Best Baby Sleep Sack Reviews for 2019

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I was worried about breaking away from swaddling my baby, which is why I got the best sleep sack for him! Besides replacing the swaddle, it also provides the snug warmth my baby needs for better rest.

I'll get more to that later on, so continue reading for my sleep sack review and how to choose one ... 

Product Comparison Table

Budget Pick
Halo Sleepsack Cotton Wearable Blanket, Nautical Tug Boats, Medium*
100% cotton
Our Rating
High-End Pick
Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag Sack, Australian Merino Wool, 2 Months to 2 Year, Earth*
100% Merino Wool
Our Rating
Best Organic Blanket
Burt's Bees Baby Unisex Baby Beekeeper Blanket, 100% Organic Cotton, Swaddle Transition Sleeping Bag...*
100% Organic Cotton
Our Rating

Top 5 Best Sleep Sacks Reviews

After much research, tests, and checking customer reviews, these are top five best baby sleep sacks:

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack - Warming and Cozy

What makes the Baby Deedee Sleep Sack my best review and editor's choice is its unique features. It has adorable designs I love AND delicate shoulder straps, which make it hassle-free to put on and take off.

Made of cotton, I see that the blanket is soft and lightweight enough for my baby to feel comfortable in. What surprised me was that it's made with quilted duvet, providing extra warmth during our cold, winter nights.

My baby stopped crying and seems to feel snug and warm in this baby sleep sack, regardless of the weather.

I commend the temperature-regulating features of the blanket, keeping my baby at an optimal temperature. Rather than keeping heat in, it allows better air ventilation, which prevents him from getting sick!

Overall, I would definitely suggest Baby Deedee for those in need of an infant sleep sack for ALL weathers!

  • Maintains optimal temperature for baby
  • Well-made sack made of soft cotton
  • Exclusive shoulder straps for easier wearing
  • Many adorable colors to choose from
  • Might be too long for some babies
  • There’s no adjustment for armholes

Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic | Baby Sleeping Bag - Thick and Hassle-Free Cleaning

Another one of the best choices goes out to the Nested Bean Sack Classic. It's a cotton blanket that feels smooth and gentle, it doesn't irritate the skin of my baby at ALL.

Plus, I've had no problems while my baby uses it because it has a two-way zipper system for diaper changes.

The baby sleep sack works extremely well during hot days, having a TOG rating of 0.5. That rating is the lightest one, making it breathable for summer but still keeping my baby warm enough during the night.

During day naps, my baby isn't fussy, sleeping straight while wearing it, so I'm able to focus on other things!

All in all, I believe families living in a warmer climate will find this infant sleep sack the best for them.

  • Sleep sack made best for those living in a warm climate
  • Breathable cotton that still maintains warmth at night
  • Good zipper system for diaper changing
  • Machine-washable and no cleaning issues
  • No improvement in sleep quality in some babies
  • Has a “bean” that has no use for a baby

Halo Sleepsack Cotton Wearable Blanket - Simple and Nice-to-Use

I wanted to look for something more affordable and have no regrets with my Halo Sleep Sack review. I think this blanket's great for anyone from warmer climates, focusing more on necessary features without the frills. In fact, it has a TOG of 0.5, which was just right for my baby during summer day naps!

I also learned how popular Halo is with their baby products, which has me trust their sleep sack even more.

It has a roomy design, which allows my baby to move his legs without taking off the sleep sack itself. That way, I'm assured that my baby stays safe as he moves around before settling to one sleeping position.

My active baby can sleep better and without the expensive price tag, adding to its value. With its roomier style, I believe this sleep sack is best for a fussy toddler and parents on a budget!

  • Very affordable cost with good value
  • No frills and simple design for ease of use
  • A roomy style for a toddler
  • Adequate TOG for summer
  • Zipper handle sometimes gets stuck
  • The sizes sometimes run large

Woolino Baby Sleeping Sack - Organic and Comfortably Versatile

I was honestly taken aback by the Woolino Sleep Sack for its high price for a baby product. But when I observed the positive changes in my baby's sleep quality, I was sold. Though expensive, I still consider it to be the best and worth what you pay for.

The sleep sack has different patterns available, so I could dress my baby up and have his room look fabulous.

But it's the quality fabric that wowed me most, with a TOG suitable for ANY weather. Because of that, it keeps my baby warm during cold nights, while keeping him cool during hot days!

Furthermore, it has the premium quality from its fabrics to the zipper. The enclosure is excellent with the smart style so I can put on and take off the sleep sack in a minute!

With all this in mind, you truly get what you pay for (maybe more), making Woolino such a great buy.

  • Amazing quality fabrics to last
  • Smooth and gentle texture for baby to sleep well
  • Many colors and patterns to choose from
  • Regulates temperature regardless of the weather
  • Comes at an expensive cost
  • Takes very long to dry when washed

Burt's Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket - Best Organic Blanket

I cap off my list of best reviews with Burt's Bees Baby, which I love for its material. It's one of the high-quality fabrics that eco-friendly parents will love, as it's organic and GOTS certified!

This makes it best for a baby with sensitive skin, with the cotton sleep sack also staying breathable. Having a TOG of 0.5, summer days aren't so itchy, nor is it too hot for my baby anymore. He sleeps straight and snugly, without any risk of overheating while still staying comforted with the smooth texture.

While this sleep sack isn't the best compared to my editor's choice, it does an amazing job in hot weather. Because of this, I suggest it for parents who want safe, hypoallergenic material for their sensitive babies.

  • Made of organic and hypoallergenic fabrics
  • Breathable and prevents overheating
  • A lot of leg room for more movement
  • Zipper’s hard to pull up and lock
  • The durability is questionable

What Is a Sleep Sack?

walking sleeping bag

Sleep sacks are one-piece wearables for a growing baby, usually for making the transition from a swaddle blanket. These sacks maintain your baby's temperature while keeping them safe during sleep times. 

They come in many different fabrics, styles, and features that improve your baby's sleeping experience.

The best way to describe a sleep sack is a small sleeping bag for our little ones! It replaces traditional square baby blankets which babies shouldn't use until they're over a year old. When they're out of swaddling age but can't use a loose blanket yet, a sleep sack is your best option.

Why Do I Need a Sleep Sack?

best baby sleep sack

Many parents rave about sleep sacks for a reason! Here are some of the advantages the best baby sleep sack has to offer:


Lessen Risk of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), occurs typically during the first six months of life, according to Dr. Jhodie R. Duncan. It's a huge threat to many parents, with loose blankets as one of the main culprits! 

That's why sleep sacks are better used for younger babies, allowing more movement without the risk of SIDS.


Added Comfort

The soft and warm fabrics of quality sleep sacks also add to a baby's comfort, leading to better rest. If they are accustomed to swaddles, the comfort and sense of safety still remain with them, preventing cries and anxiety.

With better mobility for older babies, it's best used to get out of the swaddle phase.


Improved Convenience

Parents don't want to deal with the hassle and time wasted when putting their baby to sleep.

The sleep sack provides more convenience for parents as it's easier to use and maintain. Simply place it on, zip it up, make sure your baby's settled, and you're good to go!

How to Choose the Best Toddler Sleep Sack?

baby and toddler bottom

You can only take advantage of a sleep sack if you choose the right one for you AND your baby. Here are the important things to consider when selecting the best infant sleep sack:

Size and Fit

There are two types of sleep sacks according to size:

  1. 1
    A baby sleep sack is best for newborns up to babies aged 36 months old.
  2. 2
    Toddler sleep sacks are made for babies over a year old and can stand on their own.

Besides these baby and toddler sleep sacks, there are also other blankets for older babies and kids! You can check more out from ASleepyWolf's purchasing guides for vast blanket choices.

What's It Made Of?

Sleep sacks are usually made of cotton, though there are other fabric types which offer better softness and/or safety. The fabric you choose depends on the babies' needs! I recommend non-allergenic materials which are good for your baby like wool blankets, organic fabrics, fleece, and the like.

Take note of its temperature regulation as well, measured via TOG rating. A TOG of 0.5 is lightweight and meant for warmer climates, while 3.5 is suitable for winter and cold weather.

Necessary Features

Your chosen sleep sack should have the following:

  • Sturdy zipper or enclosures like Velcro without choking hazards
  • The zipper or enclosure should run from top-to-bottom for ease of diaper changing
  • Shoulder straps with snap-on
  • Machine-washable or easy to wash fabrics
  • Convenience in placing on/off

Other Types of Baby Blankets

aden and anais sleep sack

Besides a sleep sack, there are many other blanket types you can consider getting, such as:

Swaddling Blanket

Parents usually get the swaddling blanket before a sleep sack. These are wraps or wearables, offering a snugger fit with a similar feeling of being swaddled.

Swaddle blankets help with babies' sleep and improve the sense of security, keeping them safe from sleep-related issues.

Fleece Blanket

These types are growing in popularity for baby cribs thanks to its soft and warm texture. They are best used for cold nights and those living in winter-like climates. But, they are naturally temperature-regulating, so you can use it in typical weather, too.

Crocheted Blanket

These are usually handmade and crocheted beautifully, made especially for your baby. Usually made of soft yarns, they are soft and delicate enough to use as a baby blanket for older babies. The looks also appear attractive as decoration when not in use!

Extra Tips For Sleep Sack Care

sleepsack swaddle

Follow these informative tips in caring for a sleep sack:

  • Schedule the sack's wash time every night, depending on if your baby sweats, drools, or spits a lot. But, you can get away washing it every few days as the sack doesn't touch the baby's skin.
  • Check if your sleep sack is machine-washable and if so, use the gentle cycle or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Close the zipper and turn the sleep sack inside out before you launder it.

Besides caring for sleep sacks, learn more about using one and making the swaddle transition with this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Sleep sacks are an amazing solution when your baby still can't get enough of the swaddle! With safety and convenience in mind, these sleep sacks truly help with a baby's rest. I know it's definitely helped with my growing baby, as he doesn't cry even after transitioning from the swaddle!

Of all the sleep sacks tried and tested, the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is the best for me! I'm in love with how soft it is, with my little one sleeping straight because of it!

Plus, did I mention how easy it is to handle when placing it on and for diaper changes? This sleep sack is suitable for any newborn or toddler, especially if you're from the colder weather.

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack, Warm Baby Sleeping Bag fits Newborns and Infants,Medium (6-18...*
  • SAFE AND COZY SLEEP: breathable fabric & comforting cocoon shape mean a restful night’s sleep for all
  • UNIQUE FEATURE: exclusive shoulder straps make placing a sleeping baby or standing toddler in the sleep bag a cinch, high-quality reverse zipper for quick diaper changes
  • HIGH QUALITY BABY SLEEPING BAG: 100% cotton shell against baby's sensitive skin, soft quilted filling for warmth
  • WINTER WEIGHT: quilted duvet material, extra layer of warmth, TOG 2.5, Recommended room temp 64-74°F
  • MOM DESIGNED: Machine wash cold inside out with like colors. Don't bleach, tumble dry low, don't dry clean

I hope that my review and purchasing guide on the best sleep sack helped you find the right one! So start looking into any of these products for your baby's sleep now.

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews on sleep sacks, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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