Top 5 Nursing Pillow Reviews and Ratings

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Back when I was breastfeeding my little one, I ensured we got the best nursing pillow for it. That way, we're both snug and comfortable as I breastfeed him. But honestly, it was VERY difficult finding a quality nursing pillow with the many brands available!

If you're like me and have a hard time choosing one, then read on!

Product Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Nursing Pillows To Buy 2019

After doing my research, tests, and searching customer reviews, these are the five best products:

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner - The Breathable and Versatile

What makes the Boppy Pillow and Positioner on the top of my list is its excellent pillow quality! The C-shaped pillow has the ventilated cover and soft to it that makes it nice the investment. It doesn't feel hot and we don't sweat when using it.

When I began using it, I noticed that it helps in lessening the pain while breastfeeding my baby. My arms aren't as numb anymore and it's easy to position my newborn for easy breastfeeding! Plus, my little one can use it when learning how to sit or for tummy time.

For its awesome design and versatility, I believe it to be the good purchased!

  • Has a airy cover for more comfort
  • Soft but still supportive of promoting good breastfeeding position
  • Stretch panel that can fit most waists
  • Not easy for one-handed breastfeeding
  • Pillow sometimes slides

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow - The Soft and Luxurious One

I'm amazed at the Bosom Baby Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow for its luxury! If they had an adult-sized version with this quality, I would totally get it.

I appreciate the fact that it has a unique design that makes it suitable for all women. It can even be used for two kid, though I feel like it's rather too small and best to apply for one. But for its premium option and durability, I believe it won't make you disappointed.

It looks well made and has kept in shape even after a year of using it. Plus, it offers fantastic support that promotes better positioning, making it a great buy!

  • The fabric seems so soft on the skin for safety and comfort
  • The pillow’s big enough to support any breastfeeding postures
  • L-shape to reduce ache and pressure
  • Not ideal for two babies, though advertised for it
  • It’s slightly too big for traveling

The Nursie Slip-on Breastfeeding Arm Pillow - The Unique Design and Perfect Quality

Are you looking for something made specifically to decrease hand hurt? Then I extremely suggest the Nursie Pillow. It isn't only relieving for the arm, but the wallet as well because it's more affordable than other nursing pillows!

I commend this product for helping me relieve the numbness as I began breastfeeding. After a few days of using it, I noticed a huge difference and I'm able to stay my posture for longer! The pillow is straightforward and easy to use, sliding over my arm and using easily.

It's really simple and I offer it for those on a budget and have positions that discomfort their forearms.

  • Slides easily and ready to use immediately
  • Helps hand fatigue from holding babe for hours
  • Great to travel with, compact enough to bring around
  • Doesn’t help many breast feeding positions
  • A few bulky and heavy when worn

TWIN Z Breastfeeding Pillow - LIME GREEN - The Premium and Best For Two Little Angels

While the Z Pillow comes at a high price, it's the long-term choice! It's made for twins, which makes it much easier to nurse them during feeding times. That way, it saves you a ton of time and effort when feeding them, saving you a LOT of energy!

My sister, who has twins, tested it out and commended it for how it supports both her body and babies. It's pretty amazing seeing her nurse her babies at the same time, and the pillow has been an wonderful help. My only complaint is that slightly difficult to tidy, but that's just a minor inconvenience.

It's definitely a must-have for two moms and has the long-lasting materials to use for the next years to come.

  • Made for twins and saves time when feeding
  • Offers exceptional back support for moms
  • Last long and made to last for at least a year
  • The strap’s bucks kind of tears the pillow fabric
  • A bit of a hassle to wash

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow - The Supportive and Easy-to-Use

The crescent-shaped My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow is an surprising find, made best for those who need full support. It isn't only helpful for your child while breastfeeding, but also for you as well. I noticed that I experienced less ache and that the pillow promoted better posture while breastfeeding.

I love it most for the fact that it's relieved cramp from staying in one position. It's also flat and firm so my baby's still relaxed but doesn't slip or lose position as I nurse him. The stretchy and flexible strap is meant to fit many sizes, and it's made for ANY mom.

Because of all its helpful features, I believe it to be an fascinating product. Two thumbs up, great for moms who need press relief, too!

  • Encourages better posture and tension relief around the back and arms
  • Has an adjustable strap to supply all shapes
  • Firm and flat to prevent baby from losing position
  • Not the best for women who had C-sections
  • Pillow isn’t machine washable

What Is a Nursing Pillow and What Does It Do?

baby support pillow

A nursing pillow is different from pregnancy pillows, with the latter being used solely for the mom-to-be. These pillows come in different shapes to accommodate the different breastfeeding positions. They can also be used for your little one's support during tummy time or while playing, too!

But, best nursing pillow is used mainly for breastfeeding while keeping you and your kid supported as he feeds. They are an incredible accessory that
allows the correct posture for your any to latch safely. Plus, it also helps lessen the numb feeling around your hand as you carry and feed your little one.

Why and When You Baby Needs This Pillow?

nursing pillow amazon

A nursing pillow offers a lot of health benefits for both you and your little one. It can lessen the numb around your back and forearms while breastfeeding for a while. It can also encourage latching and better, secure feeding for your little one so you know they're getting the right amount of nutrition.

But take note that while I exceedingly suggest nursing pillows, it's not an absolute essential. They're made best for those who want pain relief and ease of breastfeeding for hours at a time. It's not necessary, but trust me, you're going to appreciate owning one!

I recommended that you use this pillow once you begin breastfeeding your baby. There's no set time when to stop using a nursing pillow. But, it's best to wean them off it when they're two years old.

The Popular Baby Feeding Pillows Shapes

There are actually different types and shapes for these pillows. Each of them has their own advantages for better comfort and support:

Crescent Roll

These pillows are soft and appropriate it is, still providing the support needed to help you sleep and wake up refreshed.


They come with a warranty to guarantee that you have a replacement if ever something happens!


These products can last long, as they're made of the high-quality materials for durability.

Other Shapes

They have a premium look that makes you sense like you're in a hotel, making the bedroom look even better!

What to Consider When Getting the Best Breastfeeding Pillow?

Best breast feeding pillows are only beneficial when you select the right one for you and your baby! To help you out, here are important factors to consider when selecting one:


The Type of Material

baby support pillows

Take note that your baby's skin is sensitive and prone to allergies or rashes. With that being said, you must get a best feeding pillow that's ventilated and made of hypoallergenic materials (like toddler pillows!). I suggest getting one made of organic materials or ones that are certified to be safe for babies to use.


Your Body Shape

If you're a tall mom, then you need a larger pillow to lift your baby higher, closer to the nipple. For smaller-framed moms, it's best to try different pillow heights until you get one that lifts your baby just right. For moms thicker around the midsection, I don't offer getting a pillow with smaller openings or belts.


What Shape Is Most Comfy?

breastfeeding back support pillow

Just like picking a pregnancy pillow, you need to find the one that's convenient for you and your baby! It should have the right amount of loft for support, but the soft properties that cut down squeeze and injury.


How Do You Hold Your Baby?

Finding the right shape and kind all depends on the way you holding your baby. There are various positions, so make sure that you test your preferred one based on how your bairn latches. Then you can find which is best that comforts and supports both of you.


Has the Durable and Easy to Clean

I very recommend that you get a breast feeding pillow with lasting materials made to last for a long time. They should also be machine washable or easy to spot clean to ensure that you get your good product! That way, you'll have less trouble cleaning and maintaining your pillow while running other errands.

Washing Your Pillows

How to Use a Nursing Pillows?

pillows for babies

When using a baby nursing pillow, you must make sure you're at a comfortable position before breastfeeding. Make sure that the pillow is cushy and tight, approving your forearm while stabilizing your little one without moving around. You'll also need to figure out the best one for your baby to have a deep latch.

But a nursing pillow doesn't have to be only for nursing! They can also be a pillow for the baby flat head syndrome, given to your infant for tummy time and sitting up.

If you want to learn more on how to accordingly use a nursie breastfeeding pillow, here's an insightful video:

Bonus: Nursing Pillow Care Tips

baby cushion

Now that you learned everything you need to know about baby nursing pillows, how can you carve for it properly? Here is a list on how to wash and maintain your nursing pillow:

  • If the pillow comes with a slipcover (I tremendously recommended that you get one that does), then remove it. Place it in the washing machine with warm water and mild detergent on gentle cycle. Do NOT use the dryer, air-dry the cover instead.
  • It's best to spot cleaning the pillow itself, as most nursing pillows shouldn't be submerged in water. Use a damp cloth and mild soap when cleaning it, then leave it in a well-ventilated place for it to dry well.

Wrapping it Up

Investing in a nursing pillow was a wise decision I made while breastfeeding my little one. Not only did it make it easier and safer for me to breastfeed, but it was also more elastic for my newborn! Plus, you can use it in the future, making it worth the purchase.

After much research and testing, the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner is on the top of my list. I really appreciate its comfortable pillow and its ergonomic shape. The neck-shaped pillow isn't only made for nursing, but also for tummy time or sitting.

Furthermore, the pillow allowed me to lift my little one in a better position while breastfeeding. That way, I can feed my infant securely without experiencing any pressure. All in all, it's a worthy buy and I always recommend it to any nursing mom.

Boppy Original Nursing Support, FKA Boppy Nursing Pillow, White and Gold Notebook, Ergonomic...*
  • CREATED FOR COMFORT: Designed by a mom, the Boppy Original Support provides relief to your arms and back by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and...
  • YOU HAVE OPTIONS: Works for multiple feeding styles—cradle, cross cradle, football hold, bottle feeding
  • EASY CARE, MACHINE WASHABLE: The Boppy Original Support is machine washable because messes happen
  • MORE COVERS AVAILABLE: The Boppy Original Nursing Support comes covered in a removable cover, but additional covers are sold separately so you have backup on laundry day
  • AWAKE-TIME ONLY: This product is for baby’s adult-supervised awake-time and not for sleep

Hopefully, this article on the best nursing pillow gave you an idea on what to invest in for your little one. So don't wait any longer and check out any of these brands today!

Got any questions or want to share your own nursing advice and pillow review? Then do comment below! All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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