Best Rated Electric Blanket Reviews for 2019

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I was having such a hard time staying warm during the winter season, so I bought the best electric blanket. It's a great buy because it kept me snug no matter how cold it got.

If you want that plush feel during a cold night too, read on for my reviews and purchasing guide!

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Top 5 Best Rated Electric Blanket 2019

Based on my research and tests, these are my top electric blankets:

Sunbeam Heated Blanket Plush and Luxurious Look

The Sunbeam Heated Electric Blanket deserves to be the best of all the products I tested because of its plush fabrics! The smooth and gentle texture made it, so fun to review, and I was able to sleep even easier with it.

But it isn't just how it keeps me snug and warm all night, but how easy it is to control.

It comes with a ComfortTec Controller with various settings, offering more variety to suit my sleep preferences. With ten heat settings, it was more than enough to find the perfect temperature each night.

Furthermore, the blanket wires actually control itself, sensing and adjusting its warmth as you sleep. I didn't sense anything throughout the entire night and actually slept straight with the temperature on full blast! I'm fascinated with how it was able to change its warmth on its own according to my individual body temperature.

Because of its automatic features and safety functions, I see it as a cool buy for ANYONE. Combining the combination of plush fabric, automated settings, and various control options? You have the outstanding blanket for straight sleep.

  • Improved my sleep efficiently
  • Various settings to choose from for more heat preferences
  • Has the power to pre-heat cold sheets
  • Many size options to fit any mattress
  • Complaints on shipment
  • Questionable power durability

SoftHeat Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket - Warm and Temperature-Regulating

The SoftHeat by Perfect Fit stays true to word with safety in bed, I had no overheating issues with it! The reason why I commend this product is because it keeps me completely secure as I sleep with different features!

For starters, the blanket has a Safe and Warm patented feature, using low-voltage power to prevent burns. I don't wake up in the middle of the night feeling scarily hot anymore, and I sleep with more confidence.

Furthermore, it stays safe even with moisture and doesn't harm pets, emitting NO EMFs whatsoever. The control also shuts off after ten hours without usage for even better safety. All these features have truly made it easier for me to use the blanket even with pets and kids around.

But of course, I don't only love its safety features, but the power it offers, too! I can choose between different temperatures and even warm it up to jump in, ready for sleep immediately. While it isn't the most plush, I felt more confident with this review as I experienced no jolts or overheating whatsoever.

If your main focus is safety in bed, I suggest this product, offering all the necessary safety features.

  • Offers safety feature with control shutting off automatically
  • Pre-warm heating for more comfort
  • Excellent customer service
  • Needs two outlets for independent remote control
  • The fabric’s stitching frays easily

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Blanket - Simple and Energy-Saving

If you're looking for something incredibly affordable, I highly suggest you get Biddeford Heated Blanket. I got surprised and hesitant with it because of its cost, but when I did my review, I loved almost everything.

For an affordable blanket, it offered the plush comfort AND the energy-saving features to save up on my electricity bills. These are definitely two features I want in one of electric blankets.

There are different colors and size options to choose from, much to my convenience. I was able to choose my favorite colors AND the best size for my mattress. That way, I could sleep snugly and not worry about it being too big or small.

I also really like the homey touch it put to my bed, as it's made of polyester and sherpa. The material was also easy to wash, I just throw it in the laundry, and that's it! I saved a lot of money AND effort with this brand and also enjoyed this review for the practicalness.

For those on a budget but want the adequate features of electric blankets for better sleep, this one is for you!

  • Comfy appearance for added bed design
  • Accurate size, like most mattresses
  • Machine-washable and hassle-free to maintain
  • One of best qualities for its cheap cost
  • Its power isn’t the strongest
  • The controller seems cheap

Serta Soft Plush Electric Heated Blanket - Safe and Advanced Technology

Serta Soft Plush Heated Blanket may be quite pricey, but believe me, you get what you pay for. I've never felt a blanket so luxurious, feeling even BETTER than those from hotels. Needless to say, it's the power and palatial touch that makes it one of the best purchases.

It's made of the quality fabric that adds to its texture and durability, so I've assured a blanket that lasts for years. I see it has the durable stitching and tough construction, so the wires and blanket itself stay safe.

Even with heavy use, I'm not worried about my sleep with it as the wires don't overheat and stay secure.

Speaking off sleep, I had absolutely NO problems during this review. My only issue was how I couldn't get out of bed and am tempted to continue my sleep. If only it weren't so expensive, I would've already bought more of these for all my mattresses!

This product's for those who want the best for their bed and sleep. With the fantastic performance, you actually get more than what you pay for in the long run!

  • Lasts for years even with heavy usage
  • Marvelous design and texture
  • Efficient heating and many settings to choose from
  • Easy to wash and setup
  • Comes at an expensive
  • No separate zones for partners sharing the mattress

Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket - Comfy and Maintenance

I think the simplicity of the Thermee Micro Flannel Blanket is what makes it one of the best investments.

Sure, it isn't extremely cozy or the most versatile in its heat settings, but it does its job marvelously. I love it most because it has everything you need in an electric blanket, making it the best addition for my bed.

For starters, it has adorable designs to improve your bed's look, I loved all the different patterns! Furthermore, it had dual controllers for my partner and I, so we were able to adjust the blanket temperature as needed.

I notice its fabric is also pretty strong as well since it's anti-pill and fade-resistant so it doesn't look worn.

While it does have all the features, I only wish that its durability and performance were better. Compared to the best editor's choice, the heating wasn't as powerful, and the stitching would come off easily. But again, it's adequate enough for its cost, making it the fifth on my review.

I would suggest it mostly for its cute styles for the bed, and its excellent set of features available.

  • Best color and pattern variety among all blankets
  • Good quality fabric to last longer in bed
  • Simple use with complete features
  • Settings don’t get warm enough
  • Clunky control, hard to use

What Is An Electric Blanket?

electric blankets clearance

An electric blanket is like a throw blanket, though it comes with a remote control to adjust the settings! This adds more customization to your warmth preference, depending on how cold it is outside!

This blanket has heavy and sturdy material, feeling smooth and gentle to touch. They are typically made of polyester and acrylic to prevent any risk of fire hazards.

Inside the electric blanket comes an integrated warming system which gives off heat from coil wires. Most brands usually have three basic settings, while premium electric blankets have even more options.

But how exactly do these coil wires heat up the blanket (and you in the process)?

How Do Electric Blankets Work?

electric blanket amazon

The coil wires inside it have interconnected coil wires protected by the heat-resistant coating. When plugged into the outlet, it offers heat thanks to 120V of electricity. The wires will heat according to your desired temperature, used before and/or during sleep.

Newer electric blankets now have thermostats and temperature gauges for better sleep experiences. It would detect your body heat and electric heat to keep you warm without getting too hot!

They now also have safety mechanisms like auto shutoff to prevent overheating. 

For a more detailed look, check out this video.

Advantages of an Electric Blanket

queen size electric blanket

Why should you get an electric blanket anyway? Here are the advantages they have to offer:


Helps With Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

According to an official publication by Arthritis Foundation, electric blankets prevent stiff neck. Kate Loring and James Fries also state how heat can reduce pain from arthritis, with heating blankets helping soothe bodies. ‚Äč(Via: The Electric Blanket Institute)


Improves Your Sleep

It's difficult to sleep in the winter, the extreme cold making it difficult to relax. With a plush blanket that keeps you warm efficiently, you're comforted and can sleep better!


Lessens Muscles Soreness and Pain

Heat's associated with reducing muscle soreness. With an electric blanket, it can increase blood flow.

As a result, it reduces muscle aches by relaxing them, lessening the strain. It also encourages better flexibility and range of motion!


Keeps You Warm During All Weathers

What's great about these products is that they keep you snug and warm for extra comfort during the cold.

This blanket is also used for summer because it's usually made of insulating properties which keeps you warm OR cool. During the summer, you can switch off the heating settings and just enjoy the blanket on its own.

How to Choose the Best Electric Blanket?

queen electric blanket

Now that you know why electric heated blankets are beneficial, how can you choose the right one? Here are some important factors to consider:

Soft Fabric and Size

Usually, electric heated blankets fabrics are cotton, fleece, wool, or polyester. I suggest that you choose something insulating and soft like cotton or fleece! These are best winter blanket fabrics that keep your body warm while maintaining its softness.

Speaking of winter blankets, if you want more choices for the cold besides electric blankets, offers more!

Also, the electric blanket should be at the best size to fit your mattress AND the number of people in bed! They usually have different size options like mattresses for better accuracy.

Temperature Settings

Consider the amount of time it takes to actuality heat up an electric heated blanket and other settings it offers.

Some electric heated blankets can take up to an hour or less while others have more temperature variations. If you want more variety and personalization, opt for a heating blanket that provides even more options.

Easy to Wash

You wouldn't want something difficult to care for, which is why I recommend machine-washable products. This eliminated any issues in washing and keeping it clean. Plus, it lessens the hassle of hand-washing or spending lots of money on maintenance.

Low-Risk and Safe

Ensure your chosen product is safe with auto shutoff features and automatic control to prevent accidents. It's better to be safe than sorry!

FAQ On The Electric Blanket

full size electric blanket

Learn more about electric blankets from these frequently asked questions!

1. Who needs an electric blanket?

2. Do electric blankets raise your electric bill?

3. Does an electric blanket cause an electric shock?

4. How long do electric blankets last?

Other Types of Blankets

warm blanket

Besides electric blankets, are there other warming blankets to invest in? Here are three other blanket types that still keep you heated during chilly nights:


Wool is a popular material that keeps you heated no matter the cold weather! Quality wool blankets provide excellent heat and a plush feeling without the scratchiness. 

Merino wool is the best type of wool blanket, which is warm without causing perspiration.


Fleece is a synthetic material that mimics wool, used in many blankets and is lighter than wool. It traps warmth to keep your body temperature during cold nights, made best for the winter.

Mylar Space

This is best for camping or the outdoors, made with a metalized film over aluminum-based sheets. The body heat will reflect from the sheet and go back to your body like a blanket. It's somewhat uncomfortable and noisy, but effective!

Tips on Caring For Electric Blankets

are electric blankets safe

It's different from caring for an electric blanket compared to traditional ones. So, to properly clean your blanket, follow these tips:

  • Surprisingly, you can wash your electric heated blanket in a washing machine! Make sure that the power cord's unplugged and that you place it on a gentle cycle.
  • When drying, you can use the dryer or lay it on the ground to air dry. NEVER dry clean your electric heated blanket!
  • When not in use, roll it to cut damage, rather than folding it. Or, lay it flat until you're ready to use it again.

Learn more about asking an electric heated blanket with this informative video:

Wrapping it Up

As technology continues to advance, electric heated blankets have become all the rage without the risk. With heating features and temperature regulation, you have no trouble staying warm during the winter. Plus, the thick blanket looks so rich and grand when placed in your room, adding more to the interiors!

Of all the different best electric blanket brand tried and tested, Sunbeam Blanket offers it all for me. I use it about every second I'm home during the winter, and it still holds up well! With its many different control and features, as well as its safety options, you enjoy and keep secure.

All in all, I recommend it to ANYONE looking for a moderately-priced electric heated blanket.

No products found.

I hope this article on the best electric blanket helped you find the right one for you. So don't wait any longer and get any of these products to prepare for the cold season!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on electric blankets, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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  1. I had ordered a Sunbeam brand Queen size electric blanket & was sent a Holmes Luxury Velvet Plush Heated Blanket by mistake. Price $71.10 from AMAZON by way of Dealyard. It is a bulky cube box about 7 or 8 lbs. I would guess, difficult for me to return as I am disabled. As a compromise I have been offered $20 to keep this as a solution.
    My question: Is this a safe product-I am unable to find info. on it in that regard. Or should I just return it & try to get my Sunbeam from another source?


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