Top 5 Hotel Quality Pillows for Bedroom

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When I check in luxurious hotels, I always look forward to one thing: Their pillows! They feel amazing and as if I'm on a cloud, but with the support that has me wake up without any back or neck pain. That's why I invested in the best hotel pillows to have a taste of luxury in my bedroom.

Wondering where to get these pillows? Read on!

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Top 5 Best Hotel Pillows 2019

After doing my research, tests, and looking into customer reviews, these are the top five hotel quality pillows to invest in today:

Royal Hotel's Down Pillow - The Luxuriously Comfortable and Supportive

What I love about the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow is its amazing softness yet supportive feel. While the pillow's made of down and is softer than it is firm, this is what makes it best for side and stomach sleepers.

When I first received and expanded it, I immediately felt the quality materials. It was so fun to hug all the time because of its premium feel, it conformed well to my head and neck shape without it sinking down too much. And, it had that attractive look to it that has many people know that it's not just your typical pillow.

Whenever I move around, I don't need to adjust it, nor do I wake up to discomfort anymore. They aren't your usual down or feather pillows that flatten out with just a bit of pressure. Plus, you can feel like it's built to last.

After a few nights with this pillow, I didn't want to let it go! It felt like such a refresher whenever I woke up because it's so soft and smooth. Its only major con is that it keeps me in bed longer than I need to be!

From its excellent material down to its fantastic feel, I believe it to be worth the price for a hotel pillow.

  • Good balance of luxuriously soft and firm feel
  • The pillow has genuine, full down material
  • It conforms to head neck excellently
  • Too soft for back sleepers
  • Some complaints of it being thicker than expected

Marriott Hotel Down Alternative Pillow - The Official and Premium

Marriott is one of the most popular royal hotels all over the world. But what many don't know is that they also offer amazing pillows. So if you want the similar bedding as this hotel, then I recommend the Marriott Hotel Pillow!

This is truly the pillow featured in many Marriott hotels worldwide. It's made of the down alternative to prevent allergies. In spite of that, it still provides the soft and supportive feel for all sleepers.

What I like about it is that it's made of recycled products to lessen waste and keep it eco-friendly. But when you feel it, it's surprising that the pillow's made of such materials.

It's a bit firmer than a down pillow, yet this is what I admire most. Because of its firmness, it relieved pain and pressure around my body, particularly on the neck and back area. I don't wake up to a stiff neck or a sore back anymore!

Plus, it's made of hypoallergenic material so my partner doesn't wake up to colds anymore. Definitely, a great alternative if you want a hotel-quality pillow but can't use down.

  • The pillow is pressure-relieving, helps with back and neck problems
  • It’s hypoallergenic and made of recycled materials for eco-friendliness
  • The official pillow used in all Marriott hotels for ensured comfort
  • Flattens out over time and is only best for stomach sleepers
  • Feels lumpy after a year, doesn’t keep shape for too long

Italian Luxury Hotel Plush Gel Fiber Filled Pillow - The Affordable and Amazingly Soft

Looking for something cheaper than the typical hotel pillows but still good quality? Then you'll like the Italian Luxury Quilted Pillow.

It's made of a gel-fiber fill, which helps not only in conforming to your neck but also in keeping you cool. I appreciate that it keeps a consistent shape throughout the night. With its consistency, I don't have to wake up for adjusting whenever I change positions.

Furthermore, it's hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. That way, it prevents allergies and morning colds from occurring. The premium design to it also adds a flair to the pillow, having my bed look more "royal" with its soft quilted cover.

Just manage your expectations! Yes, it's a comfortable pillow and I can't fight that. Though I don't want to make any promises on its durability and long-term support. 

As long as you care for it, it will be able to last for a year or so. BUT, I notice that I have to fluff it every few days as it doesn't hold its shape well.

For its soft feel and breathable properties, I can say it's a good price and worthy to call it a hotel pillow. A great choice for those on a budget!

  • Hypoallergenic for those with respiratory issues
  • The gel-fiber material doesn’t shift as you sleep
  • Includes a comfortable and attractive soft quilted cover
  • It’s not the most durable hotel pillow available
  • The pillow doesn’t hold its shape very well

Queen Anne Luxury Hotel Pillows 2 Pack - The Heavenly Feel and High Quality

The Queen Anne Pillow Company Hotel Pillows might seem expensive, initially. But because it comes in a set of two with the five-star quality material, you'll see why it's worth the investment.

The company manufactures and distributes these pillows to different hotels around the world. Because of this, you're assured a genuine hotel pillow from an exclusive brand. And when you feel it, you'll know why this down alternative pillow will be a new favorite.

It's just like your down pillow but without the risk of getting allergies! That's because it's made of the high-quality down-alternative feel.

As a result, it's just as soft yet provides enough firmness and contouring properties. Also, it relieves pain while keeping you in a deep sleep. Even as you move, the pillow material doesn't shift, it retains its shape and has that durable texture that's made to last for long.

You even have the choice to choose your fill and firmness level. That way, you have a comfortable sleep based on your sleeping position. I selected the medium fill, which has given me great sleep regardless of my sleeping position.

The pillow gives me fantastic support so I'm able to sleep like a baby. I never wake up at night and feel free from pain in the morning.

  • Has amazing quality built to last long with proper care
  • Made of the down alternative to prevent allergies
  • The pillow feels so soft and supportive, just like your down pillows
  • It’s more expensive than other pillows
  • The light fill option feels almost empty

Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Down Feather Pillow - The Strong and Durable

I like the Beckham Hotel Collection for the combination of comfort and support. These pillows are a mix of down, feathers, and down alternative so you have the soft and conforming feel. It's hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant that makes it suitable for those with respiratory problems.

I can say that this is the pillow made for use about any sleeper. It's made of plush gel fibers and down, making it soft for comfort.

In spite of that, it's shaped well to your head neck for spinal alignment and pressure relief. Regardless of your sleeping position, respiratory issue, or even the body pain you feel, the pillow can help relieve it.

It's not the miracle worker one expects, but it does a great job in lessening body pain while having you sleep straight. My partner and I stopped waking up to major allergies and we feel more comforted as we wake up because of the pillow. It's made such a huge change in the way we rest, really!

  • Suitable for any type of sleeping position
  • Made of hypoallergenic fill for fewer allergies and better comfort
  • Feels and looks luxurious, provides better sleep
  • Maybe too soft for back sleepers
  • Sometimes flattens when I wake up

The Difference Between A "Hotel" and "Simple" Pillow

hotel pillows

Hotels always try to give travelers the most comfortable living space. It's time to relax in the tub with bath pillow, chilling in bed while listening to music, and more than that is having the better sleep. So what makes hotel pillows different from the usual ones we have at home

It's the quality that differs, as hotels want to ensure the fantastic night's sleep without the aches and pain. Usually, these pillows have the contouring materials to provide support and comfort. They accommodate people of any size or sleeping position, all with the luxury, premium feels for quality sleep.

Very Comfortable

These pillows are soft and comfortable it is, still providing the support needed to help you sleep and wake up refreshed.

Has a Warranty

These hotel pillows come with a warranty to guarantee that you have a replacement if ever something happens!

Strong and Durable

These products can last for a long time, as they're made of the high-quality materials for durability.

Looks Better

They have a premium look that makes you feel like you're in a hotel, making the bedroom look even better!

Natural or Hypoallergenic Materials

The luxury hotel pillows are usually made of either natural or hypoallergenic materials. This is to prevent dust mites or allergens from disturbing your sleep and causing allergies.

The Common Materials of Hotel Pillow

luxury hotel quality pillows

The reason why I highly recommend investing in the best hotel pillows is for its quality! Not only are these pillows extraordinarily soft and luxurious, but they also offer the strength and durability to last. Sure, they may see a bit pricier compared to "home" pillows, but for its high-quality, it provides much better sleep for a very long time.

So before purchasing a pillow, the first thing to do is to consider what it's made of. These are the top materials of best pillows to choose:

Down Pillows

Down pillows are one of the most luxurious with the finest feel, it includes at least 75% down filling. It feels fluffy and delicate, providing the soft and light texture that still offers the support for pain relief. In spite of that, they are the most expensive of other materials because of the premium feel, which is why it's the usual material of hotel pillows.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are usually a blend of both down and more than 80% feathers, they are basically different. Feather is heavier than down and provides more support, meaning it's better at relieving pressure and has a firmer feel to it. They are also less expensive than down, though the quills tend to poke through, causing discomfort.

Memory Foam Pillows

luxury hotel collection memory foam pillow

Memory foam is a popular material and usually made for most types of mattresses or pillows. Because of its conforming structure, it relieves pressure and pain to prevent pain from happening while you sleep. This makes it an ideal pillow for anyone.

Down Alternative Pillows

If you're allergic to materials like the feather and down, then the down alternative is your next best bet. It has the similar feel to the down pillow, yet the hypoallergenic materials to prevent allergies from happening. It's very soft and supportive, providing the great sleep without the risk of allergies.

Polyester Pillows

Polyester pillows are one of the most common materials and are less expensive compared to other materials I mentioned. Made of polyester fiberfill, these still offer good support for back and side sleepers. But, they don't conform to your neck as well as those made of down or memory foam.

How to Select the Luxury Hotel Pillows?

Now that you know about the different materials, there are more important factors to look into:


How Big Is It?

best hotel pillows

There are various pillow sizes, which all depend on two factors: Your head and bed size. The pillow should be big enough to cover your head and neck, while still fitting the size of your bed. Usually, I get queen-sized pillows, which are the ideal size for most bedrooms!



The loft is the pillow's height and thickness. Choosing one will depend on your sleeping position:

  • Back and stomach sleepers need a pillow with lower loft to help align your head with the spine.
  • Side sleepers should have a high enough loft that fills the space from the shoulders.


How Much Is Your Budget?

hotel bed pillow

While hotel quality pillows are a bit pricier compared to "home" pillows, you can find affordable ones suitable to your budget. The price ranges between $40 to $120, so find out what you can afford and begin your search from there. Just avoid scrimping or overspending, as you won't get your money's worth!



Ensure that you get a pillow made of the strong and durable materials to last. Best hotel pillows should last for up to two years and still keep their shape before it needs replacement. You might also want to consider getting one with an excellent warranty to get your money's worth!


Ease of Cleaning

Typically, these pillows (especially if made of down) need to be dry cleaned. That's why I suggest that you look for pillows that are either machine washable or don't incur stains or dust as easily. Fortunately, pillows like these can be spot cleaned if ever stains do show up.

Washing Your Pillows

If you want to know more about selecting the best pillow, here's a helpful video:

Some Other Considers

You're already know how to choose hotel quality pillows, these are other things that you need to consider: 

Your Sleeping Position

Any Body Pain?

Do You Have Allergies?

Wrapping it Up

I am so in love with hotel pillows, which have that luxury and premium feel that no "simple" home pillow can provide. From its soft feel yet supportive features, it's helped with my sleep and comfort. With all that in mind, it makes the pillows so worth the price.

Out of all the luxury pillows tried and tested, the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow! It has most of the features I want and needs from best hotel pillows, from its soft texture down to its hypoallergenic and breathable support. It's amazingly supportive and I don't have problems with waking up in the middle of the night from neck or back strains.

While it's a bit pricier compared to other "simple home" pillows, it's definitely worth the investment. It lasts long and feels just as if I were in a hotel room again. If you really want something with a hotel-like feel, then this is the perfect partner for sleeping.

Royal Hotel's Down Pillow - 500 Thread Count Cotton Shell, Standard/Queen Size, Firm, 1 Single...*
  • {Material}¬†Firm White Down Pillow, 500 Thread count 100% Cotton Shell smooth cover is a skin-friendly, soft, and breathable cotton shell, while also being durable. Provides the look and feel of...
  • {Premium Comfort Firm} At 750 fill power, a Standard size pillow is overfilled with 41 ounces of allergy free down clusters to provide the support that cradles the head and neck; allowing back, side,...
  • {Shell Features} The double silky piping around the edges provides a clean, hotel-like finish, while also helping prevent fallout from the filling and allowing the pillow to maintain a luxurious, high...
  • {Includes} 1 Down Pillow, Allergy-Free. Brand New and Factory Sealed, Standard Queen size Down Pillow, 20 x 28 Inches.
  • {Care} These Premium Down pillows are packed tightly during shipping. Allow several hours after unpacking to allow them to recover their full loft. Or, put them in the dryer on no heat for 20 minutes...

I hope that this purchasing guide for the royal hotel pillows helped you. So what are you waiting for? Look into getting any of these pillows today!

Do you have any questions or want to share your own reviews? Then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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