Best Pillow for Back Pain in 2019: No More Damage to Your Back!

Have you experienced back pain, especially during your sleep? Don't worry. You are not alone in such a nasty predicament.

In the past, I have the same experience. Waking up in the morning with an aching back is somehow the routine that I got used to. Fortunately, I learned one simple solution to end it: I invested in the best pillow for back pain.

You see, the quality of your pillows can affect the wellness and smoothness of your sleep. A pillow with great ergonomics is capable of providing support to the head and shoulder region. Chronic back pain can be eased if these parts of your body (including the shoulder) are properly taken care of while you are sleeping.

This time, let me introduce to you the products that can help you relieve your back pain. But before that, there are some other things that I have to discuss first to you. 

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Memory Foam


60% Polyester - 40% Rayon Bamboo


Cooling Memory Foam


43% Bamboo - 56.4% Polyester - 0.6% Lycra


Polyurethane Foam

What Causes Back Pain?

Best Pillow for Back Pain and Neck Pain

For one, back pain can cause you to miss a lot of stuff. If the pain is elevated, it can cause you to skip work or school. My doctor said that back pain can be caused by the following culprits. Depending on the causes, seeing an appropriate physician is necessary.

  • Muscle and ligament strain
  • Arthritis
  • Bulging disks
  • Osteoporosis
  • Irregularities in the spine

Of course, there are other risk factors that you have to take into account as well. One should know that conditions like back pain can be aggravated once your lifestyle is unhealthy.

Other Risk Factors

How Does a Pillow Help Relieve Back Pain?

Best Pillow for Back Pain With More Comfortable

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate this harrowing predicament. Especially, a best pillow for back pain can optimize its effects.

They can actually provide support for proper spinal alignment. Just like what I have mentioned, irregularities in the spine can cause back pain. These pillows can help correct the problem.

By placing the best pillow for back pain properly under your head and neck, your spine won't curve abnormally. You can also put the pillow slightly at the end of your hips or on your knees to get a more comfortable sleeping experience. By that way, your back will feel less pain if you are being cradled by breathable, soft, and comfy pillows, right?

To learn more about how to use a knee pillow for back pain, here is a helpful video to guide you!

‚ÄčEditor's Note

However, I am not talking about ordinary pillows here. Otherwise, even your flat, old pillow should be able to the job. In the next sections, you will see some of the particular features that can make a pillow "back-friendly."

There are various classifications when it comes to best pillow for back pain, but most of the time, the market classify them based on their material and design. There are also great combinations that further improve the capability of the pillow to relieve back pain. Let's delve deeper on to this matter:

By Materials

Best Pillow for Back Pain By Different Materials



Feather pillows are one of the most optimal choices for people who are suffering from chronic back pain. These pillows are usually stuffed with the feather of geese or ducks that feature an adjustable loft and sufficient firmness. The lifespan of these feather pillows is pretty long, but in the long run, they'll get flat eventually.



For back pain, this material may not be as good as feather and memory foam, but it is a decent choice already. It can conform well to your body without losing its retention. The support that a latex pillow can give is also useful as well.

The only downside is that you cannot adjust their loft. Depending on the brand, latex can get costly, too.


Memory Foam

Memory foam is the best conceive material that comes with excellent conforming capability. It can adapt to the shape of your body, which in turn, gives you sufficient comfort and support. Because of its conformity, a memory foam pillow is considered as the best one for shoulder pain, also back pain.

The thickness and firmness of this pillow can relieve the strain in the shoulder and neck region. However, if not designed intuitively, memory foam pillows can get hot. They are not as breathable as feather pillows after all.

By Design

Best Pillow for Back Pain With Different Shapes

The design of the best pillow for back pain matters as well. If you have chronic back pain, you have to make sure that your pillow has a therapeutic design. At this point, I have to introduce curved pillows.

Curved Pillows

Cervical pillow - with a curved design that is typically made from memory foam and features a notable contour. This one works by elevating the neck so that it is slightly aligned with the head. Such mechanism gives extreme comfort and support to people that have back and neck pains.

Even or Flat Pillows

On the flipside, pillows with even design might not be an excellent choice for sleepers with back pain. However, if they have made from feather or memory foam, they can be able to provide relief to your back.

Knee Pillows

These pillows have a noticeable concave mark where you can slide in your knees. Such a design removes the pressure in the lower back. It can also be used to support the torso.

Lumbar Pillows

The lumbar pillows are the only pillows that can be slid directly in your back. They act as support, especially if the pain is quite unbearable. A lumbar pillow can either have a curved top or wedged design.

How to Choose a Pillow for Back Pain?

Best Pillow for Back Pain Buyer's Guide

There are still some other things that you should consider whenever you are choosing the best pillow for back pain. Here are the most important ones:



The support that a pillow can give is dependent on its firmness. The appropriate level of firmness (I recommend the medium firmness or a rating of 3) that stops your head from sinking in the pillow. So it can help in the alignment of your spine to the rest of your body.



The comfort level of a pillow is somehow dependent on the firmness of the pillow, too. But anyway, it has to be breathable as well cause if it doesn't have enough ventilation, it can cause excessive sweating. It can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night agitated and drenched.



Best pillow for back pain can come in different shapes and sizes. I have already introduced curved pillows, which are great to support your neck and shoulders. Some pillows have concave cuts on them so that you can insert them on your back or knees.



Pillows have different prices that depend on the complexity of the construction. Ergonomic and therapeutic pillows for individual cases (like back pain and other discomforts) might be a bit more expensive. According to the products I've researched, they cost between $30 to $100.


The Loft

The loft is related to the thickness of a pillow that each has different loft measurements. It is depending on your sleeping position.

A low-loft pillow has a default thickness of three inches. Meanwhile, medium-loft reach up to five inches. High-loft pillows can go as thick as seven to eight inches.

Other Essential Considerations

Best Pillow for Back Pain in 2019

Make sure that you don't forget these following aspects in choosing the best pillow for back pain. They can somehow determine if a particular pillow is suitable for your needs and preferences.

Sleeping Position

The Weight of the Sleeper

Top 5 Best Pillow For Back Pain Reviews

We have already discussed the nature of back pain and how it can be alleviated by pillows. I think that this is the right time to introduce the finest options for back pain pillows. One of these might be the one you are looking for.

Perfect Breathable and Comfortable

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Excellent conforming design and highly breathable construction
  • Features impressive shape retention
  • Comfortable fabrics were used on this pillow
  • Helps in alleviating other problems like spondylitis, arthritis, and rheumatism
  • The loft is not adjustable

I came across with the OXA Spring Bed Pillows two years ago. I was not a stranger of its quality and features. That's why upon searching for the perfect pillow for back pain, this one popped in my thoughts immediately.

This pillow features an active contour design. The latter ensures that regardless of its position, it can conform to your head and neck sufficiently. There are forty inner coils inside the pillow that act as its suspension. 

Because of such capability, the pillow is also suitable for any sleeping positions. You can move your body freely without compromising its comfort and support. Regardless of your weight, the resilience of the suspension can prevent your head from sinking.

Adjustable and Hypoallergenic

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Features adjustable loft so that you can always get the right thickness
  • The washable bamboo cover keeps the pillow breathable
  • Uses cross-cut memory foam and microfiber blend as its fill
  • Hypoallergenic and mite-resistant construction
  • Pillow retention is not an issue

I always had this thought that memory foam pillows have the best chances of vanquishing my back pain. Fortunately, such intuition was indeed right. I have proven this when I got the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow as a Christmas gift last 2016.

The pillow itself has an adjustable loft, which is a necessary feature to accommodate the various needs of sleepers. The memory foam is actually tailored from shredded visco-elastic foam and microfiber. These materials give the pillow the conformity and retention that it needs to support your head and neck.

The ventilation of this foam is quite impressive as well. Originally, foams don't permit air to pass through because of their closed design.

Supported and Budget-Friendly

ASleepyWolf rating

  • The open-cell memory foam ensures that it will adapt to the shape of your body
  • Keeps the heat away so that you can wake up fresh
  • Contoured design ensures that your body is fully supported
  • Gentle surface will not cause any irritation and decent shape retention
  • The overall circumference of this pillow is quite smaller than conventional pillows
  • Not as firm as other memory foams

Don't get the idea that I am deeply inclined with expensive sleep amenities. Let me share a secret to you: I am always on the look for affordable yet effective products. That's why when the Sleep Innovations Cool Memory Foam Contour Pillow was introduced, I was really elated.

After all, this contour pillow is indeed one of the best choices for people with back pain. The contour itself is proof that it can cradle your head, shoulders, and neck simultaneously. It can provide relief on your strained muscles and help vanquish pressure points.

The memory foam used on this pillow is highly breathable. It doesn't get hot when you lie here even on an extended period. I have tried lying on this bed and found out that this one can indeed conform to the shape of my body.

Premium and Perfect Feel

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Comes with adjustable loft to serve your needs and adapts to the shape of your body
  • Exceptional retention for a long-lasting performance
  • Provides enough ventilation to keep the moisture and heat out
  • Tends to release odor upon its first usage

I am always a fan of the pillows created by Snuggle-Pedic. For one, their pillows are orthopedic. You can still use them if you are experiencing physical pain, especially on the back and the neck.

This is the very reason why I listed their Ultra-Luxury Memory Foam on this guide. Just like the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow, this pillow utilizes finely shredded memory foam pillows. It has the right firmness that can provide support for back sleepers.

Since it is relatively thick, the pillow can also suit well the needs of side sleepers. I can also attest that this pillow doesn't go flat or mushy. I have been using this pillow for a year now, and its shape and thickness are still the same!

Best Appropriate Firmness Pillow

ASleepyWolf rating

  • The open-cell design ensures retention and feature the appropriate level of firmness
  • A unique infusion of dough gel in the memory foam improves its conformity and comfort
  • Highly breathable construction and regulates the proper sleeping temperature
  • Slightly pricey

The uniqueness of the Z Zone Memory Foam Pillow is definitely one of the reasons why I adore it. Technically, it is still a memory foam. However, it has been infused with gel dough. The latter gives enough suppleness to the foam so that you can feel comfortable with it.

I used this pillow on vacation in Florida last year. This is the very pillow that our guest house was used. Honestly, it is extremely comfortable and breathable to use.

Despite being supple, the pillow was never mushy at all. It won't cause your head to sink. You just lie there, and the foam will just cradle the important regions of your head, neck, and shoulders. 

Wrapping it Up

As of now, chronic back pain is already considered a problematic predicament. After all, it can cause sleep deprivation and other inconveniences that can affect your daily life. It is important that there is a proper intervention to eliminate this problem.

The best pillow for back pain is a cost-efficient yet effective means that you can try. These pillows can directly help in correcting the alignment of your spine. They can also eradicate various pressure points in your body. 

‚ÄčEditor's Pick

Among all the pillows that I have listed here, I can say that the OXA Spring Bed Pillows can give you the best relief for back pain. It has the right firmness and conformity for enhanced support. Other than that, it is also breathable and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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