Top 5 Best Beach Blankets for Sand 2019

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Best beach blanket isn't only beautiful, but it is also useful with versatility and comfort! These blankets have lots of benefits that make them good buys.

Read on for my top five best products and other awesome information to learn about them!

I'll get into all that (and MORE) later ... 

Blanket Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Beach Blanket Reviews

After doing much of the research and tests, these are my five best blankets now:

Camco Handy Mat with Strap, Perfect for Beaches - Transportable and Convenient

The Camco Handy Mat is by far the best review I've done among these five because of its travel-friendliness! I love that it isn't only lightweight, but it comes with handles so you can fold and carry without hassle.

There are even many colors with the striped patterns to choose from, so I picked the brighter ones that really popped and looked great!

But it isn't just its portability I appreciate, and I also commend the nylon mat for its ideal size AND durable construction. I find it the best one around because it really keeps sand away while staying cool during hot days.

Furthermore, I can see it's made of a weatherproof and robust material that makes it suitable for MORE than just beaches.

Until now, I use the blanket for a ton of events and places, like picnics or camping. It's that strong, and it hasn't torn apart, nor do I expect it to in the future.

From its ease of transporting down to the extreme durability and comfort, I believe this all-around blanket is a must-have.

  • Made of durable nylon material with solid construction to last
  • It’s big enough for small families in any outdoor setting
  • No issue with cleaning and only requires wiping after use
  • Lightweight and hassle-free to fold and bring around with handles
  • The blanket might be too thin for scorching ground
  • Complaints of receiving used blankets (but the company replaces all)

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket - Huge and Compact

Another excellent choice goes out to the WildHorn Outfitters Beach Blanket, made for the beach (but I can use it anywhere else!).

Just like the editor's choice, the nylon blanket is hassle-free to take around, though coming in a bag this time. I appreciate the compressed pouch, which usually fits inside my bag or is easy to carry around on its own!

I said it's for the beach because it has Sand Escape features to keep sand from coming into the blanket. It's extremely effective and not once did sand ever creep up to my body while we laid on the blanket, too!

Plus, I also appreciate the various colors to choose from, and I'm happy to note that they don't fade when washed.

While the nylon is a bit thin, I understand since you're getting something lightweight and compact. Because of that AND the effective sand escape feature, I recommend it for beachgoers who hate sand!

  • Sand escape prevents any sand granules from getting to the blanket
  • Comes in a compact pouch with pockets for small valuables
  • Blankets’ extremely thin and small when folded but huge size
  • Can get wet easily, doesn’t protect body well if ground’s wet
  • No cushioning and material is a bit thinner because of lightweight

SONGMICS Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket - Affordable and Strong

If you need something more affordable, then I recommend the SONGMICS Waterproof Beach Blanket. I love it not only for the cost but because of its soft feel and multi-functionality.

It's one of the waterproof and lightweight blankets made of comfortable fleece, we didn't feel the harsh terrain at all! You can also choose between different colors with the cute pattern that the kids will like!

We had no problems with sand getting into the blanket, nor did any water seep into the material. Furthermore, it's big enough for two people to lie down or four people to sit, adequate for couples and families!

As I mention these features, even I was surprised by its claims and how it works as advertised. For its cost, you get more than what you pay for, and I suggest it for those on a budget!

  • Has a hook and loop fastener closure to fold and carry easily
  • Very soft and cozy fleece material that’s waterproof
  • Large size for a couple or small group
  • The durability is questionable and might be prone to tearing
  • The washing machine may ruin the colors or material quality

CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Beach Blanket - Solid and Long-Lasting

One of the ultimate beach blankets I reviewed goes to the CGEAR Sand-Free Beach Blanket.

While it's advertised as a camping mat, it works amazingly as a beach blanket with its Sand-Free technology! If it weren't so expensive, it would've sought with the editor's choice, because of its premium quality.

When I first received the waterproof blanket, I already had a feeling it would be strong for the beach. Once I felt it and tried placing it outdoors, it did NOT soak in water, nor did any particles come into the blanket!

I also noticed that as I continued using it, the material NEVER tore, nor did it ever get any damage or lose its stitching.

This blanket is one of the best not just for its waterproof abilities, but its strength and durability. The professional design also has a rugged look, along with various bold and subtle colors to pick from!

Besides, it even comes with the sand-free ground pad to really ensure NO dust or sand irritates you during your trip. So if you have the extra budget, I highly suggest you consider this beach blanket!

  • Excellent and durable design that never tears or wears out
  • Utilizes sand-free technology and keeps water away
  • Easy to clean and dust away any water and particles after use
  • Comes at expensive
  • D-ring design is excellent but prone to rusting

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And finally, another best product goes out to the Ricdecor Beach Blanket, which I love for the design.

While the blanket's beautiful and attractive, it's the fifth on my list because of its quality. It feels more like a blanket for just one person than the two-person blanket as advertised.

With that being said, I still commend it for being one of the best for its quality texture and fabric. It's absorbent and quick drying, and I enjoyed laying down on it because it stayed dry the entire time.

I had no issue with it getting beach sand on the blanket, nor did it soak up any water on wet grass when I used it for picnics.

Plus, I appreciate the round design, which is unique among the rest of the blanket types I reviews. It's made for the beach, though for its design and microfiber, you can use it anywhere else, even at home.

Overall, I'd suggest it for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful design with better absorbency and cleaning.

  • Soft texture and super-absorbent material that dries quickly
  • Attractive design to use anywhere besides the beach
  • Easy to clean and shake away any sand or dirt
  • Beach blanket only fits one person, not two
  • A tad difficult to fold and no bags included

Why Should You Use a Beach Blanket?

sand free beach mat

Why should you invest in a quality beach or outdoor blanket? Here are just two of the fantastic advantages it offers:


Protects You From Sand and Heat

According to a study from the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, touching the sand helps people to relax. It's why the beach gives off the peaceful vibe that everyone loves!

But, too much of sand is annoying, especially when it's stuck around your body, so the beach blankets will protect you. It prevents sand from getting stuck in places you don't want it in (like your buttocks!). Besides, this blanket will keep you from sitting on hot beach sand, which hurts a LOT!


Versatile and Made For Everyone

A beach blanket has comfy fabric, which makes it suitable for more than just the beach. They're waterproof, and you can place it on grass for picnics or yoga, or camping on strict grounds.

In fact, this blanket can also be a throw blanket because they're made of soft materials!

How to Choose the Best Beach Blankets?

walmart beach towels

A beach blanket is highly beneficial, but how do you know which one's best for you? Here are important factors to consider when investing in this type of outdoor blanket:

How Big Is The Size?

Consider how big your chosen beach blanket should be since you'll want the size to fit everyone.

Some blanket sizes can fit more than four people, while others can fit only two. The size you want depends on how many people will usually be on the blanket, so choose wisely!

What's It Made Of?

Beach blankets are made for the heat and water, so you'll want something strong enough to withstand both.

Get a waterproof beach blanket made of breathable materials like nylon that don't heat up and make sitting unbearable. Also consider its material quality, ensuring that it's constructed solidly and made to last for years!

Weight and Portability

You'll want a beach blanket hassle-free to bring since you're going out, so consider the weight. It's best to get something lightweight and easy to carry around, with some including handles to make travel easier.

Consider getting something you can easily fold and store as well, which makes it more convenient.

Color and Design

If you're anything like me, you also care about what your blanket looks when bringing it out! I love bold colors and patterns that bring out my personality.

Choose a quality beach blanket that doesn't only perform well, but looks fantastic, with many colors.

Other Types of Blankets to Consider

sandless beach mat

There are more different outdoor blanket types to choose from besides the ones for the beach! Check out these three other kinds to consider getting, too:

Picnic Blanket Mat

A picnic mat offers a softer and safer surface while eating, made of waterproof material. It protects your body from wet grass or dirt from the ground.

At, we have a round-up review article about the best products for picnic or camping. You can visit this page for more details

Camping Blanket

A camping blanket differs from picnic mats because they're made to keep you warm like a regular blanket at home. They are cozier and keep you warm more so than giving you something to sit on for picnics.

Summer Blanket

This blanket isn't exactly for lounging on when outdoors, but suitable for the hot weather. They're made with breathable materials that make sleeping during summer nights much comfortable. Plus, you can even bundle up and use it outdoors without sweating!

  • Besides getting these beach blankets, did you know you can make your own mat too? While still searching for one or waiting for yours to come, check out this video on DIY outdoor blanket projects:

Beach Blanket Care Tips

colored sand walmart

Now that you know all about the beach blanket, how can you care for these handy investments? Check out these helpful tips to follow ... 

  • If your blanket's machine-washable, make sure to wash it on delicate cycles with similar colors or other towels and blankets. Use cold water when doing so, and don't dry clean or use any fabric softeners
  • Tumble dry your blanket using a low and warm cycle or air dry it until ready to store
  • You can spot clean the blanket using mild detergent, water, and a soft sponge
  • Before leaving the beach, dust and brush away any excess sand or dirt to make cleaning at home easier

Wrapping it Up

No one likes sitting on the hard and uncomfortable ground when outdoors, so that's where beach blankets come to the rescue! With the handy and travel-friendly design, you won't have to worry about sitting on ants, sand, or any other uncomfy stuff. This outdoor mat's a must for the adventure or beach junkie going out with friends and family!

Of all the different types of blanket brands I tried, the Camco Handy Mat Beach Blanket is the best review for me!

This is the versatile and multifunctional outdoor blanket you can use in just about anything.
The nylon beach blanket is big enough to fit a small family or groups of friends AND has the strength to last for years. With all these features, you can see why it's worth the price AND why I continue using it until now.

Camco Handy Mat with Strap, Perfect for Picnics, Beaches, RV and Outings, Weather-Proof and...*
  • An Ideal Outdoor Accessory: Great for picnics, beaches, RVing and outings
  • The Perfect Size Mat: Comfortably seats up to four adults
  • Includes: Built in handles for easy transport as well as convenient pockets on both sides to accommodate personal items
  • Durable Construction: Made of strong, weather proof resistant woven straw weave; UV stabilized for years of use
  • Easy to Clean: Just wipe with soap and water. Lightweight: Weighs less than 2 lb. Simple to Store: Folds out to 60" x 78" and folds to a compact 10.5" x 15". Note : That odor comes from the plastic...

I hope this article on the best beach blankets helped you find something suitable for YOU. So what are you waiting for? Make the right investment with any of these mat brands now! 

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews with the beach blanket, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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