Top 5 Best Feather Bed Toppers for 2019

I invested in the best feather mattress topper, which really helped with my sleep and comfort. You can choose between so many types of feather mattress toppers, which has you wonder what's best!

I'll get into all the details and top reviews later, so read on as I show you my purchasing guide.

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Mattress Topper Comparison Table

Editor's Choice
puredown Premium Natural White Goose Overfilled Bed Topper 100% Cotton Fabric Mattress Pad, Queen,...*
75% Goose Down and 25% Goose Feather
Our Rating
Runner Up
Pacific Coast Feather Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed, Natural-Fill Mattress Topper,...*
100% Feather/Down
Our Rating
Budget Pick
Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose Feather Topper and Down Baffle Box Featherbed Mattress Cover Top -...*
95% Goose Feathers and 5% Goose Down
Our Rating
High-End Pick
Millsave Premium Hotel Quality 5" Queen (60" x 80") White Goose Down & Feather Mattress Topper...*
95% Goose Feathers and 5% Goose Down
Our Rating
Plush and Comfortable
Bluestone Down & Duck Feather 4" Gusset Topper - Queen*
95% Duck Feathers and 5% Down Feathers
Our Rating

Top 5 Best Feather Bed Topper

Based on my tests and research, I chose to review these five feather mattress toppers:

puredown Goose Down Feather Overfilled Topper - Soft and Pain-Relieving

I loved to review the puredown Premium Natural Goose Feather Mattress Topper. It checks off everything I look for in mattress toppers, from its smooth feel down to the excellent durability!

But the best part: I sleep even better compared to using my older and lumpy mattress.

The topper consists of 75% natural white goose down and 25% white goose feathers with a cotton cover.

Upon arrival, it did smell a bit, but as it fluffed up, I felt the quality of its down and feathers stuffing! It had the plush and soft feel, almost like a new mattress surface, I didn't even feel any lumps after I placed the topper.

I thank this topper for how it improved my sleep, the main reason it's my best choice. It took a few days before I noticed any changes, but I started feeling even better when I get out of bed, more refreshed.

Also, I sleep straight and don't wake up in the middle of the night as much before, compared to using my mattress alone.

The comfy white goose feathers improved my quality of sleep AND kept me snug when just chilling out. Granted, I still feel a bit of back pain, but I expect it from any other feather toppers.

Regardless, I love this mattress topper, made best to help your sleep and keep you resting well.

  • Made with natural white goose feathers for eco-friendliness
  • Smooth and comfortable stuffing and cotton cover
  • Effective in improving sleep quality
  • Easier to clean and wash
  • Has a slight smell upon arrival, takes a day to disappear
  • Little back support, some pain still felt

Pacific Coast Feather Natural-fill Mattress Topper - Durable and Luxurious Feel

The Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper has a baffle box design and a good build.

I don't have to worry about feathers ruffling up and the topper losing shape, a problem I used to have a lot. Because of this, my whole body gets equal comfort and maintains its pressure points while I sleep.

Besides the more beautiful design, Pacific Coast focuses on quality feathers for sensitive sleepers. I used to sneeze a LOT when using feather toppers, but with this one, I don't have the sniffles anymore, to my surprise.

It's much easier to clean and maintain as well, so I have fewer problems of it collecting dust and the like.

Mostly, I admire the topper's sturdy construction AND proper comfort levels for better sleep! Its feathers DON'T poke out, move around, or make noise, so I sleep straight without the slight sting as I move around.

As for its comfort, it isn't the softest, but I like its slightly firmer thickness, providing more support for less pain while sleeping.

If you focus on durability and longer lifespan, I suggest you invest in the Pacific Coast. It's got the extreme durability and support that stays in shape, and even after a year, it still works wonders for me!

  • No odor or noise when moving around
  • Smooth and cozy cover included
  • Durable and robust construction to stay in shape
  • Feathers don’t poke out or go out of place
  • Needs more care and fluffing compared to other toppers
  • Very firm at first and requires a break-in period

Sweet Jojo Designs Featherbed Mattress - Affordable and Protective

We all know how costly a mattress topper can get, so those on a budget will like Sweet Jojo Featherbed Mattress!

I love to save, a reason why I got surprised seeing a topper with adequate features without a high price. The topper's simply made with white goose stuffing and a baffle box design, keeping goose feathers in place.

The mattress topper consists of 95% white goose feathers and 5% down, with a cotton cover. It felt good enough to keep me snug and comfy when in bed, also having the strength to protect my mattress.

While the feathers did poke a bit, nothing major to complain about and I still had an okay sleep from it.

But take note that you get what you pay for and when getting something cheaper, it might not last long. However, it's surprising that the Sweet Jojo managed to stay fluffy longer than I expected.

Honestly, it kind of lost its shape after a few months. BUT with regular fluffing and cleaning, I maintained its soothing feel for over a year. It can last even longer if you don't use it frequently or place it on a guest bed.

With all that said, I appreciate this mattress topper and still suggest it for those on a budget.

  • Baffle box design to keep white goose feathers in its place
  • Made with nice goose feathers for adequate comfort
  • Very affordable price for its quality material
  • Offers great protection for your mattress
  • Not the most long-lasting compared to other toppers
  • Makes noise and feathers sometimes poke out

Millsave Goose Down & Feather Mattress Topper - Hotel-Quality and Extreme Quality

I LOVE the Millsave Featherbed, one of the best reviews I've done so far!

If only it weren't so expensive and heavy, it would have made it to my editor's choice review. But, those slight issues pushed it down my list but still managed to stay one of the best for many reasons.

It has quality goose feather and down material, offering high fill weight and thick feel (FIVE inches thick)! I tried it on my worn mattress, and I noticed a considerable difference as if I bought NEW bedding.

Because of its thickness, I actually tried it on its own and used it as an extra bed. It still feels plush, and you don't feel the hard ground. I can say it's best used for worn mattresses without completely replacing it.

As for my sleep quality, I have NO complaints after using this on my bed. I didn't take too much time to sleep like a baby and wake up with fewer aches and sores. It performs like memory foam and helps keep the pain away as I relax.

If only it weren't as heavy or expensive, I know I would tell people to invest in these.

Do you have an extra budget and want to get something nice without replacing your mattress? Then you'll like Millsave Mattress Topper

  • Just as supportive as memory foam, reduces pain well
  • Luxurious and hotel-like feel made for all sleepers
  • Excellent stitching and baffle design that keeps feathers in place
  • Makes no noise and feathers don’t poke out
  • Quite costly
  • Heavier and thicker than other toppers

Bluestone Down & Duck Feather 4" Gusset Topper - Plush and Comfortable

Last but not least, one of the best toppers goes to the Bluestone Down and Duck Feather Topper.

I chose this since I wanted to compare the differences of using duck and goose feathers. Besides that, I noticed that it had fantastic reviews as a duck feather topper, too!

It has 100% duck feather stuffing, and like memory foam, I feel its support, lessening any sores felt. Also, it was thick enough for most sleeping positions, so both my partner and I had no complaints.

I'm a side sleeper, and he's a back sleeper, we get the right balance of comfort and support without disrupted rest.

I fluff and maintain its cleanliness, and I see it can last for a few years and protect the mattress without wearing out.

While it's not as warming compared to goose feathers, I appreciated it since I lived in hotter areas. Also, the duck feathers MIGHT poke out or rustle, but no huge disruption, and we still managed to rest nicely.

If you want something soft AND with enough supportiveness to keep aches away, you'll like this one. Moderately priced and without the increased warmth, I like it for those in warmer climates!

  • Very supportive and keeps back pain away
  • Only takes a day to fluff after receiving
  • Lightweight but thick padding for most sleeping positions
  • Requires fluffing at least once a week
  • The very strong odor that lasts for days

What Is A Feather Mattress Topper?

down mattress pad

Mattress toppers are thick padding you place on top of your mattress for an extra layer of comfort. You can choose from different materials and stuffing available according to your preference.

Of all mattress toppers, feather mattress toppers have one of the most luxe feels. Using feathers from goose or other birds, these provide incredible levels of comfort. All the while protecting your mattress!

These feather mattress toppers consist of feather and down for the plush look. It's then encased in a cover made of either cozy cotton or polyester.

Benefits Of the Best Feather Bed

best down mattress topper

Why should you get a feather mattress topper compared to other types available? Check out these awesome advantages it offers:


Improve Sleep Quality

A study from the University of Gothenburg shows that sleeping on softer beds help sleep. When adding a soft layer of feathers on your mattress, it adds to your comfort. As a result, it enables you to sleep straight!

These toppers are also used for sofa beds, adding better comfort for sleeping when the bed feels too firm. 


Warming and Comfortable

I suggest using feather toppers in cold environments and climates. That's because it naturally adds extra warmth.

It also has the amazing softness and thickness to keep you cozy throughout the night. In fact, you can use it for lounging and relax in bed, feeling as if you're in a hotel. 


Added Mattress Protection

We use mattress toppers as an extra layer of protection for mattresses against dust. It also protects your mattress from sweat and natural oils, spills, and food crumbs. That's what shortens its lifespan!

Thick feather mattress toppers also cover up other issues like sagging. Does your mattress not perform like before? Toppers adds comfort and support back for better sleep. 

Advantages of Feather Mattress Toppers

down mattress topper king

What makes the feather mattress topper different from the others anyway? Look into these unique features which make feathers a great material to invest in:

More Affordable Than Memory Foam

While it adds more of a luxurious feel, feathers come at lower prices compared to memory foam or latex!

The cost's an important feature of a mattress topper to consider. This goes especially if you're on a pretty tight budget.

Huge Difference In Comfort

Memory foam usually takes on a firmer texture, which has its good advantages. But if you're focusing more on comfort and soft textures? That's when plush feathers come along to really keep you comfortable.

Amazing Warmth For Cold Seasons

Other stuffings come with cooling properties which make them suitable for hotter weathers. That's what makes them different from feather toppers, which keep you warm all night long.

If you live in colder climates and want something soft, it's best to get a feather mattress topper.

How to Choose the Best Feather Mattress Topper?

good mattress topper

Now that you're familiar with the benefits benefits and advantages of a feather mattress topper, how can you choose the best one? Consider these factors when selecting the right kind of topper:

Support and Pain Relief

We don't see feathers as supportive compared to latex or memory foam, it's still crucial!

Your feather mattress topper should even have support to keep your body away from pain. Opt for something soft yet somewhat firm to relieve those pressure points

Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can help you select the right topper for you.

  • Stomach sleepers need thinner feather toppers
  • Side sleepers work best with thicker ones
  • Back sleepers can opt for something between these two, around two to three inches

Also, if you sleep on your see, you can find MORE mattress toppers for side sleeping at!

What's the Size?

You'll need to consider the size of the mattress you plan on placing the topper on! Toppers come in standard sizes like a mattress, so find out what your mattress size is.

Quality and Durability

Make sure that you invest in feather mattress toppers made with quality feathers!

You might need to shell out a bit more for it, but you get what you pay for with toppers. That way, you have assured durability and a topper to keep you comfortable for a long time.

Different Types of Mattress Toppers

luxurious mattress topper

Did you know that you can choose between other mattress toppers, too? Here are three great options:

Latex Topper

Made of latex foam, latex mattress toppers offer excellent support to relieve pain. They keep you cool and have hypoallergenic features, too.

Beside, they sell organic and natural latex, a good advantage if you're eco-friendly!

Memory Foam Topper

Memory foam mattress toppers give superior support for those who experience pain. Made of viscoelastic material, it contours to your body and relieves pressure points

Wool Topper

Wool mattress toppers consist of both super soft wool and cotton. This topper's best for both comfort and warmth because of it.

It regulates your body temperature and keeps you snug in bed. Beside, it has hypoallergenic materials for sensitive sleepers.

How to Care For Feather Mattress Toppers?

down filled mattress topper

Follow these helpful tips on how to clean your feather mattress topper:

  • You can machine wash your topper in the laundry machine. Use warm water and setting it to the delicate cycle when doing so. Make sure you use a mild detergent and less than the recommended amount for one load.
  • Go for two rinse cycles to ensure complete rinse before you dry it.
  • You can dry it in the dryer as well, using the low setting. Afterward, air dry it for up to 12 hours before using it again to ensure that it's scorched.

I suggest you fluff your featherbedding as part of your care routine, so check this video to learn how:

Wrapping it Up

Feather mattress toppers have many advantages to offer. You just need to ensure you find the right one made for your body type and sleep habits.

With that said, I believe the best one goes out to the puredown Premium Natural Feather Bed Topper!

I loved to review this feather mattress topper the most for its extreme quality material. With soft cotton fabric cover AND plush stuffing, it creates a feeling luxe without a high price.

Thanks to the topper, it lessened my back pain, and I can sleep straight compared to using my mattress alone.

puredown Premium Natural White Goose Overfilled Bed Topper 100% Cotton Fabric Mattress Pad, Queen,...*
  • 100% cotton fabric cover provides a gentle but supportive feeling
  • Baffle box construction prevents the shifting of the interior down filling while the elastic fiber allows for easy setup
  • Item size: 60"*80"*3". The mattress pad will be packed in a sealed PVC bag during delivery
  • All of our products follow the Responsible Down Standard and have been certificated by OXIPOWER.
  • It's 100% cotton fabric cover provides soft but supportive feeling

I hope my purchasing guide on the best feather mattress topper helped you find the right one. So don't wait any longer and begin investing in your own now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the feather mattress topper, make a comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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