Top 5 Spa Bath Pillow Reviews for 2019

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The best bath pillow won't only add luxury to your bathtub, but it helps you feel comfortable, too. However, with the many kinds available, I'm sure it's got you confused as to which is right for you. That's why I did the research and reviews to help you out, so checkup my ultimate purchasing guide!

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Epica Bath Pillow | Luxury Bathroom Accessories for Women & Men, Bathtub Decor, Bath Essentials |...*
Suction Cups
7 thick and powerful​
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High-End Pick
Bath Haven Bath Pillow for Bathtub - Full Body Mat & Cushion Headrest for Women and Men, Luxury...*
Suction Cups
11 ultra-strong
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Versatile and Easy-to-Clean
BEST BATH PILLOW Spa pillows with Suction Cups - Extra Firm and Best Quality - Supports Your Neck,...*
Suction Cups
Simple and Durable
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Top 5 Best Bath Pillow Reviews 2019

Based on my searching, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five pillows you should get for your tub!

GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow - The Universal and Strong Embrace

What I appreciate most about the GORILLA-GRIP's creation is that it has everything I need in a bath pillow! When I received it, I let it air out a while because of some odor. However, once it was ready to use, you'd be very surprised.

Don't let the photo deceive you because they are SO soft! And that's not a bad thing, because I need one that still stood well on my bathtub. It had that iron grip and its suction cups (seven of them) are made of robust materials. They don't slide around unless you take them off!

I also appreciate that it's a three-fold model, so it covers or can be formed to any shape I prefer if I need more back support. From its softness to its strong suction and durable pads, I believe it's well-earned and I never hesitate in recommending this brand to others looking for bath pillows built to last.

  • Has a very soft and luxurious feel
  • Has strong suction and doesn’t slip down
  • It has a three-fold model to fit the tub
  • Waterproof, no difficulty to clean
  • The head space might be too thin
  • It’s pillow covering rips easily

IndulgeMe Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow - The Easy to Clean

If you're more focused on something that's easy to clean (but still keeping the premium softy), then I recommend the IndulgeMe Luxurious Bath Spa Pillow. You also get a good value for money from it because it comes with a bath sponge to use while bathing!

However, besides its package, I want to commend it for both its easy cleaning. All I need to do is to wipe down the pillow at least once a week (or after using), and there's no need to worry about mildew or mold! It's made of an antibacterial mesh that makes it easy to use.

As for its material, it's exactly as advertised. It has the right balance of softness yet still stays firm. That way, I don't sink in too low and get a headache, but it's not hard that it feels awkward. It's definitely relaxed me in many ways and regardless of your body shape, the pillow covers your entire head and shoulders.

  • Anti-bacterial mesh to prevent mildew and mold
  • Plush and comfortable with good firmness
  • Helps lessen neck strain and relaxing
  • May not stick as well as other bath pillows
  • Very white so it might stain easily

Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow - The Affordable and Deluxe

If you want something slightly inexpensive, then I would definitely recommend the Epica Bath Pillow. It doesn't scrimp on its quality and still has me relaxed the whole time.

When I placed it on my bathtub, I was so excited to try it! It just felt so soft and there are days when I can't even get out of the tub because of the temptation to just doze off. Besides that, I appreciate its sturdy material. It seems like it can last for a long time!

However, I do have one complaint: The placing of the head or neck rest. It doesn't provide the best neck support compared to other bath pillows, though for its fee, it's a small inconvenience.

I would still recommend it because it provides the comfort I need while still coming at a cheaper one. Best for those on a budget!

  • Soft and best for napping or reading
  • Sturdy material and can last for a year
  • Fits most tubs without the hassle
  • Not enough neck support for some people
  • It sometimes slides down

QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion - High-Quality Upgrade

The Bath Haven Luxury Bath Pillow may be kind of expensive than what you're used to, but once you got the chance to try it, you're going to see why it's priced that way.

Honestly, even I was a little hesitant getting something so expensive, but when I tried it out… Just wow!

To begin with, it's got the excellent suction so it sticks to the tub well. And even if it's a pure white pillow, it doesn't dirty easily and is no problem to clean, being machine-washable and dries quickly.

As for its quality and comfy, the first thing in mind is: LUXURIOUS. There are days I don't even want to get out anymore because it feels so good to sleep there whole days. It's comfortable for my full upper body and I haven't had any neck strains regardless of my position when in the tub. So worth the investment if you have the extra bucks to use.

  • Machine-washable and dries quickly with antimicrobial mesh
  • Stays in place excellently, never slides
  • So soft and with a premium feeling for ultimate comfort
  • Comes at expensive
  • Quite difficult to remove the suction

Simply Essentials Spa Pillows with Suction Cups - The Simple and Enduring

The Simply Essentials Best Bath Spa Pillow does the simple and effective job of making you relaxed and comfortable in the tub.

First thing I thought of when I received the pillow? SOFT. It had this blubbery sense to it but didn't make any noise or felt awkward while I squished it around. It went back to shape after I stopped putting pressure on it, which is perfect when I lay my head on it because it conforms well. 

It's helped me much more comfortable when in the tub, making me relaxed the total time. Some days, I find myself snoozing, though it's also perfect while reading or using my phone in the tub!

With its simple design yet durable material to last for a long time, I can say it's a good purchase. 

  • Extremely tenacious and can last for years
  • Small and compact design that can be brought anywhere
  • Suction is absolute and fits most bathtubs
  • Excellent comfort
  • Pillow absorbs water and requires a Ziploc bag
  • Some complaints of it being too thin

What Are Bath Pillows, Anyway?

Bathing has a ton of benefits to offer, and it isn't just about keeping you squeaky clean!

For starters, spending some time soaking in a warm bath can help you relax and fall asleep better (Via: WebMD). After all, who doesn't feel amazing after quiet time in the tub, especially with a few drops of essential oils to aid sleep and calmness?

Not only that but with the best bath pillows (like oatmeal and other gentle bath products for your skin), it can encourage smoother healthier skin. This is fantastic for those with conditions such as dry and itchy skin or psoriasis.

bath tub pillow

Moreover, a good way to make your bath even more of experience is through improving your comfort levels.

With the hot tub pillows, you'll have the soft layer on your head and shoulders. Providing you the luxurious support you need but also try to stay in a good posture when your head is on hard porcelain. It isn't only comfortable, but it can also prevent and relieve muscle pains!

Helpful Tips on Selecting the Best Bathtub Pillow

There are many things to consider when selecting these kinds of products. You shouldn't just choose the first one you see! To help you out, these are tips and factors to consider:


Gives You Best Support

bathtub cushion seat

Just like selecting memory foam or hypoallergenic pillows for your bed, you have to look at the support the bathtub cushions can provide.

After all, you'll want something that can free your head and neck from the pressure of lying down on porcelain. Make sure that the material isn't only soft, but firm enough to keep your head upright without the discomfort. That way, you won't experience muscle pain while bathing.


Kind of Material 

relaxing pillows

I focus on getting the bath neck pillow made of soft and padded foam, which gives me the comfort I need. But I also look into the quality of the materials, which should be durable to last for many baths while being easy to clean and maintain.

Remember, you want the luxury feeling and a pillow that doesn't give you more cleaning issues!


How Many Suction Cups?

bathtub pillows

This kind of product will be placed in a slippery area with much water. To prevent it from skidding, they have suction cups!

While the number of suction cups doesn't matter, it has to have at least two to four of good size to ensure that the whole pillow stays put. Remember the quality of its suction has to be thick and strong, too!


What's the Ideal Size?

best bath pillow

I'm pretty sure you want to go all out and get the biggest one you can find, but consider how big your tub or jacuzzi is as well! You need the bath tub pillow that can fit in the zone you're installing it in to lessen the
trouble of putting it on. I recommend that you measure your tub and then look into the dimensions of your choices.


Look at Your Budget

While you obviously shouldn't overspend and get the most expensive you can find, you also shouldn't get the cheapest one and hope for the best.

You get what you pay for, but this isn't the first factor to consider. Just look at how much you can spend, which can narrow the choices and help you do your analysis using the factors mentioned above. Take note that these can cost between $10 to $60!

Quick How-To for Shower Pillow Care

bath cushion for adults

If you're wondering about how you should care for these products, here are tips to follow:

  • For bath pillows that have incurred mold or mildew, the quick fix is vinegar and baking soda! Start off by using a scrub and rubbing the pillow with a solution of half water and half vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda as you continue to scrub. It will form a paste, which will lift off the dirt and mildew.
  • To prevent mold and mildew from getting to your pillow, you should also wash your tub as well. Clean your tub and curtains regularly to avoid it from growing back (and reaching your pillows again!).
  • ​​​​Make sure to ventilate your bathroom after a bath by either using the exhaust fan or opening your door and windows to let air in.

This video will help you get more of tips on how to wash your bath pillows:

Wrapping It Up

The best bathtub pillow isn't just something soft to put your head on, but they provide a ton of amazing features that make your bath times even more relaxing. With absolute comfort without it slipping, you won't have to worry about pain from laying on hard porcelain any longer.

Of all the products I tested, I believe that the best one for the tub are the GORILLA-GRIP Bath Spa Pillow. The manufacturers weren't exaggerating when they said it provides the iron clasp to avert the pillow from dropping! It comes with the strong suction cups that keep the product in its place, as well as the excellent quality that makes it enjoyable to lie down on.

This pillow is so soft, it made it a bit difficult getting out of the bath! Compatible with all tubs and jacuzzis, I can say it's a worthy purchase.

Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow for Tub, Comfortable Bathtub Pillows for Neck Head and Back Support, Strong...*
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT AND MAXIMUM SUPPORT: the luxurious and soft bath pillow and head rest features 2 inches of thick plush foam that provides maximum comfort and support to your tired head, shoulders,...
  • 7 STRONG SUCTION CUPS: this pillow stays in place while you lounge; seven strong suction cups help secure the pillow to smooth the clean tub so you can spend more time relaxing and less time...
  • WATERPROOF AND FAST DRYING: some bath pillows are designed with absorbent mesh resulting in a heavy waterlogged pillow that slides down your tub and takes hours to dry out; our superior design is...
  • FITS ALL TYPES OF TUBS: Designed for Straight Back and Curved Tubs
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF RELAXATION: with more than 2 inches of luxurious padded foam, you can truly give the ultimate gift of relaxation, anytime of the year

Hopefully, this article on the best bath pillow gave you an idea on what to invest in for the tub. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences and reviews with these pillows, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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