Top 5 Best Decorative Pillows

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I invested in the best throw pillows not only because it was comfortable to lounge in when resting, but because they look so beautiful in the living area and on my bed.

Different from what you use to sleep with, they are decorative pillows that improve the aesthetics of your room. However, how can you select the best one? Read on!

Product Comparison Table

Editor's Choice
Greendale Home Fashions 17 in. Outdoor Accent Pillow (set of 2), Zigzag*
100% Polyester
Our Rating
High-End Pick
Amazon Brand – Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Decorative Throw Pillow, 12" x 24", Pale Grey*
74% Cotton and 26% Polyester
Our Rating
Queen's designer Beautiful Bohemian Flower Ethnic Boho Mandala Purple Pattern Cotton Linen Home...*
100% Grade Cotton
Our Rating

Top 5 Best Throw Pillows Today - 2019

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best couch pillows for you to invest:

Greendale Home Fashions Throw Pillow - The One With Many Beautiful Designs

What makes the Greendale Home Fashions Pillow a fantastic choice is its abundance of designs available!

There are a ton of designs and patterns to choose from, whether you'd like a solid colors or eccentric pattern to match your living area. I was able to find a cool yet bold design that looks great in my living room, still giving off a classy and homey vibe because of its square shape.

The pillow itself has overstuffed construction, filled with polyester. Not the most comfortable, but it does hold up well and is soft enough to lean on.

As for its cleanliness and maintenance, I believe it to be topnotch as its made of the stain and water-resistant material that prevents damage from small spills. I feel like it's built to last as a decorative pillow for a few years and can be cleaned easily, though putting pressure on it daily can cause it to flatten out.

From its quality fabric to adequate comfort, I believe it to be worth the price and a treat to the eyes!

  • The pillows can be used indoors or outdoors and still last long
  • Made of stain and water-resistant fabric for easy cleaning
  • Many amazing patterns and colors
  • Some complaints of receiving pillows with poor sewing
  • A bit smaller than expected (about an inch or two shorter)

Sweet Home Collection Comfy Throw Pillow - The Fuzzy and Plush

If you're looking for something extremely comfortable and soft, then you're going to love the Sweet Home Collection Plush Pillows as much as I do!

When I first received it, I was pretty amused. These pillows are so soft and perfect for my bedroom and couches. Plus, there's an adequate selection of colors to choose from.

The square-shaped pillows fit in my bedroom design so well, bringing in brightness and warmth, as well as a bit of an edge thanks to its faux fur covers. And while you might think that the fuzzy fur might be difficult to wash, it's actually machine-washable when you use the gentle and cold cycle, so there's no issue with cleaning and maintenance.

All in all, this soft and furry pillow is the right addition to my room. I love hugging it!

  • It’s soft and fluffy, feels amazing to lean on
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Adds flair and warmth to any room
  • It collects a lot of dirt and dust, especially with pets around
  • The pillows flatten out a bit too quickly

TangDepot Throw Pillow - The Soft and Luxurious

If you're looking for something with the luxurious feel to it, then I suggest that you invest in the TangDepot Throw Pillow Cover. Coming in a series of many bold colors and having the excellent, soft velvet feel to it, it adds the modern and contemporary vibe to my home quite excellently.

However, what I don't like about it is that while the cover is made of quality materials, it doesn't come with a pillow itself. It's affordable, but it adds the effort of having to purchase the pillow separately.

But besides that, I enjoy the cover, as you can definitely feel its strong quality. Plus, it's hassle-free to clean and comes with a lifetime guarantee, making it well worth the price!

  • Has a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee
  • Excellent stitching for strength and durability
  • Soft and modern velvet design for a graceful touch to the home
  • Only comes with a cover insert, no pillow
  • Some complaints about receiving different colors or shades

Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Throw Pillow - The Premium and Cozy Quality

While you might feel that the Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Pillow is a bit expensive compared to what you're used to, but once you see its quality, you'll know why it's priced that way!

Honestly, even I was a bit skeptical when I made this purchase. I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I knew at first was that I fell in love with its design, which would give my room a bit of culture with that modern twist.

When I received it, I was impressed! Not only were the patterns and sewing made of excellent quality, but the materials were pretty durable and I knew it would be built to last!

The pillow itself is very plush and comfortable, which I appreciate. While it's an inch smaller than what I asked for, it's still worth getting for its simple yet complex design and fantastic feel.

  • Excellent stitching and sewn excellently for durability
  • Made of soft and plush stuffing and cover material
  • Love the tribal patterns for a modern and modern style
  • Pricier than other throw pillows
  • An inch smaller than advertised

Queen's designer Decorative Throw Pillow - The Beautifully Aesthetic and Environment-Friendly

The Queen's designer Cotton Linen Decorative Pillow is an excellent choice if you're looking for something affordable and with the hipster/bohemian designs. It certainly gives off that ethnic and bohemian style if you're looking for something relaxing yet complex to design your home with!

Besides its price, I absolutely adore the different patterns. It's especially attractive for a boho chick like me, which made it a great addition to my bed. Plus, it matches the hipster's needs, as it's made with environmentally-friendly cotton linen, a natural material to match with the zen vibe this brings.

While it isn't the most durable if overused daily (its zipper easily breaks win mishandled!), it's recommended for those on a budget and yearning for a fun pattern.

  • Boho/hipster pattern for a beautiful twist to the home
  • Made of environment-friendly products
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Zipper breaks easily
  • The pillow feels a bit scratchy, not super soft

Why Invest In Most Comfortable Throw Pillows?

best place to buy accent pillows

Won't your couch cushions be okay enough for decoration and comfort? You'll be surprised that decorative throw pillows are used for more than just decoration!


Increases the Room's Aesthetics

Instead of sticking with my usual and plain design, having bold patterns from a throw pillow made my home brighter and more vibrant. It added personality and is an inexpensive addition to homes and offices (compared to investing in other types of decor like paintings or vases to complete the look!). Whether it's the couch, bed, chair in an office or home, it increases the room's aesthetic value.


Offers Support and Comfort

Throw pillows also come with their own health benefits. This will keep your spine in the best position like a coccyx cushion, preventing back or neck pain in the long run.

You can even find a throw pillow that can act as a lumbar support cushion for an office chair, which maintains good posture while you work whole days. As a result, you or your guests are cozy AND won't experience any pain or discomfort when on the chair or couch.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Couch Pillows

best accent pillows

There are different things to consider before you start choosing the right pillows for your home, such as:

What Patterns, Colors, and Textures Fit?

When you choose colors, you use ones that are pulled from different areas of the room, such as the color of the walls, your rug, the curtains, or your sheets. This will show variety but still stay cohesive with the interior design. Get three different colors that go with each other then use them for your chosen pillow colors.

If you pick to use patterned pillows, then make sure that you mix and match various patterns that come from a similar color family.

Start off by choosing a "lead" pattern, which is the largest and most noticeable (with three chosen colors from your selection). The second pattern should be a medium-sized print, then the third pattern being a low-key, subtle one, maybe a solid color with a unique texture, or a classic one. Both these secondary patterns should contain only one or two colors from the lead pattern.

best decorative pillows

As for its texture, the pillow cover may come in different feels and can be mixed and matched so long as the pattern and colors complement each other, too:

  • Suede or velvet offers a luxurious and modern touch
  • Fur offers warmth and cute eccentricity
  • Cotton provides more of the traditional and classic feel
  • Knit wools have the warmth that's best for winter seasons
  • Linen is best suited for the bedroom because of its its softness and intimacy

Furthermore, use big trims for larger pillows (like tassels), while smaller pillows should have smaller trims like cords or braids. Also, use textures that match your couch or bed, as well as patterns which suit your room's design (or clash, depending on what you want).

How Many Throw Pillows Do You Need?

decorator pillows couch

Some people like to overload their bed or couch with as many decorative throw pillows as possible to make it look cozy. However, it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing, and there should be a limit! For me, three or five pillows can create good asymmetry without it looking cluttered.

The average throw pillows on a couch or bed are about five to seven, though depending on the furniture's size and length, you'll want to add or lessen that number. Remember, an odd number of pillows make it look modern, while even numbers have a more traditional look.

How Can You Arrange These Pillows?

down couch pillows

The way you'll want to design your pillows depends on the overall interior design of the room. For example, if you want a modern look, arrange three or five pillows on the couch, using solid colors and patterns.

However, if you want to go for a traditional look, arrange same-sized pillows together, using an even-number amount of pillows (two or four) for symmetry and order. For a unique, eclectic look, go for both large and small pillows in odd-number amounts for a diverse collection. You can pick different patterns, but unite it with standard colors.

How to Select the Best Best Decorative Pillows?

Once you already know what patterns and how many pillows you need, how can you get the best throw pillows suitable for you? It can get quite difficult with the many brands and designs! To help you out, here are some important factors to look into:


How Big Should It Be?

The usual size of throw pillows is around 16 to 18 inches. If you want a modern look and have a sofa with a low back, go for throw pillows that are 16 inches long.

For those who want to create a casual and loungey style to the room, then I recommend that you get oversized pillows as big as 24 inches, which make the couch or room plusher and inviting.


Different Pillow Shapes For Your Needs

how to choose pillows for sofa

There are different throw pillow shapes to choose from:

  • Square throw pillows are a familiar shape, which is excellent for those who want something classic and traditional.
  • Round pillows are less common but are an amazing addition if you're going to balance straight lines of your square pillows.
  • Bolster, or cylinder-shaped pillows, are meant to prop up your arms and are best used for beds.v
  • Lumbar throw pillows have a rectangular and oblong shape, which offers better back support.


What's It Made Of?

Besides its material made, what's the fill?

  • Polyester is the cheapest option and best if you use your pillows merely for decorative purposes.
  • Down pillows are more durable and softer, perfect for lying down or sitting with.
  • Foam pillows hold its shape and are very comfortable without the high price of one made of down.
best sofa pillows

As for its fabric:

  • Cotton is the most common, which is durable and easy to wash.
  • Velvet adds warmth and coziness to your space.
  • Fur is a huge trend, combining the luxury touch to your furniture, though difficult to clean.
  • Linen is low maintenance and creates a light and breezy vibe to a home.
  • Wool is best suitable for those living in cold climates, adding an alpine and winter vibe.

Tips on Proper Throw Pillow Care and Maintenance

cozy pillows

Now that you know what's needed to learn about decorative throw pillows, how will you be able to care for and maintain for them correctly? Here are some tips to help keep your pillows clean and with a longer lifespan:

  • I recommend that you avoid placing your feet up or handling your pillows with dirt-filled or stained hands, which can damage the pillow or have it look dirty. Vacuum your pillows weekly to prevent pet dander and dust from sticking and causing allergies, too!
  • To prevent spills and stains, avoid holding full cups of liquids or eating over the pillow, as the crumbs or small drops can cause dirt.
  • Fluff your throw pillows weekly or after cleaning. This will help maintain its shape and have it look great wherever it's placed on!

Check out this helpful video for more tips on how to wash and dry throw pillows properly:

Wrapping it Up

Throw pillows are an awesome way to decorate your place while keeping yourself comfortable, may it be on the couch, bed, or even in your office seats! Moreover, with the cute and decorative patterns available, you'll be able to find the best throw pillows for your taste and satisfaction.

Of all the the best throw pillows I've tried and tested, I believe that the Greendale Home Fashions Accent Pillow deserves to be on the top of my list! Why? Not only do they come in the most eccentric and design-filled patterns, but they're also very plush for comfort and aesthetics.

I appreciate that it's very easy to wash and made for any room, may it be for your patio or in the living area. Because it's stain and water resistant, there's no worry about having to clean it too many times. All in all, a worthy purchase at a good price!

Greendale Home Fashions 17 in. Outdoor Accent Pillow (set of 2), Zigzag*
  • Set includes two 17-inch square accent pillows
  • 100% polyester, UV-resistant outdoor fabric
  • Poly fiber fill made from 100-percent recycled, post-consumer plastic bottle
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Overstuffed construction for extra comfort and longevity

Hopefully, this article on the best pillows for couch gave you an idea on what to invest in for your home or office. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews and experiences with any of these brands, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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