Best Down Alternative Pillows: NO MORE Allergies with 5 Great Brands

When I found out my partner was allergic to down and feather, I was a bit disappointed, honestly. I love these types of pillows because of its softness and moldability. BUT, that's when I found out about the best down alternative pillows!

Wondering where to get one for you? Read on!

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What Are Down Alternative Pillows Made Of?

Before I begin reviewing and talking about best down alternative pillows, what is down alternative in the first place?

You probably already know about feather and down pillows, which are soft and provide the supportive, plush feel. However, they aren't hypoallergenic and can cause allergies. So here come down alternative, which is the next best choice because of its hypoallergenic properties.

Best Down Alternative Pillows With Hypoallergenic

Usually, this consists of synthetic or natural materials, depending on who manufactures it. They do NOT have any real feathers and are usually filled with polyester, tweed, or cotton. Because of this, it's a bit thicker than the usual down pillow and offers better sleep for those with respiratory issues.

Want to learn more about best down alternative pillows? This is a helpful video showing you more on what this material is:

The Difference Between Down Alternative and Feather or Down Pillows

If down alternative and feather pillows are so similar, what sets them apart? They actually have some distinguishable differences!


Down Alternative Pillows

Best Down Alternative Pillows With More Comfortable

Best down alternative pillows are made of synthetic materials to mimic a down or feather pillow. While they don't offer the exact soft pillow feel compared to down pillows, it's close enough. It still offers the many other benefits that make it a great choice.

They are best made for those who are on a budget but still want the feel of down pillows. It's also made for those who are allergic to the material!




Feather or Down Pillows

Best Down Alternative Pillows For Your Kids

A down or feather pillow is made from the feathers of geese and/or ducks. Down pillows are usually made up of at least 75% down, with the soft and comfortable feel to it. But, they do have its drawbacks, including the fact that they're quite pricey!



Why Get a Down Alternative Pillow?

Best Down Alternative Pillows For Side Sleepers

You're probably wondering: Why get these kind of pillows? There are a host of benefits it has to offer actually, and can even be better than the feather and down pillows! Here are some of the advantages best down alternative pillows have:

More Affordable Price

Besides the down alternative pillow being hypoallergenic, I praise it for being budget-friendly. After all, down pillows can be quite expensive and some of us can't afford it just yet.

The down alternative is a great choice if you really love the feel of down pillows but want/need to spend less. It's also a great gift on a budget!

It's Allergy-Free

Best Down Alternative Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

This is the number one reason why I highly recommend best down alternative pillows. If I find out someone is allergic to down or have respiratory problems, I tell them to get the down alternative.

This is because the natural or synthetic materials are free from allergens. The cover is usually hypoallergenic as well!

Soft and Comfortable

I love how the best down alternative pillows feel almost as soft as down pillows. This makes it very comfortable. That way, I'm able to sleep like a baby and not worry about waking up in the middle of the night.

Also, it's breathable and more cooling. Because of this, I have fewer night sweats and wake up feeling refreshed.

Great Moldability Without Much Odor

Similar to down pillows, the down alternative conforms well to your head and neck shape. With that being said, it provides the great support one needs to ensure that they wake up feeling better and pain-free in the morning. Plus, it doesn't have as much odor as other pillows, with the "new pillow" smell disappearing in days.

It's Eco-Friendly!

Last but not least, many best down alternative pillows are made of the natural materials, which are what make them eco-friendly! This is a great benefit for those who are focusing more on eco-friendliness. If you want to know if a pillow is eco-friendly, just read the tag or find if the company creates their products with recycled or natural materials.

Who Is a Down Alternative Pillow Best For?

Best Down Alternative Pillows With Low Budget

Who do I recommend the best down alternative pillows for? I would suggest it to anyone, really! But, these are the top set of people who would most likely need and want it more:

Basing On Your Sleeping Position

  • Back sleepers will find that the down alternative pillow fits best because of its thick properties. Choose a firmer down alternative pillow to provide the adequate support your neck and backs need!
  • Side sleepers can benefit from the down alternative pillow because it's the perfect balance of both soft and firm. It gives the pressure-relieving properties for a good night's sleep.
  • Stomach sleepers should find a down alternative pillow with less loft. This is to provide comfort and better spinal alignment (though I recommend you start sleeping on your back or side).

Allergic to Down?

Best Down Alternative Pillows With Easy Care

Because the best down alternative pillows are made of synthetic or natural materials, they are hypoallergenic. So if you are sensitive or prone to allergies or have asthma, then this pillow is the best for you! That way, you won't have to suffer from morning colds, especially if you're particularly allergic to down or feather.

What's the Weight?

Depending on your weight and frame, you'll need a pillow strong enough to hold it without flattening. That way, you won't have a problem with it losing shape and support over time, especially if you're a larger, heavier frame.

Besides these types of sleepers, the best down alternative pillows are suitable for everyone. It's soft, just as supportive, and keeps you sleeping well. With its benefits and luxurious feel similar to down pillows, a lot of sleepers will love it!

Extra Down Alternative Pillow Care and Maintenance Tips

How to Clean The Pillow

Now that you're familiar with down alternative pillows, how can you care for it properly? Here are some helpful tips on how to clean and maintain it correctly:

  • The best way to wash a down alternative pillow is with a washing machine. Place them in cold water wash using the normal cycle, using a teaspoon of liquid dish soap.
  • You can also use the dryer to make sure that the cover and filling is properly dried and ready to use again. Place it in the dryer and use the tumble dry low setting. Avoid using high head and never dry clean it to prevent damage.
  • I recommend that you clean your down alternative pillows every few weeks, especially if it has incurred stains or dust while sleeping.

Top 5 Best Down Alternative Pillows

After doing research, tests, and checking out customer reviews, these are my top five choices 2019:

  • It's soft like a down pillow but still remains supportive
  • The pillow is compatible with any sleeper because of its customizable filling
  • Comes with a breathable and soft cotton cover
  • Some complaints of receiving pillows with poor stitching
  • It's very thick at first, need to remove almost all the stuffing for stomach sleepers

What I love most about the Sable Pillows is how it feels almost like a down pillow! I was surprised when I first began sleeping with it because it was soft like down. BUT, it still offered the support and thickness I expected from the down alternative stuffing.

I commend the fact that it has a customizable height. With the removable stuffing, you can add or remove more to offer the ideal loft. This makes it compatible for any sleeping position, offering comfort regardless of the way you rest!

Another plus is its cover. It comes with the removable cotton cover, which is easy to wash and feels breathable, so I have a cool night.

From its soft and supportive comfort down to the hypoallergenic properties, I believe it to be a worthy investment. I sleep well with it and haven't had a bad night, waking up feeling great in the morning!

  • The pillow is very soft and plush feel for a better night's sleep
  • It has a carrying bag for easy travel or storage
  • You receive it in shape and ready to use
  • It's a bit difficult to put back in the bag
  • Pillow size may be a little bigger for its corresponding pillowcases

Another great pillow for its soft and plush feel is the MASTERTEX Pillow. I commend it mostly because of its comfortable texture and how it feels just like a cloud when I lie down on it!

I was a bit surprised that for a down alternative pillow, it's almost like I'm using down without the risk of allergies! It's made of the ultra-soft fiberfill, which is what makes it down-like and fluffy. It's also pretty thick, making it firm enough to provide support but soft enough to have me sleep soundly.

Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that I receive it in shape and NOT vacuum-sealed. That way, I won't have to wait for days until I'm ready to use it. It even comes with a carrying bag, making it suitable to store for guests or travel around with!

It's my go-to pillow if I want something soft to sleep or lounge on in bed. Definitely, a great investment that anyone will enjoy.

  • It feels very soft and similar to feather pillows without the quills pricking
  • Made best for stomach and side sleepers
  • The pillow feels cool and breathable
  • It's not as thick and firm as other down alternative pillows
  • Not the most durable pillow available

Down alternative pillows are quite inexpensive and if you're really on a budget, then I recommend the Digital Decor Pillows. Since they came at such an affordable price, I was a bit hesitant in getting it. However, I was amazed that with its price, you get more than what's expected!

While it doesn't feel exactly like the premium and luxurious down, it does the job. Soft enough to feel good to sleep on, and supportive enough to lessen my neck and back pain. It's designed well, great for all sleepers with. conforming properties and hypoallergenic material.

They feel just as soft and mushy as down, but still don't sink in too much (just a bit more than other down alternative pillows). And they cost way less than down pillows, making it worth more than what you pay for!

The Luxurious Feel and Hotel Quality

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Part of the hotel collection and used in many premium hotels
  • Luxurious and premium feel for a sound night's sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and with many fill choices for all types of sleepers
  • It comes at a more expensive price than others
  • May be too soft for some sleepers

Do you have a higher budget and want to splurge on a high-quality down alternative pillow? Then the Queen Anne Pillow Company is a definite must-have!

You'll be surprised that for a down alternative pillow, it feels just as great as down. Probably even better, honestly, as it comes with the high-quality fill. It's also part of the hotel collection, meaning it's used in premium hotels!

That's why it takes on that hotel-like feel, as it provides the luxurious comfort without the sneezing. I can't get enough of these pillows because of how soft they are. My only problem is that I refuse to get up the time I need to in the morning!

From its heavenly feel down to its customizable fill choice, it's the great down alternative pillow all sleepers will enjoy.

The Supportive and Conforming

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Conforms well and goes back to shape, never flattening out
  • Pain-relieving and helps in lessening pressure around back and neck
  • Doesn't flatten out easily and is durable
  • A bit noisy when you shift positions
  • Not the best for heavier people

Last but not least, there is the LANGRIA Luxury Down Alternative Pillow! Similar to my previous review, many hotels use it, giving it the luxury feel I admire.

I also appreciate the fact that it's odor-free! When I received it, it had a bit of a smell which quickly dissipated after a few hours. And when I began sleeping on it, I was more than satisfied!

Because it's made of the quality material, it's lofty for back sleepers. Also, it's soft for stomach sleepers and has the right filling side sleepers will appreciate. It's an all-around pillow suitable for anyone and everyone! The shape conforms well and goes back to shape quickly.

I experienced better pain relief and fresher mornings with this pillow. It doesn't take much time to get used to because of its lovely feel. Because of all this, it's totally worth the investment and you get more than what you pay for!

Wrapping it Up

If you love feather and down pillows but can't deal with the allergies (or price), then your next best bet is the best down alternative pillows. With the similar features of the soft and supportive down, you can enjoy the softness without the sneezes!

​Editor's Pick

Of all the different pillows I've tried and tested, I believe that the Sable Goose Down Alternative Pillows are best. It feels almost like down pillows but without its expensive price and risk of colds! In all honesty, even I was very surprised with how soft it felt for a down alternative.

But while it's plush and soft, it's also just as supportive. I don't have as much body pain as I did before and I wake up feeling even more refreshed. With its excellent quality and breathable, hypoallergenic properties, it's definitely worth the price.

Hopefully, this article on the best down alternative pillows gave you an idea on what you should invest in now. So don't wait any longer and look into these products today!

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences and reviews? Then comment below! I would love to hear what you have to think.

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