable for those always outdoors, especially if you love camping and hiking.

Overall, the blanket's adequately comfortable and extremely convenient for travel and flights.

  • High-quality fabric that doesn’t rip easily
  • Waterproof and sand proof, best made for camping
  • Very small and can fit your pocket
  • Best suited as a tarp more than blanket
  • Warm enough, though it isn’t as soft as other travel blankets

EASELAND Soft Travel Size Summer Blanket - Soft and Cozy

One of my favorite reviews goes out to the EASELAND Travel Blanket for its comfort and fantastic fabric.

I love that you can choose between different colors and sizes, so I wanted bright ones that suit my style. Plus, it's made with microfiber material, which is what makes the blanket super nice against your skin.

The blanket offers excellent thermal abilities, best made for those who live in cold climates. It isn't the most breathable for summer days, though an excellent addition to cars with the AC blasting. I use it mainly for the car, or even as a throw blanket for my couch for design and lounging!

However, it isn't the absolute best considering its weight and foldability, so it isn't a pocket blanket. If you need something you'll simply place in the car for extra comfort, this is it.

For travelers who want to pack and bring it easily for flights, consider the editor's choice review.

  • Choose between different colors and sizes for individual needs
  • Versatile and can be used as a throw or for traveling
  • Made of nice fabric that feels good on the skin
  • Can’t fold easily, not small compared to other travel blankets
  • It isn’t as breathable because of the plush microfiber

Rumpl Indoor Outdoor Camping Blanket for Traveling - Strong and Warming

I was a bit taken aback when I saw the Rumbl Blanket's price, but I saw its value right away.

It's puffy but still easily foldable to bring for camping and other travels. I like using it as a blanket for an airplane with its size and very relaxing feel.

Besides the small size, I also appreciate this pocket blanket from the way it's made. Don't expect it to be the fluffy blanket you have at him, but something you can either place on the ground or warm you up. It's made of strong material to withstand any weather while keeping your body protected.

After all, I believe that the blanket has extreme value, from its smaller size down to its versatility and ease of cleaning. I stay warm despite the cold weather, or in optimal temperature during the summer.

Plus, I can see that the strong material will last for years of heavy usage, making it worth the price for flights or a picnic.

  • Large enough for two people and stays warm but breathable
  • Easy to clean, being machine washable
  • Very puffy and nice feel, you can lay down on it as well
  • The blanket comes at a high price
  • It’s slippery and may slide around

Travelrest Travel Blanket - Plush and Versatile

Last but not least, I want to commend the Travelrest Travel Blanket!

It's one of the useful pocket blanket types for travel because you can use it as more than just a blanket. I found out I can use it as a pillow, poncho, bedding, or even sleeping bags, suitable for outdoor use!

This travel blanket's made of the high-quality ultra-plush material, making it cozy yet portable. I use it for the home as a throw blanket too, or sometimes lounge in the office with it during breaks.

It even comes with a carry case and drawstring bag for easy storage and carrying.

Yes, it isn't the smallest pocket blanket around, but what makes it one of the best is its texture. I see it as fifth place since it only fits one person but folds a bit larger than other travel blankets.

With that being said, I would still highly recommend it to anyone who wants something for ALL travels, short or long.

  • Can be used as a poncho, pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag
  • Plush texture for warmth and comfort
  • Doesn’t slip when in use
  • Only fits one person
  • A bit difficult to figure out how to use at first

Why Should You Use a Travel Blanket?

best travel blanket

According to a report by the House of Lords, aircraft temperatures are about 22-24 degrees Celsius. And unfortunately, the usual plane blankets aren't as warming like the one back home.

That's where travel blankets come in, which have a similar feel to your blanket but light enough for easy carrying.

Here are some of its benefits:


Packable and Compact

I feel like travel blankets make great blankets for airplanes because they're very small and packable. You can just throw it in your pack and not worry about it weighing too much. Some can even be a pocket blanket, fitting in small spaces.


Warm and Comfortable

Blankets for airplanes may not feel like the most comfortable or warming. However, travel blankets are made with quality materials that heighten its cozy feel, almost like what you have at home


Versatile Use

Another thing I like about travel blankets is that they can be used for more than just in the cars. I love using it for beaches, and it can also be used as a summer blanket!

  • Editor's Note: Just wondering how to use travel blanket to keep warm while traveling? This video can help you get a detailed guide: 

How to Choose the Best Travel Blanket?

microfleece blanket

Choosing a travel blanket isn't just about getting the first thing you see or the most expensive one. There are various factors to consider when making your selection, such as:

Material Quality

For starters, consider the material and what the travel blanket's made of, as it should be cozy and warm.

Besides its comfort level, it should also have good construction made to last. That way, you get your purchase value and a blanket to keep you warm for years to come.

Size and Weight

Consider how big you want your blanket to be, depending on your size or how many people will use it. They aren't small, usually coming in sizes big enough for one or two people.

However, it's really the weight to focus on most, which plays a factor in its ease of bringing around.

Weight and Portability

You'll want a beach blanket hassle-free to bring since you're going out, so consider the weight. It's best to get something lightweight and easy to carry around, with some including handles to make travel easier.

Consider getting something you can easily fold and store as well, which makes it more convenient.

Compact and Portability

This is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to getting a travel blanket since you'll need something packable.

I recommend that you get one of the lightweight ones, something thin but with the balance of warming. I like blankets that come in a compact bag to lessen the hassle of placing them in my bags.

Your Budget

Last but not least, consider how much you can afford for travel blankets, setting a reasonable budget. Fortunately, travel blankets are quite affordable with good quality, ranging from $20 to a whopping $200!

I recommend that you don't scrimp on yourself, but there's no need to get the most expensive one available!

Other Types of Blankets Available

heated travel blanket

Besides the travel blanket, there are other types to look into and consider getting, such as:

Beach Blanket

Travel blankets are great for beaches, though there are special blankets made for it, too! These blankets aren't made to warm us up, but to lay on the sand to keep you protected from the ground and waters.

Picnic Blanket

The picnic blanket is a great option if you're planning for many outdoor activities. What makes them good purchases is they are made with sand and waterproof material that protects your body from dirt or wet from the ground.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are used mostly for decorations, as you throw it over your furniture or for lounging. I love how these have a soft and fine texture, also coming in various colors and designs for aesthetics. It might not be the best for traveling, but a great addition to homes.

Tips On Caring For Travel Blankets

packable blanket

Now that you're familiar with what travel blankets are all about, follow these tips on how to clean them properly ... 

  • With a travel blanket, you can wash it just as you would with typical cotton or polyester blankets. Simply throw it in the washing machine and put it on a gentle cycle with warm water. You can wash it with similar colors, too.
  • While you can dry out your travel blanket in the dryer, I care for it by air-drying it instead.
  • If the travel blanket isn't due for a wash yet, you can spot clean it. Wipe it down using a soft and damp cloth.

Wrapping it Up

We all know how difficult it gets trying to stay warm while traveling, which is why blankets are great purchases. No matter where you go or how you're going there, you'll stay warm without the hassle. Plus, they're lightweight enough to bring everywhere without it taking up space as you go out.

Of all the different travel blankets tried and tested, the best one goes to the Cocoon CoolMax Blanket.

It isn't only lightweight and easy to fold, but its thinness still keeps you warm and snug wherever you go. For its excellent properties and combination of necessary features, I recommend it to all travelers! I loved its adequate feel, and while it isn't the fluffiest, it sure is comfortable!

I hope this article on the best travel blanket helped you find the right one for you! So don't wait any longer and get your own travel blanket now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on travel blankets, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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