Best Down Pillow 2019: Top 5 Luxurious Options for Amazing Sleep!

If you're waking up with severe neck pain, then it might be time to reconsider the type of pillow you have. You'll be surprised by how huge a difference this product can make when in bed. Because I slept on my stomach, I was recommended to invest in a softer one, which is why I began doing my research and found the best down pillow were able to give the support I needed without the discomfort!

If you're like me and prefer (or need) the this pillow to improve your sleep, then read on! I created this purchasing guide just for you.

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Fill Ratio

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100% down


100% down


 75% down - 25% feather


100% dowm 


100% down

What Is a Down Pillow?

When I stumbled across the best down pillow, I was a bit dumbfounded. There are so many kinds, what makes this different and what's it made of? Also, why are they considered as the most expensive and luxurious of the bunch?

Down is an animal product, specifically the wing, back, and chest feathers from geese and ducks. The feathers in these body parts are made for insulation, known to be softer than outer feathers.

Best Down Pillow for Back Sleepers

They aren't like the typical feathers you see, as its quill is tin and pliable, making it softer. Down is typically sourced from birds living in cold climates for a thick and soft feel to it when stuffed in pillows. This is why these products can get quite expensive!

However, depending on the manufacturer, these pillows aren't made of 100% down. For the down pillow to be considered as such, the filling will need to have at least 75% down. The rest of the material is made of typical feathers or other cheaper stuffing.

What's the Difference Between Down and Down Alternative?

You may have heard about down alternative or feather pillows, which can often get confused with those made of pure down. While both these products serve the similar purpose (and even almost the same name!), they have significant differences. And honestly, comparing it with down-alternative I prefer the down pillow better!


Down Pillows

Best Down Pillow for Any Positions

The reason why I prefer down over its alternative product is that of its oh-so-luxurious texture. It's absolutely soft and feels like you're sleeping on a cloud. It has a high fill power with the plushness suitable for most sleeping positions.

It may be more expensive than the other, but it cradles your head while still offering the right support you need, especially if you're a stomach sleeper. It also retains its shape longer compared to other pillows, specifically those made of synthetic materials.

However, it does have its drawbacks, besides its price. They are a bit harder to clean, but fortunately, most are machine-washable.




Down Alternative Pillows

Best Down Pillow Updated 2018

Just like what the name states, these are an alternative to down pillows, made with synthetic materials to mimic the product. They are made of polyester or puffs to follow the comfort of the down pillow but are easier to care and best for those who are allergic to down. (Source)



While a down alternative pillow is a cheaper option, they are heavier and might not breathe as well as a down pillow. It certainly is soft, though not providing the ultimate luxurious feel.

The Characteristics of The Best Down Pillow

Best Down Pillow in this Winter

Of course, there are other things to look into when selecting the best pillow. Each one has its own characteristics and components that can make or break the way you sleep.

I'll be describing the characteristics of the best down pillow, which can help you make your choice in how to purchase one.


The Kind of Down

Best Down Pillow With Cheaper Price

There are two main kinds of down feathers available, which are goose and duck. Both are similar in forms of structure, though goose feathers are more expensive and favored compared to duck because it has less odor. 

Furthermore, geese down has larger clusters and produce higher fill powers. Because of this, its' more durable and resilient compared to duck. Most down pillows are made of geese feathers, actually!


Fill Power

Fill power is the measurement of space one ounce of down would occupy in cubic inches. For instance, an ounce of 700 fills power lofts to 700 cubic inches. The higher the full power, the more it lofts higher, and the larger the down clusters are.

Best Down Pillow Hypoallergenic

With larger down clusters, the softer and more durable it is. Fill power of 600 is standard and quality, but those of about 800 are higher-quality and with a premium feel.


Thread Count

Best Down Pillow for Side Sleeper

Thread counts are the number of vertical and horizontal threads in every one square inch of fabric (on pillowcases). In general, the higher the count, the softer the case feels. I recommend that you get a thread count between 200 to 400. Anything higher than that gives you better softness, though are more expensive.



Best Down Pilow in the Winter

A disadvantage most people find in down pillows is that they aren't suitable for those who are sensitive. However, manufacturers are creating pillowcases and protectors that are hypoallergenic, making it safer. If you are prone to allergies, look at the tag and make sure that the product you're getting is resistant to dust and the like.


Brand and Price

Down pillows are known to be quite expensive, but that doesn't mean you can't find one suitable with your budget. Down pillows can cost between $40 to $150, with $85 being an average price while still providing quality.

If you just began searching, set a budget and focus on reputable brands. Trusted names are most likely to give the quality you need and expect from the best down pillow.

How to Care For The Best Down Pillow?

Best Down Pillow Care

Now that you know all about the best down pillow, the next thing to learn is how to care for it! Once you own this product, it's imperative to keep it clean and washed well. That way, you lengthen its lifespan and rid it from allergens and dust which would affect you in the long run.

However, caring for a down pillow is a bit different compared to the regular pillow. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Wash your pillows every six months to clean it from the dead skin cells, dander, dirt, and other dust it accumulates (even a pillow protector can do so much to keep your pillow away from these!).
  • Depending on the manufacturer, these pillows can be machine-washable. Just make sure that you read the instructions and labels. I recommend that you use cold water, as fabric shrinks with hot or warm water.
  • Wash two pillows at a time on the tastes speed to remove moisture, then add one rinse cycle to ensure that all soap is gone. Take note to use a gentle soap and DO NOT use fabric softeners.
  • Be patient when drying your pillows, as it may take a few cycles. You'll know if it's dry by hand fluffing it to make sure that it's dry to the touch.​​​​
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    If you want to speed up the drying time, feel free to add two dryer or tennis balls. Add dryer sheets if you want, which can freshen the pillow.
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    To have your pillows last longer avoid abusing it and going on pillow fights. Using a pillow protector will also help keep it clean and away from dirt that creates mold and damage.

Check out this informative video to get more of an idea on how to wash your down pillow:

Top 5 Best Down Pillow Reviews 2019

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best down pillow reviews you should look into now:

  • Never flattens and doesn't feel overstuffed
  • Perfect softness but still supports your neck
  • Amazing quality and lasts for years
  • Takes a bit of time to let odor out
  • Covering feels too stiff

For those who want the ultra-soft and amazing feel, then you'll want to get the Continental Bedding Pillow. It's a bit of a steep price when purchasing a pillow, but trust me, it's totally worth it.

For starters, it's made of 100% white goose down. No other synthetic materials stuffed inside it, with a 550 fill power for optimum softness and durability.

I chose the king-sized option, which was huge and fit my head and neck more than enough. Moreover, when I first laid down on it, WOW. It was so soft and felt even better than the pillows I've used in hotels. After a few nights of using it, I felt like I started sleeping better. And as a stomach sleeper who experiences neck strains, I experienced less discomfort and woke up feeling even better!

The Supportive and Cushioning

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Medium density for side and back sleeping
  • Allergy-free for sensitive sleepers
  • Pure down clusters and soft feel
  • check
    Has amazing customer service
  • It's not the best for stomach sleepers
  • Arrives flat and takes the effort to fluff up

Another amazing purchase is the East Coast Bedding White Down Pillow. However, it has less of a filling weight compared to the first choice. So if you want something thinner (which is great for back sleepers!), then you'll appreciate this.

Made of 100% down, it feels soft but has a medium density, making it better for both side and back sleepers. It feels just as luxurious as advertised, with the perfect amount of support that lessens neck and back strain while I sleep.

I was quite impressed with its quality, as it has the soft cover and plush filling. It's also allergy-free, and though I still had a bit of sniffle, it's a big improvement compared to other down pillows I've tried.

All in all, I recommend this for those who sleep on their back if you need something flat but firm enough.

The Hypoallergenic and Simple

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Very affordable price with value
  • Soft enough and better for stomach sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic features to reduce allergies
  • Flattens down quickly after shaping
  • Some complaints of noise when moving

If you're on a tight budget but want a soft down pillow, then DOWNLITE Pillow is a great choice, especially if you're prone to allergies!

Please take note that though it's at an affordable price, don't expect it to feel as luxurious and amazing as a more expensive option. But I do commend it for its hypoallergenic properties. It's definitely lessened my allergies, and I have comfortable nights of sleep.

It met my expectations for its price range, with no quills poking out and with the right amount of softness best for sensitive sleepers. There are some issues with shaping it to your preference, though its softness is nice for stomach sleepers.

All in all, this is best for those who are looking for something cheaper when on a budget or for your guest room.

The Premium and Hotel-Like Feel

ASleepyWolf rating

  • Helps lessen neck and back pain
  • Pure down pillow from geese breast
  • No noise or quills poking out
  • check
    Soft and luxurious hotel-like feel for stomach sleepers
  • Expensive price
  • Has a break-in period of a week or so

What you'll love about the Original Queen Anne Pillow is that it comes with the most luxurious feel. After all, it comes from the Hotel Collection, so you only get the best quality made with premium materials. It's definitely given me the best sleep, though you have to pay for its price.

It's made of pure goose down, from the breast of a goose, so it has no feathers or pointy quills that create noise or poke out of the casing. However, it has less filling compared to other down pillows I mentioned before, with 17 ounces of down fill, creating a flattering shape most suitable for stomach sleepers.

It's incredibly soft and feels just right. It's breathable and is just like my head and neck is on a cloud, so it's definitely helped with my back pain in the long run!

It never flattens out, has lasted for a year or so and still stays the same, just as if I received it yesterday! 

  • Retains its shape for a long time
  • Very soft and lightweight
  • Free from odor
  • Doesn't provide as much support as expected
  • Comes at a higher price than other pillows reviews

Last but not least, I recommend the FineFeather Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow. It has a 330 thread count, and its casing feels as soft as the filling! Made of lightweight and soft Hungarian goose, it contains 27 ounces of it stuffed in the plush pillow.

I'm amazed at its softness, though it may not be the best for all sleepers because of it. However, if you need and prefer something soft and plush, then this is it. It's one of my favorite pillows because it's so squishy, but it doesn't lose its shape at all. So I can move around and lie down on it, but it still won't flatten as easy as lower-quality products.

Wrapping It Up

To have a good night's sleep, you shouldn't only think about what mattress to get, but the pillows as well! Moreover, with a soft one like a down pillow, you'll find that it feels more comfortable and luxurious while still remaining supportive enough to help relieve pain!

​Editor's Pick

Of all the different products I tried and tested, I believe that the best down pillow goes to the Continental Bedding P550-2-K. While it may be on the pricier side, you're definitely going to feel its fantastic feel and quality. At a huge size and the fact that it's 100% white goose down, you're getting what you paid for.

This is a soft pillow, lightweight and snuggly. Plus, it lasts longer than your usual down pillows, so you can enjoy it for years to come before it loses its fluff! Definitely worth the investment, especially if you're a side or stomach sleeper like I am.

Hopefully, this article on the best down pillow gave you an idea on what to invest in. So if you need a replacement or a new feel to the way you sleep, consider any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews and experiences, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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