Best Thin Pillows: 5 Excellent Products For Slim Sleepers!

As a stomach sleeper, I decided to search for the best thin pillows to help improve my spinal alignment. But choosing a good one may be a bit difficult from the many available today.

That's why I did my tests and research to help you out. So read on to find out more about the thin pillow and my top five choices!

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What Is A Thin Pillow?

Best Thin Pillows for Slim Sleepers

There are many claims of how sleeping without a pillow ma bye beneficial. But some of us (like me!) can't seem to let go of using a pillow! That's why there are best thin pillows to accommodate many types of sleepers today.

Just like the name suggests, best thin pillows are flatter compared to other traditional pillows. But don't worry about the material, as it's usually made of the similar material "normal" pillows have. These thin pillows still provide excellent quality and firmness, the only difference is its height or loft.

Low loft pillows have the standard width and length to accommodate sleepers' heads and necks. We consider a pillow thin if it has a height of less than four inches. The recommended pillow loft depends on certain factors, including your weight, height, and sleeping position.

Why Should You Use Thin Pillow?

You're probably wondering: Why are best thin pillows so beneficial? It just feels so flat and seems like I'm sleeping without one!

Those were my initial thoughts, too! But when I tried it out myself, I realized that it helped me out in so many ways. Here are the key advantages using a thin pillow has to offer:


Neck and Head Support

Best Thin Pillows Heal Neck and Head Pain

When sleeping at night, your neck would be pushed at awkward angles, especially if you sleep on your stomach. These cause your neck to be bent in a weird angle, causing pain before sleeping and when waking up. With a thinner pillow, your neck can rest at a more natural angle, lessening the pain.

It also keeps your head supported and still. So instead of rolling your head from side to side, you stay in one position. This prevents unnatural positions that cause pain!


Back and Spine Support

Best Thin Pillows Heal Back Pain

If you sleep on a pillow with too much loft, your neck is pushed forward too much. As a result, it causes misalignment of both neck and spine.

Best thin pillows are beneficial for those who sleep on their backs, preventing the loftiness from throwing your head too far. These will give you the needed spine and neck support to lessen back pain in the morning.

Who Should Use Thin Pillows?

While best thin pillows have the amazing benefits and support, who exactly should use it? Certain sleepers will really reap the advantages it has to offer, such as:

Slim Sleepers

Best Thin Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Slim and lightweight sleepers will find that thin pillows are made best for them. Thinner pillows are lighter compared to traditional ones, making it beneficial for thin people as well.

Slimmer people don't require the higher loft because this can throw their neck out too forward, given their shape. So if you're lightweight and slim-shaped, then  best thin pillows are more suitable for you.

What's Your Sleeping Position?

Most sleeping positions can benefit from thinner pillows, as it promotes better spinal and neck alignment. These pillows are best recommended for back and stomach sleepers who don't need the extremely high loft. It will provide enough support without pushing your neck too forward.

Side sleepers can also take advantage of the thinness, though it's best paired with a knee pillow. That way, it's more comfortable and you stay in position. But, I still suggest that you get a pillow with a higher loft if you're a side sleeper.

Do You Suffer From Any Pain?

Best Thin Pillows For Back Sleepers

Back and stomach sleepers who suffer from back and neck pain from sleeping can benefit from the pillow. If you constantly wake up from lower back pain or a stiff neck, then it might come from the poor pillow support and height.

A thin pillow, though flatter, puts your neck in better alignment and is made of quality supportive materials. You'll find that the pillow can help lessen pain and discomfort after a few days of using it.

Other Cases

Best thin pillows are best suited for a wide variety of sleepers. There are also other cases wherein a thin pillow is needed, such as younger children and toddlers (though a smaller size). Seniors and those who are more sensitive to pain can also take advantage of the pillow's loft.

But do take note that it isn't just the pillow's loft that helps! The quality of the pillow filling also improves the user's sleep quality.

How to Choose the Best Thin Pillows?

Best Thin Pillows For 2019

Best thin pillows are excellent and advantageous, but only if you select the right one suitable for you! But how can you choose the adequate one made for you? Here are the important factors to consider:

What's It Made Of?

Of all best thin pillows tested, I recommend a slim memory foam pillow or those made of down alternative. They have the soft feel but conforms well to your head and neck, providing the pain relief.

Make sure that the pillows you choose are made of the quality filling. Not only should it be supportive, but comfortable with well-ventilated features, too!

The Best Loft For You

Like mentioned, finding the best loft for you depends on your sleeping position and preference. Stomach and back sleepers will want something about three inches or less. Side sleepers, on the other hand, should go for a loft between five to six inches.

If you're still confused as to the exact loft you need, there are online calculators to help you out!

How Big Is It?

Size is another important factor to consider since you want the pillow to cover your whole head. The pillow should also have the right size to fit your bed, too! For me, I like the queen size as it's perfect for both my head and neck.

Those with smaller heads or beds can also go for the standard-sized, which is just right.

Ease of Cleaning and Washing

Many people want a pillow that isn't only comfortable to sleep on, but easy to clean as well! That's why I appreciate machine-washable pillows or those that don't require special products.

Plus, I appreciate pillows that don't collect as many dust and mites. This doesn't only lessen the chances of allergies but keeps the pillow cleaner. Focus on a low maintenance pillow!

Bonus: Care and Maintenance Tips

Best Thin Pillows For Spine Support

Now that you learned what you need to know about best thin pillows, how can you properly care for them? Check out these short tips to help you out:

  • Cleaning best thin pillows are similar to what you do with your usual ones. If they are machine-washable, simply throw them in the washing machine, using the gentle cycle with mild detergent. Make sure that both pillow and cover are separated from each other when washing!
  • For lightweight pillows like thin pillows, I recommend that you also add a couple of heavy towels. This will prevent the thin pillow from floating to the top of your washing machine.
  • You can dry the pillow, as usual, using the low-temperature setting of your dryer. Add two tennis balls if you want to keep its fluff.

Do you have yellowed or stains pillows already? Then this is a good video showing you tips on whitening and cleaning them:

Top 5 Best Thin Pillows 2019

After much research, tests, and checking customer reviews, these are my top five choices on thin pillows:

  • It has the adjustability for your preferred loft
  • The pillow comes with six pillow layers made of soft down alternative
  • Its filling helps relieve pain and improves sleep within a week or so
  • Pillow fill may be too soft for some
  • It takes time to figure out what the best loft is for you

What makes the Pancake Pillow the best on my list is the adjustability! Sure, I look for the thinnest pillow out there, but I also like having the choice. That way, I can select my preferred loft for the night, depending on what I feel.

The pillow comes with six stackable pillow layers, all of them soft and made of down alternative. I appreciate the quality of its filling, plush for stomach sleepers yet still supportive enough to reduce neck pain. Furthermore, the pillow layers are easy to place or remove from the casing!

Instead of waking up feeling in pain, I was surprised that I didn't need to keep on moving around. After a few days of using it, I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling more refreshed! It's such a helpful pillow, I recommend it most for stomach sleepers like me for its softness!

Ultra Slim and Excellent Quality

ASleepyWolf rating

  • It's extremely flat and best for back and stomach sleepers
  • Perfect size for any kind of sleepers
  • Helps lower the strain and back from quality memory foam
  • It's made of memory foam and not as cooling
  • The pillow isn't made for side sleepers

For those who want one of the thinnest pillows for back or stomach sleeping then the Elite Rest is best. It's only 2.5 inches thick, making it an extremely slim pillow. For those who want to sleep without a pillow but can't live without one, you'll appreciate this.

I commend its cool half pillow design, as it's flat on one side and a normal feel on the other. Furthermore, it has the quality materials that map it both supportive and comfortable.

It's made of memory foam, conforming to my head and neck just right. The filling is also hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and bedbugs, lessening morning colds! I sleep well with it, waking up feeling better than before.

While it isn't the best for side sleepers, other types of sleepers will enjoy the features and comfort it brings. As a stomach sleeper, it's one of the most effective products that helped with my sleep. Overall, an amazing investment for the long-term!

  • It has a bamboo cover for better breathability and eco-friendliness
  • It's durable and doesn't lose its shape over time
  • Has the perfect balance of firmness and soft feel
  • The fill doesn't relieve pain as well as other pillows
  • The pillow has a light smell that disappears after a few days

If you're on a budget, then I recommend the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillow. It comes at a lower price compared to other thin pillows, but still has cool features that help improve sleep!

For starters, it comes with a bamboo cover, made of the natural materials for eco-friendliness. And since it's made of bamboo, it's much more breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. You don't need to worry about sleeping hot because of the memory foam fill.

Speaking of memory foam, I also commend its conforming properties. Sure, it isn't the miracle worker one would expect, but it helps lessen the pain and have me sleep better than before. I've been using it for a few months now and it still stays in shape, so I have high hopes of its durability.

So when looking for a thin pillow at a more adorable price, you can't go wrong with this. You actually get more than what you pay for!

Pain-Relieving and Awesome Support

ASleepyWolf rating

  • The pillow is very flat yet supportive with conforming memory foam
  • It helps relieve pain excellently and helps me sleep quicker
  • Includes a breathable and washable cover
  • The pillow comes at a high price
  • Memory foam pillow needs to be spot cleaned

While the Perfect Soft Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is a bit expensive, it's worth the investment. It feels just like a hotel pillow but thinner, making it suitable for most sleepers. I absolutely adore its amazing feel and the low loft (three inches) which keeps me sleeping like a baby!​​​​​

The pillow is made with the premium quality memory foam, which cradles my head and neck. It conforms excellently, changing shape according to my movements so I know it's very supportive. After the first few nights, I experienced better rest and slept even quicker than before.

Also, it comes with a washable cover (the pillow needs to be spot-cleaned), which is convenient. Both pillow and cover are also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all types of sleepers to lessen allergies.

So if you've got the budget and can spend a bit more on a pillow, then this is an excellent choice.

  • Breathable cover and cooling gel-infused memory foam
  • Help keep you sleeping comfortably and pain-free
  • Not too stiff and still soft enough to provide a good night's sleep
  • No assured durability and requires constant fluffing
  • Some complaints about receiving stained pillows

While thin memory foam pillows are excellent products, I hate how it can sleep hot because of the material! That's why I like the Bluewave Bedding Memory Foam Pillow, which offers the breathability I need.

The cover is made of a polyester and rayon blend, making it naturally hypoallergenic and breathable. Furthermore, it has gel-infused memory foam, which improves its cooling properties and breathability. 

As for the pillow shape, you can choose from two sides. One side is flat, the other is rounded. Personally, I prefer the flat side, which is made for both back and stomach sleepers.

Before, I used to sleep hot and suffer from night sweats. It took a few days before the pillow took its effect, but I experienced fewer hot flashes now. It's cooling, flat, versatile, and still remains supportive!

From its low profile down to the quality foam and cover, I believe it to be worth the price. I highly recommend it to anyone who lives in hot climates or suffer from sleeping hot.

Wrapping it Up

Whether you're a stomach sleeper or a lightweight one, best thin pillows are suitable for you! They have an adequate loft for you to take advantage of, providing the support required for good sleep. Plus, they feel amazing and lessen the pain in the morning!

​Editor's Pick

Of all the different pillows I tried and tested, the Pancake Pillow is most suitable and my top choice! I love the fact that it has the adjustable layers, so I can have the super thin loft, or make it thicker. This all depends on my mood and what I feel is right for me when going to bed.

Furthermore, the pillow is made of down alternative, providing the softness I need as a stomach sleeper. But it still feels supportive enough to reduce pain in the long run. With all these features in mind, it's definitely a worthy investment to help improve your rest.

Hopefully, this article on the best thin pillows gave you an idea of what to invest in! So don't wait any longer and try any of these pillows out now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences and reviews, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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